Paradise Lost

Today I again sat listening to the sound of the Crickets that Enigma Earth has so kindly put on its site for all to listen to, it is mesmerizing and meditative. (Scroll to bottom of website to hear cricket choir or visit 

Putting the sound of Crickets aside for the moment I must tell you that over the past weeks I have read about the wonder of Water and its memory and how we can influence water to good or bad. I even speculated, is Water the real God, purely because it is reputed to have memory. Water is in everything, it’s all around us and without it we would not exist. So 2-days ago I decided to try my own experiment with water, I placed a bottle of spring water on my computer and played the majestic sound of the Crickets to it, the first day half an hour the second day 1-hour, and then drank the water. As of yet there is no visible sign that the water has any effect on my person, but who knows these things take time. After I drank the water I carried on listening to the Crickets. I then fell into deep thought and was suddenly overcome by a deep realization - what if the Insectoid, that dreaded creature of the UFO era, were the actual custodians of this world, a world we so greatly assume it’s ours. 

Some time back I read and quoted that it was said, if we knew the truth about the Alien situation our hair would turn white overnight, what could cause such an effect? Most Aliens we are told resemble human shape and form so nothing to be scared of there. But what is the one thing on this Earth that gives most humans the creeps? It is insects! Spiders in our bed! Creepy crawlies under stones! Ants in your house! We spend millions each years trying to eradicate all manner of pests, but they still keep coming back. Imagine seeing or having to converse with a 7-foot tall Alien Insectoid, as talked of in Alien contact and abduction stories, to treat it as your equal or even your overlord, most people would turn white overnight, most would reject them outright. Aeons ago Earth must have been a jungle paradise, animals and insects from one end of the globe to the other, every creature co-existing excepting death without question as part of living, food and life and unquestioned death for every creature, all was good and not a human in sight. 

Could it be possible that millions of years ago while this world was under the rule of insects and animals, intelligence was gifted to an Insect? A Prey Mantis type of creature it which then evolved its intelligence and became superior to all other creatures, and they kept to the rules of the hive, they nurtured the world, they changed nothing because they saw that over the Earth everything was good. There great intelligence allowed them to live on the surface of the world un-afraid of predators. They truly lived on a paradise world, what could go wrong? 

I will tell you.... out of the depths of the Universe came Humankind, they saw the Earth and saw that it was good, they bought their great machines and cleared the land, paradise was in turmoil. The Insectoids, though greatly intelligent did not know or understand our killing for the sake of it, to fight for their own survival, on their world you killed only for food, so they retreated from the advancing Humans not knowing how to stop the onslaught , at this moment in time it was only Humans that killed. 

So devastated were the Insectoid habitants they retreated to the only place they knew that they would be safe, a place they were greatly familiar with, the sanctuary of their ancestors and that was inside the catacombs of their world, deep underground, they could shut themselves away for millennia. 
“For those that doubt my thoughts think about this. It was said if overnight the Honey Bee disappeared in a very short time life on Earth would die. But if Humanity was to disappear the World would carry on as normal. Thus proving Humanity is the odd one out, we are here and we are the interlopers.” 
Over the century`s that the Insectoid stayed hidden from the destructive and uncaring human, they learned much about our ways, our arrival forced them to think differently, they developed their own technology and for the first time in their existence they thought of protecting themselves should the human discover them, to kill without reason . For those of you familiar with Phil Schneider`s confrontation with the Insectoid at Dulce, you will understand what I `m talking about. We are led to believe that a secret war with the Insectoid has been in progress for a long time, equally the Insectoid has been, by the evidence, abducting the human, why? Is it trying to understand us better or is it trying to change the way we think to rid us of our violent tendencies in the hopes that one day we can co-exist. In many abduction cases the abductee is shown visions of bad things to come if we do not change our ways and treat the Earth with respect. 

Where we come from is a mystery, yes we are adaptable to most environment`s but we are also destructive by nature we only see and care about ourselves, we act as though the Universe belongs to the Human. I feel strongly about what I have written, yes, it is hypothetical, but in there somewhere is an element of truth, a truth that may be very dark for a lot of people, an unacceptable truth that this world is not ours, it belongs to the Insectoid. 

Next time you are sitting in your garden do not be mindless of the Insect Nation, sit and watch all manner of activity in the insect world, see their superiority, take the Hover-fly as I call them, study their unique flying ability, they will come and look at you, they will beautifully hover in one spot then as quick as a flash will shoot off to another hovering position that compared to the size of its own body must be 2 to 3 miles away in a matter of seconds. They execute sharp turns dips and dives, they are truly amazing, they are more advanced than any of our aircraft. If the Insectoid uses flying craft they would and probably have by the reports of UFO aerobatics utilized the technology of the hover-fly. My thoughts do not apply only to the Hover-fly, the rest of the insect kingdom is truly fascinating, so much so that there is too much for me to write of here. 

As a young person many years ago, the first Si/Fi film I watched was "Quatermass and the Pit", for me at the time it was a disturbing film, one that stuck in my memory for many weeks to come. It was not only creepy, but the dead Aliens that were unearthed were of Insect origin. Why did that film upset me so much, no other film has ever bothered me like that did. You may say it was because of my younger years I was so affected, yes you would be right, but that film also stirred something deep inside me, I felt greatly un-nerved. Perhaps that film and others portraying an Insect Alien are produced to indoctrinate us to a truth that we could not handle if told of suddenly. I now am personally at ease with the thoughts of an intelligent Insect. 

So did my playing the Cricket sound to my bottles of water influence me to write the words above ? Was a message delivered to me in the memory of water from the hidden sound of the Crickets ?... I really do not know, but I know one thing for sure I will carry on treating Insects with respect, one day in the near future they may decide with a final effort to claim the remains of their Paradise back. If you think about it Humanity is the real parasite. 


I really do believe that somewhere in our past the Insectoid more than likely ruled over this Earth or at least played a part, and co-existed with other intelligence such as the Reptilian. The film called "Enders Game" starring Harrison Ford, had in the closing scene, our young hero meeting with the one in charge of the Alien force they were fighting, and guess what it was.......... Insectoid. Do you think someone is trying to tell us something or is it just film fun? 

Next time you see a spider run for its life think about it. I mean really think about it! Could that spider be running through FEAR? Fear is a feeling. Does that mean that a spider has feelings? Could a spider have feelings like love? The possibilities are endless....

One thing for sure – there are more insects in this world than humans….


Water reacts to feelings. Watch the scientific proof. Three jars of rice in water have three different outcomes after a month because they are spoken to differently every day. One is happily fermenting, one is black the other is rotting. Quite disturbing.

Source: http://youtu.be/8nIaQWRBQ6E