Readers continue to report cat mutilations in various parts of the world. If only a small number of people are reporting their findings then the number of incidents unreported is beyond imagination. People do not search for similarities on the internet unless the whole matter has affected deeply them with either its oddity or savagery.


It’s not just over one continent. Yesterday morning I got up and fed my cat just like I always do and let her out about 4 hours later my husband looked out the window to find my cat cut in half and her back end dumped in my garden. We live in South Africa and thought maybe it was some sort of ritualistic African crap but after reading different things on the internet I realize it’s all very similar, there was no blood around the body or in fact in the body she was cut through her mid section underneath her front legs. We have no idea where the rest of her body is and no trace to who might have done this to her. We live in an enclosed complex surrounded by electric fence so I have no doubt in my mind that it was someone living very close by, especially as they put her body in my yard so they obviously knew she was my cat. Poor little thing was only 4 months old and never bothered anyone I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel I want to raise awareness of the situation surrounding animal cruelty and I wish with every breath I have that such things were punishable as if it were done to another human. ANIMALS have feelings too! I cry when I think how scared my poor cat must have been to endure something so horrible and brutal and disgusting. I wish people would understand that when you have animals you are meant to love and protect them from everything that is humanely possible to protect them from, just like you would your children. I have 2 children and it scares me to think if they can do this to an animal, there is nothing stopping them doing to another person. My cat wasn’t just my cat she was like one of my children and it pains me to think that she is never coming home I can’t even begin to express how sad I am that we lost her in such a horrific way. I hope and pray one day there will be an explanation to this situation. Losing a pet in this way leaves so many unanswered questions, the inability to understand why you have been chosen, why it is your cat... is it personal, do they do it for kicks? Is it for voodoo medicine or some silly ritual? I could go on and on and on but it wouldn’t help. I just hope that one day people will understand that animals are just as important as humans, if not more.I just want this shit to stop because it’s disgusting, terrifying for the cats and proves there is nothing more repulsive than those who commit crimes against the innocent!

The Dog Knew

Below is an extraction from National Institute for Discovery Science. The incident has the familiarity of cat mutilations.
March 10, 1997 ó 10:00 AM: Two ranchers on a remote pasture in NE Utah began the daily tagging of calves born the night before. The weather was bright and sunny, temperatures in the 50s. The ranchers estimated they tagged and weighed the 87-pound animal about 100 yards from the fence line. There was a ring of snow surrounding the pasture where they tagged the animal.

After tagging the animal, they walked about 300 yards west to another newborn animal and went through the process of weighing and tagging that animal. The two were accompanied by their blue heeler dog. About 10:45 AM, the heeler began to growl and act strangely with a focus on the area they had just left.

March 10 ó 10:45 AM: The blue heeler began snarling in earnest and arching his back. Without warning, the animal ran west across the fields, away from the direction he had been looking. The heeler was never seen again.

March 10 ó 10:50 AM: The rancher and his wife, looking back, then noticed a grown cow running frantically back and forth towards the fence line while dragging her leg. Both then walked back to investigate. The rancher reported seeing the recently tagged newborn calf lying eviscerated in the field, close to where it had been tagged about 45 minutes previously. In a 45-minute period in daylight, 100 yards from any cover, with the rancher about 200-300 yards away, the calf had most of its body weight removed, including entrails, and appeared to have been placed carefully on the ground with no blood present on or near the animal.

Followed by a Light

Dad spent a lot of time on the tractor and this night he came home scared and told us about lights in the sky that followed him around the paddock. We boys laughed at him and said he had too much to drink and was seeing things. He told us to meet him the following night with a drum of fuel and his dinner and we would see the lights for ourselves

I was too young to go out but I hid behind the seat of the ute. We found dad driving around the paddock and we filled up his tractor with fuel and while he had a feed we boys went off down the creek looking for rabbits.

From out of the west two lights in the sky came toward us, we watched as one light went south and the other went straight over dad then disappeared to the east. We watched as it came back and hovered over the top of the tractor, dad didn’t know he had company and didn’t know why we boys were acting strange. The light followed dad for two laps then landed in the corner of the paddock. We were watching all this from a distance. The light looked like it was shimmering through gauze as it pulsated in a forward rolling motion, we could see the light ball flickering as it moved. The light stayed in that position while dad did two more laps. By that time dad has seen the light and decided to drive the tractor toward it. He stopped about 60 yards away, got out and started walking toward it. The engine of the tractor stopped.

Dad stood undecided for a while then continued walking; that’s when the lights went out on the tractor behind him so he decided to get out fast. The tractor started OK and the light went up into the sky and shot off into the distance. Dad quickly turned the tractor around and headed home leaving all the gates open.

The next day an elderly aboriginal man by the name of Mr Smith was scoffing at the whole lot of us, so we invited him along to see the show. Mr Smith sat in his truck with his work dogs while we gave dad the fuel and food and went off again looking for rabbits. Dad did one round of the paddock and sure enough two lights came from the west, one light went south east and the other went over the top of us and descended into the young pines on the Sugarloaf Hill. The light stayed there for a long time so we boys decided to walk to the Sugarloaf to take a look. All of a sudden my brother yelled, “Lookout it’s coming at us!” We looked up and this light was getting bigger and it seemed that the pine trees were being flattened as it got closer to us. We turned and ran for the Ute. Ben* jumped in and locked the doors, Jim* slid on the vegetation and landed under the ute. I was banging on the windows then ran around the other side and got underneath the ute with him. The light shot off into the sky and disappeared.

Mr Smith believed us after that encounter but he had no dogs left in the truck; they had all cleared out and gone home. The lights in the paddock were never seen again by us but they were also never forgotten, a floating balloon from the local Show was enough to unnerve us boys when we were old enough to be the tractor drivers. 

*Aliases - Rural Australia

Followed by Another Light

I was driving home about 6.30pm and thought a car had run off the road ahead because I could see the lights positioned where I knew the road wasn’t. As I got closer the light seemed to move alongside of me and keep pace. I was feeling a bit anxious and kept my eye on it, the light seemed to know when it was near a house and avoided contact with it, by keeping just above the trees. It disappeared when I drove into the Creek near home. It was an unsettling experience.

Missing Cats

I have always had cats, so in 1996 I knew something wasn’t right when both my 12 week old kitten and a 3 year old cat vanished in one night.

I have had cats go missing throughout my life but this didn’t feel right. We lived in a small town in rural Australia, our house was up a steep incline and way back off the road. We had 2 other kittens that we kept inside. Our little dog that slept out front with the cats was fine, he didn’t bark through the night it happened and neither did our big dog who was tied up. Once I realised the cats were missing there was not much I could do but I began to hear other towns folk talk about cats that had gone missing. This all happened over a couple of months toward the end of the year.

So many people were losing their cats that the local policeman was contacted and he said there must be someone trapping them, he thought it was odd that the problem was bought to him but that is because there were so many missing and no one knew what to do. There were scores of animals missing.

My partner asked everyone he ran into if they had lost a cat recently, he asked people at the store, the rubbish tip, the pub. EVERYONE seemed to have heard or knew of a RECENT missing cat, one bloke said “yeah come to think of it I haven’t seen the old tom for a while”. One old lady Mrs T said “come to think of it I did have one that went missing for two weeks but the strangest thing was he turned up dead laid out on my back lawn, not a mark on him and he was fresh dead, not two weeks dead, I don’t know where he had been for two weeks and I don’t know how he ended up where I found him.”

We moved not long after that and have heard no local stories, but sometimes I will read of missing cats in a newspaper. Now it seems that cats are beginning to turn up like all those cattle and horses with horrible and strange operations. I cannot keep my cats locked inside I have to let them be their natural selves and live in the world. I say a prayer that they will be protected.

I tell you keep your cats locked up at night because this is getting worse and is widespread, I originally kept my thoughts to myself but I have got to talk about it and warn people. In Canada I read that a number of brainless mice with tiny holes in their head were all lined up in front of a persons house. People are getting worried for their children. And most strange of all IT IS HAPPENING IN WHOLE AREAS/TOWNS/CITIES over a period of months, never single incidents. In England the owners said they found collars but NEVER bodies.


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House that Vanished

I swear this is a true story. My partner was wheat carting in the summer of 1994. Our 12 year old son was with him. He was outside Molong in NSW Australia and drove past a For Sale sign on a farm gate. We were looking for a small property to purchase so he stopped and climbed through the fence and walked up the circle-shaped drive to have a closer look at the old house. He stepped onto the veranda and looked through a window. He found the interior empty with paper, dirt and cobwebs littered about
On his return home a few days later, we rang the agent and asked for further details about the property. The agent had no idea what we were talking about and insisted that he had no properties for sale on that road. We told him we got his number off the sign on the gate but he insisted there were no properties.

We were feeling frustrated so a week later we drove to Molong to have a look at the farm ourselves.

We couldn’t find it.
We drove along every road out of Molong without success. My partner insisted he knew where to find the property so we persisted. We did eventually find the ‘spot’. All that he could recognize was a water tank on the hill, a creek and some trees where the house used to be. There was no gate, circular drive, real estate sign… or house.
He still wonders what would have happened had he decided to camp that night on the veranda instead of inside the truck.

The Beast

Western NSW 1998, a farmer and a few other men went shooting kangaroos late in the evening. They made about a dozen killings and planned to pick the bodies up on the return journey to put them in the chiller. Laws say that the roos had to be killed by head shot only.

45 minutes later they picked up their last kill and travelled back to collect the others. They found the previous kill had a rib cage missing and thought it was a bit odd because they always drove close to the dead animal to make sure it was a clean shot and that the animal was not suffering. This kangaroo was not found in the manner in which it was left and they were puzzled. They moved on the next roo and found it had its entire head missing; the next one was badly mauled and also had part of its head missing. The men were feeling a bit spooked. They stayed inside the vehicle and had the spot lights far and wide because whatever had done this damage was close by and had the strength and savagery of a huge carnivore. The next kangaroo also showed signs of a terrible maul so they decided to abandon the evening and get out of there. Whatever it was had been following them from start to finish.

A few months later my partner was preparing the back paddocks for a crop and left the truck loaded overnight with oats and super. He went to work the next morning but returned unnerved saying that something huge had been on the back of the truck and had ripped apart the 70kg bags. They were strewn a distance away. He said he found one hoof print on the ground and it looked like it had three toes. A wild boar would have been strong enough to do the damage but not have the ability to get up on the truck tray. This man was born on the land; he knew it was not a usual hoof print.

After that incident it took a lot to get that paddock finished.

No one knows to this day what caused the savagery.

Pet Cat Death

Tonight I regret to inform you that my darling cat Roxy has fallen victim to this tragic activity of half cat mutilation. I live in a town just outside of Seattle, Washington. It really intrigues me as to what people are doing these days and it makes me wonder what could possibly be going on. Please broadcast this if it will help others become aware of this tragedy.
Name withheld

Almost Proof

An alert member of the public thought his experience was so strange that he wanted to alert others.

"I live in the UK in Staines near London.

Sunday morning I found the back half of a small black cat in my back garden. It had been cut in two and was left on the path between the shed and back door...impossible to miss. 


I have two black cats of my own but both of these were safe and sound indoors. I couldn't find any trace of the other half. What was odd was there were no visible marks or apparent injuries to the back part of the cat which you would expect if it had been attacked. I know my neighbour's very well and the garden that backs on to mine is owned by a cat lover with at least 6 cats of his own, so I don’t think they would have been responsible and it's not possible that it could have been thrown into the garden either. 

It's very weird, I have CCTV in my garden but it points at the back door. I've since relocated it to cover the whole garden just in case. I'll let you know if I capture anything on it!"
 contributed by Jay