True and Bizarre

True stories of the bizarre and unnatural:-

1. Father in law swears he was abducted on a camping trip in the Northern Appalachians with about 4 other people. They hiked up near a lake and set up a camp site, and set up camp. He says they all remember swimming, then eating dinner but no one remembers cleaning up camp or going into their tents. They woke up about 10 yards away from their original site, in the exact formation that they had set up the camp, but all of the little stuff was in the same spot and there was no fire in the middle of the original area but not in the new one. They pulled out a measuring tape my FIL had in his backpack from work and measured the distance between the stakes of the tent poles and it was the EXACT distance between all of the tent poles from where they originally were and the new area.

2. I am not sure what happened. But I've always joked that an alien abduction could explain it. I was a young kid, grade school age. It was a hot summer night and I was headed to bed. I remember sitting in bed and having this bad feeling. More than just a feeling. I knew something was coming. Coming to get me. Like a horrifying reoccurrence was about to happen again, that my body remembered but my mind did not. I knew it was close. Possibly I was within eyesight. I was terrified beyond my wits and had no idea of what. But it was going to get me no matter what I did. I hadn't sat down on my bed for more than a few seconds so it wasn't sleep paralysis. I turned around slowly to scan my room and it was the next morning. Just. Like. That. I was still dressed and everything, still in mid turn, except it was the next day. One second I was terrified at night and as I turned around it was the next morning. I felt well rested yet only a second (which I was awake for) had passed. I went downstairs and got on with my day. I told people what happened and they just acted like I told them there was grass in the yard. Like it was the most mundane thing ever. So I dropped it.

3. I was out in the woods on a summer day, running for a good hour or so, when suddenly... I didn't remember where I was or who I was. Only that I was free. I couldn't remember where I was going, the house I lived in, my siblings, my parents- nothing. But somehow that feeling was completely liberating. Like nothing in the world mattered. I actually started walking into the woods, because I figured I'd need to make a hut out of sticks to sleep in for the night, considering I was clearly travelling somewhere on foot and nowhere near home. After 5 minutes of collecting sticks, my memory started coming back- and I realized that my house was only 20 minutes away. When I got back to the house, the timer on my watch that I had started before the run said 4 hours. It should have only been at 2 max

4. I haven't actually thought about this in years, but your comment just reminded me about it. I was about 12 years old, and it was Friday. I was told to go to bed at the usual time, and I was a little irritated because it was dusk or twilight, so my window would have light coming through and I didn't like that since I already had enough trouble falling asleep. Anyway, I specifically remember staring at my window, which had that bluish glow the window gets during dusk, and then falling asleep. If anything is odd about this, it would be that I fell asleep so quickly, since I have always had trouble with this. But that night, it was like I just passed out in the middle of blinking or something. The next day, I woke up feeling really strange (now that I'm thinking about it, it was like I didn't dream about anything and had just snapped awake) and something about the house felt really off. It was Saturday, so my parents were out getting coffee or something, which explained why it was quiet, but it was still too quiet to be normal. So I looked around and found that nobody was home. Everything was quiet and really still, but I just shrugged it off and began to make myself a bowl of cereal. That's when I notice all of these small things. First, the windows were blue, just like last night. Second, there was no noise. We live near the woods so birds are always chirping like crazy, especially in the morning, but there was none of that. The air conditioning wasn't on. There was no wind or anything to make the house creak. It was just still and silent. I immediately started questioning myself, wondering if I had even fallen asleep at all. But there was a clock on the oven and it read 10:00 am, so that couldn't have happened. Then, completely out of nowhere, my dad walks into the room asking where I had been, claiming to have been really worried. He noticed I was making cereal and asked why, and I explained that I was making breakfast. Then he sent me a weird look and told me that it was almost 10:00 pm and that I had slept through the entire day. The clock on the oven was broken. Apparently, it stopped working at 10:00 am that morning, and it was dusk once again. Somehow, I fell asleep without any trouble and slept the entire day. And the oddest thing was that my dad told me he'd been worried and that my mom was calling for me, but why didn't they just wake me up? Why didn't they just go look in my bedroom? The whole thing was really weird and surreal. I don't think I was abducted by aliens or anything, but it was just a strange experience. Sitting there in the silence with my bowl of cereal was like witnessing time stop or something.

5. Still to this day can't explain this but it seems similar to some people's experiences. I was around 14 or 15ish and was asleep in my room. I woke up in the middle of the night, sat up, turned around and looked at my phone to see the time which was around 1 am. I turned back around and just sat there staring at my wall. I remember at the time I wasn't really thinking about anything I was just staring blankly at my bedroom wall. It was like my brain was asleep but my body was awake and aware. For what seemed about 2 minutes of me sitting up and staring at the wall my mom burst into my room. Her coming in so abruptly in the middle of the night startled me and broke whatever trance I seemed to be in. She said she had a funny feeling that she needed to come in and check on me to make sure I was okay. I told her everything was fine and that I had just woken up randomly. When she finally left I looked at my phone again and it was 4:37 am. 4 freaking 37 AM!! I had been sitting up staring at my wall for over 3 hours! Still to this day I don't know what it was or why I did that OR what woke my mom up out of a dead sleep to come check on me. Still gives me the spooks 6 years later.

6. Nine years ago I was camping in northern BC with a group of friends. It was around 10pm and we were in the middle of nowhere (roughly 50km from any town/store etc. so it was super dark out. We were sitting around our fire and just listening to tunes and drinking beers etc. At one point we see a light up on the mountain across the lake from us. This was a decent-sized lake, I'd say roughly 5 km across, surrounded by mountains. So as we notice the light, assuming that it's other campers that we could visit with, we flashed our flashlight at them attempting to get their attention. First we flashed our light twice, and they flashed back at us twice. Then three times. We were brainstorming going for a hike to go meet them when the light seemed to increase in intensity, then proceed to fly from one side of the massive mountain to a mountain on the other side of the lake. It then sat there and flashed at us a few times, but we turned off our light and at this point were shitting bricks. I remember just going into my tent and putting my sleeping bag over my head out of fear. I fell asleep and woke up and everything was fine, but for some reason there was roughly half a dozen dead really big toads outside my tent. What the FUCK. Still wonder to this day what the heck happened.

7. Since I was a child, I've had an irrational fear of one specific type of extra-terrestrial, the ones colloquially known as "grays". The hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I see them on TV or in magazines. If I’m at your house, and you have a book on your coffee table with a depiction of one (Communion by Whitley Strieber for example), I will politely ask if I can turn it cover down. I have no idea where this fear (more of a phobia) stems from. Since most phobias seem to originate from negative experiences, one possibility is that I have been abducted at some point in my life. Although I've never had the full "Abduction Experience", or even seen a UFO, I’ve had several weird experiences. Once, when I was about six or seven, I was on a trip to Washington with my mother on a train. The first night I remember looking out my window and all of a sudden, it wasn’t night anymore. It was full daylight, and I was staring at Mt. Shasta. My mom was acting weird too, and everyone on the train was jumpy, and the whole rest of the trip something felt off. The next one was when I was a teenager; I woke up in the middle of the night completely paralysed. At the same moment I heard what I can only describe as a choir-like sound fading into the distance, and a seemingly random thought came to me, "Thank god they're leaving, maybe they’ll stay gone this time."

8. I believe I have been abducted multiple times. Probably about once every two or three years since I was eight. I have been examined, but nothing invasive was ever done and the extra-terrestrials seemed genuinely curious about humans. More often it is just an interview via telepathy about how I am feeling and how things are going. The last abduction was about six months ago. I remember waking up, seeing figures through my bedroom window make their way into my home, never waking my girlfriend or dogs, and leading me out to their craft. One even seemed fascinated with one of my dogs, but I sort of thought how angry and hurt I would be if anything happened to that dog and he backed away.

9. I didn't get abducted, but I will share my story.... This was a few years ago maybe about 16 years or so. My girlfriend and I and a buddy of mine drove about 12 miles out of town. This "place" is in central California. Anyways, we drive out there and we are all having a good time drinking being loud, just the three of us. About an hour after we got there I had to take a leak (the place was surrounded by corn fields on both sides of the road) so just as I walked up to the start of the corn field I notice a big bright light that seemed to be about 4 miles out or so.. So I stopped what I was doing and backed up to get a better look at what this was. At this point we are all looking at this "thing" just sitting in the sky. After about a minute of this thing just sitting there it dimmed and two others appeared in the sky to form a triangle. It was very strange because they would move away from each other very quickly, and they would also become very dim, and then become so bright it would illuminate the ground by our feet. We watched this go on for about 3 minutes before the lights sped off to the right. That’s when we noticed what seemed to be headlights coming from about 1\4 mile down the road coming up the hill that we drove up. So we think this might be the cops so we tossed the beer into the field and hopped in the car. The headlights were now gone so we started the car and sped down the hill looking for the car, but could not find anything... There were no turn offs for miles along the straight away. It was so dark out here you could have seen tail lights for at least 2 miles. We searched for a car, but there was nothing... At this point we are all so freaked out that we just drove home, kind of confused about the whole thing. I’ll never forget this, FYI there is no military installation out here just fields. And this was way before drones were a common thing. Not only that but it was also about 3:00 in the morning.



Protect Yourself Spirituality

“Visualise a golden cord coming from your true heart centre and descending down the Centre of the Earth. At the bottom of this cord is a big diamond or precious stone. Then Create golden aura around yourself, but also to demonstrate to non-physical beings that you are serious, and that you are a strong person who knows what it is all about, and you are claiming your personal sovereignty: telling everybody that no one is allowed to mess with you”.

This should be done several times a day. Now this golden cord, should connect from side to side and front to back to your golden aura. So that your whole body is covered. Make this aura 5 inches outside of your visible body.

Please remember that it is important to do this also before you go to sleep. Do it first thing when you awaken and throughout the day. This will keep you protected.

Psychic protection is something you can do when you're standing in line at the grocery store, when you are on the phone, out in public, or just at home. Whenever you sense negative energy entering into your space, thoughts, or vibrational field.

Breathe light into your heart and as you exhale, let your golden heart light expand around your entire energy in an orb or an egg.

Create a golden sphere of light protecting your mind, body, and spirit. It protects you on every level from anything that is not in alignment with your highest integrity and divine will for your ascension into a radiant light being.

Visualize this orb of golden light around you and imagine that it’s becoming stronger through light rays streaming in from your team of Guides and Angels.

Visualize light from every direction to strengthen this shield. Now, focus on the center of your mind; on your pineal gland in the center of your head. Imagine a little spark of golden light.

As you focus upon this light in your mind’s eye, envision it becoming brighter. See it expand from a little spark to the size of a tennis ball. Vibrantly glowing with golden light like the sun. Breathe and relax and let this light expand further to the size of a volley ball – glowing brilliantly with pure source light, Christ light, divine light.

Let this orb of light drop down through your throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. All the way to your earth star chakra below you. Visualize this light clicking into place and spreading out like a disk of light. See it creating a base and foundation for you.

Call in More Light - Focus once again on your pineal gland. Visualize another spark of light, more quickly now; effortlessly growing into an orb. See it lower and sit just below your belly button. Let that orb of golden light expand around your legs, feet, and abdomen, protecting this energy trifecta. You are protecting your root, sacral and solar plexus with golden light.

Again, focus on your pineal gland, your third eye, calling in another orb of light. Let this one lower down to your heart center, expanding around you in an orb. Create a fourth orb of light that lowers into your throat. Then finally, visualize an orb of light in your pineal gland creating a helmet or shield around your mind, mental being, and head.

Focus on your heart, letting that orb of light grow and expand around you to once again fill this golden egg of light. Now you are protected on every level: mind, body, spirit, all of your energy centers, and your being are filled with crystalline consciousness.

Accelerate the Light - Imagine the light around you is becoming more vibrant. It accelerates, raising in vibration, increasing in frequency. The particles shine brighter and vibrate at a higher rate. Inside the orb, any lower vibrations you have taken on are pushed out and released into the light of the divine.

Ask, “Angels, please reach in and pull out any density, stagnant or stuck energy, fear-based constructs, and negativity.” Allow this to happen. Release into the light and then focus on the orb around you, shining vibrantly, protecting you. Allow love, guidance, and positive vibrations of awakening to flow in while protecting you against anything that does not serve.

This shield of light protects you on every level and empowers you to radiantly shine as the empowered, beautiful, spiritual being you authentically are. “Thank you, Angels for your help and support in crafting this light shield, and so it is.”

Shared with permission from Melanie at Ask-Angels.com

Is Earth a Beautiful Hades?

I have pondered this before, albeit just for a few moments, but the other day my interest was again piqued by a title on another web site which asked the question :- IS EARTH REALLY HELL? This time I stepped back and took a long hard look at that question, then I thought, and I thought, and the conclusion I came up with was that that title was frighteningly true to the point that the title should be :- 'EARTH IS HELL'. 

For untold centuries life on this world has been involved in wars and conflict, and the suffering of people, has been, in many cases unimaginable. Some may say that I`m wrong and that the Earth is beautiful and there are many good people striving to make this world a better place. But that is the 'Torment' I class myself as being good, not perfect, but good, but because of my knowledge of the political world I sit here not knowing if my comfy life will come to an abrupt halt when an atomic weapon is exploded signalling a third world war, and the possible destruction of humanity. 

It's not only wars that seem continuous like some eternal punishment, we also have the never ending threats of disease, chem-trails, pedophilia stalking our children, school massacres, earth quakes, asteroids crashing into our world, will I be murdered, will I have an accident, will my family be safe and much more. When one threat disappears another takes its place. 

Life for many is comfortable but there is always a hidden threat that things could go badly wrong, never knowing your future, not knowing what may happen next, can you see how this world is starting to look like 'HELL'. 

The Bible tells us we are all born sinners, if that is true then we are in the right place. Perhaps true 'Heaven' is to be in spirit form , and our bodies are prisons for the sinful spirits to be born into in order to live an uncertain life, to be in torment for as long as it takes. 

Are we spiritual criminals? have we committed some sort of crime and our punishment was for our spirits to be removed from our spiritual heaven and relocated into physical bodies in this dimension? And here we will live a life of constant fear; to me that would answer why I always feel that life on this world is controlled. It's just like a prison, the monotonous daily repetitive grind of fear and not knowing, nothing ever gets better, there are moments of light, but this is a cruel deceptive trick to make us suffer when we realize the darkness is still there, the fear never went away. We are led to believe that Utopia is within our grasp, but it's not and never will be as we are bombarded with fear on a daily basis. In our daily tabloid newspaper an 8-page pull out on health offers to tell us who is most at risk of developing dementia, as an example they test 4-readers knowing full well people will compare themselves with the results of those 4-readers. On an inner page of the pull-out in big black letters we have the title "DAD HAD DEMENTIA SO I WAS REALLY NERVOUS" the page also offers to tell you how to lower your chances of developing dementia (pointless because the fear has been implanted). The centre page double-spread gets even better, this title reads :- MENINGITIS, STIs, CANCER, STROKE .... THE BIGGEST HEALTH FEARS FOR EACH DECADE OF OUR LIFE (do we really want to know?) they then take us on a fear journey of health problems from pre-teens through to our 70's and beyond. 

Is the instinct to survive also part of the eternal damnation, many dying people cling on to life and in the process suffer terribly, my mother in-law who`s in her eighties is very ill, a few years back while in hospital her heart stopped, they resuscitated her but broke ribs in the process, and from that she was in agony for weeks. She still hung on to life, later she broke her hip, months later she fell again and broke the other hip, she is now bed ridden suffering with dementia and a severe water infection and coughing up rubbish, and she still struggles to hang on to life, one could only label her existence as 'Hell on Earth'. 

When we do manage to die are we immediately returned to a physical body (a baby) to continue our sentence on this Beautiful 'Hellish' Blue World. A sentence of eternal damnation. 

Is not knowing where we come from or are going to part of our punishment? 

It's a lovely bright sunny morning here everything seems wonderful. But do not be fooled it actually the smiling face of Hell.
The English Cognizant Citizen
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