A Gust of Wind

Five goats were found dead in Argentina, with strange perforations in their heads. "....they had an orifice, a well-executed incision in their heads. We’d never seen something so odd. The animal’s hide was left like a bag, and the only wound or incision seemed to be made by a tool or some precision instrument. Furthermore, it looks like they took out the entrails, kidneys, liver and some bones through it. It’s a well-made cut. For this reason we don’t think it was a predator."

There were no unusual noises the night of the event; not even the dogs gave any hint that something was going on. However, they remember that at a given moment, when the family was readying itself for bed, they felt a sudden and intense gust of wind. “It was accompanied by a strong, nauseating rotten odour, which suddenly went away.” 

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