The Antichrist

Excerpt taken from the book Prophecy with Sylvia Browne 2004.

"There's been a lot of talk about the coming Antichrist, including in this book, especially in the Nostradamus pages Some believe the prophecy of the Antichrist has been fulfilled in the persona of Saddam Hussein. Others believe the Antichrist's name on this earth is Osama bin Laden.

I have my own prophecy about the Antichrist, and I guess this chapter is as appropriate a place as any to discuss it.

I do believe we need to brace ourselves for an Antichrist, but I don’t believe he's arrived yet. He'll be born in 2005 or 2006, in the area of Syria. It will be in about 2030 that he makes his proclamation that he is the resurrected Christ, back for the Rapture, and that all those who follow him will be saved.

He will have long, jet black hair to his shoulders, and huge brown eyes. Unlike Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, his seduction will begin with great pretense of compassion, nonviolence and a desire for world peace and unity. He’ll have a charismatic gift and a feigned humility that sends him at the beginning of his "ministry" to gather his first followers from among the poor, who are easily and cheaply bribed for the smallest amount of food and sense of hope.

He himself will live in caves and tents while his reputation takes hold, gathering donations for his followers, none of which he appears to be spending on himself but all of which it will be revealed later he’s hoarding and investing to amass a fortune. He will have a genius for manipulation and be a master mentalist, psychologist and self-promoter.

His soft-spoken “pacifism,” "humanitarianism" and undeniable charisma will attract a celebrity following, first in Europe and then in the United States, generating still more "donations." By the time his rhetoric begins to turn slowly and shrewdly genocidal and his vast holdings include black market nuclear weapons, he'll have a slavish, indebted and systematically indoctrinated flock of converts numbering in the hundreds of thousands, ready to kill for him and die for him in the tragic belief that he's their only path to eternal salvation.

If you can block their respective physical images from your mind, a vague parallel from recent history would be the discovery that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, say, the soft-spoken, pacifistic celebrity guru of the 19605—who never claimed to be the reincarnated Christ, I hasten to add—was, in reality, the real brains and money behind al Quaida. It seems ludicrous to even write that or say it out loud, but when this other man “goes public" in around 2030 and then reveals himself to be genuinely and completely evil a few years later, the shock and sense of betrayal will be that jarring and that seemingly impossible. 

It's no coincidence that his rise to power will be preceded by Healing Centers and other major and minor collaborative efforts among world religions. It takes great concentrations of Light to eliminate that much insidious, cancerous darkness, whether the Antichrist or just another horrifying terrorist with a different angle, and when bright Light gathers together, no amount of darkness can overcome it. 

That’s not a prophecy, it's a fact. It will be a fact in 2030. It’s a fact today. 

It's not always as easy to believe as we'd like in these rough, uneasy times, when it looks as if darkness is having its high old despicable way. 

But it's still a fact. We just have to keep our own Lights on 'high beam,' seek out other Lights around us, pray for even more Light than ever from the Father and Mother God and ride this out together."

Evil President
Two or three presidents away. The new leader will be a demagogue, preaching the radical, a fear monger. The leader will become the first truly evil leader of the US, he will stain the name of the US for a good time.
There are consequences to the US breeding hate. Hate and vitriol on both sides. Hate that dictates the tone of a nation; where verbal vitriol is.. acceptable. Where attacking children of a horrible shooting tragedy is.. acceptable. Where tearing children from families is.. acceptable. If you abandon the basic moral foundation of a nation don’t be surprised when the most evil come to lead you and you become the worlds villain. We desperately need to change course with both of these messages. 

We held out on sharing this message, the implication that the future evil is our own was just too depressing to share even for me, but Spirit wanted me to post it as their word, no more delays. There is an ounce of hope we can change course.

Prophecy: What the future holds for you By Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison

mage: http://fav.me/d3dpcua

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Strange Disappearances in the Australian Outback

Has a serial killer been roaming the Stuart Highway for over 30 years? For over thirty years people have been disappearing from the Stuart Highway. Over fifty people that we are aware of. The hunting's began sometimes a year or so apart, and now they are only months apart. If you are travelling this route, you are strongly advised to NEVER EVER stop for anybody. Even authoritarian vehicles, I would be heading for first town before pulling off the road. Do not stop for anybody, no matter the circumstances because this killer is still out there, possibly in big part due to the governments continual cover-up of all the persons murdered and missing.

Stuart Highway is one of Australia's major highways. It runs from Darwin, Northern Territory, in the north, via Tennant Creek and Alice Springs, to Port Augusta, South Australia, in the south – a distance of 2,834 km (1,761 mi). Its northern and southern extremities are segments of Australia's Highway 1. The principal north-south route through the central interior of mainland Australia, the highway is often referred to simply as "The Track". The Stuart Highway is known for strange disappearances and missing persons.

2017 Paddy Moriarty - a 70-year-old smiley moustachioed Irish fellow, disappeared from the red dusty no-horse town of Larrimah in the Northern Territory on 16 December 2017. That day he’d been drinking at the Pink Panther hotel before heading home with his dog at the end of the day and vanished leaving behind everything untouched including his hat and uneaten dinner, his dog vanished with him. His home had a chicken in the microwave and the table was set ready for his evening meal. His hat, keys and vehicle were all at home. The fan was going. The lights were on. But Paddy disappeared, along with his beloved dog Kelly who was always by his side.


The police are still investigating the disappearance of Paddy Moriarty, and a reward of $250,000 for information leading to a conviction has been offered

Larrimah, by Caroline Graham and Kylie Stevenson, published by Allen & Unwin, is available in stores now.

PODCAST : Lost in Larrimah, 6 episodes


2017 - Rebecca Hayward, 34, flew from Perth to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to visit family on New Year's Day and was spotted three times walking along the Stuart Highway several kilometres north of the town on January 2 after leaving her aunty’s house the evening before. It was her first visit to Alice Springs.Her family says she is a compulsive walker. She walks long distances and it's not uncommon for her to be walking 10 or 15 kilometres. 

March 2015 - Dane Kowalski. Searchers found the body of Mr Kowalski, 27, in harsh scrubland about 95km south of Coober Pedy on Friday a few hundred metres from his bogged utility and about 4km off the main highway. He was last seen on December 13 when he told friends he was heading to Darwin for a fishing trip.

Sept 2015 - Shaun Jones. Shaun was last sighted on 26 September walking southbound along the edge of the Stuart Hwy approximately 30km south of Tennant Creek, near the Linfox Depot.

2007 - Brenton Simon Stoddart, 34, whose vehicle has been located abandoned on the Stuart Highway, 20 kilometres south of Adelaide River. Mr Stoddart was reported missing to Canningvale Police in Western Australia on 27 December last year by his parents. He had not been seen since 22 December and is known to have been driving a 2005 light blue XR6 Falcon utility with WA registration. The vehicle was observed on 27 December parked approximately 200 metres from where it was seen again on 28 December. It was still at this location yesterday and had slight front end damage. At this stage it’s believed the vehicle ran out of fuel and was abandoned. 

January 2007 - Oswald Orman, 37, from Queensland, set off hitching from the Barkly Homestead, on the Barkly Highway, 200km east of Tennant Creek. Orman arrived at the Barkly Homestead on Tuesday, January 16, in a white Datsun ute. He parked in an area reserved for coaches and began dismantling his car. Asked to move, he declared he was starving and was given $50 by the roadhouse manager. Orman, a sufferer from schizophrenia and known to Queensland institutions, stayed where he was, pulling apart the motor and arranging the parts neatly - fanatically so - on a table. He pulled off the doors. Someone wondered, ruefully but not cruelly, whether he was looking for the CIA listening device. Then Orman took off, heading east on foot towards the Queensland border. Orman's backpack was then found at a rest stop 50km east of the roadhouse. But no Orman. 

Mid January, 2006 - Aloysious Hayes, 41, goes missing from William Well, an outstation about 20km south-east of Alice Springs. 

January 24, 2006 Ricky Megee, 35, was found by farm workers sheltering in a "humpy", a crude shelter made out of branches and twigs, on a remote cattle property in the Northern Territory, on the edge of the vast Tanami Desert. He said he was flagged down by three men who said they'd run out of petrol. Megee allowed one in the car and shared his drink with him as they drove towards the nearest Aborigine camp. Having finished his drink, Megee's companion reached into the back and took another for Megee. "He slipped something in it," Megee says. "I had a few mouthfuls and started to pass out, so he grabbed the steering wheel." They careered off the road, Megee fighting for the wheel but unable to stay conscious. He came round at dusk, sitting in the passenger seat of his car. "I could hear voices nearby. I jumped in the driver's side, sort of half conscious, and tried to pull off. Then someone jumped on the back of the car." There began a Spider-Man-like drive, with Megee trying to shake off the man clinging to his car but failing to do so before the man smashed in the back window and started throwing punches. The car went down a ravine and became stuck. Megee passed out again, drifting in and out of consciousness throughout the night. He remembers four figures surrounding him and going through his car. "I woke and was thirsty so said to one of them, 'Take my car. I don't care, just give me some water'. I've since done some checking," he says. "There are people who live out in that area who pay people to rob cars, passports, money, everything. People don't realise what a passport is worth nowadays, you can take somebody's whole identity. "That's what they were doing," he says. "I woke up the next day, no shoes, no socks, nothing. I wasn't supposed to walk out of there, I wasn't supposed to live." But the plan failed. Megee woke the next day in a shallow grave. He was under a tarpaulin, wearing a T-shirt and shorts, with car keys, $14.50 (Dh36) and a mobile phone with no battery power. Megee was lucky to be alive, but - unbeknown to him then - he still faced 10 weeks in the area, an arid wasteland the size of France, Italy and Spain combined. Ricky later wrote a book about his experience LEFT FOR DEAD.

April 24, 2006 - Patrick Doolan wanders away from the Amoonguna community just out of Alice Springs. No trace has been found of the elderly Aboriginal man.

April 22, 2006 - Brett McGillivray goes missing near Attack Creek, about 80km north of Alice Springs. A passing truck driver noticed the missing man's abandoned car in a parking bay with the keys left in the ignition.

March 4, 2006 - Sybil Malbunka, 48, is last seen at the boundary of the restricted area near Santa Teresa community, about 70 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. She had been drinking with family and slept overnight in the area, but was gone when they woke the next morning. Ms Malbunka is also known as Sybil McMillan.

Nov 30, 2006 - Jamie Herdman was last seen hitchhiking at Daly Waters, about 600km south of Darwin, on November 30. The dreadlocked traveller's Kombi van - containing his mobile phone, clothes, toothbrush, cards and some cash - was found abandoned near a Stuart Highway roadhouse. The car, which was prone to overheating, was unlocked and the keys were not in the ignition. But the fact he left beer, money and a phone behind in an unlocked car, windows wound down, was troubling. His family have no idea where the happy young man was headed. Jamie, a trained chef, had spent the previous 18 months working for a furniture removal company at Broome in Western Australia before deciding to go on his road trip. Despite an exhaustive air and ground search, police have found no trace of the missing traveller, who comes from Whakatane in New Zealand. Jamie had no history of mental illness. But he had departed Broome on November 24, where he had been working as a removalist, in an upset state. And in a real hurry. On the day he left, his boss, the last person to see him in Broome, told Steve that Jamie "was in a very distressed state". He was unable to pry from Jamie what the problem was.

January 4, 2005 - Lubos Gencur, 41, arrived in Australia on the 15 December 2004. He flew from Sydney to Alice Springs on the 18th December, and was last seen in the Curtin Springs area about 9.00am on the 19th December 2004. At the time of the sighting Lubos was on foot and was wearing shorts, t-shirt, shoes and a cap and carrying a black "GEMMA" brand backpack and water bottle. He had a history of trying to kill himself and it seems the bush finally accommodated him.

Sept 24, 2005 - Stanislav Dobias, 60, abandoned campsite, disappears after walking down a track. Dobias was suffering from Alzheimer's. He was a caretaker at the Attack Creek gravel pits and had gone to lock a gate and has not been seen since. It is widely accepted that he became confused, wandered, and perished.

April, 2004 - Jennifer Lane, 52, disappears from the YHA hostel in Parsons Street at Alice Springs. She failed to check out and her luggage was uncollected.

June 1994 - Andrew Robert Johnson resigned from his job in Adelaide and drove North, intending to work his way around Australia. In early June, he contacted his parents and told them he was in Darwin. On 13th November 1994, his car was found abandoned in the scrub, 100 metres off the Stuart Highway near Elliot. 

April 10, 1983 - Ivica Sinozic, On 10 April 1983, a white Datsun 120Y station sedan was located about 400 km east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. Both registration plates and the vehicle compliance plate had been removed. Subsequent enquiries revealed that the vehicle belonged to SINOZIC. In June of 1982, SINOZIC had left his parents’ home in Victoria seeking employment in the mining industry outside Victoria. His parents have not heard from him since that time. He appears to have travelled through New South Wales and Queensland, and arrived in Alice Springs in July 1982. To date, all enquiries have failed to locate any trace of SINOZIC. Grave fears are held for his safety

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Waiting for Disclosure

Let me say from the outset that I`m going nowhere in particular with this writing, I`m just pointing out one or two obvious things and I will start off by saying "Well it appears ufology has had its day". I have waited probably 60-years for some form of disclosure and guess what after thousands of eye witnesses to the UFO phenomena along with miles of film, documentaries, hundreds of researchers we still have nothing of extraterrestrial origin to hold. Now I do not know about you but 60-years of waiting for acknowledgement of the Alien presence may not be much in the life time of the Universe but to life on Earth its a long time. So what`s going on ? we have had many hopeful signs that Disclosure is imminent but it predictable never happens. Is someone playing a game or treating us like fools, why do they keep dangling the Disclosure bait in front of us, why are we continuously taunted with the probability that the Aliens are here or are coming. What is the problem with Disclosure, people today are more open minded , more readily to accept that we are not alone in this Universe, so that cannot be the problem. Perhaps its Power, having knowledge of something no else has is Power, if the Alien presence was Disclosed that would be the end of such Power, for an elite few.

Have you noticed how researchers will tell us about a UFO incident complete with all the usual trimming, and have you noticed also how we are `Compelled ` to listen to them even though the story is going nowhere . They talk of planets in the Goldilocks zone, planets we at this moment cannot get to, but it does not stop us being mesmerized by the news , we think Wow! a new planet that might have life on it, when we should be thinking This is stupid we today using our present technology cannot reach the Goldilocks planets in 400-years so why are they bothering to look for them? that is what we should be thinking, but we do not we merrily go along with the news. Robert Biglow the space ship builder tells us that the Aliens are here right under our noses, he even has an Alien Grey looking emblem on one of his industrial building. This is terrific a builder of space ships, he is worth millions of dollars surly he must know something about the Alien situation. The fact is , he does, but does it make any difference, in a word, No! we say "Mmm that`s interesting". Then we go back to watching UFO documentaries, listening to strange Alien encounters on TV and researchers on YouTube, and we keep believing the truth is coming. What has happened to us ? we treat our computers like some sort of supreme being that one day will tell us the truth about Aliens, but it will not, it will tease us with the probability of Disclosure about Aliens, but it will not tell us the truth. We have stopped looking to the sky for proof of Aliens, we now look to the computer. And when you look to your computer for proof of Alien visitations you have to trust what you are told instead of using your own eyes on the night sky to see the real truth.

Why do we need someone in power to announce that the Alien presence is real, why do the Aliens not come straight to the people, why ? It would be the ideal thing to do because you cannot trust the people in power/government to tell us the truth, so why do the Aliens not make a show. Perhaps its all a hoax , after 60-or more years we should know something by now, we should have shaken hands with and Alien race. Something just does not sit right with the Alien situation, I believe the alien scenario fits an agenda that is so outlandish to our way of thinking and perception that many would disbelieve it if they were told.

I get this horrible feeling we are being used, to put a finer point on it I would say psychologically used.