New Zealand Horrors

NZ cats are strangely turning up with half their head flattened in driveways in the same spot as previous dead cats.

A Feilding woman believes finding her two cats dead in the same place, both with horrific head injuries, is no coincidence. Tylah Conaghan is warning other residents of a potential feline killer on the loose in Feilding after the untimely deaths of her two cats, Twilight and Puma. Feilding is a town in the Manawatu District of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 54, 20 kilometres north of Palmerston North.

About a month ago, Conaghan woke to find 10-year-old Twilight lying in the middle of her driveway. Twilight had suffered severe head injuries but no damage to her body. 
"One side of her head was absolutely flattened," Conaghan said.
"I wanted to check it out to see if it was a car but there was nothing unusual with the body, just the head. I was obviously sad, but I didn't think too much of it at the time."

However, on Monday morning she woke to find Puma laying in the same spot with identical injuries. 
"Everything was exactly the same - where it was, the injury to the head. Puma was stiff so it had to have been done at night time," she said.
After posting about the grisly discoveries on Facebook, Conaghan said she was shocked to receive messages from four other people who experienced similar incidents. 
"It's happening to other people. One person said the same thing had been done to her cat on Makino Rd, which is just round from where I am."
Conaghan said she was worried for the person who might be responsible for killing the cats. 
"The thing that scared me the most is our cats aren't friendly so they wouldn't just come up to anyone. They even ran away from us sometimes. They must have spent some time or fed them to build a bond with them."
Manawatu SPCA general manager Danny Auger said he had not been made aware of any suspicious cat deaths in Feilding. 
"This is not okay," he said. "You're taking someone's beloved pet and you've got to ask yourselves what's going on in this person's head. If the cats were killed humanely then there's not an animal welfare issue. There's certainly a moral issue and criminal charges can follow. People would be really affected by this - their cats are like family members."
Acting Senior Sergeant Jeff Veale said he was unaware of the allegations but said police would make inquiries. 

The real question is how are these cats being caught?


Abduction Experience

Take what you wish from my story. I am only here to share my past and the events took place in my life while growing up in Los Alamos, NM. For the first time I'm letting it all out and I hope you all keep an open mind. Here we go.... 

My story starts off in Pajarito acres which borders White Rock, a small quiet town just about 10 minutes off the main hill which is Los Alamos. As you all know, Los Alamos is the home of the atomic bomb and the Los Alamos National Laboratories which has been one of the most secretive towns in our nation. 

My grandparents had a very nice house out in the "cut" away from the rest of the town. Actually, it's the closest that anyone could actually live next to Tech Area-33 but We'll go into that in a bit. One evening, for one reason or another, I was spending the night at their house and at the time I was only 6 or 7 and had no knowledge or introductions on what I was about to be a part of. 

Grandma went to bed and left myself and gramps in the TV room. I remember this so vividly it feels like it was last week, but in all reality, it's been over 20yrs. We watched sports centre and all the sports highlights and then a few episodes of mash and I doze off. I don't know how long I was asleep until I heard this voice in my head. Literally, while completely asleep, I am hearing someone talking to me like they're in my ears. The voice says "it's time to go", but with a calm warmness that you only hear from your grandma when she wants you to go to bed. So I open my eyes and sit up on the couch but no one is around! All of the lights are off in the house except the lamp at my back next to the couch. First thought was I was dreaming, then I heard it again but this time way more pronounced as if it wanted clarification of some sort. At the end of the couch were my feet point i's an opening into another living room but it was so dark you couldn't see past the doorway. When I look up at the doorway once again, standing there was about a 4ft being just staring at me which now I've come to learn was an Alien Grey. 

Unable to process my thoughts or have any idea what thus creature is I panic and attempt to let out the biggest scream but nothing came out! It was like someone put me on mute, I couldn't even breath after that. In no way was this sleep paralysis because I sat straight up when I heard the voice! I remeber sitting there face to face with this thing feeling as if I'm about to suffocate and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in my bed on the other side of the house! 

Little did I know that my life changed at that moment for the rest of my life. Since my experience, it has been one of my life's obsessions, what the hell happened?!?! A few years later x-files comes out and sparks this fire to research everything about everything that has to do with Los Alamos and aliens which I'm still doing to this day. 

So I start at square one with my research, Roswell. I learned that the crashed ufo and aliens were brought to Los Alamos's Tech Area-33. On the side of the Mesa on the canyon cliff face it has a HUGE hanger door about 40feet wide and a bunch of hallowed out space way below the surface. Enough room for research labs, to house the ufo, a tunnel going from one side of the Mesa to the other (same tunnel they used to move the dead aliens), underground bunkers, etc. Mind you, this is the closest and most secure facility to the Roswell crash where it would actually fit without being detected. Tech Area-33 used to be a dumping field for radioactive waste some say, which is true, but an insider solidified the existence of extraterrestrial activities at the sight which I'll explain now. 

My source in which these claims come from was a high ranked officer of sorts with PTLA (Protection Technology force of Los Alamos), in other words, LANL's security. One night he was making his rounds going from posts to posts doing security checks when he gets a call saying that an alarm is going off in one of the highly sensitive buildings located in Tech Area - 33. He arrives at the building but something just feels off. He had this weird feeling as if he were being watched. Shrugging of the feeling and entering the building he flips on the lights and there's nothing there. There was absolutely nothing in the building it was completely empty. Feeling even more concerned at this point he realizes he's actually never been in this building, there was never any need to go in it. He takes care of the alarm and returns to headquarters looking for some answers to what might have happened. He goes into one of the higher-ups office and reports his findings with an eagerness to get the opportunity to ask a few questions. First, he asked why the alarm might be going off in an abandoned building? Higher-up had no idea. Then he asked what used to be in that building? and that's when the things got weird. The higher-up started to ask my source if he really wanted to know? And are you sure? My source replies with, "of course" "but first, what does D.A.R.F. mean? The higher-up took in a deep breath in and asked in a calm demeanour "you don't know?". "No", my source replies. the higher up says to him, "that's the dead alien research facility". "That's where they took the alien they found at the Roswell crash and experimented on it, then they took it through the tunnel to the other side of the mountain and the ufo was stored right below it". "What happened with the alarm tonight has been going on there ever since". 

Now that's just crazy. I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for the fact I'd trust my life in the person's hands. 

The connection to Tech Area-33 and the close proximity to my grandparents’ house creeps me out to be honest. Everyone has heard of the underground military bases and such but when you grow up in a town like Los Alamos you hear little bits and pieces of things that the normal researchers will never hear. The bases are real! They have a laser that's over a mile long underground up there and did I fail to mention that Los Alamos sits on an old volcano? Which means the rock there is so dense that in order to tunnel through that stuff or blow it away it would take years! Makes you wonder about Phil Schneider, doesn't it? Well if you do enough research you'll find that Los Alamos did in fact engineer a thermal boring machine that melted the rock instead of cutting it. It's all true! One topic that is fairly obvious as well, anyone notice how big the leap in technology has been since the crash? It all started at Los Alamos and still continues to this day. 

Fast forward to last year, I just moved back to Los Alamos temporarily after living on the east coast for ten years. I'm asleep in bed at my mother home in Los Alamos and at about 4 in the morning I had that very same voice cone to me in my sleep again. But this time it said, "we're here, but it's okay". I wake up but this time I am totally paralysed from the neck down. I open my eyes and raise my head but nothing else would move. I look down at the end of my bed and my dog was already awake and staring into the corner of the room. Panic once again sets in but I can't do anything. Can't breathe, talk, but I could move my head? It isn't adding up when you think of sleep paralysis. This went on for about 30 seconds and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in the other bed on the other side of This went on for about 30 seconds and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in the other bed on the other side of the room on top of the covers. 

Ever since I've had a strong feeling as if there's some sort of confection between Los Alamos, aliens and myself. When I was out east (for the 10 years) I always felt as if I should stay close to home but ever since my first encounter I've felt like i should be up in the stars. There's some information I probably forgot to add but it just makes you wonder about what "life" really is. 

I plan on going back to Los Alamos in a few months and I'm planning on trying to find out more. Something is telling me we're all connected in some weird way and that we need to start looking out for our planets best interest. Whether or not this is all related who knows, but the feeling that something bigger is upon had never been more clear.

Image Credit: http://fav.me/d1hfjv2