Feeding Satanism to Young Minds

Satanism is insidiously creeping into the lives of children through movies with a PG ratings imploring you to watch a "magical, Sci-Fi, mystery, thriller, fantasy, comedy, family genre". The 2018 The House with a Clock in its Walls is the latest.
"I’m gonna tell you right now that was the most demonic, satanic ritual, witchcraft, sorcery, worst movie I have seen, and trust me I know there is way worse than that but this is involving children to wake up demons and perform satanic spells with witchcraft an warlocks black magic."
Critic Review
In the tradition of Amblin classics where fantastical events occur in the most unexpected places, Jack Black and two-time Academy Award (R) winner Cate Blanchett star in THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS, from Amblin Entertainment. The magical adventure tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) who goes to live with his uncle in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town's sleepy fa├žade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead. 
Rating: PG (for thematic elements including sorcery, some action, scary images, rude humor and language)
Parents need to know that The House with a Clock in Its Walls is based on John Bellairs' same-named 1970s children's book. It marks the first younger-skewing spookfest from Hostel director Eli Roth, who considers this film a "starter horror movie" for families and tweens. But it's definitely a "know your kid" situation: The movie is very creepy, and there are a few scenes that are downright scary/jump-worthy for kids. There are scary toys/dolls, ominous sounds, a demon, witchcraft, necromancy, and the occult, but (spoiler alert!) the "good" witch and warlocks ultimately prevail against the forces of evil that are threatening them and the world. In one scene, a boy hurts kid protagonist Lewis (Owen Vaccaro), but later Lewis magically makes a basketball hit two bullies during a game. "Damn" and "hell" are used a couple of times, and several mild insults are traded by two adult friends (Jack Black and Cate Blanchett). A married couple kisses. Parents who enjoy horror movies will appreciate this introduction to the genre, but families with sensitive kids should think about whether they're up for even a "light" fright flick. Those who do watch will appreciate the movie's messages about teamwork, perseverance, friendship, and facing your fears.

Customer Reviews
Hundreds of consumer reviews for this movie, most of the following comments were on the one review site, list after list of negative feedback.

This movie is psychologically disturbing and I can't understand the PG rating. Two of the most disturbing scenes are not even in the book and were unnecessary to the story. *Spoiler alert* a witch disguises herself as the 10-year old's dead mother to trick him into helping her. Any kid who might have issue with this idea would be quite disturbed by this and would definitely have nightmares. My teenagers thought the disturbing scenes ruined the rest of the movie, which is only mediocre in the first place.

Too scary. Wrong rating 
I wish I would have waited to read more reviews before seeking this movie. I took my 10 yr old son thinking it would be a cute movie. He was so frightened that he requested we leave before it was over. This movie had too many horror movies like qualities and the magic was too Dark and demonic. Not the fun Harry Potter like magic. If you are particular about what your kids see, skip this one.

This was not a kids movie and more than a few key scenes were horrifying . I brought my three children to this movie. I feel like a failed all three children. They love jack black kids movies. This is not one of them. My 8.5 year has been crying too afraid to go to sleep for the last 2 hours. Spoilers. No kids film should include a little boy creating a pentagram, doing blood magic and conducting necromancy spells. No kids film should include the demon Azazel licking blood from a man’s hand with an elongated forked tongue. And no kids film should have the orphaned main character plagued by dreams of his dead mother telling him lies, who then turns out to be an evil witch in disguise. Very disappointed. This is not a pg film. Wrong rating. Just wrong.

Skip the satanic / occult images
Kids cut themselves in this - DON’T GO see that The House with the Clock in Its Walls movie. My kids watch most things, but I wish that I didn’t take them to this. They love Harry Potter, and it seemed like this would be similar. It’s not! Too much black magic, witchcraft, and satanic stuff. There are FIVE times when someone— even a kid— takes a knife and slices their hands/flesh to drip blood for a spell! Once it was to drip it on a pentagram in a book with demons on the page. LOTS of images of demons and pentagrams. WTH?! It’s rated only PG! Tell all parents not to go to this! Some people are walking out. I keep staying hoping the ending lightens it up and makes the whole thing less frightening. It’s unacceptable to rate this PG! Let guardians know. Don’t take kids less than 11 and even then only if they don’t frighten over movies. In general, it’s just got too many satanic elements (and we watch Harry Potter, so we aren’t “those” parents.)

Don’t bother
Regret spending my money on this. Not suitable for young children. Whole movie was about witchcraft, spells, demons- spent most of the time waiting for the rest of our group outside with my scared 7.5 year old. Definitely not PG worthy.

This movie gets dark quickly. Witchcraft, black magic, blood sacrifice, necromancy, satanic forces, demons. The list goes on and on. I didn’t think that I would need to be so careful about a PG film. This sent my 11 year old, shaking, out of the theater. The director wants this to be a gateway film for horror films. The previews do not do this movie justice for the evil within. Beware.

Misleading preview 
I thought I was taking my kids to see a family friendly comedy with touches of innocent spooky touches, but instead this movie featured a scene with a demon with a split tongue in the black woods, blood magic and way too much witchcraft and demonic references. Every time I considered walking out, it eased up a bit. Cant believe I let my kids watch this. I regret the decision!!!

Terrible subconscious messaging about satanic worship 
I thought I was taking my boys to a fun, light-hearted Harry Potter like film that shows fighting pumpkins. It took an unexpected turn when the boy summoned the dead using his own blood on a devil's pentagram and when one of the main characters sold his soul to a ferocious looking demon by licking the blood off of his hand. I was quick to cover my boys eyes so they dont remain with that image. Several times they showed the exchange of blood on pentagram devil diagrams, the message of how you should not trust your own mother, and several graphic demon pictures were shown in the form of a book. I signed up for the first time ever because I felt so compelled to say something.

Warning! This is NOT a PG Movie!!
This movie is scary!! Demons, demonic control over others, demonic possession, and other freaky things, are just a few things that are part of this horror movie. PG is not!! Don't take your kids if they're under 15! My younger son had to walk out of the theatre with my wife thirty minutes before the end of the movie, as I stayed with my older son behind!! I feel sad, like I let my young one down tonight.

Misleading Trailer
I have two 13 year old girls, they spent half the movie with their hoodies tightened close over their faces until they finally told me they wanted to leave. This is a very dark movie. A child raising the dead, evil spirit disguised as child's dead mother, dolls and graphics that will haunt my children's sleep. This was a total waste of money and I wish we had walked out earlier before it was able to imprint into my girls' nightmares!!!

Terrible Satanic Movie
I decided to go see a movie called “A House with a clock in its walls” rated PG. I’m gonna tell you right now that was the most demonic, satanic ritual, witchcraft, sorcery, worst movie I have seen, and trust me I know there is way worse than that but this is involving children to wake up demons an perform satanic spells with witchcraft an warlocks black magic. Satan is so smart, in the movie they used upside down crosses and any other demonic symbols to make it seem like it’s OK for you to surround yourself with that. In all honestly do what you want with life as an adult but my Lord leave the children alone. I know you may read right over this post an either like or even respond with a little comment but I really wish we could put some things in action, I would never take my children to see something like that and I would definitely suggest to all who see this please don’t take your kids to see a movie like this. I’m not going to apologize for this because it’s real Satan hates our guts an wants us all dead with him in the end. Please do not see this movie. Thanks and God be with us all.

Not a PG movie- do not take kids
This movie is definitely not a PG movie and is not family friendly. My son was terrified and asked to leave the movie. He has seen a lot of PG movies but this was not a PG movie due to scariness, a lot of demonic references and scenes, and language. I wish I could take the whole experience back. Had we known the rating wasn’t exactly correct and the previews were extremely misleading, we never would have gone. Very disappointing.

Definitely not a kids movie first 30 minutes were fun to watch after that it went downhill super fast people were walking out.

Avoid this movie
This movie is beyond just scary. It is demonic. ***Spoiler Alert*** The villain has sold his soul to a demon. This is explained and shown in the movie. The young boy who is aspiring to being a warlock plays with pentagrams and blood spells. This is not just an introduction to horror...it is an introduction to the occult.

This is definitely PG 13 or R, not PG
Has demonic scenes and characters that really bothered even the adults. Unbelievable that the movie industry slapped PG rating to attract more kids to watch.



We all live through many lifetimes, not only from past lives but also within this present lifetime, evolving and transforming from earlier experiences to where we hopefully grow in wisdom. Every phase of our life has unique value and beauty: the innocence and newness of the world we experience as children, the strength and sense of invincibility of youth, the relation shared with a mate and creation of a family, the difficult phases when we must overcome great obstacles or tragedy, and the later phase of life when what we have done is greater than the time left for what we will do. 

We are all often fooled and make false assumptions based on the society we were brought up in. Luckily we now live in the time of the Quickening, when many truths unfold and are revealed on a daily basis. Sometimes this overwhelm of new knowledge puts us out of sync with those around us who are more comfortable with old assumptions and world views, and this create a sense of alienation that is something akin to a Cassandra syndrome, where we try to share these truths with others thinking we’re crazy. It is hard for most people to admit they have been living under false assumptions, and we must respect that. Everyone needs to follow their own time frame for awakening and path of development. 

The internet has become something like psychic training wheels helping us to connect to others and develop a collective consciousness where we grow spiritually and teach each other. But at the core of every person, almost as part of their DNA, is an internal navigation system guiding their life’s course: intuition. Even from an early age we instinctively know what we’ll be good at in life and even knowing the things we’ll never have interest in or attempt to do in this lifetime. Intuition almost instantly tells us when something rings true or sounds bogus, even when we don’t know all the facts. It allows us to recognize opportunities and dangers if only we listen. How many times after something bad or a missed opportunity happens do we say to ourselves, “If I had only listened to that voice inside my head…”

Just as people go through different stages of life, so does the world. It grows up along with us, and the transformations we are able to witness and experience in a single lifetime are truly remarkable. We are all lucky enough to have lived experiencing a past world that is gone forever while standing on the cusp of a major new era of global conscious wakening which will hopefully shrug off the perverse PTW ruling mindset of human husbandry that treated us like cattle. Many visit Lynn’s blog seeking answers or reassurance, but almost every time someone posts a question to her, you can see or sense the answer within the question itself. It is that sense of intuition we must learn to recognize, cultivate, listen to, and act upon. It’s our own personal road map to navigate our life’s journey through the world we live in.

Reincarnation of an ‘individual self’ is only as possible to the extent of believing that your sense of ‘self’ – your ego – is real. Two identities who are dwelling within two different physical bodies in the present, or in the past, will be two very distinct personalities. In truth, the ‘I’ is a transitioning, ever-changing phenomenon. Although our identities and senses of self are ever-changing, there is something that remains the same. There is something within us that is constant and continuous and that is pure awareness. It is this very pure awareness which serves as the experiencer and observer of life, and it is this pure awareness that we can refer to as ‘our’ Soul … This understanding of reincarnation closely resembles that of the Buddhist idea that the continuity continues, but the individual disappears.