Manipulation and Deceit

Final Events
Once again the forces being utilized by HNE`s (none human entities) to interact with us in a bizarre confusing manner, designed to divert us and draw our attention from the true purpose of their actions : manipulation and deceit.

I had read about D. Wilcock and `Loosh Energy` and then I watched `The House of EL` where towards the end of the video they indicated that the human was farmed for something that was found at the base of the spinal column. Now keeping this in mind, my son returned a book to me I had forgotten about titled `FINAL EVENT` sub title `AND THE SECRET GOVERNMENT GROUP ON DEMONIC UFO`s AND AFTERLIFE` by Nick Redfern. The book revolves around a secret group (USA) called the `Collins Elite`, to cut a long story short this group thought that what everyone believed to be UFO`s were in actual fact Demonic in nature, masters of deception. The secret experiments had opened a door to these entities but did not realize their mistake till it was to late, they referred to them as `NHE` Hone Human Entities. They `Collins Elite` were hoping to control the `NHE`s` and use their power in military weapons applications.

This book is compelling reading, it looks to history and what was known long ago and how we could all be deceived and what is really talked about in the secret corridors of power. When you read the book things that are happening today start to make sense, we have no answers for any of the mysteries that befall us, or why we are so occupied with war, we are as we have always suspected being manipulated by unseen hands.

Extract- "THE PENULTIMATE DIVERSION IN THIS WHOLE AREA IS THE MUTILATIONS OF THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. The NHE`s with the ability to work unseen (read invisibly), and to create incisions and excise tissue in manners which seem humanly impossible (because they are) and to remain totally undetected, or to create the illusion of extraterrestrial beings (the apparent UFO/ phantom helicopter sightings, and concomitant occupant sightings often associated with these events), provide an extremely effective smoke screen. People are now busy chasing secret government projects, satanic cults, and UFO`s, while the actual perpetrating agents go unsuspected."

(The following is from the book) In 1972 Sybil Leek a Sorceress of the UK conducted meeting where she went into a trance and reportedly channeled a demonic entity called `CAXUULIKOM` an evil spiteful entity whose origins could be traced back to Babylon. Caxuulikom informed those present that the Earth was a farm and nothing else, that the energy derived from the souls of the Human Race and indeed every living creature on the planet was harvested to feed the minions of Satan. It says, as a new decade got underway, some members of the Collins Elite were forced to take their conclusions to horrifying, new levels, namely that we the Human Race, are cattle and the terrible entities of the underworld posing as extraterrestrials are the farmers - demonic farmers, no less. And the awful feeding frenzy that has been going on since humankind has existed is focused upon the digestion of that most significant-yet-mysterious element of our very being: the human soul. ( Quote finished)

Readers Review 
1. "Myself being a Bible believing Christian, it was refreshing to see Nick report on the position that aliens are nothing more than Biblical demons in different clothes, and I kept hoping he would report on the fact that calling out to Jesus Christ is the only way to stop alien/ demonic visits, and he did! I was thrilled. This is no surprise to Christians, but to unbelievers it might never occur to them to call on the only Name in the universe known to save your soul, and of course that is what you are up against when being visited by aliens/ demons. They are not just there to mess with you/ harvest your DNA or go after your reproductive parts. I was also very pleased to see that Nick reported on how if these are not demons or fallen angels, why do they always seem to slander Jesus Christ, Christianity, etc if they are just other life forms from millions of miles away? Who cares what the puny humans worship? They don't seem to care about any other deity worshipped other than Jesus. So for all the scoffers out there who may laugh at the idea of aliens being demons, that in itself should solve it for you. Demons can only tolerate the worship of anything else other than Jesus because anything else is ultimately giving praise to their father Satan. So thank you Nick, for touching on this too. The only thing I was left wondering, as this was my first work by this author, was if Nick believes all of this too, or was just reporting on it. Either way I thank you, and I will read more of your works." 

2. "I loved this book! I could not stop reading it and was disappointed when I came to the end. ( I wanted it to go on and on). The author, Nick Redfern, is one of my favorite for all things paranormal. I get to see him almost every week on Ancient Aliens. He is a devoted detective to the paranormal and has spent most of his life exploring it. This book takes on a whole other look at the UFO happenings and causes world wide. Without spoiling the book I will just have to say that if you are interested in the UFO topic, then this book is a must have! Nick takes you on a journey inside a secret group with in our government that has a take on UFO's that will astound you! It was a real eye opener for me as I always thought that the government stopped investigating ufo's. That is so far from the truth, as you will find out when you read this very well researched book. Does Nick actually believe all that he writes about here? That is something that you will have to find out for yourself. Personally, I believe he is closer to the truth than most other "authorities" on the subject."

Read Testimonies of others who have been saved from entities through Jesus Christ.

After reading Nick RedFern`s `Final Events` that outlines the Demonic battle for our Souls and how the mutilation of thousands of animals is one of the deceptions this Demonic Entity uses to lead us to assume that Aliens from a far of world are responsible for the demise of our animals when the real culprits are sitting right under our noses, an idea came to my mind. I read that many people had thwarted abduction by these Demonic Entities that were posing as off world Aliens , by shouting out prayers to `Jesus` or `God Almighty`. Now to take it a step further ( to some of you this may sound ridicules but if you are of a religious nature it will make sense) Why along with the name and address tag you have on your cats collar do we not include a `Crucifix` better still a blessed one by your local vicar, or even a locket containing a prayer to ward off `Demons`. This may or may not work, but I would be willing to try anything to stop our animals being mutilated, this idea if it works could be extended to our farm animals, along with the bell around Daisy the cows neck you might want to add that `Crucifix`. Obviously if a cat turns up dead and mutilated then it does not work for animals, on the other hand if mutilations started to die out then maybe the `Crucifix` and `Prayers` are the way to go. There is no doubt in this world religion is being slowly killed off, world wide events are getting worse each day, we are no closer to solving any of the paranormal events than we were a 100-years ago we have to ask why ? what commands such secrecy ? To me it could only be something from another dimension that reaches in , implements events, returns to its place of origin, then shuts the door. When it happens like that we have no chance of ever knowing what`s going on other than being witness to the aftermath of a Demonic intrusion. 

Its time we started to fight back, perhaps the answer lies within the `BIBLE`.

Step Back & Take a Good Look

I sit here at the age of 65-years wondering where life on this world is going, the turmoil that washes over our planet increases by the day, but chance what your concern is, there is one thing that stands out, to me at least, and that is something is steering us in a particular direction . 

We are being pushed and dragged on a path that takes no prisoners, it looks to me that there is a Force that only wants the best people to exist, an hierarchy of elite business people and workers/manual, and the rest, the uneducated, the jobless, and the low intelligent will slowly be edged off the dinner plate like unwanted food. We do it all the time, we choose the best and dump the rest and this is happening across the world, this to me is the slow eradication of unwanted humans. Whatever this driving Force is it seeks a Utopian society a New World Order. 

Look at most of our TV advertisements, cars, kitchens, holidays are quite obviously aimed at those whom have money or good jobs, and they talk about the price of a vehicle as " Only £10.000", the word `Only` is used a lot in adverts. Who are these adverts directed to? its certainly not to Alan at the end of the street with a wife and 2-children who`s just got a job with zero hours, an as and when job. If you watch a TV program where couples look for property to buy in a new location, you will without doubt notice these people have thousands to spend and the properties range in price from £250,000 upward. They never show you a program where they help a struggling young couples to look for a decent terraced house or flat to rent or buy to suit their budget. People who appear on quiz shows to win money seem to have, most of the time, good jobs, having people on these shows who could really do with the money does not seem to happen. The health service is no better, I get this feeling we are all being experimented on, what they find out by giving the masses different medicines, they will use to make better medicines for the special few in this Utopian society this Force is driving us towards. I believe a cure for many diseases are avaiIable but they are suppressed because its not good business. I cannot believe after all these years of technological advancement we are still struggling to find a cure for cancer to the point its been suggested that the Large Hadron Collider at Cern may hold the answer. As you get older you are offered various tests to monitor your health, I believe a lot of people in the health are sincere about their work and want to help the sick, but does the health system driven by the Force really care about our well being or could all the statistics they acquire about our health be telling a certain group how well the Chem-trails are doing , or other orchestrated human health problems . 

Why do we not all eat the same quality of food, our supermarkets have on the top shelf good quality expensive food for those in good jobs, on the bottom shelf we have the cheaper stuff for the poor and jobless and those not so well off, they are the bottom feeders . I would have thought in this day and age society would have had everyone eating healthy chance what their position in life, our politician are always saying we want respect and equality for everyone. Think about this, if you have a good job and are financially secure you hold your head up high and can see your good food, if you are jobless miserable and on benefits you hold your head down, and that`s where you will find your food . This Force does not want surplus humans, that`s why everything that is presented to us is aimed at a certain group of humans, those with a good upbringing, good education resulting in good jobs, this Force in its quest for Utopia knows it will have a large amount of dirt to get rid of, the unwanted human, but it will do this gradually over many many years, it has patience, it knows its target , and it intends to succeed under the guise of progress. 

Most of us are expendable, we are a means to an end we play the game of `Struggling to live`, our want for food and other stuff keeps money circulating, business people and governments make vast amount of money out of our struggle and this money goes to advancement for the few. We are part of a very clever Merry Go Round, we are the horses they ride, this Merry Go Round gives the Force its power eventually there will be no poor, no jobless, we will probably be replaced with robots that do not need food. But when this Force acquires its Utopian Society, what next, yes indeed `What next`?