Brain Zap

I`m going to present you with a gem of an article I spotted in the Sun newspaper on page 17, to me this is an astounding revelation, read it first it is word for word from the Sun paper:- 

Scientists have been able to change people's attitudes by zapping them with magnetic energy. This bizarre brain experiment weakened religious perceptions and prejudices by around a third. Boffins say it sheds light on the way we solve ideological problems. They were able to shut down part of the brain for an hour using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The 30 American subjects were then asked to rate their belief in God, angels, the Devil and Hell. They were also quizzed on a negative essay written by a newly arrived immigrant. Scientists found the TMS reduced the belief in God by 32.8 percent and made subjects more positive about immigrants. But they said TMS has no lasting effect. Dr Colin Holbrook , of the University of California described the findings as " Very striking", but said more research is needed
Well to me they are trying to make out this is new, we and many others know it is not, mind control experiments are years old, on Enigma Earth there was an article recently titled Alzheimer and Mind Control, also researchers have been shouting out their evidence for years concerning mind control experiments, and now they blatantly admit it. Are they about to try a large experiment, because remember when they tell you of something they have got or appear to be trying, then it's because they have something `Better`. Also why did they use the God, Devil, Hell and Angles in their experiment? could they not just as easily weakened the subjects perceptions of Beer, Chocolate or even Drugs. No! It had to be religion. 

Do you remember I quoted something I heard a few years back when a writer said "They are out to destroy religion". This Sun article to me seems like an open admission as to their intent, you know, like it's been said "The rules of the game are they must tell you what they are going to do". We all know mind control experiments were started way back. So what is going on?

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Stunning Dream Revelation

This article appeared on Before it's News. Please follow the link at the end to read the FULL ARTICLE as the detailed descriptions are definitely out of this world.

I was raised an atheist. Utterly godless. Not even agnostic. No gods.. fairies.. Santa’s or bunnies…Believed nothing at all. I saw all the trouble and confusion it caused and wanted nothing to do with it. I see Christians always fighting and debating and being hypocrites all the time. I see new agers not really having a clue what it is they actually believe in, and going in circles. I see all the other religions all banging their head on a wall but achieving nothing but headaches. I wanted no part in it and still don’t. 

But I had a dream / vision when I was 15 that changed my life, but it was not until about a year ago it took effect, and according to the dream it will not be until after tomorrow (28 December 2012), when I turn 44, that it finds fulfilment. 

I was 15…still a kid.. but wondering what it was all about, seeing as everything was so totally pointless and without a reason or a goal. 

Being an atheist is the most pointless life one can live.. so empty of purpose or meaning. 

And like all kids I needed purpose and meaning. So the dream./ vision… 

It was September the 28th 1984….a day I will never forget, because its the day my life was taken right OUT of my hands, and I realised that none of us really have a choice…only a will directed by the one who makes the choices. 

I remember so clearly.. sitting on my bed that night…looking out the window at the stars. Wondering why they were there.. what purpose they served.. if any at all. I remember asking the same thing of myself.. what was my purpose.. did I have a purpose…or was it all pointless.. an illusion.. meaningless and dead? 

That night I lay down on my bed.. still wondering what it was all about… and I had a dream….or a vision.. not sure which but it was incredibly vivid.. I was there.. could feel.. hear.. smell…. 

Where was I? 

(Keep in mind up UNTIL that point I had never even looked into a bible or any religious book.. so what I saw was not previously planted in there) 

One moment I was on my bed.. in a half awake half sleep state.. a trance you might call it. That zone you are in where you are still aware but also.. not aware. I found myself about 200 meters in the air…an air that was NOT air as we know it. I looked around in shock…I was there.. this was no dream.. I panicked at first cause I thought I was dead.. and for all I know.. I was. 

After adjusting to this “Shock” I was able to look around me.. where I was…and what I saw….Spreading around me in every direction to a horizon that just was not there.. was THE most incredible landscape I have ever seen. No majestic scene on earth comes close to this.. awesome.. the SCOPE of it… endless.. and solid and real. 

ALL was alive.. in a life that was LIFE.. not just living things.. but LIVING beings.. they were not just alive.. they WERE life in its essence…each leaf.. blade of grass.. creature and fish.. bird and reptile.. were not JUST alive.. its like they WERE EMANATING life… 

I could go on and on about the details.. but I am going to stick with the main part…and that is.. WHO was standing “Or floating” there beside me.. who until that moment I had not noticed.. 

I turned to my right…and…wow…there was this bloke…who I Immediately KNEW was The creator of all I saw. I didn’t know his name.. I just KNEW HE was responsible for it all.. 

He was about 6 foot…medium build.. strong.. yet supple.. he had an air of authority about him.. like a mighty fighter who could whip anyone but with ease.. and KNEW it.. but was humble and gentle and didn’t brag about it. 

His hair was white…but not from age.. more of a symbol of purity kind of white. Like a judge would wear a white wig as a symbol. But this hair was no wig. It was his own. 

He wore a sort of robe.. not ancient.. yet not modern. Like a royal robe of state. Across his chest from right shoulder to left hip was a red/purple sash about 6 inches wide, interwoven with gold threads. 

The robe went to just above his ankles. He had sandals on. But not ancient looking. More of a modern look. But in looking there.. at his feet…I saw holes in them…Then with a shock.. I saw his hands.. they too had holes in them.. just at the ends of his wrists.. each hole about half an inch wide. There was no blood and the wounds were not festy or horrible. They.. were worn like a status symbol.. a mark.. more than an annoying wound. I had the urge to kneel.. but realised I didn’t have a body to kneel with. 

So I just looked at him.. KNOWING he could read every thought…and knew my intent was to kneel if only I could have. 

He knew. 

He just smiled at me.. joy glittering in his eyes.. eyes.. so.. blue.. gold.. green…all colours.. fire.. eyes of fire.. like an opal of magnificent brilliance. 

He seemed to radiate a real.. friendliness.. happiness.. total peace.. yet utter and mighty authority. 

You felt at ease with him.. yet so humbled as well. 

I finally said to him (Well.. I thought it)….”You are God?” 

He said simply…”(I AM)” 

I thought to myself “This cant be real.. there IS no “God”… I am imagining all this.. I MUST be…”He smiled even broader.. if that were possible.. like he was amused at my simple yet certain belief in nothing. It was not a snide enjoyment he was feeling.. it was more like you would smile at a toddler who said something cute. 

He said, knowing my turmoil and thoughts, “Come.. let me show you your destiny” as we started moving through this “Air” that was not air…gliding off at about 60 k an hour it seemed. I was able to measure the speed we were moving, because we floated over a sort of highway with trees planted at regular intervals along it. 

I looked out beyond.. to what was ahead of us. I saw fields. Stretching on and on and on.. I saw lights dotted here and there over these fields. 

I asked “Jesus” “What are those lights? “He said.. “They are cities.. or towns. Dwellings and hubs of commerce.” “Commerce” I thought? Of what USE is commerce in this place? 

He just looked at me and smiled.. and said “you will know in time.. 

I looked.. way way ahead…seemed like thousands of k’s.. into the far distance…there was a bright light.. like a brilliant sunrise.. multi hued.. radiating colours beyond description…and the music…you could FEEL the music coming from it. It was everywhere.. yet I was not actually conscious of it till I concentrated on it. Harmony.. pure harmony.. rising from one stanza to the next.. to reach a crescendo.. only to fade out into the next phase.. ever building to a climax.. but never reaching it.. music without beat.. without end.. timeless.. eternal.. pure.. 

I was STUNNED…nothing on earth was anything like this music of colour blended with sound…had I had a body I would have exploded in sheer joy at just five seconds of exposure to this eternal symphony…I was surrounded by it from the moment I arrived.. but not until THIS moment had I actually put my focus on it.. 

I was hooked… 

I said (Or thought) in stunned amazement…”WHAT is THAT?” 

HE smiled and said simply.. “THAT..is the capital.. where my father dwells.. and where we are now going” 

So on we went. He was talking to me the whole time.. but I was not really paying attention. I was utterly wrapped up with where we were heading.. trying to lose myself in the eternal song…I wanted to BE the song.. to join with it. 

But try as I might I could not quite grasp the flow of it. It changed from one moment to the next.. always ascending into a new and unique stanza.. and just when I thought I “Had” it, and was about to hum along with it.. it would blend and change into something new.. and no two stanzas EVER repeated.. each was unique.. each a masterpiece.. each never to be heard again.. as ever new stanzas were created and blended into the whole.. always building.. always growing.. always new.. always.. utterly without description. 

He kept speaking to me.. telling me of events to come in my life.. main points and turnings in my life ahead. I was half aware of what he was saying.. but he knew I was lost in the song. 

And this was why he waited until I was lost in the song to tell me. Because everything he told me about my life ahead was forgotten on my conscious level.. like a half remembered dream. But as each event actually took place in my life, the memory would surface.. like a vivid Deja Vu.. and it would all be clear…and I would KNOW this event.. good or bad.. was ALL part of the plan. 

We travelled for what seemed like days…or hours.. or minutes.. its hard to tell time in a place that has no time. He laid out my entire life before me.. from conception to birth, to the present (That moment when I was 15) to the very end.. which is only a few years away now ..going by the events and their sequence. 

Tomorrow I turn 44.. (28 December 2012) THAT year is PIVOTAL for me (AND.. for the world as a whole). 

As to why??.. well.. its something he said when we reached the capital. There.. in the distance.. rising above the houses.. was a building unlike all the others in size. But.. it was also.. easily recognised AS a throne. Hard to explain unless you actually see it. We travelled on and on…following the river…towards the centre.. where the light and sound had its source.. 

We settled down right in front of it. I reached out to touch it.. and then realised I had no body.. as such. But I DID feel something…like a purity.. awesome power of utter authority.. like the place where ALL decisions are made and all cases ended. 

This is where it got serious for me…There I “Stood”.. at the base of the throne.. KNOWING I had been there before.. like a massive.. MASSIVE Deja Vu hit me all at once. I RECOGNISED this sea of fire.. of golden glass.. I KNEW this throne.. I KNEW this entire field.. but WHERE..WHEN??….. 

My creator looked at me.. like he was waiting for the realisation to hit me fully…he was not smiling at this moment.. he was rather serious.. like he WANTED me to remember.. the moment…of WHEN I had been there before…and was just patiently waiting for the memory to take shape… 

Having realised I HAD been there before I said 

“Lord creator. (I didn’t know how else to address him at that time). I know.. I know YOU..I KNOW you now.. I’ve seen you.. this place.. this throne.. this sea of fire/glass.. I HAVE been here.. with you.. but.. when?.. It does not seem like long ago.. and yet.. HOW?..” 

He looked at me with a slight grin.. he kinda looked proud of me in a way and said “ 

“15 years ago earth time you sat with me on my lap, up there on that throne. You were an infant.. full of life and questions and curiosity. You were fresh from my mind.. created almost an instant before, brought into being on earth direct from my very spirit itself. You were born very premature. You did not want to stay at first so I brought you here to explain a few things and give you a choice. But first I sent you back telling you your time was not yet.. you had a destiny to fulfil and if you had stayed you would never see it take place. being an infant you did not understand, so back you came, rather stubbornly I might add. “ 

He continued.. despite my looks of.. confusion ???… 

“So I explained patiently.. while bouncing you on my knee…the joy that awaited you.. and millions of others.. IF you went back and lived out your planned destiny. I told you that the reward for going back would be well worth it, and beyond imagination. You looked at me with baby blue eyes asking why.. eyes I fashioned to look similar to mine. I like blue.. its my favourite colour.. as it is yours” (Yes.. I love blue.. always have.. and there I found out why). 

He went on to say… 

“15 years ago earth time you didn’t want any part in that destiny.. you kept trying to leave your body.. small and frail as it was.. you wanted to be here with me.. your “Daddy” as you called me from the depths of your innocent infant spirit. How I loved it.. to hear you call me that. I am your “daddy”… I am everyone’s “Daddy” if only they would realise it.. and through your final decision to return and live your life… many millions WILL.” 

I asked him.. rather dumbfounded “So.. I died as an infant.. willingly.. died.. JUST so I could be here with you?” 

He said “Yes.. twice you actually succeeded.. and you tried many other times as well.. before you managed to stop your own heart by an act of your will. The first time I sent you right back after a brief explanation. The second time.. I KNEW you would come back because I was the one who created IN you the curiosity and pure stubbornness to GET a full explanation of the facts. You have an inquiring mind.. one I created FOR the purpose of your destiny.. you will find it very useful in the days ahead.. but also.. it will also be a hindrance at times.. but that’s why I gave you a mind like this.. to BE an “Overcomer”. 

An “overcomer” I said?…WHAT is that? 

He smiled broadly and motioned his hand out over the sea stretching out before us to the “horizon”…”See this field.. this sea of glass??.. in a few decades you, and millions of others will be here.. and yes.. your sister and daughters as well (Daughters.. I will have DAUGHTERS??) will all be here.. jumping and leaping for joy.. as the climax of all creation is made known to all. 

I asked him… 

“So I’ve been here.. and chose to go back once you explained WHY I had to go back. “?He said “Yes.. I was very proud of you.. you are a fighter.. you never give up.. although you do tend to be discouraged easily.. but you also get up again and again.. you never quit.. THAT is why I am proud of you. You fall and fail.. yet you try and try again. Its not how many time you fail I take note of.. its how many times you get up again and keep going. 

THAT is character.. and character is all important and vital for what comes after your life on earth is complete.” 

I looked at him and said “Huh”?..(rather stupidly I might add) 

He just grinned and said “There is coming a time soon.. a few decades from now earth time…when all you have learnt.. and all you will learn will find its meaning. You think you will sit around being all happy here in this place doing nothing forever? NO.. you will have work to do.. places to oversee.. administration.. government.. all very busy.. and decisions will be needed.. from people with character.. people who have gone through the fires and beat them.. and.. people who are wise.. strong.. resilient.. steadfast.. in a word.. overcomers” 

He went on to say “Now you know why you never knew me except as an infant. You know why…because in all the things you have gone through these last 15 years.. you grew character.. without the “Crutch” of religion….you fought on and on.. you overcame your weak frail body.. it grew strong.. you overcame the sicknesses that resulted from your premature birth… you overcame the anger and grief of your mother…you overcame the incessant teasing at school.. the bullying and the physical beatings.. just because you were “Different”…you saw through the lies on TV.. you never bought into the rubbish…the deceptions.. you kept on and on.. always asking.. looking.. reading and searching.. for deep down you KNEW there was more to this life than met the eye.. and deep down.. was the seed I had planted there when you and I had our little chat.. and now here you are today…and I am answering your question in full.. for know.. that all was not in vain.. life DOES have a purpose.. far greater than you can ever imagine.” 

I stood there.. taking it all in.. it suddenly all made sense…all the trouble I had been in.. the hurt.. the pain.. the despair.. the victories.. again and again.. a cycle of defeats.. followed by victories.. and followed again by defeats.. and followed again by victories. 

I was always alone.. never a friend…but I kept going.. I KNEW.. even though I actually “Believed” in nothing.. that I was WRONG somehow in that “belief”.. which.. after all.. was NOT a belief but an assumption. 

He stood there…letting it all soak in.. it all fit together.. and explained a lot of what had happened in my childhood.. the early formative years of the basic character I would need in the next three decades.. as he was just about to warn me about… He said “Come with me.. up there..” 

We both rose up to the throne.. and we sat on it together.. looking out over the sea of citrine yellow fire.. glowing in awesome majesty.. vacant.. for now… 

(I was not actually “Sitting” as I was in spirit.. no body as such.. but you get the idea). 

He pointed down to a spot near the front of the throne.. slightly to the right of it and said. “Know this for a fact…in less than 4 decades from now earth time.. YOU.. and your two daughters.. will be standing right there.. on that very spot.. you will be leaping and shouting victory.. joy.. gladness.. your arms around your young ones, who I will bless you with at the right time.. and there you will finally understand all that you are to go through in the next 35 years. Behind you.. surrounding you.. will be many many people.. who will only be there because of your words.. what you say.. and because of the moment you said them. No one will know you.. you will not be on a stage.. or on a movie or in a book. Just your words.. will spread out and impact many lives. 

There.. standing there where I am pointing 

(He raised his hand and pointed to the exact spot I will be standing in three decades or so from then) 

I will acknowledge you to the others.. the ones who are there because you CHOSE to stay on and fight through.. I will let them all know your name.. and then you can spend the rest of the 1000 years meeting them all.. and sharing your testimony in person.. and hearing theirs. It will be an amazing time for you.. you will be utterly astounded at just who you reached with your words.. and their effects. 

Nothing happens for nothing. 

Your words.. born in the fires of agony and trials.. will touch many lives.. and also save many lives.. and the reason I tell you this now..” 

( He suddenly got all serious.. His smile of joy at the future memory of this event faded.. and the present came rushing back in.. and with.. a tear?…in his eye.. and a sadness I could only see the edge of..) 

He continued… 

“In the years ahead.. you will try to find me.. here.. there…you will look and search…you will try churches.. drugs.. alcohol.. parties.. friends.. all looking for me…trying to find WHERE I can be found on earth. You will forget most of what I have told you today UNTIL the day BEFORE it all comes to pass.. and your true destiny begins.. which will be in your 44th year ….” 

( THAT is tomorrow.. I turn 44..and YES.. its only NOW.. the DAY BEFORE.. that I remember EVERY WORD he said to me that day so long ago.. until TODAY…I could only remember bits.. and the place itself.. NOT the warnings or the details) 

He continued… 

“…in the years ahead.. you will long to die.. you will experience such deep despair.. such grief.. so much pain. The fires will forge you.. stronger and stronger you will become with each forging. There will be three times you will attempt to take your life.. which I will prevent.. three times you will survive.. and get up and keep going.. again.. each step.. closer to the final product.” 

“You will die to yourself.. you will die to this world.. you will eventually die out to the “Need” of human love.. finding it to be untrustworthy and fickle .You will know in the end.. only MY love is certain.. and only I can be counted upon. 

And on that day.. you will walk as a lion.. fearless.. dead to the world.. trusting only in me.. and THAT.. is the reason I will let you wander.. to find out once and for all as Solomon once did.. that ALL.. apart FROM me.. is vanity. 

And there.. lies real strength…and courage.. and wisdom…and with those three attributes forged INTO you by the fires of life itself.. you will march forth in your 44th year.. and devastate so many lies…so many half truths.. you will clear a pathway.. just with your words.. to truth.. to life.. and many will follow.. but NOT YOU…they will follow the TRUTH you have learnt so hard. 

No one will EVER know who you are.. until that day.. the day I tell all, in front of the vast crowd.. your accomplishments. Both yours.. and many other warriors who will have done similar to you. 

You will receive your reward then.. no sooner. 

So.. go now.. back to earth…and I will be with you every step.. I will guide your every step.. and I will not let a single hair on your head be harmed. 

There will be many attempts on your life by the evil one.. I will guard you.. see there? 

( He pointed out across the field.. and there.. hovering above the field were two angels.. BIG ones..stern..strong..6 feet across at the shoulders.. at least 16 feet high…each dressed like a warrior.. with a ten foot long broadsword in a jewelled scabbard.. ready for anything) 

These two have been with you since birth.. they are your protectors.. in the days of your destiny you will get to know them personally.. but until then they will remain hidden.. from you.. and from others.. but NOT from the forces of darkness…who will flee left and right at their very look.. thus no harm will ever come to you.. you must be kept alive at all costs.. even against your own attempts to end your life.. you cant even harm yourself.. much as you are going to want to. 

(As it turns out.. I DID try to kill myself three times.. and each time.. it failed…overdose.. nothing.. just woke up a week later feeling great…drink myself to death?.. nup… I always passed out or vomited it all up..CAR accident?.. Head on crash at over 130 kph into a concrete pole which left the car a burning wreck?.. same.. was flung from the car as it burst into flame.. not a hair singed.. and not a scratch…that was my last attempt.. I gave up trying to kill myself after that.. no point.) 

He then looked me right in the eye.. with his amazing eyes of multi hued blue fire and said.. 

“(My name)…in the years immediately following this conversation.. you will remember only parts of what I have said. Here and there I will allow a brief flash of remembrance. During dark times.. when you need it the most. 

But for the most part your decisions.. and mistakes.. and outright rebellions, will be your own. But they too are a part of what you must learn. You will even get very angry at me in several years time.. when you fail to find me in any churches or doctrines or drugs or books or seminars. You will even curse the day you were born.. and your anger and grief will lead to some dreadful mistakes.. but those same mistakes will be the making of you.. your anger and your grief at not “Finding me” will in fact be what allows you to find me in the end. 

A week before you turn 44 the final test will come.. your family will disown you and turn against you… and in that moment you will make a final decision (WHICH I did) which will enable the memory of all I have told you to re-surface one day before you turn 44..and when you do.. begin…for your 44th year is when everything you have ever learnt will come into play. The world will grow very dark.. people will be dying and losing hope.. BE that hope for them.. and tell them.. they DO have a “Daddy”.. that I am here FOR them.. and that nothing in their lives has happened for nothing either.. as I hold all events.. and every life.. well and truly in the palms of my hand. Now go.. and I will see you again here…in just under 4 decades your time, from now. 

Then.. BANG… just like that.. I opened my eyes…and looked at the clock next to my bed…I was there for what seemed like hours.. or days.. but only about five minutes had passed. 

And true to his word…I forgot almost everything he said…until today.. 

After I wrote it more came back to my memory of the event. 

The last year for me has been hard. Very, very hard. I wont go into details but the events of my life just in the last 12 months leading up to today.. the last day of my 43rd year.. were the final stage. I am dead to this world now. And going by what I can remember now of that event 28 years ago…I can see why. 

There is a vast and terrifying abyss just ahead. Many millions dying.. war.. death.. loss of hope. Our whole way of life.. our entire civilisation.. will soon be in ruin.. 

That is when lights shine the brightest.. when darkness falls. 

The darkness falls very soon. Before the middle of next year… I cant see clearly WHAT it is.. I only know its devastating.. and permanent.. as in.. it ends western civilisation.. forever. 

One other thing I know about what’s coming.. 

THERE WILL BE NO WARNING…NO one will predict it.. NO prophet will warn of it.. NO one will KNOW.. until the final few seconds. 

Its going to be FAST and SUDDEN and WORLD SHAKING..NO warning.. not even from the Lord. 

The ONLY clue I have been given regarding the beginning of the end is…it will happen on an ordinary day. A day just like any other. No change.. no “feeling” of impending doom…just a sudden and shocking CHANGE.. and nothing will ever be the same again. 

Our epoch ends.. just.. like.. that.(Snap of fingers) 

Then following this change.. this devastating world rocking event.. comes the harvest. 

Then before the year 2020,,,the final end. 

I was told I would see it.. the return. Its right at the end. I was also told I would not see the age of 50 in my current body. 

I am 44 tomorrow. That is the year I was told my destiny and all these years of hardships.. stupid mistakes.. lessons learnt.. and character building would all find the uses. 

We have.. I feel.. but a few weeks of “Normal” left. 

When the change comes.. it will catch everyone totally off guard. 

They are already off guard because of the December 21st campaign.. designed BY the media.. to achieve just that. 

Now they have an entire world population not caring one bit about any predictions or prophecies or forebodings. 

Everyone is asleep.. as planned..” and the flood came on a day they knew not.. and took them all away”…as in the days of Noah.. so shall it be again…and so it actually IS…NOW. 

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No sign of fights, no fur, no collars

Clifton Knolls and Clifton Park, New York has a serious problem with a large number of missing cats, all disappearing within the last few months. 
“They’re not getting hit by cars because we’re not finding them on the side of the road,” Tudor said. “No cats have been returned despite them having microchips and there’s no sign of fights, no fur, or collars. There is a recent report of someone finding a small animal body part.”
 Local authorities have put the loss as coyotes having pups with pup bodies being found on road sides and coyotes howling at night  saying it all stands to reason that cats are disappearing.

One cat owner lost his 12-pound coon cat in August from his yard in the Wishing Well subdivision where he has an electric pet fence. He was surprised by this theory.
“If the town has a coyote problem, I think they should be doing something about it. At the very least they should be notifying residents,” he said. “With the fence, that meant the coyote was very close to the house. I’ve lived in here for 15 years and never seen this many notices for missing cats. I never heard about coyotes. I feel if this many cats are missing and they’re not telling us, something is wrong. It’s tough when you have to tell your child that the kitty we’ve had so long won’t be coming home.”
 So exactly what are we not being told.

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UK Animal Mutilations - Human or Alien?

Distressing news from the UK after a young horse was hacked to death in a field.

"Honey, a two-year-old horse, was discovered dead on Monday morning in her field off Potters Lane, Syston, with serious injuries to her head and the rest of her body. Her right ear and some of the right side of her face were cut off. Her owner, Claire Watts, said: "It's barbaric".

My question is how do you hold a horse while you cut parts of its face off? Was it drugged? Was it pinned to the ground by several sick people while another went to work with a knife? Was the horse killed before the mutilation, as in stabbed or throat cut, was there blood on the ground, can we see some photographs of the mutilation?

Give it a week and this story will be lost in history along with all the other hundreds of animal mutilation reports in the UK, some of which never get reported. 

The mistake that most people make about these animal attacks is that they always look for a human involvement.
"Police are investigating after a young horse was hacked to death in a field. Honey was discovered dead on Monday morning in her field with serious injuries to her head and the rest of her body. Her owner, Claire Watts, said: "This was absolutely the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.""
As per usual there are unanswered questions, questions the Police and RSPCA would sooner you not ask such as. 
The English Cognizant Citizen

Dementia and Mind Control

Could the increase in Dementia could be the results of experiments into mass mind control? 

I put that into the computer and what I came up with was far more threatening. We do not realize the advances they have made in mind control. From secretly implanting nano-technology machines into our brains which is then linked to a supercomputer (remember that) they will be able to see through our eyes and read our thoughts. 

An interviewee was asked if he had any scars where he was implanted he said "No, no ,no they either entered through the neck or the NOSE". My mind went straight to Alien abductions where people reported a surgical intrusion up their noses and bleeding from that area, were these people experiments in mind control using Alien help and technology?
The English Cognizant Citizen


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The Terror to Come

It's that time of year again I have just done a little bit of gardening, some seasonal preparation of the soil using a product called Growmore, I dug our vegetable patch over sprinkled it over the soil and raked it in. 

Now in all this process I again became aware of my destruction of insect life, each plunge of the garden fork killed or mutilated worm after worm, they had bred well in the soil during winter, everywhere I looked there were worms, I could not take a step without killing young and old worms. I had to switch my mind off from the devastation and killing that I was doing or I would not get the gardening done in order to grow food for the table so that I and others can fresh garden vegetables. 

Later I sat thinking about nature, Nature is beautiful but Nature is also Death, they walk hand in hand. Animals are born in there millions, the same with insects, this is obviously to ensure the survival of the species and the continuation of a system we call Nature, all creatures are food but they are also predators, this is the way of all life. 

Eventually my thoughts came around to us humans, this is where things start to go dark, the human just like the animal/insect world number in there billions, certain animals will kill us for food and insects will feed on our rotting carcass but that does not happen often, what really keeps our numbers down? 

Well we have natural death, disease, famine, wars (we do a pretty good job of killing one another) but none of these appear to be keeping our numbers down as the latest indication is we are reaching or have reached the 7-billion mark. Can you imagine this world with 20-billion people or even more, long before we reach that number, hopefully by then most of the population had left for other worlds, or could it be something worse, like this nagging thought I keep getting, that if we are part of the Nature-system of this world then do we come under the same rules as the rest of Nature? Yes we have intelligence, but biologically our bodies work the same as other creatures, so I ask the question. Does the Human race have a predator that periodically turns up on a hunting spree for human meat, and removes many people from this world, just like we throw a net into the sea and remove hundreds of fish in one go? 

This brings me to the much talked about Reptilian which has a position in the histories of most cultures around the world, one has to wonder why, what commanded such attention of basically what is nothing more than a lizard, why would people revere a lizard and give it a position in their culture, is it all mythology or something else, were we once subservient to a Reptilian overlord whom deceived us with friendship only later to dine on human meat. Did they keep certain humans alive so long as they betrayed other humans into becoming there food, is the same betrayal taking place today? are we awaiting the meat collectors? Did the elite some years ago make an agreement with these Reptilians that if and when they return to cull the human race for a great food gathering, that they would only take those that walked on the surface of the Earth, but they would leave those humans alone that resided with in the Earth. In other words those that hid in underground bases would be left alone to resurface when the great food gathering had taken place and replenish the world with more humans ready for the next hunting season. Has this agenda been on-going for untold years because all round the world we are finding underground dwelling some that can house thousands of people. Why? why did those people choose to live underground? what made them forsake living in the warmth of the Sun? One thing for sure they felt safer underground. I noticed something else about these underground cities; they appear to be devoid of many relics, as though after a period of time and a certain danger had passed they re-inhabited the surface world and took everything with them. Was that danger the Reptilians? There is no reason for anyone to live underground unless you are hiding, when danger approaches it is instinctive to lie low in the hopes you are missed. 

One only has to think about the words of Gordon Duff of Veterans Today when he stated ;- "Do not be so naive as to think all films are made for entertainment purposes only" which to me says in some of those films there is a warning and this is never more so than in films like "SIGNS",   "SKYLINE" and "V". 

Human Harvest 
"SIGNS" and "V" involved Reptilian type of Aliens coming to Earth to reap a harvest of human flesh, while "SKYLINE" had Aliens sucking thousands of screaming people up into their giant space craft to have their brains removed, gruesome to say the least. When I saw the film Signs I was overcome with a deep feeling that this is more than likely how it would happen, even the si/fi films of old and new did not fill me with such dread as "Signs" did. What ignited this grave concern in me that this film was based on some known truth? Perhaps it is a deep rooted instinct from the depths of Earth`s history, just like having a fear of spiders, we do not know why, we just do not like them. Is there hidden in my DNA the terror inflicted by a marauding Reptilian race that suddenly descended from the sky to scoop up my ancestors for food, the survivors taking refuge underground and in caves. When they dared to venture to the surface they discovered the Reptilian threat had gone, and so had many humans. 

Not knowing if the threat would soon return the remaining humans decided it would be best to stay hidden only creeping out in small parties to gather food. As time went by the situation became more relaxed they would spend longer and longer on the surface but at night they would return to their underground hide-away's, later they felt it would be in their interest to build bigger and better accommodation underground, just in case the threat returned. Is as I have said, that`s why there are not many relics left in these subterranean cities, the Reptilian threat never returned so the people stayed on the surface and slowly forgot about the dreaded Reptilians. That is until this modern era, could the fictional account I have just out lined hold some truth? Could the reason for the rush to build underground bases mean the threat is soon to return and all the secrecy and confusion means most of us are expendable? 

I do not believe underground bases are for protection from meteor strikes and flooding, to me they would be quite useless under those circumstances. It seems to me they are about shutting the door on something, to stay quietly hidden for a period of time till a particular event is over. You only have to think how dark our history is, it always seems to me our history has been about recovering after some Earth shattering event. 

At times I get this horrible feeling we are being kept busy, dumbed down with all our technological toy`s and way of life, our main concern when not killing one another is to have fun, to frolic about like young innocent sheep in a meadow, and we all know where that leads.