Collars Found but no Bodies

Dubbed the Purr-muda Triangle
 This newspaper article was written in 2008 and is one womans quest for answers to the strange disappearance of local cats.

"At least 45 cats have gone missing in eight years from the quiet, tree-lined Meriden Avenue Stourbridge, West Midlands and its surrounding streets. Nobody knows what is behind the disappearances, and the only clues have been a few discarded collars - no bodies have ever been found.

Owners call the area a 'Bermuda Triangle for cats'.

The situation is now so severe that the RSPCA has stopped re-homing cats there, while residents of the streets in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, are considering desperate measures - either employing a pet detective, or putting up CCTV cameras.

A local resident, whose 15-year-old cat Norman went missing last year, has been logging the disappearances since they started. 'I've counted nearly 50 cats, but we suspect there may have been many more. Where they are ending up we just don't know.'

The vanishing acts began in 2000 but appeared to have come to a halt in June last year. However, they began again in May"

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