Time to Wake up and THINK

Just how are we, according to the church, all sinner's? how can a new born baby be a sinner? some may say their sins were in a previous life, but how can there be any previous life? Right! You're thinking 'Reincarnation', but how do we know that reincarnation exists? 

All that we have are ages-old historical theories, there is no definitive proof of reincarnation, and do not forget all those theories and supposed accounts of reincarnation are of human origin - in other words, we do not know for sure. 

Human's and God 
The same can be said for 'God' we are told he is the creator of everything, and what tells us he was the creator - the Bible, and who wrote the Bible? Other humans of course, right from Genesis to Revelations. I do not only mean the Christian religion, the same can be said for all religions, the root of them all lies within other humans. 

We try to make sense of our mysterious lives with theories, I say mysterious because we have no idea where we come from or how life was even started on this world of ours, so how can we say God did 'this' or God did 'that', even religious words like 'God' rides with you into battle, or 'God' watches over you, and the reason being because he was an invention by male dominant humans. 

Also think about this, God is always referred to as a 'Man/He' never a 'Woman/She' , is not the fact that 'God is known as a 'He' more in-tune with eastern cultures where women are considered second best to man. Can you not now see the type of people who would write the books within the Bible would be those of a male dominated society and that's why God is referred to as a 'Man'. 

There is a universal force that creates life and keeps everything ticking over, a universal force that's neither 'Man' nor 'Woman' it is a force that is beyond the human invented 'God'. 
"It has no feeling yet it does have feeling, it is right yet it is wrong, it creates and it destroys". 
Only this force knows why this universe exists, something we as yet are not privy to. If the God of the Bible created everything can anyone tell me why? what was his reason? I'm sure there are many human theories as to why the Biblical God created everything, but none of them will be the truth. 

Biblical Fear and Human Agenda 
We all theorize about life, it brings us comfort, we surround ourselves with thoughts that make us feel good about our lives, the Bible, by contrast, does not, the Bible is a book of fear, I say that for one reason, have you noticed there is no humor written within the Bible, all of it is serious stuff. Are we to believe everyone during the Biblical period walked around with straight faces, I doubt it. In most churches the congregation are all sporting solemn faces, if they are there to celebrate God and their gift of life should they not be more joyful, even the hymns are of a solemn tone, as also are the so called uplifting hymns. 

All this seriousness over religion has an air of control about it, something like:- 
"Do not smile when you step into the place of God :- Listen to every word that is preached:- Question nothing :- When told to sing you will do so :- You must put money into the collection dish, your friends are watching". 
So, to me, if something smells of 'control' then you can bet your bottom dollar there is human involvement behind it and that's how it has been since the creation of the Bible, there was no God involved just humans, humans with an agenda and that's how it's been all through history. 

Me, Myself and I 
Am I everyone else? is everyone else me? is there just me or am I also 7-billion people? when I look at the lady across the road am I looking at myself ? when I argue with a man in a car park am I arguing with myself? is the vagrant begging outside of the town hall also me. When people die is it really part of me that dies? is this world my creation? am I the universal force that controls everything? am I the universal force that 'is' everything. Is the individuality that we all have something I have created to give my existence purpose, to fool myself that I exist in a thriving civilization, when in fact there is only 'me', 'The Universal Force'. 

You Are an Infinite, Eternal Being 
What is universal consciousness? It is the unified field of intelligent energy that is everything. It is intelligent, loving, all knowing, all powerful, creative and omnipresent across all dimensions of space and time. And so:-
"it is also present in you – or more accurately, it IS you". 
There is no separation between your mind and the Universal Mind, or the Unified Field, God, Source, Creator, the One, Universal Consciousness or the many names that humans give to things we are trying to understand.
The English Cognizant Citizen



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Mysterious Cosmetics Craze

This article to me comes under the same heading as Cat Shaving and Fox`s chewing brake cables, it also has the same feel to it as peoples mutilated pets being left on their gardens or doorsteps, mysteries no one can get to the bottom of. Perhaps they are 'Apports' left behind from Poltergeist activity or gifts from an inter-dimensional Alien Race who is studying and trying to understand us, Another strange point about it all is the fact this area is close to where I live, about a mile as the crow fly`s, and its also the same area where some years back sheep were found with their back legs missing and no one heard anything.

Bamboozled villagers are desperate to solve the mystery of who is leaving make-up in their gardens. Neighbors in Werrington are waking up to to find lipstick eye shadow and mascara abandoned outside their homes- and its been going on for months.The cosmetic craze seems to be centered on Chatsworth Drive, and Meigh Road.

Pensioner June Morgan, from Chatsworth Drive, was stunned when she found a comb and mirror in her front garden last summer.

This was followed by lipstick in September, three more lipsticks with a mascara and a tub of Vaseline in November, and an eye shadow in January. The 77-year old said 
"I was shocked when I saw what the items were. I thought it was a coincidence. But they kept appearing, it was most peculiar . They seemed to be picking on me . And none of the items had been used.Why would they do that, who is wasting it ? Who has got the money to do it? Make-up can be expensive.  I got my rubber gloves and put them straight into the bin. I feel like Miss Marple investigating a mystery, I vigilant and like to know what`s going on."
Anne Swindail, of Meigh Road, was also bewildered to find make-up on her lawn in January for the third time. The 62-year old said 
"The first time there were 2-lipsticks and a tub of Vaseline. Its very strange, so I did not know what to think."
Neighbour Phil Harrison aged 58, added: 
"I`ve spotted this make-up about three or four times over the last 12-months, I put it down to kids. We`ve had all sorts of stuff thrust into the garden and I just put them into the bin. We need somebody with CCTV so we can find out what`s going on".
The craze has been the talk of Werrington`s online community forums. Bobbie Hodgetts, age 34 from Meigh Road, said: 
"Walking around the estate, and on the Werrington forums on Facebook, you can see this is going on. It seems like there`s a lot of items to". 
Sharon Harrison aged 50 from Moorside Road, added:

"There have been lots of comments on Facebook about make-up being left on driveways or peoples front door steps. Hopefully it won`t travel to my estate . The cost of all these items must be extortionate. Nobody can find out what`s going on."

Murdered by your own body

My brother in-law yesterday climbed into his car to make a small journey, he slowly pulled off and started to move up the street at about 5-miles per hour.

He noticed a young man standing on the kerb ready to cross the road, everything was OK until my brother in-law got almost to the point where the young man was standing, when the young man suddenly stepped of the kerb right in front of my brother in-laws vehicle. The car hit the young man but did not knock him down as my brother in-law was still traveling about 5-miles per hour. My brother in-law got out of his car to make sure the man was OK and asked him in amazement what happened as the young man obviously saw the car coming.
"The young man said, "Mate, I have no idea what happened, I saw you coming and as you got to me my legs just started to move and I stepped out in front of you."

There could be one or two reasons for the actions of the young man, but from a paranormal view point it makes you wonder just how responsible we are for some of our actions. Like the young woman who, after a lovely day shopping with her baby and parents, suddenly climbs onto a foot bridge and jumps to her death, there are many unexplained tragic stories of people with no mental problems suddenly taking their own lives. 

What if this young man was trying to cross a busy main road and got killed because his legs moved, it would have been put down as a tragic accident, and no one would have been any wiser to the real cause. The young man in this story for obvious reasons survived the impact of the car and as a result was able to tell that his legs appeared to move on their own. Just how in control of our lives are we.

Maree Shamanic Psychopoop (conductor or guide of souls) - "I couldn't say what happened in these two cases but spirits can influence our well-being in negative & positive ways, there is no doubt there. It could be as simple as a woman finding it impossible to lose weight, who has her dead obese mother hanging off her back yelling at her to eat more cake. Ancestors with unresolved issues can affect the ones still living on earth, not only through the blood & genetically, but spiritually/energetically as well. This goes for any one who has died & wants to stay close to the earth. If they need forgiveness or something resolved, they will try their hardest to resolve, but some don't want resolvement, some are still angry, confused and refuse to move on. Awareness is the key. Listen to dreams, look for signs, watch the animal kingdoms, they all carry stories, insights & answers. This is what it means to be living a fully conscious life. If we know a little bit about the multidimensional realities, it gives us back our power. We begin to see why we are the way we are. Its not just us honey, it is parts our past that lingers on, looking for healing & closure. This could carry back to many generations. And if not resolved the energy is born through the future generations.

The other thing to note is that any spirits who 'choose' to stay, who you feel you don't want to be around, may be assisted to move on. You do that by asking them nicely, to move out of your space & ask the spirit helpers, (guides, angels etc) to assist in the process. Always smudge & cleanse yourself after a visit that you would prefer not to have. This will clear any negative energy left over from the unwelcome visitor. If they stay, there is more for you to learn. There could still be unresolved issues or you need to look at why you are attracting unhelpful beings into your energy field.

A little bit on psychic attacks. Yes they are real & do occur not only during your awake life but also during your dreaming life. People, entities/energy can suck your vital life force right out of you. You can overcome this easy enough though. First to become astutely aware of where you lose your energy. What people are in your life that you allow to upset you? What are you doing to upset others? Dysfunction in your everyday living continues into your dreamtime. There are no separations between the worlds because everything is energy. I can guarantee that if you have arguments in your waking life you will attract beings in the spirit world who come to you to feed off your negativity. These visits will drain your life force. You will wake up tired & drained....literally. 

Spirit beings who reside in the middle & lower worlds can make you ill if you do not realise what you are doing in your waking life. They can also use you for sex. There is nothing wrong with having astral sex, you just have to give consent, the same as you would normally. There can be tricksters & manipulators on other dimensions just like in this waking life.

The best defense against psychic attack is to clean up your own space mentally & emotionally. Prayer is also a powerful Allie as is affirmations. Say them before sleeping & on waking so your day & nights are covered. An example is
"May all gates, doors & paths be open between the worlds & may all gates doors & paths be closed to those who wish to do me or anyone i love any harm. May it be so". 
You don't want to stop all guidance, you only want to stop the ones who's intention is to bring you harm. Be diligent. Do it daily. Make it a habit to protect yourself because your vital energy is just that....vital. As above so below. As below so above. It all comes back to each and every one of us and our thoughts and actions. We all have the power to transform ourselves to live a life of joy and happiness. But it won't happen until each person takes responsibility for what is going on in their mind."

A psychic attack is used to harm another person by manipulating and controlling them, by sending negative energy toward them. This mental manipulation is done without your knowledge and it can cause physical symptoms similar to an illness as well as depressed mood, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. A psychic attack is a factor that should be considered as a potential cause of poor health in patients.

Dion Fortune, renowned psychic and author of Psychic Self-Defense says that she was attacked by a woman who used the power of thought manipulation to plant false ideas in her mind and convince her give false testimony against a former coworker.

Negative thoughts that did not come from yourself can make you question your sanity following a psychic attack. Knowing yourself well enough to recognize a foreign or intrusive thought that is unusual is key to recognizing this sign of a psychic attack.

A violent nightmare may be a sign of a psychic attack. Examples of these types of frightening dreams are a feeling of heaviness on your chest, trouble breathing, or an intense fear of being held down or choked. 

Psychic suggestion is one method of manipulation that is similar to hypnosis and it is a sign of a psychic attack. When you feel as though you are in a trace state that was not brought on by your own meditation, it may be a sign of a forced hypnosis or psychic attack on you. 

Although psychic attack is not rooted in a specific spirituality, followers of occult magic have been known to use psychic attacks as black magic so wearing a cross or blessed religious item on your person can help you defend yourself from these attacks. 

A rational explanation may not be evident to you when you feel frozen by fear. This is a similar feeling to a panic attack, but it can last much longer. Rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness are all symptoms of anxiety, but not being able to leave your home for days due to intense fear is a sign of a psychic attack. 

One of the ways that Dion Fortune suggests protecting yourself against a psychic attack is to cross a source of moving water like a stream, for example. A shower is also a source of moving water, so this will help to cleanse negative energy as well. 

To add to the psychic protection, use a salt scrub in the shower or to bathe in a saltwater bath. Salt also has a cleaning and purifying effect and will help wash away any lingering negativity. While you shower or bathe, say a prayer or blessing that is directed at cleansing away the negativity and purifying your psychic energy. 

Dion Fortune describes herself as not being in control of the placement of her feet after one potent psychic attack. Burning white sage can be used to cleanse the space around you of negative energies. Wave the smoking bundle of sage around your home as you invoke positive energy and tell the negativity of the psychic attack to leave.