Behind the Schizophrenia

What is Schizophrenia?
I get people with schizophrenia live and experience multiple realities at the same time. The frustrating part for them is that each reality FEELS "real." It is as if they never can get peace because their minds are flooded with "chatter" on many different level. They see glimpses and hear voices of these other realities (or worlds).  People with schizophrenia do see things. Sometimes it is in their minds eye (still very real) and other times they manifest to wear their 3D eyes see them. I see this little girl having both experiences.  The real issue I see is that people with this challenge are very sensitive, intuitive and even psychic. The openness they express (with ease), allows many beings on all different levels and vibrations to come through. Beings on different levels want to be heard, and will rush a person that is open and willing to communicate with them. In many ways (and I need to state this is what comes through intuitively, I am not a doctor) people with this should be taught how to set spiritual protection to prevent these lower vibe beings from being able to come through. They need to learn is something is "bad" they can mentally command it to leave. They can also set boundaries allowing only high vibrational beings to be around.   Calming techniques, such as meditation, also looks to be very helpful. The goal would be to be at peace and feel in control of what people see and feel in their "other worlds." After they get in control, they can slowly learn how to incorporate both worlds.

Unfortunately there are many myths about schizophrenia. Persons with schizophrenia do not have “split personality” and are not prone to violence. Their illness is not caused by bad parenting and it is not a weakness of character. Their illness is due to biochemical disturbance of the brain. Approximately one third of those with a schizophrenic episode will never have symptoms again. Another one third will have periodic episodes, with periods of no symptoms in between. The last third require ongoing treatment. New medications and rehabilitation bring hope in managing this disease.

I understand that we do have people out there that are not stable and are mentally ill.That being said:
What if out of the 100% diagnosed with Schizophrenia, 10% – 20% were just becoming Sensitive (Psychic).What if another 2% – 5% were coming under some kind of Possession or Suppression?
Most of the symptoms we see labeled under Schizophrenia are also seen with Sensitives (Psychics) who have not learned to control how open they are , Or believe they are losing their minds, So in return avoiding others because they do not understand what’s happening to them. “Hallucinations-hearing and seeing things that only exist in the mind of the consumer.” This symptom here is experienced by most people who have started to become Sensitive (Psychic).  And what about this? “disconnected and confusing language, delusions-persistent false beliefs about something, e.g. that others are controlling their thoughts ..deterioration of appearance and personal hygiene -tendency to withdraw from others” Well I know I have heard this before in possession style cases. Now I’m not saying that all people with these symptoms are OK. I am saying that in my beliefs and from what I have seen, being in this field for as long as I have, I believe that some people (being a small amount of the total) have been wrongly diagnosed with an illness that science has named, when if fact that are not at all ill in a scientific way. 

It does make you want to sit back and think on this for a while. Part of being a schizophrenic is not knowing that you are. It’s like when non crazy people ask if they are crazy. You don’t ask that question if you are because part of being crazy or schizophrenic is believing you are absolutely capable of whatever fantasy you’re living in. there is such a stigma around psychics that people are terrified as being labeled as such so when they have something paranormal happen to them, they want to have (literally) a sanity check!

The difference between a schizophrenic and a psychic is like night and day

Schizophrenics are emotionally weak and not particularly emotionally intelligent. (Not very aware of, or savvy about their own emotions.) They tend to be inordinately focused on themselves and their problems to the exclusion of other people. A schizophrenic gives reality to some thoughts in their minds with no regard to actual reality. It is common for schizophrenics to spin wild tales of them being of tremendous importance in some way and they do this with no evidence to support it, except what they imagine. Some of them hallucinate. They will provide justifications for their inner stories if challenged. So the important part of this is that they have a break with reality.

Psychic people are always aware of what ordinary reality is and never break from it. They know the difference between what is in their minds and what is outside of them. In that sense they are quite normal and have no functional problems as members of society that aren’t common to many other non psychic people. Psychics are more aware of anomalous information than most people. They are more intuitive, sense emotions better and feel more deeply than is typical. Psychics are typically emotionally strong and have an unusually high emotional intelligence because their emotions are close to the surface and they have a strong connection to their own subconscious. They tend to be inordinately focused on other people and their problems to the detriment of their own issues.

An Abductee’s Account of a Calf Mutilation Aboard an Alien Craft

The following article has been copied from Alien Jigsaw and is the work of  Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.

In a previous article, Significant Observations Relating to Animal Mutilations (March, 2014), I advanced the hypothesis that animal mutilations represented a systematic effort by aliens to monitor the spread of prion related diseases in mammals. This thesis was largely derived by observing consistent mutilation patterns in bovine carcasses. Once prion diseases were confined to specific species like cows, horses or sheep but recently abnormal prions have mutated to the point where they can cross this species barrier. For example, in the 1990s cows infected with Mad Cow Disease transmitted a mutated form of the disease to humans through the ingestion of contaminated meat. [3] Similar violation of the species barrier is now occurring in mammals which consume prion contaminated byproducts. 

The present article attempts to advance this hypothesis by examining its relationship with UFOs. Pertinent testimony for this endeavor was derived from an abductee who reported observed the abduction and vivisection of a young calf aboard an alien craft in 1973. The case was initially investigated by Linda Moulton Howe and subsequently became known as the Judy Doraty Abduction. Later in 1980, Leo Sprinkle. Ph.D., then Director of the Division of Counseling and Testing at the University of Wyoming, used regressive hypnosis to supplement Judy’s recall of the experience. Those sessions produced observations about mutilation methodology which closely resembles those suggested in my earlier paper. In addition, Judy Doraty’s testimony contained a wealth of information on a number of other aspects of the UFO/Abduction phenomenon. Unfortunately, they are too copious to present in this article. For those interested in the matter, a full transcription of the hypnotic sessions can be found in Appendix 12 of Linda Moulton Howe’s 1989 classic, An Alien Harvest. [4] 

The following sections present various aspects of Judy Doraty’s abduction experience as recounted from original transcripts. Topics specifically covered include: the means by which animals are extracted; the procedures performed on captured animals aboard the alien craft; a description of the dissection of a calf by two aliens; remarks on the manner in which the abductee and the aliens communicated; a review of the aliens’ stated rationale for the carrying out mutilations, and a brief review of Judy’s daughter’s simultaneous abduction and physical examination. The presentation concludes with a discussion of the implications of these events

Many aspects of the regression are not covered in this article because they exceed the scope of the stated task. They will hopefully be presented in future articles.

The Light
Judy Doraty’s account begins with Dr. Sprinkle regressing her back to the scene of her abduction
in May, 1973. The event occurred while driving back home from Houston after a night of playing bingo. Present with Judy in the car was her daughter, Cindy, her mother and two in-laws. At some point on her return home Judy noted a strange light in the sky. Judy’s exact words were as follows:

“It was like a large spotlight, like they were looking for something. But it wasn’t moving, it was stationary in the sky ...” (p. 301). Her brother-in-law in the back seat of the car commented that the light was probably a helicopter on route to the Galveston Airport. However, Judy had her doubts:

“I...for some reason, didn’t think it was a helicopter and I kept turning and looking at it and it would never change in size, it stayed the same.” (p. 301). “I thought if it’s a helicopter I would be able to hear it, So, I rolled my window down in the car and I couldn’t hear anything.” (p. 301) Finally, Judy pulled over to the side of the road and got out of her car to get a better look at the light. “And I stepped outside the car and I could see like it had fiber or it had substance. It was a light, but it had substance.” In a later session Dr. Sprinkle again asked Judy to describe the light:

I see a light. It has substance. Particles. And as I move closer, I can see it moving, moving, swirling. An animal is near the top, squirming. Almost like being ... sucked in.
SPRINKLE: Any ropes or chains?
DORATY: No. Nothing. Nothing.
SPRINKLE: And it’s being pulled?
SPRINKLE: Into the object?
SPRINKLE: Do you see an opening?
DORATY: No. I don’t.
SPRINKLE: Do you see how it sets in there?
DORATY: No. I don’t.
SPRINKLE: And what kind of colors do you see as you’re looking at 
DORATY: The light and the calf.
SPRINKLE: Is the light a bright light? A dull light?
DORATY: No. It’s a pale yellow. It’s like a search light, but it wasn’t bright.
It wasn’t like a light. It was different. It was a soft yellow light.

The Capture
When Dr. Sprinkle asked Judy to focus on the animal in the light, she replied:
SPRINKLE: A small animal?
SPRINKLE: What kind of animal are you looking at?”
DORATY: A baby calf.
SPRINKLE: It’s a baby calf? What color?
DORATY:  It's spotted. Brown. Like a brown and while...more brown than white.
SPRINKLE: OK, any other distinguishing features?

The Vivisection
The following dialogue describes the actual cutting away of the calf’s organs. While only a
visual snapshot retrieved from Judy’s subconscious memory, her description contains many
details worthy of greater consideration.

DORATY: It’s taken into some sort of chamber. It’s a little round, tiny room. And I get nauseated at watching how they excise parts. It’s done very quickly, but the calf doesn’t die immediately. For some reason, the calf's heart isn't taken. I don’t know. It seems like it’s still living and that upset me very much. (Sighs.) And then I can see the calf being lowered, like it’s being dropped back down and when it’s on the ground it’s dead. I can see that it’s not moving. But I feel very sick to my stomach at what I witnessed. And then I can see different sections.
SPRINKLE: OK, let yourself relax. Let yourself see the sections. Describe what happens next
DORATY: They work very quickly. For some reason, it has to be done right away. They take the probes and insert them in the different areas. It made me nauseous, but the way they did it, it was like precision, like they were very snappy about their movements and were doing. I felt a little better because I, for some reason – they projected that it was necessary that this be done. You know, that it was for our betterment, for the betterment of mankind that this was done. That they were more or
less watching out for us.
SPRINKLE: So you felt better when you had that impression?
SPRINKLE: OK, what happens next?
DORATY: (Sighs) I can see the animal being cut up.
SPRINKLE: You see the animal being cut up?
SPRINKLE: How is it being cut up?
DORATY: Dissected.
SPRINKLE: With knives?
DORATY: Instruments of some kind.
SPRINKLE: Can you describe the instruments?
DORATY: They’re like a knife, but they have different kinds of handles. More like razor. It doesn't have movable parts, but like a straight razor type. And there’s long tubes that takes the samples. And I can see stuff running through the tubes but I don't know where it goes.
SPRINKLE: Are the samples from the body of the animal?
SPRINKLE: The animal is dead. And you can see samples moving up from the body through the tubes?
SPRINKLE: But you don’t know where the tubes lead to?
SPRINKLE: Ok, what else is happening?
DORATY: There’s basins. They look like basins, but I don’t know what they are. They’re scooped out, like scooped out areas. I don’t know if it’s a drain. It’s not a drain because there’s no hole. But they’re some sort of basin. I don’t know what they are.
SPRINKLE: Are these basins near the body?
DORATY: Yes. There’s several of the basins ... it’s like scooped out areas. I don’t know if it’s a basin. It’s just the only thing I know that it looks like.
SPRINKLE: How many scooped out areas can you see?
DORATY: A whole bunch of them. Probably five or six.
SPRINKLE: Anything in the scooped out areas?
DORATY: No. They’re very immaculate and very clean. But there’s blood ...like tubes that's got blood... that's going somewhere and other substances. It looks like something else. I don't know what it is. It's leading in different directions. And there's, for each basin, there's little tubes that lead different places.
SPRINKLE: Are the basins around the body or along side the body?
DORATY: There’s a flat area between each basin and there’s pieces of each thing by each basin.
SPRINKLE: Pieces of instruments or pieces of body?
DORATY: Different parts ...
SPRINKLE: And how do the parts of the body get there?
DORATY: I don’t know. I just see them there.
SPRINKLE: You just see the parts of the body there. And you see the tubes. But you don’t see where the tubes are connected?
SPRINKLE: Just describe the body as it lies there. What features can you see?
SPRINKLE: A small animal?
SPRINKLE: OK, what happens next?
SPRINKLE: Just describe the body as it lies there. What features can you see?
DORATY: I just see like tissue, like a tongue. And like the insides. And it’s like the insides. And it's like it's been sliced... and dissected.
SPRINKLE: OK, what else can you see?
DORATY:  Eyes, Testicles.
SPRINKLE: Are the eyes and testicles in the same basin?
SPRINKLE: Different basins?
SPRINKLE: What do you see in the other basins?
DORATY: I don’t know what it is, it’s just tissue.
SPRINKLE: Now, if you’ll just hold that image right there and look carefully at the basins. You can stop it just like a photograph. Now, you'll be able to carefully look, and if you like, just start from wherever it's comfortable to start from, start from the left and see what's in the first basin and then just from one basin to the next and see what you see?
DORATY: There’s tissue. It’s laid out nice and smooth. It glistens. And there's needles in it, or what appears to be like needles. It may be probes I don’t know. But it has a tube connected to it. And the
same thing with what appears to be testicles. I can’t tell. It’s a probe or needle or something inserted and the tube leading ... the same with the eye. And the tongue. The tongue is cut, but it’s not cut lengthwise, but this way, up and down. (She motions with her hand on the arm of the chair, slicing in the air up and down.)
SPRINKLE: Up and down?
DORATY: (Long pause.) I don’t know where the tubes go.
SPRINKLE: OK, can you see anything else in the basins?
DORATY: I don’t know if they’re basins. I can’t tell what they are. It’s just like a scooped out area.
SPRINKLE: Kind of a hollow area?
SPRINKLE: OK, do you see anything else in those areas?
SPRINKLE: OK, hold on to that image now and just let yourself relax. Let yourself be aware of how this is being done. How are these actions being done?
DORATY: (Long pause.) I don’t know.
SPRINKLE: How are the needles being inserted in the tissues?
DORATY: It was already there.
SPRINKLE: It was already there. The tubes were already there?
SPRINKLE: So you have an image of these things happening, but they before you can see these basins or areas?
DORATY: They’re working very quickly and whatever it is, it happens very quickly. They, it has to be done very quickly or it loses something. I don’t know. But I see them working very quickly, moving and putting things into the tissues. And they have readings or something. They, like it flashes.
SPRINKLE: Something is flashing when the readings are conducted?
DORATY:It’s like flashing light and they can tell by just visualizing. It’s like a pivot turn. They look at it very quickly and move to the next one and they’re working very quickly.
SPRINKLE: And where do you see the flashing lights?
DORATY: It’s like in a, where the tubes are, right close to where they go into the whatever it is they go into.
SPRINKLE: How does it look? Can you describe the lights?
DORATY: It’s like a row of them ... down it and back, down it and back.
SPRINKLE: Rows of lights?
SPRINKLE: Different colored lights or some colored lights?
DORATY: Like an amber color.
SPRINKLE: Are they like buttons or panels?
DORATY: It’s on a panel-like, but it may be a whole lot of lights and it goes from one to another, like up and down, like a scale.
SPRINKLECan you see anything else, like a number or figures? Letters?
SPRINKLE: Any other knobs or apertures or features?
DORATY: It’s like they can very quickly project something. I don’t know what it is. It’s like a movie screen, but it’s not a movie screen. But they can project something there if they want to see it. (End

The Aliens
In this section, Judy describes the aliens who have mutilated the captured calf. These features are commonly associated with the short Greys. Next, Dr. Sprinkle focuses on the beings who were carrying out the dissection:

SPRINKLE: OK, just let yourself focus on what’s happening inside the craft. Be aware of who is around you. It’s OK. And describe who is standing around you.
DORATY: (Very long pause, at least 45 seconds before she speaks.) It appears to be two little men.
SPRINKLE: Two little men. OK, how do they look?
DORATY: They look ... their hands look funny. They have long, claw nails like
SPRINKLE: Long claw nails on their hands and large heads?
SPRINKLE: The bodies are small, you say?
SPRINKLE: Smaller than a child’s body or small man or woman?
DORATY: Like a midget.
SPRINKLE: Like a midget? How tall, how tall are they?
DORATY: Probably three feet.
SPRINKLE: Three feet? And the bodies are thin or stocky?
DORATY: They’re thin.
SPRINKLE: Other features about their bodies?
DORATY: They have a body suit on. But I can see part of their skin. They look --- you can almost see like --- like you could almost see through it. It's all pasty looking and thin like if you would touch it, it might pop.
SPRINKLE: The skin seems thin?
SPRINKLE: Which part the body can you see the skin?
DORATY: I can see it on their head and hands.
SPRINKLE: Their hands? any place else?
SPRINKLE: The boy suit runs from the ... hands up to?
DORATY: It covers their head, but you can see on their forehead where it touched, you would go through their skin, like it was very thin.
SPRINKLE: Very thin and fragile?
DORATY: Yes. And very light.
SPRINKLE: The color of the skin?
DORATY: Very light, very white looking, like a pasty looking.
SPRINKLE: Pasty color, white?
SPRINKLE: How about the color of the body suit?
DORATY: (Pause) Grey, I guess.
DORATY: It was a dark color.
SPRINKLE: A dark color. Any decorations on the suit?
DORATY: No. It looks like it was made on them.
SPRINKLE: Any labels or buckles?
DORATY: No. Didn’t see any.
DORATY: They were just like a slip on shoe like you would wear in a hospital, came up over the ankles.
SPRINKLE: Any different color? Was it all the same color?
DORATY: A lighter color, I think, because I noticed they were different from the suit.
SPRINKLE: Any jewelry or rings on the fingers? You say the fingers were long?
DORATY: Yes, they were curved.
DORATY: And they had very long nails.
SPRINKLE: Long nails. Were the nails colored?
DORATY: They were dark, almost like an animal’s nails. What about other features? Shoulders? Did you notice shoulders?
DORATY: Very small. Like their bone structure wasn’t very .good or wasn’t very strong.
SPRINKLE: How about elbows?
DORATY: No. I didn’t notice that.
DORATY: No. I didn’t notice if they bent.
SPRINKLE: How about facial features?
DORATY: Had very, very large eyes. They were piercing and frightening.
SPRINKLE: Any color of eyes?
DORATY: (Sort of shrugs and smiles) I don’t know. It’s almost like they were transparent. But you could see the, just like a cat --- you could see the lines that went around, like a grey color. They didn't blink like we do. They didn't have eyelids.
SPRINKLE: OK, Judy, you’re doing fine. Now just focus once more on the features of the small beings, the small men. Describe once more the facial features.
DORATY: They have very large eyes. They’re very hypnotic. Like they’re so big that ... and they don’t blink. Their eyes do not blink. It’s almost like, I guess ... a snake? If they don’t blink, I don’t see them blinking. If they had a nose, I didn’t notice. If they did, it was very small. But I did not see a mouth. And their skin is very light and it looks thin. Looks pasty.
SPRINKLE: Any chin?
DORATY: Yes, They have a small chin, rather pointed. They have very ... I think the  pupils are very, very large. Something about the eyes are very, very different. Other than them being big, there’s something almost like they change. They go in and out real fast, like this (she folds her fingers and then spreads them out, repeating that times. I don’t know.
SPRINKLE: What about movements? Are they slow or fast movements?
DORATY: They pivot. They are very quick with their work. But they appear  to pivot more than ... kind of like on their heel. They’ll swing rather than like we might turn slowly or take two or three steps to turn. It seems like they pivot.

Mental Communication
Non-verbal communication carried out solely by thought is commonly referred to as telepathy.
Telepathic communication is frequently reported during human interactions with aliens. While the phenomenon is well recognized in para-psychological literature, it has not yet reached the  status of acceptance within the scientific community. Judy’s interaction with the calf mutilators offers additional information regarding this aspect of her encounter.

SPRINKLE: And do they verbalize? Do they talk?
DORATY: No. They talk, but not with their mouth. You can hear them. And they talk with an accent. They talk like someone talking through their nose, holding their nose and talking and they talk in a higher pitch, but it has a funny sound to it.
SPRINKLE: A nasal quality?
DORATY: A nasal quality, but it was kind of a Chinese sound. Not a whole
SPRINKLE: You mean like sing song?
DORATY: Yeah, kind of.
SPRINKLE: In a higher pitch?
DORATY: Yes. And speeded up.
SPRINKLE: But you hear it in English?
SPRINKLE:Is it American?
Are they common phrases that you hear?
DORATY: No. I mean they talk sometimes. They said to me that I wasn’t supposed to be here, but in ... how did they say ...just by the tone that I was not supposed to be there. It was not those words, but I knew when they said what they said that I was not supposed to be there.
SPRINKLE: Ok, now just picture yourself standing there. You are two of them? Is that right? Or are there more?
DORATY: I only see two.
SPRINKLE: See two. You’re standing there and they’re saying to you that somehow you know you’re not supposed to be there.
SPRINKLE: It’s an accident that you’re there? Or on purpose?
DORATY: Yes. Unfortunate for me.
SPRINKLE: OK, Judy, maintain this deep concentration, this deep relaxation. Let yourself go back in time, go back to the exthere with the two beings, the two little men, seeing yourself in communication with the two beings, the kind of comments, the kinds of impressions, the kind of information that is being given you. How do they communicate with you?
DORATY: Mentally.
SPRINKLE: They’re communicating mentally. OK. Do you ask questions of them?
SPRINKLE: And they respond?
DORATY: When they feel a need to respond, they will. Otherwise, they ignore me, or just make me feel very stupid for asking questions. It’s almost as if they don’t ... they don’t think I should even be asking questions, that I wouldn't understand even if told me the answers.
SPRINKLE: They treat you as if you are a child?
SPRINKLE: Or someone who is not intelligent as they are?
SPRINKLE: But it’s OK for you to be here and ask questions?
DORATY: They answer questions like through ... no, they won’t directly answer my questions. They’ll be doing something and I might question and they say, they’ll point out things to me like on a screen or on a scope or something and say, 'See what's happening.' See what they’re doing. 

At one point in the regression Dr. Sprinkle ask’s about the aliens attitude toward the animal they are dissecting. Judy responded.

SPRINKLE: Concerned?
DORATY: I can’t even say that they were concerned. They were just like doing a job that ... evidently it affects them, too. The only emotion they had that I could find was that they put themselves above me and they would like mimic or make me feel like they were making fun of me when I would ask a question. They always provided an answer in some way. They always made me feel like I was very small when I asked it.
SPRINKLE: Like they were telling jokes among themselves as they talked to you?
DORATY: Yes, that’s it.
SPRINKLE: Like older kids playing with younger kids?
SPRINKLE: That was the feeling. Any other emotions you could sense or gain impressions about?
DORATY: That I wasn’t supposed to be there, but they just allowed me to be there. Like they were busy doing whatever they were doing and just take the time to make me go away. 

Professed Reason for the Mutilations
This extensive segment contains information gained from communicating with the aliens. While this information may be questionable, it definitely appears that the alien’s purpose is related to some kind of ongoing global contamination. Below you will find a discourse which suggests that secret nuclear testing in space and underwater have created a deadly form of contamination that is slowly spreading throughout the soil, water, and animal life. The aliens further implied that will soon have deadly consequences for human beings.

SPRINKLE: Unfortunate. OK, what do you see now that you are there? What do you see?
DORATY: I don’t ... it’s just a laboratory where they conduct tests.
SPRINKLE: Do they say why they are conducting tests? They told me it wasn’t time to know. That someday I would know.
SPRINKLE: Some day you would know? But right now they are contests?
SPRINKLE: And do they say what kind of tests are being conducted?
DORATY: (Sighs.) That I believe from the way they talked, they’re concerned about man for themselves. That men are going to kill themselves through polluting the earth area. Something, I don’t know. I can’t ... it’s going to get in the water. It’s going to be in the vegetation. Going to be, it is in vegetation.
SPRINKLE: Do they say what it is that’s polluting the environment?
DORATY: (Pause.) They say I wouldn’t understand, but it’s got “E and S” in it. And it’s a number. Plutonium, or something.
SPRINKLE: Plutonium? Let yourself be aware. Just be aware of what you hear.
DORATY: Uh ... they’ve been here for quite some time.
SPRINKLE: Do they say how long?
DORATY: Longer than I have. Their concern is loss of life. There is going to be a big loss of life due to this.
SPRINKLE: Do they say how they know there will be a loss of life?
DORATY: Because it’s already passed a certain state. That ... it can be reversed, but there will be a loss of life because it’s already filtered down to a certain point where there is going to be so much pollution and so much of this poison in the water that people are going to die from it. And it has to do somehow with nuclear waste or testing or ... causing a change in the chemical composition of something.
SPRINKLE: OK, just be aware. Be aware of what is being said.
DORATY: But I don’t understand what that means. I don’t understand ...trying to understand, but I don’t. 
SPRINKLE: OK, and what kind of information is being given to you about the animal and the tests?
DORATY: That they have been conducting tests for quite some time. And will continue to. That whatever this is, has been passed on and filtered down to where it is now reaching the human being. Prior to this, it was in the soil, but now it’s in the vegetation and if something isn’t done, there is going to be a great loss of life.
SPRINKLE: And they say this because of a pollution ... or?
DORATY: It’s a chemical, but I don’t know what it is.
SPRINKLE: Can you see the formula? Can you hear the formula being described to you?
DORATY: It’s ... got numbers and letters. And there’s a 6 and a 6..
SPRINKLE: OK, just be aware. Let yourself relax deeply and just be aware as if you are focusing very tightly, looking in on the formula and listening to the words and the numbers, or seeing the words and numbers. Be aware of the formula. You can describe the formula.
DORATY: (Pause.) 103 Plutonium ... something?
SPRINKLE: Good. Keep on describing. Focus in on the formula. You can be aware.
DORATY:An “R.” I don’t know.
SPRINKLE: OK, just be aware that you’ll be able to gain more information about the formula. Later on you can write it down as well as draw impressions of what’s happening. OK, now closing in tighter and tighter on your awareness of the animal, the calf on the table. You’re aware of what’s being done. Just describe what the men are doing. 

Environmental Contamination
The notion of an impending global catastrophe brought about by man’s abuse of the environment is a common theme reported by abductees. In this particular case a form of nuclear contamination is given for a progressive contamination of the environment which will soon affect humankind.

SPRINKLE: OK, now be aware of the communication which you are receiving from the men. Do they give you information about who they are, where they’re from and what their purpose is? What information do they give you?
DORATY: It’s like if we continue like we are now, it’s going to involve not and they’re trying to stop something that could cause a chain reaction. And maybe involving them. I don't know.
SPRINKLE: Did they say what kind of chain reaction? No, only that it involves ... we’re not the only ones to be concerned.
SPRINKLE: Do they say who else is involved?
SPRINKLE: Do they talk about their origins, where they’re from?
DORATY: That they’re stationed here.
DORATY: I don’t know.
DORATY: I don’t know.
SPRINKLE: Or Texas? Or U.S.? Any other information about their purpose or activities?
DORATY: They’re testing to see how far along this whatever it is ... is. It’s going to cause a lot of problems, regardless of even if it was stopped right now. There’s going to be a lot of people who die because it's already contaminated the water. It’s in the water.
SPRINKLE: So they talk about contamination, pollution?
SPRINKLE:They talk as if it’s some kind of poisoning?
DORATY:Yes. It is poisoning. There’s no doubt. It is poisoning.
SPRINKLE:And do they say what will happen if the poisoning continues?
DORATY: Only that there will be a big loss of life.
SPRINKLE: A big loss of life. Talking about ...
DORATY: Greater than what there already will be.
SPRINKLE: Vegetable, animal, human lives?
SPRINKLE: Do they say whether they are from this planet or from some other place just stationed on this planet?
DORATY: I ask them. They respond that I wouldn’t know anyway. It seems insignificant to them when I ask them. They just slough it off like matter.
SPRINKLE: What other questions do you ask?
DORATY: I ask about God?
SPRINKLE: Any response?
DORATY: That He’s the same to them as He is to us.
SPRINKLE: Other questions?
DORATY: Just about ... I was curious. I kept asking about the animal and they found it insulting. I guess, by the way they responded. That to sacrifice an animal was nothing compared to what it would bring, you know, the knowledge they could gain from it.
SPRINKLE: OK, Judy, just picture yourself now standing there in the in the craft and talking with them, asking them questions about their purpose, the purpose in operating on the calf, the reasons they’re here. Describe the impressions you have about their responses, about the purpose of operating on the calf, the purpose of being there conducting tests.
DORATY: They appear insulted that I would question even their reason for doing this. They just made me feel a little bad, belittling me, I guess.
SPRINKLE: As if their purpose is important?
DORATY: Yes, more important than a single little calf.
SPRINKLE: And they tell you that the purpose is to understand more about this poisoning, more about this pollution?
SPRINKLE: Do they say what happens, what the symptoms of the are?
DORATY: No. But it’s in the soil, so soon it will ... it will be very soon, according to them. It will be found through human excretions.
SPRINKLE: I see. So they’re saying this pollution, this poisoning is now?
SPRINKLE: Do they say the source of the pollution?
DORATY: Man, I don’t know.
SPRINKLE:  What kinds of activities do humans engage in to cause this poisoning?
DORATY: I know one thing. They related, and they were very emphatic even though it’s in outer space has an effect on this here.
SPRINKLE: Testing? What kind of testing?
DORATY: I don’t know. I don’t know what they are talking about. I didn’t know they tested in outer space. Evidently they do.
SPRINKLE: OK, what other kind of communication is conducted, what else do they say to you.
DORATY: That testing under water also will have a great effect. That it will, if it’s continued, will cause some chemical reaction when it comes into contact with another compound. I don’t know if that’s right. Causes a chemical change and it will cause a change in the consistency of solidity as we know it.
SPRINKLE:Solidity of matter?
DORATY: Yes. There’s a lot involved, more than just pollution.
SPRINKLE:Ok, anything else?
DORATY: (Pause.) That they’ve been (brings hand up to face to wave it off)... no, nothing.
SPRINKLE: They’ve been .. go ahead.
DORATY: I don’t know.
SPRINKLE: Just let yourself focus in on it. Let yourself be aware.
DORATY: They’ve been testing, they’ve been here for quite some time and they test the soil as well as our water as well as our animal life and vegetation. I questioned why they aren’t saying more and why they can’t stop it if they’re so knowledgeable and they get angry. I don’t know. I don’t understand that.
SPRINKLE: You don’t know why they get angry?
DORATY: I don’t know why, I don’t know why they get angry and I don’t know why they can’t stop it, if they’re so knowledgeable.
SPRINKLE:  You ask them about that and they don’t reply or they do reply?
DORATY: They reply that it doesn’t provide an answer to me and they say that I’m not knowledgeable enough yet. That I’m immature. That I haven’t reached maturity.
SPRINKLE: Do they say what maturity might mean?
SPRINKLE: Do they say why you are permitted to be there?
DORATY: Only that I was allowed to see it because I happened to stumble on to it. And that I would not remember. I remember them laughing that I would not recall it anyway.
SPRINKLE: Bad. And so the monitoring or checking is going on?
SPRINKLE: And will continue to go on?
SPRINKLE: Do they say what will happen if the poisoning gets to a level?
DORATY: There will be nothing to eat and nothing to drink and people starve and die.
SPRINKLE: Do they say what kind of symptoms will be observed?
DORATY: It will show up very soon. There is, that human beings are being poisoned. And it will be proven. We will see it. A doctor will, it will show up in a laboratory. And there will be like another sickness break out and it will be related to some kind of chemical that's in our water.
SPRINKLE: Do they say what kind of symptoms will be observed?
DORATY:  No. Just that there will be a large number affected at one time.
SPRINKLE: Like a large number of people being killed and we won’t what?
DORATY: Yes, but then they will find out.
SPRINKLE: Anything else that was told to you about what may happen?
DORATY: That this would be a warning and when this happens there needs to be a cleansing process. Whatever this is that’s going to be found, it will be isolated and found and doctors will isolate whatever this specific chemical is and there will have to be a way of ridding it and not using it any longer.
SPRINKLE: Do they say what kind of cleansing process?
DORATY: No, just a cleansing process.
SPRINKLE: OK, any other information which is given you?
SPRINKLE:Ok, now continue the sequence of events, seeing yourself moving on beyond the laboratory. What happens next?
DORATY: It seems like the calf was dropped. As the craft moves, I feel I’m being pulled back to the car. 

Missing Person
Shortly thereafter Judy finds herself once again standing by the car unaware of what has previously taken place. However, the light remains nearby and even follows the occupants all the way home. Then other family members join them from the house and observe the craft which was the source of the light. At that point Dr. Sprinkle asks Judy where her daughter is. That question opens an entirely new dimension of her experience. By slowly working from the time of her experience, Judy discovers that her daughter cannot be accounted for. Prolonged questioning by Dr. Sprinkle bring Judy back into the craft. After some emotional resistance she becomes aware that her daughter is also aboard in a separate room.

SPRINKLE: OK, just let yourself relax deeply now. Let yourself relax driving along. See everybody in the car. Cindy’s on the left. What happens next?
DORATY: I just can’t remember. I remember seeing the light and pulling over, but I can'st remember. Cindy’s there one minute and then she’s gone the next and I can’t bring it out.
SPRINKLE: OK, let yourself go to the ship, go to the craft. Let yourself be aware of what’s happening next. You can be aware of where Cindy is.
DORATY: (Long pause) I know I have a feeling of fear.
SPRINKLE: OK, let yourself go on through the experience. Let yourself go on through the fear. What impressions come to mind?
DORATY: I just visualize her on a table.
SPRINKLE: Ok, what happens next?
DORATY: (Judy starts pounding her hands on the arm of the chair, cries out loud.) I’m afraid they’re going to do to her what they did to the animal! (She sobs.)
SPRINKLE: Let yourself relax deeply.
DORATY: (Judy flings her head up and opens her eyes looking angrily at Sprinkle.) No I don’t want to!
SPRINKLE: You can tolerate ...
DORATY: No, I cant!
SPRINKLE: You know it’s all right. Just let yourself go on through. Just relax deeply. You know that everything’s going to be OK. You see Cindy on the table. What happens next?
DORATY: I’m just afraid they’re going to hurt her. (Still crying, tears streaming down her face.)
SPRINKLE: You’re afraid, but you let yourself go ahead. Let yourself go on through the experience. Let yourself be aware. Let yourself relax deeply. You can be aware of what happens next.
DORATY:  (Long pause with her hand over her eyes.) They put her to sleep, I guess.
SPRINKLE:  (Relieved that Judy continues, Dr. Sprinkle exhales a breath.) Ok, they put her to sleep. What’s happening now?
DORATY: They’re just examining her, I guess. (More crying.) But I’m so afraid they’re going to cut her or something!
SPRINKLE: Do you say anything?
DORATY: They don’t listen. They just ignore me and just go about their work as if it’s nothing. They don’t seem to have any emotions. They don’t seem to care. I thought they were going to harm her. That they were going to do to her what they did to the animals.
SPRINKLE: But they don’t harm her?
SPRINKLE: OK,what does happen?
DORATY: They just take some samples from her.
SPRINKLE: What kind of samples?
DORATY: I don’t know. Just scrapings like ... they go inside her mouth. I can see her lying there and they just kind of scrape little pieces off. (Judy’s hand moves to her opened mouth as if she had a utensil scraping inside her cheeks.
SPRINKLE: Any other samples?
DORATY: That’s all I can remember.
SPRINKLE: OK, doing fine. Just let yourself relax. Let yourself be aware of what happens next.
DORATY: They reassure me that she’s going to be all right. But I don’t believe them.
SPRINKLE: They tell you everything’s going to be all right, but you don’t them.
DORATY: I just don’t. I feel like maybe they want to be left alone. You know, they were very busy doing their work real quickly. I thought maybe they just considered that like they would use the animal just for the good of mankind or something, but I didn’t want them using her. And I was afraid they wouldn’t understand and I couldn’t make them understand.
SPRINKLE: Tried to tell them, but they...
DORATY: Wouldn’t listen. They just went about their work. They didn’t have any emotion or feeling. They couldn’t seem to understand why I would even be upset.
SPRINKLE: Just like it was routine ...
SPRINKLE: Business for them?
DORATY: Like a laboratory animal or something.
SPRINKLE: And you were frightened and worried. Everything’s OK. yourself go on through the experience. What happens next?
DORATY: They just kind of do all kind of things. They’re working very quickly and it seems like they’re hustling about.
SPRINKLE: OK, Judy, it’s a difficult experience. But let yourself go on now and see yourself standing table. You see Cindy and you see the men working quickly and efficiently. Let yourself go on through the experience. Let’s see what happens next.
DORATY: I try to stop them, I try to interrupt them. But they just ignore me. And somehow they cut me off to where I can’t see anymore* I don’t know how they did it. And I couldn’t get to where they were at, but they assured me that she would be OK.
SPRINKLE: So somehow you’re not able to see what happens next?
DORATY: Right.
SPRINKLE: As if there’s more, more examination going on?
SPRINKLE: Do they say what is happening?
DORATY: No, just that they more or less give me assurance that she’ll be fine. But it's not enough. I still feel ...
SPRINKLE: You're still worried?
SPRINKLE: OK, what happens next?

Leo Sprinkle said afterward he suspected the alien beings somehow mentally blocked Judy from
seeing her daughter subjected to a vaginal probe.

DORATY: I don’t know. I get back to the car. And I don’t even remember her being there. It's almost like they changed my thought patterns or my head or something around to where I didn’t remember her even being with us.
SPRINKLE: And you drive back home.

This Ends

An Abductee's Account of a Calf Mutilation
Aboard an Alien Craft
By Richard Bonenfant, Ph.D.
© 2014
All Rights Reserved