More Cat Halves Found

This was the headline in 2008 before the half cat phenomena became widely known. Some residents claimed that UFOs were responsible.
The Oak Harbor Police Captain at the time said he was unable to explain a sudden increase in the number of cats killed in the city or why four of the six cats recently reported were found cut in half.  A cat owner who found the body of her cat “precisely cut in half with the tail set to one side with no sign of a struggle and no fur anywhere” said that the authorities insisted a coyote was responsible but she disagreed. “Beyond evidence at the scene, she said, it was just too odd for so many cats to be killed and mutilated. I don’t think it’s an animal and I think people who care about their cats need to be aware”.

Another resident of Oak Harbor suggested that aliens from another planet could be slaying cats. He said “he didn’t want his name in the newspaper because people tend to think that people who believe in UFOs are oddballs." ”The article said that UFO enthusiasts have been writing about the link between killed cats, especially half cats, and UFOs for many years.

A member of Whidbey Animal Improvement Foundation, which runs animal shelters in Island County and Oak Harbor has stated “I wish we could get this thing solved. This is just sick”.”

Look after your kitties. Keep them safe. There is something sinister out there.

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