Prehistoric Aliens & Harvesting

There are many places in our world where the word is out on cats that have mysteriously vanished. Only a pet owner can fully appreciate the pain felt by those who do not have answers for the mass of cats that have disappeared in towns and cities. 

I wondered if the reason for their disappearance was so simple it was staring us in the face. What do we humans do to a fellow human that has suddenly died?; we make request to the immediate family for organ donation. In fact in some parts of the world organ donation has taken on more sinister aspect where people are murdered for their organs. 

Just supposing we have an Alien Race not as we humans expect them to be, let's say a little off-human. What if these Aliens have discovered that Cats possess certain organs and material substances that are beneficial to them? Is there a Galaxy wide racket going on in Cat organs? No one has yet come up with a solution to the Cat abductions, those that do this seem as though they must avoid humans at all costs. Why do they not abduct us and return half of our body back to the front lawn? Is it because we are of no use to them biologically? Or perhaps the real reason for genetic matter from cats/cows/goats/rabbits etc is in the organic necessity to grow hybrid humans - of trying to blend their race with ours. What do we have that could be so valuable to them that they have been unable to achieve despite their own advanced technology? 

There, to me, can be no other reason for the mass and ever increasing abduction of Cats. Business for these Alien seems to be taking-off big time. There are more cases of mutilations and abductions than ever before on our planet. What would happen if we denied them our cats/animals? If all animals were kept undercover, would the Aliens venture to come looking in our homes and buildings to serve their sinister purpose. 

Killing animals for personal benefit doesn't appear to bother most humans. If we find an animal or fish that benefits us for food or biological substances we take them and kill them in their thousands, we avoid the animals or fish we do not want or have no use for. Is not the same happening with Cats? 

Perhaps Aliens are using earth to advance their own prehistoric boundaries. As D Greer states: 

"It should also be remembered that not all ETs may be so advanced. Given the billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, it is likely that some ETs are the equivalent of human cave men while others may be at our level of evolution and yet others are millions of years more advanced than we are today. For those at the SETI Institute, may you find those ETs which are at our level and which are primarily still using linear radio wave technologies. Odds are, there are some out there. But know this: ETs far advanced beyond radio signals and internal combustion engines do exist. They are here. They may be all around us. Let us open our minds and our eyes to the extraordinary opportunity that hovers right in front of us. For most of what is exists beyond the veil – through the crossing point of light. And it awaits our exploration". 

Sheer Stupidity & Foxes

This needs attention if only for its stupidity. The Sun newspaper on 1st Feb printed an article titled:- 

                "FOXES EAT CAR CABLES

It states that drivers lives are being put at risk by Foxes chewing through brake cables after getting hooked on the sweet tasting liquid and now the residents are calling for a Fox cull.  Right! now correct me if I'm wrong but brake fluid does not run through brake cables, secondly you would need something a damn site lot better than a set of canine teeth to cut through brake cable. Now here is the best bit, how does a Fox get hooked on brake fluid? This liquid will fetch the paint off your car, in fact it has been used as paint stripper. 

  1. So how does the Fox, after lapping up this dangerous liquid, and whom would be in agony by now, get to another car and do the same? 
  2. How does it know which pipe to chew through to get its deadly fix? 
  3. Also how would it survive the night to get hooked on the stuff? 
We have lived on the edge of the countryside for 40-years, we have watched Foxes walk down our street every year, on one occasion we heard a Fox let out its familiar strangled bark right under our bedroom window. Not once in those 40-years have any of the residents in our street had any cable or pipe chewed through by a Fox. 

Those complaining and blaming Foxes ought look more in the human direction for the culprit. I wonder if there is any film showing Foxes committing this crime, you know, a Fox on its back under a car because a lot of vehicles are quite low to the floor and a full grow Fox, or a young one come to that, could not stand upright. I wonder if someone is trying to drum up an excuse for Fox hunting?

Quote from Newspaper:
"A mother has taken to fencing in her car to stop it being repeatedly attacked by foxes. Jeanna, 55, thought vandals were targeting her Peugeot when the brake pipes were cut twice in two weeks. She called police and was shocked when forensic experts revealed the culprits were foxes. Another couple discovered the problem when they took their car to a mechanic after noticing “small bits of debris” on the ground under the spot where they park their car. The mechanics then remembered a spate of similar problems being reported to them and the damaged parts were sent off to wildlife experts, who found teeth marks similar to those made by a juvenile fox".
Chemical information:- Ethylene Glycol is the primary ingredient of anti-freeze, its sweet tasting, normally consumed by accident, main victims are children and animals, in animals it usually causes kidney failure and the out look is not good.

Propylene Glycol used in anti-freeze is less toxic than the above.

There is a list of chemicals in anti-freeze and brake fluid these you can find on the internet, I would like to add, as a human, I would not like to get any of those chemicals inside me.