Strange Forest Death of UK Rabbit - WARNING

Parkhall Stroke-on-Kent UK an area known as the ArenaBody of rabbit found without blood and gore despite internal organs missing MUTILATIONS IN A UK FOREST.
"My son walks his Staffordshire Bull Terriers at night because they tend to jump up on people and greet them; he solves this problem by walking them in the dark in a lonely place where there is less people. On the 21st Feb 2013, he turned up at our house with a dead rabbit. The dogs had been for their nightly run around an area known as the Arena in Parkhall Hills UK when they suddenly became quiet.
Close up of rabbits head with missing ears and eyesRear end of rabbit On investigating he came across the body of a rabbit (Fig 1) in the under growth under a tree. The back of its head was missing so was its brain and ears, there was no blood around the back of the head (Fig 2). I explored the body for the signs of shot gun pellet marks, there were none. I searched for claw marks thinking has a large owl grabbed it by the head with one claw and the other claw grabbed somewhere on the body, again there was nothing. On the back end of the rabbit, again, as in other animals I have found in this area, the back end had been violated (Fig 4) (Mouse with Strange Marks will be posted 27 April).
After taking a photograph I cut the skin on the stomach area, this revealed that the body cavity was empty, there may have been a couple of organs higher up but the body cavity should have been full, there were some organs in there but I cannot see the stomach or intestines or anything that looks like the gall bladder. I know this because I have just finished watching a Vet on youtube showing you a dissected rabbit.

This was, according to my son, a fresh kill as the rabbit’s legs were still floppy and very loose; no rigor mortise. It was the next day when the first signs of blood dripped from the back end of the animal. I might add this rabbit was found very close to the farm where a number of dead sheep were found minus their back legs and about a mile as the crow flies from the fish bone skeleton. (
Unusual Skeletons in UK Forest will be posted 20 April).
I`m at a loss to think what could enter the rear end of a rabbit through a small hole, too small for a rat, and neatly eat or remove most of the internal organs, even though my veterinary skills are nil I still think a strange killing event took place.

I often wonder about these Orbs that have been witnessed before a mutilation, in fact one woman on the internet said she saw an Orb shoot from under a rabbit hutch where several rabbits had been mutilated.

Are these Orbs intelligent or are they a parasite" 
Two of the images have not been published due to their graphic nature.

Odd Disappearance

Last year, it was not yet dark, just dusky, my son was on the flat in the Arena throwing a plastic ring for his dogs, they like it to be thrown fast along the ground like a wheel, they then chase after it. This particular throw was towards the top area of the flat, his dogs took off after it and my son could see where the ring was going, but then he noticed they were sniffing the ground confused. He thought what’s up with them, the ring must be just there somewhere. The dogs normally grab the ring and tear back with it for the next throw,

My son walked over to where he calculated the ring should be, but to his amazement it was not there, he searched along with the dogs and found nothing. He said that when he threw it he could see the ring losing momentum so it did not go up the embankment. My wife and I were up there early the following morning we searched everywhere and came away empty handed. Just thought I would share this with you, could be something could be nothing, but it makes you think about the area.

Argentina Animal Deaths

Cattle Mutilations having been taking the forefront lately especially in Argentina where strange deaths happened to a herd of cattle. The details of that news article can be read here.
In 2011 an article hit the world which made people sit up and take notice. Exactly how much of it is to be believed we will probably never know.
More than 8,000 cattle were snatched by mystery aircraft, mutilated, then dropped from the skies above the US south west in the late 1970s, special agents told their directors.
An FBI document dated January, 1979, said: “The Department of Justice advised that their criminal division has been aware of the phenomenon of animals being mutilated in a manner that would indicate such acts were performed by persons as part of a ritual or ceremony.”
Kenneth Rommel, who led the FBI’s Animal Mutilation Project probe, wrote a bombshell memo on March 5, 1980, on one alien swoop.
It stated: “In July 1978 a UFO was reportedly sighted by a resident of Taos, New Mexico, hovering over a pick-up truck. The following morning powder flakes were reportedly recovered from the truck roof.” Locals told the FBI the flakes came from COW HIDES, he added.
Possible theories for the mutilations examined by the FBI included claims the CIA or US Department of Energy had carried out biological warfare tests on the cows, that religious cults were to blame or that “they have some connection with unidentified objects”.
Declassified FBI files reveal how the White House was sent into a panic by suspected alien sacrifices of COWS. THE US Air Force had a secret unit that probed UFO sightings for 22 years called Project Blue Book ran from 1947 and examined 12,618 sightings. Investigators FAILED to get to the bottom of the mystery sightings, then closed Blue Book in 1969 citing “extreme pressure on Air Force funds” releasing a dossier concluding that no UFOs had been a threat to national security and having no evidence of “extraterrestrial vehicles”. Source 
Argentina is know for its unusual animal deaths. Read a Gust of Wind where the mutilation of three goats was preceded by a strange gust of foul smelling wind.

Horses have been found dead with strange wounds. The animals appeared to have been killed on the spot where they were found. Click here to read these articles but be warned of the graphic content.

Myrna Hansen, and her son was abducted in 1980 after witnessing two white-suited beings working on a cow near Cimarron, New Mexico. The cow was bellowing in pain and Myrna tried to interfere.  Source

Mothers who try to help an animal are not making up a sensational story just to be ridiculed. This should be proof enough of who is doing the mutilations.

Questionable Images

Mars Rover Curiosity

Before It's News has an eye opening article about technology that has been hidden from the rest of the world. Spy drones that can capture details of our world unrevealed to our knowledge in its extreme detail. The video below give the details.
"Why are they letting us in on this technology now? What are they still hiding? I'm 100% sure they also have drones with the capability shown below that have the added capability of being able to see through walls, ceilings, buildings and more. Think about that! Are 'they' watching you and I, our intimate lives, our children sleeping and bathing, our family meals every day, inside of our homes, while we are completely unaware? You'll be totally blown away when you watch this video to see what they can see."Source.
If technology has come this far why is the Mars Rover Curiosity sending back images so blurry it is difficult to make out the details.  Closer inspection of this image seems to show a building with straight lines in the background. Other images in the SOL 165, 166, 167 and 168 also have questionable shaped landmarks.
"As you may know there are a number of camera`s on board Curiosity, well one particular camera puzzles me, and that is the Navcam. It appears that some pictures it takes are blurred, the problem being they are the most interesting pictures on the site. When you view them you will see what I mean, either my eyes are playing trick on me or NASA is hiding something, if they have nothing to hide why are they blurred. Also if the pictures are nothing but mundane landscape, why on this recent set of pictures did they take 24 blurred photo`s in black and white. I thought we had seen the last of bad and blurred images after the first Moon landing, especially when you consider the technology we have today. Why bother to release blurred photo`s anyway, you cannot do anything with them, maybe we are meant to ask questions."

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