Chris Holly from Paranormal World is working with Enigma Earth to increase people’s awareness to the phenomenon of ongoing cat mutilations in the hope of finding a solution to this unexplained slaughter. The following is an experience from one of her readers.

"About year and a half ago I was walking my dog in the early morning when I saw what appeared to be a dead cat on someone’s front lawn. As I got closer I realized that the cat was cut in half. It was just its head and front legs. It was a clean cut like someone took a knife to it. It was obviously a fresh cut because it was pink inside but I didn't notice any blood. I thought it must be a coyote but there was no hair around the cat and no blood and the cats fur looked normal. I just assumed it was a coyote because I have seen them in my neighborhood several times. I told my friend what I had seen that day and she said oh no, that's an owl that killed it. She said that's what happened to her cat a few years ago. I thought well that makes sense.

About three months ago, I was walking my dog in the early morning and there it was again, another cat. This time in the middle of the street, cut in half, clean line and no blood. I thought wow there are a lot of owls out here.

Four weeks ago, same thing, walking my dog but this time was different. I saw something on the sidewalk and I thought it was a rat, as I got closer it was half of a tail. The tail was jet black with white stripes, clean cut, no blood. About 6 feet from that was the half cat again, it was light peach in color, no blood, clean cut. About 3 feet from that was the bottom half of a cat that was dark brown in color. I thought geez, this time the owl killed 2 cats at once. It wasn't until later when I was telling the story that I thought wait, that tail didn't match the bottom part of the brown cat and I thought I saw a furry tail but I don't remember but I do know that there is no way that it was the same cat, it was 2 different cats, maybe even 3.

About a week ago my co-worker told me to look at this website because there is a mystery of the half cats. I still was thinking it was an owl but as I searched all over the internet of how owls kill their prey, there was nothing that said their talons slice like a knife. When I asked my Dad if owls kill like that he said no bird would and they pick and rip there food. A coyote would take the whole cat back to its pack and they always leave a furry mess. So now I am so curious as to what or who is killing these cats."

All of these events took place within 3/4 of a mile from my house.

Thank You
(named withheld for privacy)
 I live in West Hills, Ca "

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