Missing People

What happens to the people that go missing? The recent disappearance of Mike Clarizeel from Virginia only adds to the mystery. Could they really be taken by a UFO? The following story details the episode from a missing persons point of view.
In Barcelona, Easter 1976 a well-to-do couple were at the airport about to embark on a holiday with their Nanny and young daughter.

The husband left the family for a short while to collect his plane tickets. Upon returning to his great horror his wife was the only one there. The Nanny and daughter had mysteriously disappeared.

The wife was not concerned as she though that the Nanny had merely taken the daughter to the bathroom.

As time passed the Nanny and daughter were nowhere to be found. Security was alerted, and the airport checked. No trace of either of the missing persons was found.

A humble old woman supposedly approached the distraught mother, advising her to pray for the return of her daughter, at which point two amazing things happened; the elderly woman vanished into the encircling crowd of onlookers and the Nanny appeared holding the child sitting right next to the mother.

The Nanny was quizzed on where she was and where she had taken the child. She replied that she had been sitting in that position with the child all along and had never moved. Another incredible thing was that the child was physically stuck to the Nanny, as if glued to her.
The husband literally had to tear his daughter from the Nanny's arms to free her. He noticed that her arms were turning an unusual shade of red.

The family still boarded a flight to their holiday destination with the Nanny who then proceeded to have hysterics and had to be restrained half way through the flight. The family could no longer take their holiday due to the deteriorating condition of the Nanny and returned home immediately. The Nanny was then admitted to hospital and heavily sedated. Clinical Hypnotist Francisco Rovatti later on hypnotised the Nanny in an effort to reveal what had really happened at the airport. It was claimed that the Nanny had heard "an unpleasant sounding male voice" summoning her as she sat next to the mother at the airport. Efforts to go beyond that point would send the Nanny into uncontrollable hysterics.

Rovatti observed that the Nanny had a tremendously powerful post-hypnotic block that had been put in place from the moment that she had seen a red light on the floor. It was decided that to push the Nanny further would jeopardize her life and so no further investigations were made.
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Missing 411- Eastern United States: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved

Missing 411-Western United States & Canada: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved

Something in the Woods

The integrity and detailed observations undertaken by a New York outdoorsman could hold the key to the phenomena of cat mutilations.

"I wanted to tell you about some strange activity I've been having. For the past 4 or 5 months, I go outside and watch the stars from 12-3am. I've heard on six different occasions, the sounds of cats in serious distress, what I would call a terminal call. The first time I heard it I ran about a half mile into the woods to see what was happening and unfortunately because of the distance I must have miscalculated the true spot as I found nothing. There is a Sow bear with two cubs that live in the woods near me so after that occasion I'm wary of wandering in the woods after dark. But typically bears are not able to catch a cat so I do not believe it would be due to a bear. Now I have to say that I am an experienced outdoorsman and to hear a cat in true distress is something you hear only once every few years if that; some people will never hear it in all their time in the woods. What strikes me as odd is the amount of SIX occasions in only three months, especially when you take into account the fact that I am the only cat owner for over a half mile, and there are very few houses near me, none being in the vicinity where I heard the terrible sound.

I've been paying attention to this part quite closely. Over these past few months I go outside every time there is a clear to semi clear sky. About fifty yards from where I sit there is a small patch of woods and then a field and then more woods about another 75 yards across that field. But the focal point of this is in the small patch of woods about 50 yards away. This is the weird part; whenever I am outside by myself there is no commotion or movement in this patch of woods. But what I’ve come to realize, and I've kept close track of this, is that every time my cat comes outside and sits on my lap with me there is constant commotion and movement in that patch of woods. And I don't mean just leaves rustling, it is large sticks breaking, cracking loud noises and what sounds very large. I've been letting my cat come out almost every night with me for a week or more straight. Every time he is with me there is constant movement, and what is weirder is that every time I try to locate the nature of this noise there is nothing there.

I've investigated it many, many times with an industrial bright light. Yet every time I go back and sit down the noise starts right back up again. So I started watching the area in the dark for varied different amounts of time. While looking in that direction no matter how long I stay watching, there will be no noise. As soon as I turn away within seconds there it is again with a loud crack. I’ve also kept my cat inside a few times here and there and sometimes on consecutive nights to see what will happen. Whenever he is not outside with me on my lap, there is no noise. Now this in a sense makes me wonder if it is paranormal in some respects because it seems to have a consciousness about it.

As I’ve said I'm an experienced outdoorsman so I’ve gone through all the animals that would stay in an area or routinely come back to a spot at a certain time daily. That leaves only a few that are deer, possum, raccoon and skunk, and sometimes a bobcat. The problem that I have with it being these animals is that I have scoured the area and have come across no such animal or sign that they have been there; moreover, in the spot I search, if an animal were to run across the field I would see it before it got to the woods, and it also would not be able to start the commotion and noise as soon as I sit down as it would be ‘spooked’. The other problem I have with those animals is that only a deer would be big enough to cause some of the sticks to break, but sometimes the breaking or loudness is too much for even a deer to create.

There has been on a couple of occasions a weird dark movement that I will see, as if it is made of a shadow, move very fast and noiselessly in the open from one random spot to the other side of my yard and disappear into some very thick brush and trees which would require it to make noise, yet no noise is present. This had spooked me quite a bit each time it has happened. There is no lights shining out there for a shadow to even be present, the only light is my flashlight and on the occasions that I’ve watched this ‘figure’ my flashlight was off. There has been other strange activity too, like orbs and once a fireball in relative close proximity (about a mile or less) to where I sit and stargaze."

Name withheld for privacy

Mysterious Things in the Woods; Mysterious disappearances, Missing People; Sometimes Found... (Something in the Woods is Taking People Book 1)

There's Something in the Woods

Missing Persons: True Stories And Disappearances Of Missing People: The Cold Case Files Of What Happened To Some Of The Worlds Missing Persons (Unexplained ... Files, True Crime, Missing Persons Cases,)

Seeking Answers

Finding a dead animal with obvious signs of having met an unnatural death is one of the reasons behind this web site. Our aim is to raise awareness of this phenomenon by focusing on people's experiences and hopefully finding an answer to why they are happening and what can be done to stop them.
A concerned cat owner offers their thoughts on unexplained half cat mutilations
“Something that came to mind, and please don’t take this in any bad way, but it is how cats seem to sometimes play with mice, rats, chipmunks before killing them and a lot of house cats will kill and bring the ‘trophy’ home to the homeowner and almost display it for the owner. A lot of times the kill will be missing a head or missing half of its body. The reason I bring this up is because it has a weird but possibly direct correlation to what is being found with the mutilated cats. Whether there is a true connection I do not know.
With the cat mutilations check the hair around the 'clean cuts'. Look closer to see if the hair follicles themselves are actually being cut on any of the victims, as this would imply a cutting tool, something very sharp like a knife or sharper, only extremely shard objects will be able to cut through hair, where and animals teeth or claws will never cut hair, only pull it out. This would help determine if some of them were killed or cut by a tool of sorts. Very rarely in a cattle mutilation you will see a cutting of the hair itself which implies that a knife or something very sharp or efficient at clean cuts was used.
The other thing to relay is to have her lift the body slightly off the ground where it lies and see if there is any blood pooling underneath as sometimes it appears to be drained of blood yet because of natural occurrences when a body lies in one spot for a while the blood settles giving it the appearance of being drained, and to check for necropsy rates. Rarely but once in a while a cattle or sheep mutilation will have advanced rates or necropsy or even delayed rates of necropsy and even sometimes carrions and magpies, scavengers will avoid certain mutilations which is very odd, hinting at something that we can't notice or sense that other animals can.”

A Gust of Wind

Five goats were found dead in Argentina, with strange perforations in their heads. "....they had an orifice, a well-executed incision in their heads. We’d never seen something so odd. The animal’s hide was left like a bag, and the only wound or incision seemed to be made by a tool or some precision instrument. Furthermore, it looks like they took out the entrails, kidneys, liver and some bones through it. It’s a well-made cut. For this reason we don’t think it was a predator."

There were no unusual noises the night of the event; not even the dogs gave any hint that something was going on. However, they remember that at a given moment, when the family was readying itself for bed, they felt a sudden and intense gust of wind. “It was accompanied by a strong, nauseating rotten odour, which suddenly went away.” 

Outside Forces

Thinking outside the box is the purpose from one reader in the UK.

“I believe that a force or entity roams the earth and for whatever reason expresses itself in different ways, be it cattle mutilations, half cat mutilations, spring heeled jack, jack the ripper or strange behaviour in people.

The unfortunate cats appear to be displayed and presented in a fashion for us to find. Is this not the same for crop circles and perhaps many other events? Is something trying to make itself known or is it like
John Keel said, these entities do not know what they are doing here themselves. After reading the autopsy reports on Jack the Ripper victims and then studing animal mutilations, you cannot help wonder if these vile events were the first attempts of human mutilations. They never found the culprit, they have done documentary after documentary and they are still no closer to naming the killer. We have the same problem today with animal mutilations, theory after theory on who`s done the deed but no arrests.

If we put the human in the equation nothing makes sense, substitute human for entity or a force that does not operate on our level of understanding only then do things start to make sense.

One morning his neighbor found pebbles laid in a specific trail and pattern leading from an area of small pebbles in his garden, his comment was "Damned Birds." He went for the easy option, we apply what we understand. He never thought for one moment or even imagined why a bird whose sole purpose in everyday life is finding food and feeding its young should take time out to furnish his garden with an intricate arrangement of pebbles.

People have got to start thinking outside of the box; I know it’s not easy.

There is far more to the cat mutilations than someone walking around with a sword, knife, or a mobile surgery, but people do not want to accept this. There is something out there that is involved in a vile mischief.

Tonight I had a pause for thought, I was holding my spectacles and this caused four reflections from the wall lights behind me to appear on the floor in front
of our border collie, she immediately became curious and started to follow the lights as I moved my spectacles around. After a while I said, "Sorry, I should not tease you, you do not understand.” Then it struck me... are the cat mutilations and other phenomena so simple that we just do not understand? Is someone or something having fun teasing a few insects (us humans) with flashing lights and dead bodies?”

The Cognizant Englishman


Chris Holly from Paranormal World is working with Enigma Earth to increase people’s awareness to the phenomenon of ongoing cat mutilations in the hope of finding a solution to this unexplained slaughter. The following is an experience from one of her readers.

"About year and a half ago I was walking my dog in the early morning when I saw what appeared to be a dead cat on someone’s front lawn. As I got closer I realized that the cat was cut in half. It was just its head and front legs. It was a clean cut like someone took a knife to it. It was obviously a fresh cut because it was pink inside but I didn't notice any blood. I thought it must be a coyote but there was no hair around the cat and no blood and the cats fur looked normal. I just assumed it was a coyote because I have seen them in my neighborhood several times. I told my friend what I had seen that day and she said oh no, that's an owl that killed it. She said that's what happened to her cat a few years ago. I thought well that makes sense.

About three months ago, I was walking my dog in the early morning and there it was again, another cat. This time in the middle of the street, cut in half, clean line and no blood. I thought wow there are a lot of owls out here.

Four weeks ago, same thing, walking my dog but this time was different. I saw something on the sidewalk and I thought it was a rat, as I got closer it was half of a tail. The tail was jet black with white stripes, clean cut, no blood. About 6 feet from that was the half cat again, it was light peach in color, no blood, clean cut. About 3 feet from that was the bottom half of a cat that was dark brown in color. I thought geez, this time the owl killed 2 cats at once. It wasn't until later when I was telling the story that I thought wait, that tail didn't match the bottom part of the brown cat and I thought I saw a furry tail but I don't remember but I do know that there is no way that it was the same cat, it was 2 different cats, maybe even 3.

About a week ago my co-worker told me to look at this website because there is a mystery of the half cats. I still was thinking it was an owl but as I searched all over the internet of how owls kill their prey, there was nothing that said their talons slice like a knife. When I asked my Dad if owls kill like that he said no bird would and they pick and rip there food. A coyote would take the whole cat back to its pack and they always leave a furry mess. So now I am so curious as to what or who is killing these cats."

All of these events took place within 3/4 of a mile from my house.

Thank You
(named withheld for privacy)
 I live in West Hills, Ca "

A Readers Perspective

I received an email from a person who has been researching half cat and other animal mutilations for a number of years. I was provided with a long list of news links relating to this problem from towns and cities all over the world. It certainly has been continuing for long time totally unchecked. The Questions and Issues raised in the comments below need to be given further consideration. Everyone should be asking the same questions and seeking answers.
"Be advised there is a long-standing mystery re: unresolved serial domestic cat mutilation .. along with some other animals notably goats and rabbits .. and the occasional dog .. I would have expected more dog .. given the high-strangeness of the cat mutilations, glad that's not the case. Nevertheless pretty unusual stuff - it's obviously not coyotes or other dogs .. they are not known for surgical exactness. Am I allowed to use the eff word ?
Here goes: something is definitely 'effed up' in Cat Land. Simple as that. And I betcha this stuff can turn your stomach, if only just the prolific 'body count'. Wholesale, high-strangeness, intermittent slaughter - it can get to you .. keep reading. Shortage of blood but no shortage of human and animal suffering and misery and ultimately; mystery. 

So what's with the cat mutes - you ask? What's behind all this first order mystery and depravity? Who would be so bold? Who would be so brazen? How is this possible
we keep seeing the same or very similar hallmarks in such disparate locations and calendar dates? What is the meaning of this outrage? And why are we such modern morons incapable of connecting the most obvious dots on the cat mutilation map? We are not worthy pet-owners nor worthy computer-owners (for that matter!)

 One thing that's re-occurring makes people understandably nervous is that there is never any blood .. presumably this means the mutilation is done elsewhere and the remains are 'brazenly' returned to the general area (or right to the owners doorstep). We see this time and again - who would be so brazen? Word is on the street .. pet-owners are keeping a sharp eye out - cops are prowling the streets .. still it continues to happen!
Reward offers, public awareness campaigns and increased police presence - nothing makes a dint in the frequency nor sheer audacity of these attacks. Spates end of their own accord. They end as mysteriously as they begin. Only to possibly 're-kindle' after a year or two hiatus! Always the same or very similar MO! Bizarre!
Big unanswered questions re: this phenomenon:
  • If it's 'pelt poachers' - why leave (or return) half a pelt? Who the hell collects cat pelts anyhow? Answer: nobody.
  • If it's 'exotic cuisine' harvesting - why leave half a meal?
  • If it's 'garden-variety' natural predation - why the surgical precision and why no trace coyote or dog saliva/DNA?
  • If it's natural predation - how is it that it's episodic? - i.e. why don't we see this all the time?
  • Why don't other domestic animals (dogs) 'raise the alarm?'
  • Why have large rewards never resulted in any leads - let alone any arrests? All told - there have been 100's of cases. 
  • Why do the 'spates' stop as mysteriously as they begin? Only to re-appear (possibly) after a year or two hiatus.
  • Why don't the authorities return the remains to the pet owners - post-analysis?
  • Why don't experts and L.E. provide detailed assessments of their findings in support of natural predation?
  • How is it possible there are never any witnesses nor reports of prowlers 'scoping' the neighborhood?
  • How does the 'perp' know whose yard to return the half cat to? (Some, not all cases)
  • Why hasn't anyone 'connected-these-dots' previously? Is it Pet-owner fail? Computer-owner fail'?
  • Is there a deliberate conspiracy of silence and obfuscation surrounding this disturbing, super-high strangeness?
  • Should we be concerned?
  • Is law enforcement comically excessive i.e: laughable in sticking to the (their) natural predation, super-elusive, coyote-prowler hypothesis? What do you think?
"...there is methodology to what's going on. Speculation has it the cats are somehow removed from their home or neighborhood, taken somewhere for the cut and excision of internal organs, and then returned close to their homes."" 

I went to the cops and told them what I know, they said "we're already aware of the paranormal nature of these assaults" !!!  WTF

So until such time as they develop a keyboard for cats .. our feline friends are forced to place their welfare in our less-than-competent hands. Poor kitties!
The Cognizant  Citizen



Animal Testing

Whats going on out there? More experiments!!!
Documents that PCRM obtained through the Virginia Public Records Act reveal a history of cruelty to animals at the university. PCRM’s complaint, which was filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Eastern Region Animal Care Office, states, “The University of Virginia is violating the Animal Welfare Act because superior training methods exist that could replace the university’s use of live animals and alleviate this severe pain.” Source 
Bob Barker, former Price is Right host, supports PCRM “I’m very concerned about the pain and suffering these animals experience—and I’m also worried that paediatrics residents are being short-changed on their education. Practicing on cats is not the best way to learn how to perform this critical procedure on newborn babies. That’s why 94 percent of paediatrics residency programs have replaced animal use with more effective non animal methods.” If you want to take action along with Bob Barker, reach out to UVA and ask them to save the lives of cats. Source


Investigations into one matter can always bring about the discovery of other matters. That is what has happened here.  I will not put the video up because it is upsetting in nature, it does however bring to light the fact that the Federal Government continues to support the University of Wisconsin-Madison in using cats in experiments. This deadly project and has provided UW with more than $3 million in grant money to abuse animals—even though researchers at other institutions around the world are already using modern methods with human volunteers to investigate how the brain locates and processes sound.
PETA has called on federal officials to investigate the circumstances surrounding a particular cat called Double Trouble’s horrendous treatment and take disciplinary action against UW for likely violations of federal animal welfare laws. You can help our efforts by contacting the National Institutes of Health and urging the agency to cut funding for this crude and deadly project. Click here to sign the petition

What the Wikipedia Says

 “Horses are dying and now cattle as well and detectives in Maury County Tennessee have been at a loss to explain how or why it is happening. First, seven seemingly healthy horses turned up dead last week at a Hampshire farm in Maury County. The state performed a necropsy and released the results. They ruled that it's undetermined. "The cause of death cannot be determined at this time". It is a mystery. We don't know what happened," 2012  Source

This a newspaper article about unexplained cattle mutilation that we are all sadly finding common news. So I thought I would see what the Wikipedia had to say on the matter and found it engrossing. Here is some of what is says:-

“.....is the apparent killing and mutilation of cattle, sheep and horses under unusual or anomalous circumstances. The animal is found dumped in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from the carcass, even when it is found in soft ground or mud. The absence of tracks or footprints around the site of the mutilated carcass is often considered a hallmark of cattle & horse mutilation. However, in some cases, strange marks or imprints near the site have been found. Laboratory reports carried out on some mutilated animals have shown unusually high or low levels of vitamins or minerals in tissue samples, and the presence of chemicals not normally found in animals

Blood samples taken at the scene were reported to be "light pink in color" and “Did not clot after several days” while the animal's hide was found to be unusually brittle for a fresh death and the flesh underneath was found to be discoloured.

Various hypotheses suggest cattle mutilations have been committed by aliens gathering genetic material for unknown purposes. Most of these hypotheses are based on the premise that earthly entities could not perform such clean dissections in such a short space of time without being seen or leaving evidence behind at the mutilation site, and around laboratory reports suggesting the use of unconventional cutting tools and other unexpected phenomena.

In 1998, documented photographic evidence of a 1994 mutilation surfaced that involved a human being outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. An autopsy report concluded the procedure occurred while the victim was still alive, and the associated pain resulted in cardiac arrest. The victim's identity was kept private.

Read it for yourself here


Cat Cluster

Lost cat notices 
Green River Wyoming is experiencing a large amount of cat disappearances. Latest figures say there are more than 50 cats missing throughout the area. This number represents the known and reported amount stated as lost. Residents are refusing to allow their cats outside "no matter how much they whine" while others have come up with inventive ways of keeping them safe by using a harness tied under the clothes line where they can be kept in view.
You may think these methods are a bit harsh for the poor cat who likes to have a bit of a wander but at the rate they are disappearing these methods are life saving. Finding the body of a dead cat is harsh enough but not finding a body at all leaves the owner with an unanswered mystery that pulls at the heart.
We are left to ask why is there so many cats vanishing? 

Read it here:

Aliens Among Suspects

"It’s a grisly subject that’s been mulled over by UFO theorists and on-line commentators since the advent of the Internet:
The mysterious case of the half-cats.
Throughout North America, pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why. This phenomenon has been blamed on anything from Aliens to coyotes. This is surgical, very clean cut. Typically, only the front or back half is found, with very little blood at the scene."  Read more from the Now Newspaper: (tzytaruk@thenownewspaper.com 8 Oct 2010 Surrey Now)



Your privacy will be protected. Contact sanlesslie@enigmaticearth.com

More Cat Halves Found

This was the headline in 2008 before the half cat phenomena became widely known. Some residents claimed that UFOs were responsible.
The Oak Harbor Police Captain at the time said he was unable to explain a sudden increase in the number of cats killed in the city or why four of the six cats recently reported were found cut in half.  A cat owner who found the body of her cat “precisely cut in half with the tail set to one side with no sign of a struggle and no fur anywhere” said that the authorities insisted a coyote was responsible but she disagreed. “Beyond evidence at the scene, she said, it was just too odd for so many cats to be killed and mutilated. I don’t think it’s an animal and I think people who care about their cats need to be aware”.

Another resident of Oak Harbor suggested that aliens from another planet could be slaying cats. He said “he didn’t want his name in the newspaper because people tend to think that people who believe in UFOs are oddballs." ”The article said that UFO enthusiasts have been writing about the link between killed cats, especially half cats, and UFOs for many years.

A member of Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation, which runs animal shelters in Island County and Oak Harbor has stated “I wish we could get this thing solved. This is just sick”.”

Look after your kitties. Keep them safe. There is something sinister out there.

Alien Abduction Witnessed

Burnt bush & torn screen
An actual alien abduction was witnessed in a small Qld town in 2001. A scorched bush and torn window dressings being the visible signs on the home and a triangular arrangement of marks on the abductees inner thigh, including marks on each heel and the growing out of hair being the visible signs on the person. The abductee was left 800kms away from her home. For a full description read here.

It must be realised that an abductee has more to lose than to gain by coming forward and to totally disregard the testimony from such a person is nothing short of wilful ignorance.

Taken at Night in Sydney

Countless people in Australia are claiming aliens abducted them .
"A bank manager in Sydney, Australia, told a reporter:

‘I had the window wide open and was lying in my bed next to it trying to get a cool breeze happening. I was drowsy but definitely not asleep. Then I began floating out my window and over Sydney. I wasn't nervous but felt a bit surprised, like what the hell was happening. It was as if I had been sedated, thinking back. I saw the city pass by under or at least felt as if it was and then thought I might have been going over some bush or mountains. I was on a platform and then on some kind of operating table in a chamber within a UFO, I think. I noticed odd ‘furniture' in the room: if you could call it that- unusual spheres and pyramids. There were beings over me. They appeared to be wearing white robes or togas of some sort. I could not see their faces or any bodily features. Nothing in this UFO chamber looked human. What looked somewhat like a dental or baking instrument was then inserted into my backside and pulled out and put away.’

UFOlogist Michael Cohen says that he is confident that the people making these kinds of reports are telling the truth. He says many of them include similar details in their stories, and few of them have had any interest in UFOs before their abduction experience. They are just "regular people" according to him. It may not be clear what's causing the sudden interest in Australians on the part of aliens, but Cohen does have a few words of advice if you want to avoid having baking instruments put into your backside by aliens in togas. He writes:

‘I make a point of driving past the homes of abductees that contact me. I have noticed other common factors that in no way can correspond to the psychology of the abductees. Usually abductees will live on wide open, boulevard type streets and the window they floated through will face this street. There are never any bars on their bedroom windows. A large percentage of abductees are single men who won't be missed for a few minutes of absence at 3am.

This tells us a few things. The aliens doing the abducting are advanced: but they can't float people through walls. They like to make things easy for themselves. Many ufologists equate the ability to travel faster than the speed of light with the ability to do anything. This might not be the case.

More than anything else the aliens doing the abducting don't want any corroborative witnesses. They don't mind the abductees knowing what occurred but they want to keep their activities otherwise secret. They go to extra-ordinary lengths to this end. It appears that cloaking technology is used to disguise any bodies floating through the sky and abductions are done in the dead of the night. it is also believed that the entire abduction process is completed within minutes.

Sydney UFO abduction accounts indicate that if you really don't want to be abducted invest in an air-conditioner or a fan. Avoid sleeping with an open-window if possible or install bars. Most abductions occur during Australia's hot summer....’" Source

Collars Found but no Bodies

Dubbed the Purr-muda Triangle
 This newspaper article was written in 2008 and is one womans quest for answers to the strange disappearance of local cats.

"At least 45 cats have gone missing in eight years from the quiet, tree-lined Meriden Avenue Stourbridge, West Midlands and its surrounding streets. Nobody knows what is behind the disappearances, and the only clues have been a few discarded collars - no bodies have ever been found.

Owners call the area a 'Bermuda Triangle for cats'.

The situation is now so severe that the RSPCA has stopped re-homing cats there, while residents of the streets in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, are considering desperate measures - either employing a pet detective, or putting up CCTV cameras.

A local resident, whose 15-year-old cat Norman went missing last year, has been logging the disappearances since they started. 'I've counted nearly 50 cats, but we suspect there may have been many more. Where they are ending up we just don't know.'

The vanishing acts began in 2000 but appeared to have come to a halt in June last year. However, they began again in May"


Eldorado, Santa Fe is losing cats. The excerpt below is from a piece written by the local vet back in 2005 and explains the night dangers to cat owners who allow their cats outside after nightfall. This may be the case in Eldorado but what about parts of the world that do not have natural predators?

The question still remains.... what is happening to our cats?

"Cat owners have long known about the dangers that lurk in the dark. The most common cause of early demise in Eldorado is not the automobile, leukaemia virus, or alien abduction. The majority of cats who are out at night eventually enter the food chain as victims of these predators.

So, in my semi-professional opinion, the coyotes (or possibly aliens) are responsible for the lack of stray cats in Eldorado. (I may hear from the militant "owls kill cats" faction, but I welcome their input.) As I have said many times, "it's a jungle out there," and allowing your cat to go out, especially at night, puts your pet in their world."

Dr. T. Murt Byrne


Cats Disappearing by the Dozen

"Concerned pet owners make note of groups of cats disappearing mysteriously. Why is this happening and what’s becoming of these animals? Reports out of Lakewood, Colorado show that about a dozen cats have disappeared in one neighborhood alone. Neighbors report finding “pieces” of these cats and are frantically trying to solve the puzzle.
 Canada has seen a rash of around 100 cats disappearing during the same time frame."
The same question is being asked around the world  - what IS happening to our cats?  Source


One despicable person is now off the streets under police guard. Unable to do further harm to innocent animals. The link is an update on how this person was caught and what the authorities found in his car.

Unfortunately this does not bring to light the phenonema of half cats and why they are being found around the world. Is it a cult that we are yet to know about?

The charges of animal abuse are about to be dropped against this man and protests are breaking out in Mesa. He admitted to kidnapping as many as 40 cats, admitting to only releasing them in the desert when he was done "playing with them."
"If he didn't do what he is accused of doing, then who is mutilating these cats in Mesa, Arizona? If he's innocent, will the vigilante behavior of the angered protestors be a negative impact on his life?''

Four Year Slaughter

An article appeared a few weeks back in the Houston Chronicle warning cat owners not to allow their pets out at night. A four year string of mutilations in the Houston area had resulted in missing and mutilated cats. Some of the work appearing to have been done by coyotes but others having the hall marked sign of the cat mutilation phenomenon.
  “A pet cat that had outdoor access through a pet door in the owners’ home disappeared. Its rear half being found in the neighbourhood a few days later. The body suggesting the cat had been killed by a person rather than a wild animal. Ten days later the front half of a cat was found a block away with the likelihood of it being a different cat highly unlikely although it could not be determined”.
The problem has been ongoing and police are at a loss. Rewards for information have been put on fliers by Crime Stoppers in the hope of leading to a felony arrest.
The advice: “Keep your cat inside or on a leash for safety purposes”.