Cat Mutilations and Taigheirm

Cat Mutilations were rampant in Orange County California back in the 90s. Newspaper reports counted sixty seven cases in twelve weeks. It is a problem where dogs don’t bark and no noise is heard despite the mindless gore and violence happening under the noses of neighbourhood inhabitants.
A resident recently sent an image of a half cat which he discovered on his front lawn. A shocking and gross experience which has been repeated countlessly by dozens of people in the area. 

But how many incidents are not discovered or not reported?
What dreadful things are going on outside of our houses during the night?
“Pet owners, galvanized by recent reports of ritualistic animal mutilations in California, New Jersey, Florida and other states, say all signs point to something very unnatural, possibly a satanic cult or youth gangs at work. But animal control and sheriff's officers, after necropsies on dozens of cats and consultation with a Federal wildlife expert, say the more likely culprits are urbanized coyotes. There is never any blood at the scene, the animals are often dismembered with surgical precision and paws and other body parts are often left on the ground in strikingly similar arrangements. No one ever seems to hear anything nor do dogs bark during the killing.”
How does an urbanized coyote kill or feast on a cat and leave no sign of the incident? Are they trying to tell us that the coyotes can achieve this soundlessly and cleanly and then distribute the carcass? I feel that the experts are at a loss to explain the source of the killing and are presenting findings filled with logical explanations which are meant to nullify our horrors at what is increasingly appearing to be a problem of unknown origins.
Another reader expressed his thought that cat mutilations may be related to the Scottish ritual of Taigheirm which means either an armoury, or the cry of a cat; mostly given to an ancient magic rite in which cats were sacrificed. The cries of tormented cats were also the weapons used to overwhelm the opposition that demons presented to human requests. This mainly happened in the Scottish Highlands and Islands, although it is believed that the ceremony originated in more northerly climes, and was practised until about the end of the 18th Century. The last time the Taigheirm was performed in the Highlands was in the island of Mull and the place is still well known to the inhabitants. I won’t give the details of this horrid rite but it is enough to say that the act does not incorporate half cats or the innards of cats which discounts Taigheirm as a reason for widespread cat mutilations. Not discounting the fact of course that something we are not aware of in this modern day might have taken its place.

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Alien Encounters in Australia

Victoria, Australia is being invaded by aliens!

Newspaper headlines in Australia testify that there is witness accounts to verify the existence of alien-like beings with the scars to prove it. 
"Accounts of UFO sightings are on the rise across the state. And the increased activity has resulted in more people coming forward to share their stories of alien abduction and encounters."  
Abduction accounts include:
  • A young woman who thought the “beautiful technologically advanced spaceship” and a "green reptilian" figure was all part of a dream until she discovered the scar where she was inserted by a needle-like object in her shoulder which x-rays later confirmed as having a “rogue object” embedded within.
  • A man who awoke in fright to discover a “skinny grey being” standing next to his bed with a hypnotising stare. An encounter which happened again in his backyard during daylight hours, this time standing beside his car and “shimmering in an inky glow and reading his thoughts”.
These encounters are one of many being investigated by Victorian UFO Action group, a not-for-profit organisation with a team of ten volunteer enthusiasts who try and be scientific in their approach and analyse the footage and speak to witnesses.
"Sometimes it is obvious and it can just be a bird, bug, plane or even a Chinese lantern. Then we get some other cases where we go 'Wow!
The news article can be read on this link:

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Secret Science

I think there's a lot of Advanced Technological things that are shown in movies that have actually been developed or in the process of being developed in real life.... look back at old science fiction movies that, at the time those movies were made, people never thought some of those technologies would ever exist but they do exist today.

With that in mind comes the questions:
  • Are these science fiction movies a way for the governments, or whatever, to get the public’s opinion or reaction before they bring them into reality?
  • Are UFOs being unleashed on the public through movies and portrayed as friendly so that when it really happens the groundwork will be done and the world be fooled into a false sense of security?
There was a scene on Stargate Universe where a crew member was walking along a corridor in I think what was a space ship, suddenly he came face to face with a swirling mist of particles, he drew his gun and fired several shots in its direction. The particles came closer then attacked him, end of scene, later I heard the other crew members discussing the attack, and one them said, ‘Did you see what it did to his face’. It made me wonder about the mutilation attacks and other phenomena, should we be looking for something different than solid entities and aliens when these attacks take place.

Certainly food for thought.
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Demons & Nightmares

"I have always been drawn to the Demonic side of Ufology; you have something Alien and something not Alien, something more evil and cunning. By evil I do not mean evil deeds but more of a feeling, something we really do not understand, we sense it and we fear it but we do not know why.
I talk like this because as a very young child I had some extremely terrifying, what, as then, I could only call dreams. I would have been about 6-years old when the night-time terrors started, you may think that`s what it was but let’s think.
It was 1956, there was very little television to influence my night-time sleep period, no horror stories were told, there was no reason for my torment. So why was I pursued in my dreams by unseen entities hell bent on holding me down or chasing me down stairs in slow motion with invisible fingers grasping at my back and waist, many nights I went crying to my parents’ bedroom. One particular dream (I call them dreams because I do not know what was really taking place) involved me making my way down some steps to a cellar, when I opened the door an old lady stood there sorting through a load of dirty what appeared to me as washing, when she saw me she lifted up her hand and with one finger beckoned to me to come in, the terror was immense.  
It was only recently that my memory of that dream was ignited when I read on Enigma Earth about a child who disappeared in a National Park of America ,the child found himself in a cave strewn with various artefacts, old guns and the like, and most weird of all, his other grandmother. The years went on I could not turn to anyone for help, I do not blame my parents, what was happening was beyond their understanding. I eventually got to the point of resistance, I decided to fight back. I realized I could be conscious  in my so called dreams so I resisted, I fought, I struggled, I demanded  they go away. It worked, the dreams slowly stopped, and the periods of calm sleep where extended. Since then I have used the same approach when my sleep has been invaded by these entities.
Were they dreams? I do not know, Were they Aliens? I have no idea, was it Demonic? it felt like it, no evil was done but the feeling of evil was predominant".
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FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife
•Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters and The New World Order

Demonic Aliens

Camille James Harman gets to the heart of the alien abduction phenomena and is putting it all on paper.
Camille  is an abductee who experienced the trauma related to alien abduction. She decided to immerse herself in the UFO community and became a public speaker, wrote for UFO magazine, and attended conventions.
Camille has come to a number of conclusions and decided to write her own book.  She didn't, however, have all the answers she wanted about her experiences.
"I started to pray, 'God, give me an answer to this whole mystery. I want to have a useful conclusion.' I was then guided to read a couple of books that I hadn't come across in my research. (Later on), a profound feeling of grace came over me. I felt the divine, protected and guided."
The books she referenced include Final Events and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife by Nick Redfern and Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters & the New World Order by C.K. Quarterman. She also referenced alienresistance.org who has undeniable proof in the testimonials from living people who have found salvation from this ghastly phenomena through help from the Angels and Jesus.
"Years ago, I heard aliens are demons but it never really clicked for me until it made logical, historical sense in this context. I saw historical and biblical references to fallen angels breeding with humans. ... They can present themselves in different forms." Camille said these beings now present themselves as extraterrestrials.  
"The theories in the UFO community are that the aliens are breeding with us to strengthen their race. Or that they need to keep our DNA off the planet in case we blow ourselves up. And that the aliens will come and save us, fix our problems. I think this is a big scam.
The beings don't have souls. I think they are trying to get our souls either by genetic manipulation or get them at the time of death when people are transitioning." 
Spread the word. If you do not want to speak it because of looking foolish then spread it by other means. Write it on websites, this is the first place others will look when seeking help. Leave comments and links. Please do your bit to make others aware of alien salvation; this is a true horror. Camille's new book is not yet released.

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