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My interest in the paranormal started when I was a child of six, the same night time entities would invade my sleep causing untold terror. I grew up never forgetting those dreams/encounters. As I grew older I grew more reclusive, I spent a lot of time in my own mind, thinking about things others would consider strange. Academically I was nothing brilliant but I did have an enquiring mind and always wanted to know how things worked. When the paranormal raised its inviting head I did not look the other way or close my mind, I looked it square in the eyes.

There is something about the paranormal that liberates and exercises the brain. To explore what is not normal opens your mind and takes you on an unforgettable journey, your thoughts taking you places beyond the realms of what others consider normal. I have always felt that the real world was hidden behind a veil, a true world which is hidden from us and we are tasked with finding it. I believe the way to do that is through the paranormal and once we have cracked the paranormal code we will see that life is much richer than we could ever imagine. There is more to this world than 9 to 5, eat, sleep, work, die. I am now certain that those dreams/encounters I had all those years ago were a trigger, they woke me up, they shook me and told me there is more, much more to know. I have never rated myself or even though that what I write is worth reading; I just basically express my deepest thought as best I can. My thoughts do sometimes go off the radar, but that`s me, always searching for the key stone that will complete the door way and connect all mysteries

My interests range from UFO`s to Animal Mutilations to Entities (Demonic and others) to Life After Death, you name it and I have been there, my mind knows no bounds when it comes to mysterious events. Paranormal events are all part of our daily lives; we just have to find the triggers.

If the paranormal were to be a lesson in schools I believe that class would be fully attended all the time. Young people have a fascination with the paranormal and do have stories to tell, but not many young people have adults to talk to, and that a shame.

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San Lesslie

Frightening facts have arisen around the world of the horrendous discoveries of half cats. The body is completely clean with the other half missing. This is happening within hours of people last seeing their pet and in some cases bodies appearing in back patios with no physical way of getting there. WAVES OF THESE KILLINGS ARE OCCURRING THAT CANNOT BE ATTRIBUTED IN ANY WAY TO HUMAN INVOLVEMENT DUE TO THEIR COMPLEXITY. This site is to raise awareness by focusing on people's experiences and hopefully finding an answer to this strange activity.

The disappearance of numerous cats in a small rural NSW town in 1996 made me question what was really happening out there. It is a fact of life that sometimes a cat will not be seen again but in this episode it was the large quantities of cats that vanished virtually overnight. Everyone in this town seemed to be missing a cat. No one knew what to do. The more people opened up and talked about it the larger the scope. People went to the police who thought it was a odd problem to bring to their attention. They blamed it on a possible cat napper. 

My own experience losing an adult cat and a 12 week old kitten didn't feel right. They were simply there at night and gone in the morning - they were the outside cats that vanished. After that no cat was allowed outside after dark and my family moved not long after. An insidious feeling was about. I didn't feel safe. I held a belief for many years that something abnormal was at work and my interest in missing cat notices became almost like a hobby. I now wished that I had kept local area newspaper articles that mentioned this strange problem because it seemed to occur in hot spots over a period of months. It is very easy to dismiss the whole matter as human involvement, and sadly I am sure there is human involvement in some disappearances, but when many people say the same thing using the word 'strange' then we must be taken seriously and a public awareness program must be established. The more we speak the more we get heard. 

You are encouraged to share your views or your experience.