Loosh Energy and the Truth

Be warned the link to the following article is not comfortable reading. One has to wonder if an Alien race that looks like us is living here and using us as food and fear generating machines because further in the comments people list various accounts of cannibalism openly taking place. Are these entities gaining, or trying to gain, as much strength as they can? Is this why there seems so much bloodshed in the world with no sign of it stopping?  Have Aliens been here feeding on humanity for thousands of years, slowly gaining strength. Is this the Evil the Bible is trying to tell us about?

Sex abuse within the church was once thought impossible to be true. Take heed when you read the following.
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Someone is scrubbing all videos related to this from the internet. All video links you linked to in your article are gone. Here is video of Alisa interview: https://vid.me/fXlt Here is info concerning a wider cult: http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2015/02/hampstead-cult-krishnamurti-cult.html Here is full length video of the WhistleBlower children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMJo67g2jeo

There is something very alien about the behavior of these people. Malevolent beings feed on negative energy, they call it 'loosh'.

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'LOOSH' ENERGY - Sherry Shriner
Think about the various people around the world who have sold out to Satan for wealth, fame, fortune, and power. The ones with big followings and the ones who have access to the largest amounts of people are the most successful. Or, the ones who can create the most terror and fear in people such as children or innocent victims of horrors, abuse, injury or death. They can climb the ladder legally or illegally, it doesn't matter to Lucifer. Loosh talks, the rest walks. There are several kinds of this loosh energy that they can develop to feed off of. It is almost like vampirism. Except instead of drinking blood to survive they somehow soak in and capture this energy to survive and it determines how successful they become and how far they can move up in rank, status, wealth, fame, fortune and power. To obtain loosh people must be deceived, used, abused,  manipulated, and even killed in order to become this energy source which is a food source for Luciferians who feed off of other peoples emotions.

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I was sleeping one night, and I was having a very strong sexual feeling. Thoughts of sex and such was being projected into my mind. Obviously, I was turn on... I woke up in the middle of the night and as I look whats in front of me, In my mind's eye, I could see two entities in my room. One was sitting on my bed while the other one was standing in front of me. Do keep in mind, That I did not see these entities with my physical eyes but I was able to perceive them though my mind. Possibly though my Third eye, which is active during the time I'm asleep.  Anyways, I was able to pick up a lot of details of these entities, They kinda remind me of Golem from Lord of the Rings. Their half naked, Very Slim body structure. The last time I seen Lord of the Rings was probably 3 years ago so this couldn't happened because of that movie. So even thought I was half awake, I still kept on perceiving thoughts of sex and such. Then I just close my eyes and went to sleep. The next day, I started doing research on Entities that feed on human energy.  Next thing I found out was that there are entities that are able to project all kinds of thoughts and feelings into our minds and feed on negative energies, Such as Fear, Angry, Anxieties, and other energies that can feed them. They Grow bigger as they feed.  If these entities do exist, is it best that we avoid all possible way to feed these entities? (Source ATS)




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Spiritual Warfare & The Art of Deception: The Hijacking of Spirituality

Is the time drawing near?

Over the past weeks I have sat back and contemplated our world as it is today, I have never known in my years a more disjointed violent corrupt era. 

I have no doubt there were periods in history far worse, but I`m talking of this supposedly technological age, murder , slaughter and fear are on the increase, we are definitely teetering on a down-hill roll towards total destruction, things could get worse, and they may well do. This set me thinking what could pull the world together? What would make us respect one another no matter what colour, nationality or religion? What would bring us together even though we would still have our political and religious differences? 

False Flag Event
After much thought I was left with no option other than the implementation of a False Flag Event, but which direction would such an event take? Would it be a nuclear war? An asteroid strike or may be the much talked about Alien Invasion? Which one of these would unite the world in a common cause of co-operation and peace even with our differences, a New World Order (now that rings a bell). The nuclear war and asteroid strike, to me, could, or would, be the end of humanity as we know it, survivors would be set back a hundred years or more fighting one another for survival and resources. So how do you pull the human race together, to fight as one and keep civilisation intact even though battered by some orchestrated catastrophe. IT HAS TO BE A FALSE FLAG ALIEN INVASION. 

Whoever is controlling events does not want humanities progress taking a huge back step as we would with a nuclear war or massive asteroid strike. With a false flag Alien Invasion just the fear generated by a perceived threat lurking near the Moon waiting to pounce on us humans would be enough to start talks of co-operation between countries. All that would have to be done, with a little help from the media, is to tell the public that those thousands of lights that are reported round the Moon are Alien craft and our well-fed fear instinct would take over (we have seen the films and heard terrifying stories), we would literally beg those in power to do something, and in turn we would do whatever those in power wanted us to do. A few thousand well places explosions all around the world would help cement the fear of invasion, a lot of destruction but society would still be intact and screaming for governments to do something. But! all is not lost, after thousands of fighter jets scream around chasing ghost radar blips it will be announced that the tide has turned and the invaders are on the run. We, through our ingenuity, have back engineered Alien spacecraft we have shot down, and now production will take place to implement this captured technology into our own spacecraft and take the fight to the invaders. 

Work or Enslavement?
Of course we have always had this technology, it's been kept well hidden from the masses for a fair few years until the powers that be felt that it was the right time play the Alien Card. Eventually after many fake explosions in outer space the invading menace is driven away, then in this new era of co-operation new industries will arise because it will be announced that we need to prepare against another attack. Space based technology will be in full production all around the world, bases will be set up on other planets, we will be told these will be advanced guard bases, but in reality, these bases will be set up by big corporations to establish mining companies, we will again be told that they have made some rare mineral discoveries that could help in the fight against further invasion attempts and so we must take advantage of this discovery. People will be trained in their thousands to work on other worlds, mining will be big business, and there will always be the fake threat of an Alien terror planning to attack us, so they would have to take substantial weapons with them, to weaponize outer space. In other words the criminals have broken out of jail and are now marauding unhindered through the Solar System and beyond, they will know no bounds because the duped innocent people of planet Earth would be fully behind them out of pure fear that an Alien race seeks our defeat and enslavement. 

Television and News
Ok! I know what you're thinking, you're saying to yourself "This is pure fantasy" well to a certain degree you would be right but fantasy is what the media can easily spin to us, the vast majority of humans will believe everything that the box in the corner of the living room tells them or any of the tabloids that are daily delivered through our letter boxes. 

So many false flags have been thrown at us over the years, false flags that contain controversial in your face evidence that suggests everything about terror attacks are fake, yet we still believe everything the media tells us. You have all seen the advancement of special effects in films so how do you know that a news item telling you that fighting is taking place in a particular corner of this world is actually happening, a short journey on the internet will show you fake news reports. But the mistakes they make in producing false flag events are so blatant and stupid you would think after the first few mistakes they would try to polish there act up, but they do not, they do not care because they know how the human mind works. 

A perfect example came from my son, at his place of employment he was discussing the Paris terrorist attack with a 20-year old work colleague . My son wanted to show his friend on his phone a film of the injured police officer who was supposedly shot in the head, the film demonstrated that the bullet hit the pavement behind the policeman. When my son looked at his friend for his reaction, he was amazed to find his friend standing there with his arm across his eyes, my son asked him what was up, the friend replied "I do not want to see anyone get shot", my son replied "No one gets shot, if they did I would not look at it either". My son attempted to show it again but his friend still stood there shielding his eyes, again my son asked him what was up? his reply was "I KNOW WHAT I HAVE READ AND HEARD" by this I think it's safe to assume he means TV news and daily paper news, there was no way he was going to view controversial evidence. 

Are we pre-Programed?
The sad thing is most humans think like this. We are so programmed we do not realize it, a casual look in our kitchen sink unit will give you some idea what I`m talking of. Every day TV advertising tells us unknown dangers in the form of germs lurk around our houses, from mites in your bed to bacteria on your table and germs on your work tops, but not to worry under our kitchen sink is an armory of chemicals that, we are told, will kill all germs and "Could" stop you getting the Flu virus. Now thanks to the fear generated by the advertising industry, what used to be a couple of bottles of cleaning fluid under the sink unit in the 1950`s has now turned into probably 10 or more items, we personally have a friend that will rush out and buy a any new cleaning fluid when its said your children are in danger from germs or this "Could" protect your child from the Flu virus. 

Have you noticed how certain adverts will have someone shouting at you that there product is what you need, or having someone looking all medical and in a white coat, telling you that the toothpaste they show you is the best. If they shout at us or wear a white coat or even a suit in advertising we will duly stand to attention and do whatever we are told, so why should a false flag Alien invasion be impossible, we show our gullibility to all manner of fear-monger bought to us by advertising, the media and politicians. 

The Charlie Hebdo incident as a recent example bought millions in protest to the streets of Paris, all this instigated by the actions of a small group of individuals. So again to me a false flag Alien Invasion would not be impossible, the powers that be have spent years moulding us into a mental state of acceptance, and now I wonder if the fruits of their labour are about to be displayed in the ultimate Invasion scenario, to quote Carol Rosin "The Last Card Will Be The Alien Card". 

Digital Mumbling
Last night my family were talking about the quality of Digital TV sound, time and again we are frustrated at the apparent mumbling of actors. The quality of sound on Analogue TV was far superior to Digital TV, we watched an old Cowboy episode called `Gunsmoke` which must have been 50-years or more old, the sound was crystal clear. The only reason I think Digital was introduced was that is easier to fool the audience as to what they are looking at than it would have been with Analogue TV. There is no justifiable reason to replace good quality with bad quality as they have done with Digital TV. I believe at sometime in the near future the pixels that now dominate our screens will be manipulated (if not already) for us to see and hear false news. Think about it we have at times had our TV`s involuntary jumping channels, or our TV`s being wiped clean of all stations, we have had news film breaking up. Clearly we are no longer in control of what we see, we think we are, but were not.
The English Cognizant Citizen

Escalating Fear

It's the year 2015 and we all agree, or is it just me, that events around the world are escalating? 2015 has not just crept up on us, it has literally exploded in our faces. 
  • We have had the terror attacks in France (whether false flag or not) 
  • Boko-Haram is enjoying its favourite pastime in another apparent mass killing 
  • We have been warned that Asteroids will pass close to Earth in Jan/Feb of this year, some predict we will be struck by one. 
  • Muslim religion is suffering world-wide due to the attack in France by extremists, there have I believe been 50-or more anti-Muslim attacks after the incident in France. The magazine that published the offending pictures that so inflamed the Muslim extremists is set to republish them, further antagonising the situation, Muslims world-wide are condemning the attack in France, yet they are still being persecuted. 
Internet sources have called the attack in France a false flag, an acted out incident that creates panic and dupes people to follow a certain political road or idea, to make you think that the bad person is good, and the good person is bad, judging by the thousands on the streets and taking part in rallies, for the moment the false flag seems to be working. 

While I see all this taking place I`m haunted by what I read about 4-years ago, the time the place and the actual topic is after 4-years no longer in my head, but one sentence stuck in my mind, and that was:- 


Who is meant by "They"? 

Going by the onset of 2015 the words seem all the more real and have a lot of truth about them.

Algezzera news did an on-location report of a recent attack by Boko-Harem in which 40 people were slaughtered, this later changed to 37.

The reporter was shown by a villager where these people were murdered, he took him to a room, by my estimates 20`foot x 20 foot, he said 40-people were killed in this room. The strange thing is there were bullet holes across the walls but not one sign of blood or blooded clothing, it may have been cleaned but if 40 people had died there would have been a lot of blood, anyway why clean evidence away if you want show the world how vile Boko-Harem are? Next he took the reporter outside where people tried to escape but were shot down, only then did the villager point out two signs of blood on the floor, I did not see the blood he talked of, then he told the reporter 17 people died trying to escape. He then said 20-inside and 17-outside 37 altogether.

I do not know the details of the report, I missed the beginning, but I presume the attack happened recently with it being on Saturdays news, when I watched this report I was suddenly overcome by a great doubt and what I was watching was indeed not true, and the scene of a shooting was used to give a false news report. I may be wrong but I have never had a feeling like before. My point is you really do not know what you are watching, is it the truth or is it propaganda?

Strange Tracks with Middle Markings

Strange Tracks, Cheadle UK
My son arrived at his place of work in Cheadle, Stroke-on-Kent UK, to be confronted by strange marking tracks in the dust on the shop floor. He is a paint sprayer by trade and with that you do get dusty floors from time to time that displays peoples footprints but he has never in all the years that he has been there evre come across anything like this. 

When you click on the image look at what I refer to as the railway tracks. I asked if it could be a mouse, he said definitely not, a mouse with a foot span that big would have at some point dragged its stomach in the dust. The width of the tracks are 1-3/4 to 2-00 inches wide or 5 centimetres. My son seems to think more in line with a large spider. Take note of how the tracks join one another at the top of the picture, it’s just like a railway junction. There appears to one side of the prints to be an extra mark, and on another picture for a couple of feet it looks like a sharp object had been dragged along in the middle of the track. 

I asked him if the tracks had led anywhere that he might follow, he said no, he had checked. Whatever it was looked as though it was after something and it was certainly not food discarded by humans (eating or drinking is not allowed in the spray bay). Others on the company also think it is an insect but have no idea what type, and me, well you know me, until I see the insect that made those tracks and find its lair, then to me it is a paranormal event. 

Workplace floor with strange tracks

Meanwhile my son is keeping his eyes open and checking his spraying head gear. Just in-case… 

People have sometimes discovered strange markings in the dust of houses, or powder purposely left because someone suspects paranormal activity. When I saw the tracks I thought straight away about an incident from the 1800`s. An undertaker could not sleep as it was a hot night, on looking across the country side he noticed a bright light drop down into a clump of tree`s not far from his cottage. The following morning his curiosity got the better of him, he went into the area of the tree`s, he noticed strange rut marks all over the ground and wondered what had made them. Suddenly he noticed a movement, a small machine appeared out of the undergrowth, a hatch-way opened up and the machine seemed to be dragging a dead rat towards the open hatch at the same time a bright blue pencil beam of light shot out at the dead rat. Unable to grasp what was going on another noise caught his attention, suddenly an even larger machine appeared, the little machine turned its attention to the undertaker, he stated that is was attempting to drive him towards the bigger machine which by now had opened a large hatch-way. In his panic he fled home, that evening he witnessed a bright light rise out of the wooded area. Because he thought people might think he was crazy he wrote an account of the incident and hid it in a writing desk, the letter was discovered many years later by a family member . 

I am ready for it to be an insect or animal, but I`m also ready for it to be something else.