Missing People and High Strangeness

Missing 411 is the first comprehensive and detailed book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It is an investigative book about a series of weird and odd disappearances that no one can explain. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.

 The author, Paulides, identifies clusters of missing people across the U.S. and Canada, cataloging unusual disappearances which have been happening for centuries and are still happening. A tip from a national park ranger led to this three year, 7000+ hour investigative effort into understanding the stories behind people who have vanished. The book chronicles children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. Case after case across North America lists missing children which do not appear on any national database; he shows unusual (and often times disturbing) details about the cases which happen over and over again; the unusual behavior of bloodhounds/cadaver dogs involved in the search process; and details about how the surrounding environment also plays a role in the disappearances.
One person writes, "What was creepy about the book was not so much the stories about people who disappeared forever - after all, I read and write about missing people every day - but about people, mostly children, who disappeared and then were found in places where they should not, could not, be."

The implication here is that they were picked up and carried off by something.

The research depicts 28 clusters of missing people across the continent, something that has never been exposed and was a shocking find to researchers. Topography does play a part into the age of the victims and certain clusters have specific age and sex consistency that is baffling. This is not a phenomenon that has been occurring in just the last few decades, clusters of missing people have been identified as far back as the 1800’s.

In respect to the missing person's families, Paulides does not offer any theories as to what he thinks is behind all these bizarre and disturbing disappearances-he keeps that to himself-but the book's already created a sensation, and quite predictably, the web's buzzing with fringe theories of everything from Bigfoot to Aliens to a Supernatural Evil.

Of course we will never know for sure, but in a lot of cases, Paulides makes a compelling argument that there may be something elusive and predatory lurking in our forests and National Parks that's hunting people all over the United States and Canada.

The manuscript for the research was extremely large so the story was split between two books, (1) MISSING 411 WESTERN UNITED STATES & CANADA and (2) MISSING 411 EASTERN UNITED STATES. David has a follow up book called (3) MISSING 411 NORTH AMERICA AND BEYOND. The Eastern version will include a list of all missing people in the first two editions and a concluding chapter that draws both books together for conclusions.

Below are some of the issues that are discussed in each edition:

• The National Park Service attitude toward missing people

• How specific factors in certain cases replicate themselves in different clusters

Clusters of Missing People
note the bare centre
• Exposing cases involving missing children that aren’t on any national database

• Unusual behavior by bloodhounds/canines involved in the search process

• How storms, berries, swamps, briar patches, boulder fields and victim disabilities play a role in the disappearance
• The strategies of Search and Rescue personnel need to change under specific circumstances

 Major news organizations do a deplorable job of covering stories and issues which are deemed too unusual or too far outside the box. Chances are, they will find a way to trivialize or ignore the disturbing evidence accumulated by David Paulides who is a former lawman turned investigative journalist. The paper trail uncovered by Paulides through sheer doggedness is impressive, the evidence indisputable. People are vanishing without a trace from our national parks and forests, yet government agencies are saying nothing. At a minimum, this story deserves space on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a formal high level inquiry by the federal agencies whose files leave little doubt that something very strange is unfolding in our wilderness. If getting the crap scared out of you by Mr. Paulide's book saves a single life, than perhaps Missing 411 should be lauded. Source

George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM
"After reading this book, you will forever walk in the woods with a different awareness."
Missing 411- Western United States
Author-David Paulides

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David Paulides website is CanAm Missing Project

Reading by Lynn from Psychic Focus

Q. Who are the beings behind these abductions and what are their motives?

A. I see two dominant races of ETs coming forward as being responsible. One is Reptilian based. I am also being told to remember that the term "Reptilian" is a very broad definition, and there are several branches of "Reptilian." 

The second group I see are these tall, white looking beings. They walk upright, two arms and two legs. I get the impression that you don't want to look right at them. It isn't because they are bright white, but rather there is some subconscious fear that starts to come over you and you naturally shutter away from them. Even as I try to get more details about their appearance, I see myself keep turning away from them. 

Both of these groups have various reasons for their abductions. The fundamental reason is that they are studying humans. The human race is a melting pot of many ET DNAs, and if specific desirable traits can be rooted to specific DNA, then the thought is that DNA can be bread into the abductors race as well. I get the two main areas of question are fertility and human's ability to express and feel emotions. Since all DNA is different, they require hundreds of subjects to really analyze how it works. 

Q. How can they snatch their victims within seconds and without being seen or found?
A. I get they can move fast. In some cases they have a ship that appears and the victim is extracted instantly (like a "beam me up" situation.) In other cases (like the Mystery Stairs) they encapsulate the victim into this energy "bubble" which creates a cloaking effect while the ETs work in the public (but under a disguise). 

Q. Witness reports indicate that the beings use seduction, fake voices, mind control and traps to get at their victims. Does that mean they cannot abduct anyone against their free will?
A. Yes, but this is difficult. These beings are good at tapping into the subconscious and make you feel you want to go. You may not (in a normal state of mind) feel they want to go or be led anywhere, but once the being taps into their subconscious (creating a hypnotic feeling), they willingly go. It isn't until it is too late that the person starts to realize (slightly, like coming out of anesthesia) what is happening. Even after the experience, I see many times they remember things like a dream (but it is very real to the subconscious). 

Q. Most importantly: How can we enjoy these wild natural areas and at the same time protect ourselves (mentally and physically) from getting taken? According to David carrying guns, GPS-trackers & mobile phones, or having dogs with you or being with a group of people will not prevent you from being snatched.
A. He is right... Once you are a target, it is difficult to escape. The thing to do is keep from being a target by keeping vibrations high. ETs are scared of the higher vibrations. I get they are worried that YOU will be able to analyze or control them on some kind of spiritual level. Crystals, mantras, drumming circles, etc are all way to drive these beings away from an area.

Source: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/david-paulides-and-missing-411-research.html
Map: http://dcxposed.com/wp-content/uploads/missing-from-parks-map.jpg

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The Angel and the Aliens

The experience of Todd J is resounding in its absolute and compelling faith in God when faced with alien encounters during childhood.

"....then it started to happen, at night I would always have a strange feeling of being watched while I slept. Sometimes the FEAR became so intense that I couldn't sleep, which would result in me sleeping-in the following morning and skipping school. Then the weird stuff started. I began to wake up at night and see balls of light floating around in the darkness and I couldn't move, so I just closed my eyes. Then one night I got up to go to the bathroom and for some reason I felt I needed to go look in my brother's room. When I looked in I saw that face in the window, the big black eyes, the round head and slanted chin. It freaked me out because we lived in a two story house. I ran to my room and hid under the blankets.

The following nights I would pray about it and asked God to protect me. Then as I laid in bed after everyone was asleep I started to hear buzzing from outside the window. An extreme fear came over me and I couldn't move and I couldn't yell for my parents. An eerie green light started to fill my bedroom from outside and then I would somehow just wake up the next morning not remembering anything after the green light. I would usually have a severe headache, a sore throat, or feel extremely tired and drained of all my energy.

After about three or four nights of this I knew it would probably happen again, and it did. This time I prepared myself... When the green light entered the room, my body was paralyzed. I tried to call upon Heavenly Father to cast it out of my room but I could not speak, my jaw was really tight. So I prayed in my head when all of a sudden I saw that the wood-grain on my bedroom door appeared to be forming into the face of man with a beard and long hair. I thought it was Jesus Christ. Then a bright white light came from above me and chased the green light away. As soon as this happened I had control of my body and I immediately pulled the covers over my head, I had no idea that God would actually do such a great thing. I then heard a voice which was so calm and loving saying to me 'You are safe now Todd, you may go back to sleep.' And I peeked through the blankets and saw a man in white clothes standing beside my bed. I was still a little frightened but I felt peace and that the terror was over...for now.

...it was the Thanksgiving of 1992, my grandmother and uncle had come up for Thanksgiving dinner and to spend the day with us. During the day my grandmother started talking to me about aliens for some reason and I started telling her of the things I had seen when I was little.

Then that night I remember being awaken by a noise, I first noticed that my computer monitor was reflecting a bright green light and then my whole room was filled with a bright green light. My first thought was, 'Oh no, they're back!' Then I again was paralyzed as it had happened to me when I was twelve. I was looking out my bedroom window and I stared face to face with a gray alien. There were two more behind him. I tried to yell but again my jaw was tight and my tongue was stiff. It just looked at me with those scary big black eyes liked it looked into my soul. I felt evil and fear, I am surprised I did not release my bowels! Then the light consumed me and I was drawn out of my bed into the light. While this was happening I was praying in my head and all of a sudden I was walking down the street in front of my house with an angel.

This angel was a magnificent looking man. He was about seven feet tall and the bright white light around him was as pure as freshly fallen snow and it radiated about the entire front yard like a morning sunrise. His face was gentle and happy and his eyes looked at me lovingly. His whole countenance was just amazing beyond description.

He placed his hand upon my shoulder and pointed toward the house. I looked over to my bedroom window and saw the three beings still at my window hovering above the ground in a bright green beam of light which seemed to be coming from nowhere. The angel stayed by my side and protected me. I tried to cast the small gray aliens away with my priesthood but they were still there. I was so angry, the things that had made my life miserable since I was a child now there within my view, and I saw how weak they were, how small. And I thought 'These beings are so small, yet their power is enough to stop me in my tracks.'

But this time I was FREE, this time I could harm them and I did. I ran to one and grabbed it by the neck and started to strangle it. I could feel its spine coming through the back of its neck as it let out a horrible screeching noise.

They were not very tall, only about four feet high -- but they hovered in this light up to my height until they were next to my face. Their skin was like a reptile's, cold and leathery. Their damn eyes got to me the most... big black liquid eyes, just two holes for a nose and barely a mouth, just a slit. Their bodies were not very proportional as ours are. Their arms hung down a little past their knees, and their heads seemed too large for their neck to support it.

The angel just stood by as I went into a rampage and killed all three of them. They were so fragile. The angel smiled as if I had done the right thing. And we then proceeded to lay the dead bodies on the lawn. I watched the green light fade away and saw no light except the brilliant radiance of the angel's. The angel knelt down at the bodies which seemed to be changing from gray into a sick yellowish color. I watched as the angel opened his robes and unsheathed a golden sword and began to cut away the tops of the beings' heads and their brains came out in an upper and lower section.

The angel arose and spoke, 'Behold, they are nothing to us. They are nothing but creatures of evil.' Then a blue light or conduit from the sky actually transported them into small balls of light and took them away. So I have no evidence that I actually killed them. We, the angel and I then entered the house, and in the kitchen were three more aliens. One came up to me with a long shiny metal rod that seemed to have a laser beam coming out it. The alien stuck it in the left side of my neck and it stung really bad and then I could not move, so the angel touched me and I could move again. I then immediately punched the alien square in the face breaking its neck and killing it instantly. The other two stood by looking at their fallen comrade -- their moves were very quick and their heads rotated almost as fast as a lizard. The angel held up his arms and spoke. 'In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart.' Then both the creatures immediately fell to the floor and these gray aliens were again taken up into a beam of light in the same manner as before.

Then the angel covered my eyes and then uncovered my eyes. I was all of a sudden on top of a large mountain looking down over a large valley FILLED with aliens and strange looking humans and their spacecraft. Then I saw hundreds of people dressed in white walking on the mountain with us as if they had come to watch. And then a voice from heaven said 'Behold, these evil ones have perverted the ways of the Lord and deceived many and fornicated with my children. They shall have no place in my kingdom nor in this world to come.' Then a FIRE came down from the sky and CONSUMED all the beings and all the strange human[oids] and all the UFOs and nothing was left. The angel then spoke saying I had seen enough and he again placed his hand over my eyes. I awoke from my bed and it was morning.

Later in that year even in the same month I noticed a scar in the shape of a circle that I never had before. I couldn't recall how it got there but one day when my mom asked me how it got there I had a flashback of when the alien stuck that silver rod in my neck. Now I had proof that I've seen them!

On this SAME NIGHT of November 22, 1992, there was a UFO crash on Long Island, New York which was supposedly shot down by the government with a plasma cannon. I have seen the pictures of the small gray alien captured at the crash site and it was exactly the same type that abducted me."

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The Aliens Behind the Abductions

"There are spiritually advanced extraterrestrial races out there that are ready and willing to help us help ourselves. These races of spiritually advanced extraterrestrial beings do not abduct, cause fear, implant devices or do experiments on humans. They respect our free will and the laws put into place by the Creator. Thus, they are responsible for the positive contact humans have had with alien/ET beings. They have chosen to walk in the Light.
The negative aliens are responsible for most of the abductions on this planet. Hundreds of thousands of people are being abducted against their will. The main alien species that are abducting humans are the mantis, the grays and the reptilians.

The following is a general description of the negative abducting alien beings. A more detailed list of aliens and races is available on Watcher Files
The mantises, or insectoids,  are named after Earth’s praying mantis because of their insect-like appearance. Some of the mantis alien race are here experimenting on humans but some experiencers have reported this being as no insect but an intelligent, gentle-spirited but somewhat hyper and jerky moving human like lifeform (both male and females). Most are around 6ft. tall and their coloring ranges from light gray to gold. They used to survive on plant juices but have evolved to the point where they can live directly off the energy of light. They have wings but do not need them for travel, they sometimes fly for meditation.   People most of the time do walk away after having an encounter or abduction. Read more about mantises. Source

The grays are from the Orion system. They are usually between three to five feet tall with a large head and large black eyes. Their lips, nose and ears are not very pronounced. Their bodies are usually very slender with long, thin arms and legs. Communication is done telepathically.

The grays believe that the planet belongs to them. About 90% of the other alien races are in agreement and respect the grays not because they are positive but because of the power and technology they have. The grays came to planet Earth under the influence of the reptilians in the early 1880’s because the reptilians gave the grays some of their technology in exchange for which the grays agreed to do some work for them. Most of the grays that are on the planet destroyed their own planet by mismanagement; they are technologically advanced with no spirituality. They are playing God when they create and destroy at will.
The abducting grays are creating the alien/human hybrids for several possible scenarios, one being they want an army they can have complete control over. Being half-human gives the hybrids the strength and physical stamina that they need to fight… to make war… to take over.
The reptilians are snake-like in appearance. They stand upright between six to eight feet tall. They are varying shades of color from green to tan and have scaly skin with yellow to gold eyes and vertical slits like snakes. They are very strong and muscular in stature. The reptilians are physically more powerful than the grays and don’t have as large a presence on Earth; they don’t need to because the grays do most of the dirty work.

These are highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. Some of these reptilians can shapeshift, and change into human form. The reptilians use sex to control people in various ways. They have the ability to shape-shift and to control the mind of the experiencer, as well as to give tremendous pleasure through their mental powers. Read more about Reptoids.

The shadow beings are dark shadow-like figures that may be seen head on or more commonly through one’s peripheral vision. Shadow beings are shape shifters who do so for deception. They have been known to take the shape of a cat, a huge spider, a streak, a cloud, a ghost-like figure with no neck and a male wearing a cape and a hat with a wide brim and flat crown (Spanish style).
The shadow beings made a pact with the abducting grays and reptilians to work together on this planet. The shadows are the most evil and powerful of the negative beings and they have dominion over all negative aliens. Shadow beings are what is known as demons or devils and are under the command of Satan and Lucifer.'' Source
How to Protect Yourself
  1. Before one goes to sleep at night, pray for protection and send out the light. Imagine oneself in a "bubble" of light and stretch it out to include those you love. When we do this nothing in this universe can penetrate it. The more one uses the light, the stronger it becomes.   Ask for protection for you, your family and your house.  Visualise crosses baring the entrances of your house including the roof and floor. A spiritual shield is one of the most powerful tools of prevention.
  2. Place crystals around your bedroom. There are many theories on how crystals work, but many believe simply having a crystal amulet or hanging them from the ceiling can change the aura of your surroundings, making it stronger.
  3. Guard your thoughts as aliens are telepathic and can read them. Recognise if you are thinking positively or negatively. 
  4. Don't be scared. Aliens feed off fear and weakness and will see you as more of a threat if you are prepared mentally and they will move on to someone who is less prepared. 
You should always use the methods of descernment and intuition that work best for you."Source

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Facts About Aliens

Karla Turner, Ph.D. made some interesting points about Aliens:
  1. Aliens can alter our perception of our surroundings. They can create a kind of "virtual reality" in our mind and can control what we think and see.
  2. They can appear to us in any number of guises and shapes.
  3. Aliens can take our consciousness out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies.
  4. Aliens can be present with us in an invisible state and can make themselves only partially visible.
  5. Abductees receive marks on their bodies other than the well-known scoops and straight-line scars. These other marks include single punctures, multiple punctures, large bruises, three and four fingered claw marks and triangle of every possible sort.
  6. Female abductees often suffer serious gynaecological problems after their alien encounters and sometimes these problems lead to cysts, tumours, cancer of the breast and uterus.
  7. Aliens take body fluids from our necks, spines, veins and joints. They also inject unknown fluids into various parts of our bodies.
  8. A large number of abductees suffer from serious illnesses they didn’t have before their encounters. These have led to surgery, debilitation and death from causes the doctors can’t identify.
  9. Some abductees experience a degeneration of their mental, social and spiritual well-being. Excessive behaviour frequently erupts, such as drug or alcoholism abuse, overeating and promiscuity. Strange obsessions develop and cause the disruption of normal life and the destruction of personal relationships.
  10. Aliens show a great interest in our sexuality and in inflicting physical pain on abductees.
  11. Abductees recall being instructed and trained by aliens. This training may be in the form of verbal or telepathic lessons, slide shows or hands on instruction in the operation of alien technology.
  12. Abductees report being taken to facilities in which they encounter not only aliens but normal looking humans, sometimes in military uniforms, working with the alien captors.
  13. Abductees often encounter more than one sort of alien during an experience, not just the greys. Every possible combination of gray, reptoid, insectoid, blond and widows peak have been seen during single abductions, aboard the same craft or in the same facility.
  14. Abductees report being taken to underground facilities where they see grotesque hybrid creatures, nurseries of hybrid humanoid foetuses, and vats of coloured liquid filled with parts of human bodies.
  15. Abductees report seeing other humans in these facilities being drained of blood, being mutilated, flayed and dismembered and stacked, lifeless like cords of wood. Some abductees have been threatened that they, too, will end up in this condition if they don’t co-operate with their alien captors.
  16. Aliens come into homes and temporary remove young children, leaving their distraught parents paralysed and helpless. In cases where a parent has been able to protest, the aliens insist that “the children belong to us.”
  17. Aliens have forced their human abductees to have sexual intercourse with aliens and even other abductees while groups of aliens observe these performances. In such encounters, the aliens have sometimes disguised themselves in order to gain the co-operation of the abductee, appearing in such forms as Jesus, the Pope, certain celebrities and even the dead spouses of the abductees.
  18. Aliens perform extremely painful experiments or procedures on abductees, saying that these acts are necessary but give no explanation why.
  19. Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. They say that a certain number of humans will be ‘rescued’ from the planet in order to continue the species, either on another planet or back on earth after the destruction is over. Many abductees report they don’t believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the ‘rescued’ humans.
In every instance from this list there are multiple reports from unrelated cases confirming that such bizarre details are not the product of a single deranged mind. These details are convincing evidence that contrary to the claims of many UFO researches the abduction experience isn’t limited to a uniform pattern of events. This phenomenon simply  cannot be explained in terms of cross-breeding experiments or scientific research into the human physiology.

It becomes clear from these details that the beings who are doing such things can't be seen as spiritually enlightened, with the best interest of the human race in mind. Something else is going on, something far more painful and frightening. Source

Read More Kala Turner

Animals and Aliens

Animals mutilation, including horses, cattle, goats, cats and dogs are surrounded by a measure of mystery. Information is everywhere on the internet about mutilated animals which have been considered part of the "animal excision and exsanguination" phenomenon. This involves having their bodily fluids entirely missing with some of their carcasses still relatively warm from life. Why would aliens do this?

In 1980, Myrna Hansen and her young son saw two white-suited beings working on a cow near Cimarron, New Mexico. The cow was bellowing in pain and Myrna tried to interfere. The result was that both she and her son were apparently abducted by large, brightly lit discs which took them to an underground facility. There she saw a
humanoid figure floating in a vat of reddish liquid which she perceived to be a 'treatment' or 'sustenance' of some kind for the immersed being. She also thought the liquid was related to blood fluids and tissues removed from animals'.  This description can also be found in the Dulce book; except it goes one step further and explains that humans are also being used for food and experiments (See Nutrition).

So what is going on with these human mutilations and missing people?. The truth of the matter is that the greys and reptilians feed off the glandular secretions and hormones through a type of osmosis. This is why major organs are taken from people. Your mind may want to go into denial that this is happening but if you start digging you will find this is 100% true. On the Crowed skies website there is video smuggled out of the Dulce underground facility that shows greys inside vats absorbing these blood mixtures through their skin. 

If one looks closer at the Greys and their description you will find that they do not eat food the same way as most life on earth. Greys have a tiny mouth, very small orifices for ears and nostrils and no sex organs. The Greys absorb their nutrients through their skin. This then explains why they are interested in removing parts of animals bodies like the mouth, genitalia, anus, ear and sex organs because this is totally different to their own make up and therefore under investigation by their species. This goes hand in hand with their reproductive experiments, as abductees have been trying to get across to the rest of us for years. Greys are sexless beings that do not reproduce in the same as manner as life on earth.

The various types of aliens are said to have specific roles, origins and motivations.

Targeting Horses

 An emerging black market in horsehair is gaining strength.
“Horsehair theft isn’t the stuff of spaghetti westerns but a growing crime, with reports of people stealing hundreds of manes and tails throughout the American Midwest and several other countries." Source
A recent story has emerged in Australia with a horse owner investigating a farmyard commotion in the rural NSW town of Dubbo only to find her equestrian King Arab missing his entire tail. She said the horse seemed afraid of his stall but a subsequent search turned up nothing.

One Wyoming owner said

“I went out there one day to feed and my horses’ tails looked like they were cut. Some of them not very much, which to me is odd; they only cut inches off, but the ones that I really noticed . . . (were cut) probably 12 to 14 inches.”

Could there be more to it? One reader thinks so,
"something is out-of-whack here ... why would they only cut an inch or two off? If you're going to go to the "trouble" of engaging in such criminal conduct -- surely one would go ‘whole hog‘ and abscond with all available horse-hair. Something is fishy here. I prefer the paranormal hypothesis to be honest. The forensic factoids don't support the misguided criminal hypothesis in any particularly strong fashion." 
The incidents seem to go hand in hand with horse-ripping, or horse slashing, which is an animal cruelty phenomenon involving serious injuries in horses, often involving mutilation of their genitalia and slashing of the flank or neck. It has not been established, however, how often these injuries are caused by human cruelty. Investigations have shown it doubtful whether all 'horse-ripping' incidents can be ascribed to human acts. For the similar cattle mutilation, primarily a US phenomenon, UFOs, cults and animal cruelty have been blamed, but research showed there were natural or undetermined causes in the vast majority of cases. Source

Something to keep an eye on - an "ear to the ground". All is not well on planet earth.


The Facts so Far

Intuition plays a big part in one’s own well being. It is there as a guide for personal safe keeping and is an important part of our human makeup.  When you perceive something that does not make sense in the real world the first instinct is to brush if off as imaginings and carry on as normal, leaving the incident in the back of your mind.
This is not the case with a number of persons in different parts of the world who have stood with their stories and their perceptions and for what they have experienced regardless of the risk of having their testimony rejected by the majority.  Because of their individual strength and discernment we can put together some facts surrounding the mutilated animals and missing cat phenomena which may lead us to an awareness that can combat the unexplainable.
The following incidents all happened night:
  1. Missing cats preceded by cigar shaped yellow lights in the sky emitting a blue search light.
  2.  Mutilated goats preceded by a sudden and intense gust of wind with a foul stench. 
  3. The sound of cats in serious distress preceded by an unsourced commotion in the woods which appears to have a consciousness when in the presence of a live cat. 
  4. Disappearing cats preceded by a flinting dark shadowy figure that mysteriously vanishes.
Are we able to add the fact the incidents  happen during the summer months as other data seems to indicate?

Sinister Lights

On a beautiful warm Okanagan night, or in this case early morning, in June 1995, a Kelowna woman was in her kitchen. On looking out the window into the orchard she saw two brilliant lit cigar shaped objects moving slowly over the apple trees, at about thirty or forty feet of height. "They were a beautiful yellow colour" the woman said and as bright as they were she said she had no problem looking at them and they did not affect her sight. As they scoured the area the objects bathed the orchard in blue light and in the woman's words "seemed to be looking for something". The craft then began to slowly move from the back of the orchard and headed in the direction of the house. They now stopped directly next to the house over a garage addition and shone down white beams of light. Even stranger, the witness described the lights as broken up, 'like a white line down the highway'.
It is here where high strangeness enters the picture. The woman said that in retrospect a thought that passed through her mind during the sightings was her concern for the cats.
Neighbourhood cats would often congregate in the garage and this was now where the lights were "searching". The objects then "turned off" and left. The next day over a dozen cats in this area of Kelowna were missing and were never seen again.
Last fall our hotline received a call from a fellow in Burnaby who said that he witnessed, along with his brother, a dark shadowy figure run in front of them as they stood in the driveway of their home one rainy night. More disturbing, all three of his cats were gone. Oddly enough, the man said he witnessed the same dark figure as a young boy not far from the area. At that time the shadowy-shape ran into a bush.
The Kamloops area of BC was also privy to a rash of half cat mutilations as well, with a dozen or so cats mysteriously cut up. Same show, no blood, no muss, no apparent fuss and again, never a sign of struggle, no fur strewn about and no spilled blood.
Someone is doing something with our cats. Since the early nineties UFO*BC has been aware of the "Half Cat" mystery on the Lower Mainland. At this time the mutilated cats first showed up in Vancouver's West Side. In these instances cats had been sliced in half with great precision and then somehow drained of their blood (exsanguination). Never a drop to be found, with no stains at all on the remaining feline carcass (in these cases, half carcasses).
In the Surrey area last fall half cats started showing up again. I talked to two woman who were unfortunately "victims of the circumstance". Living about three or four miles apart, both woman found their own cats' remains. In the first case one of the woman was off to do some banking, oddly enough she said that morning she took the long way to the bank, and to her shock found her dead cat. It was placed to appear to be coming out of a manhole cover in the middle of the road. The woman pulled over and saw that it was her own cat cut in half. Like other cases the other half was nowhere to be found . As is the way, the culprit seemed to want his work to be noticed. The other unfortunate young woman found her cat in the alley behind her house. Devoid of all blood, showing no signs of struggle and once again cut in half. Perfectly! The SPCA is sticking to their guns that these are coyote attacks. Out of ignorance or in order to quell any panic, I don't know but that's their story and they're sticking to it!
It was with great surprise when I fell upon a similar story of half cats in upstate New York in a town called Lee which is close to the Hudson Valley. However, the "coupe de grace" came when I was thumbing through an old Fate Magazine recently and discovered that the Half Cats have also surfaced in Gulf Breeze (Florida), Plano (Texas), Fall's Church (Virginia) and St Louis (Missouri). In Fall's Church twenty cases were reported alone, with slightly less than that number showing up in St Louis.
It is interesting to note that like the Kelowna cases, UFO activity has been reported consistently in some of the areas where the cat mutes take place. In particular, upstate New York and Gulf Breeze have reached almost legendary status. I can also report that Kamloops and Surrey BC have an inordinate amount of UFO reports. Something tells me that with a bit of research you could probably find a report of UFOs being seen in Fall's Church as well. A coincidence? Maybe. A connection? I can't rule it out. Can you?
This happened almost twenty years ago.... before we knew we had a problem.

Cat Killers Cut Swathe Through Suburbs

The following is typical of the phenomenon taking place all over the world today. Nothing heard, nothing seen, surgical precision, all terrifying in its mysteriousness. The killings always increasing during the summer for approximately four months before abating, then accelerating. 

Salt Lake City, 2003. “Bugsy was a tough cat who could stare down a fox and run like a rabbit. But one night the tabby met something darker and more menacing than a fox, something he could not outrun. The next morning Bugsy, the 5 kilogram cat, lay dead on the lawn. The cat had been dissected with near surgical precision. No one heard or saw anything. Bugsy was No. 23”.
In this case the Police were "tight-lipped ... We don't want copycat situations". A psychologist was applied to work with the taskforce to help determine the kind of person likely to commit such a crime.
 Ten years later the problem has only increased.
The common thought – what if one day it is not cats being found....
Keep your mind tuned, keep alert, there is something insidious here.