Strangeness in the Night

Alberta Canada
Thank you to the reader who sent in their own personal encounter of cat mutilation in the dead of night.
"I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Six years ago at 4:30am, I was driving a friend home. He lives in Lacombe Park, an area about 5 minutes from mine. It was a beautiful morning. We turned the corner to his crescent and were startled to see two uniformed female RCMP bent over looking at something. As we drove by we were both shocked at what it was; absolutely shocked.  A pure white large cat that was cut in half. It looked completely normal, except there was two pieces. We passed slowly, I recall the one cop taking a photo. There was no blood or fur or struggle etc. My friend mentioned that he had read about this in our local paper, sure enough they had found two others in St Albert at this time; there was other ones to come in the following weeks. Edmonton I think had 8 reports with more to come. A couple of things seem odd when I look back at this. The home that the cat was in front of had no lights on or door open; there was no resident present outside. The officers were both females, small and had their hair pulled back in a bun. They never even glanced at us.  
I wonder, did they just stumble upon this travesty? Did they not wonder what we were doing at this odd hour? This was beyond strange and as I re-tell and think about it, it was beyond strange. At the time all that I could think of was the disturbing cat, an image that I will never forget, but now there are a few things that seemed odd. Also in the weeks to follow, I followed the reports and there was no mention of this particular cat on this particular street. One more thing odd was TWO female RCMP, one cruiser. I don't think that they send two females out together, I thought it was always a male and female; could be wrong. Thank you for the attention you are giving these tragic occurrences."

This cat had the obvious appearance of being unnaturally killed. Officers are typically trained to take in their surroundings, between the two of them, you would think that at least one person would have noticed your approach at a late hour, and, if they were focusing so intently at the cat, think that you might have been worth tossing a few questions to.


Personal thoughts about time

Past Present and the Future are in the state of `Now`, there is no gap or `Time` between these 3-theoretical stages of existence, they are `One` and the `Now`. 

Humankind invented `Time` and when we did this we automatically created the 3-stages of existence that like `Time` do not exist, so we have:- 

Time = Past, Present and Future, which in turn gives us :- 

"Past Time" "Present Time" and "Future Time", none of which really exist because they were invented by the human to try to make sense of our Universe and existence, to bring order to our lives. 

Even though we have these 3-stages we are still no closer to understanding our existence or the Universe. 

Remember the Universe is in no hurry, the Universe has no sense of `"Time"`, `"Time"` is a product of us humans, we have caused it to surround our world, we can even reach a limited distance into outer space with our "Time" based technology and that distance is but a pin prick compared with the size of the Universe. In effect our concept of "Time" keeps us prisoner on this planet, you may rightly ask the question " If `Time does not exist then why do we grow old?" Well ageing is really another part of the illusion, along with our invention of "Time", when we talk of age we are describing a "Time Period" such as old age or young age, again our invention, and because age is linked to "Time" neither really exist. I think in order to understand this we have to forget "Time," our life is more like an explosion of existence in the "Now" but if you are at the centre of that explosion, as we are, everything appears to move slowly. Take our planet Earth, it is spinning and moving through space at tremendous speed but because we are at the centre of that explosion of movement the Earth appears to move slowly. Birth, life and old age take place all in the "Now", no spaces no gaps no time period. Age to me is just a collapsing of the material (our body) that was home to our soul and gave it a brief existence into this universe. Incalculable number of events take place in the universe in the "Now", it is only our illusion of "Time" that separate`s those events. 

Just look around your house, notice that your family are doing different things all at the same instant whether sleeping, eating, talking or playing music , even if a family member is 6-miles away doing the shopping the distance does not alter the fact that everything is being done in the same instant, the "Now". Bring "Time" into the equation and said family member will be back in 2-hours, but remove "Time" from the equation and our shopper is already back home in the same "Now" that she was doing the shopping , to take it a step further we are already dead even though we feel very alive. In reality our soul only gets a brief existence in this universe but down here in the explosion of life our soul has had 80-years of existence, as I have stated things move slowly at the centre of an explosion. But in reality 80-years cannot exist as it is linked to "Time" and we invented "Time.". 

I know it's impossible to imagine a period where "Time" does not exist, we have, from birth, instantly had our existence linked to "Time", it is so ingrained into our everyday lives we could not function without it , but it's an illusion and as I said at the beginning we are truly a prisoner of that illusion. 

Everything ever created by humanity all came from the "Mind", we had a thought or idea then used our creativeness to bring that idea to life in the material world. So is it possible we can think of an idea to build a means of traversing the vast distances of outer space, if we carry on using our concept of "Time" I doubt we will get very far. I feel we need to shake off the shackles of "Time". Perhaps Wormholes are the answer?, to be any place in the Universe in an instant, or will our "Mind / Soul" be the ultimate mode of travel to be at our destination not in an instant but in the "Now" because our "Mind / Soul knows no limit, it is not governed by our concept of "Time" but when "Mind" becomes conscious in the physical material body it has to engage with the human invention of "Time". When we dream we have no sense of "Time", when you waken from sleep you have no knowledge where 6-hours of slumber have gone because when you sleep you have entered a realm where "Time" does not exist, could our dreams be "Timeless Travel" into other existences. Because let's face it a "Dream" is a name we have given to a state of mind that we do not fully understand. We name everything we see because we do not understand them so we create an understanding by giving what we do not understand a name, and by naming everything we create a reality. So where did the concept of "Time" come from, what did we not understand which caused us to name something "Time". Let's look at it this way, make believe you have just come into existence and are fully aware, you need to give yourself a reality so you name everything you come into contact with, you see such some debris , you call it a stone, you then notice you are walking on something and you call it grass , you see another life form so you call it a bird, you see orbs in the sky you call them the sun and moon. But! where do you see "Time"?.......you do not, "Time" is an idea born from the study of the Sun and its relationship to Earth`s orbital movement, you cannot grasp "Time" or put in a jar and look at it, it does no exist in this material Universe but we pretend it does. 

One has to wonder about our Alien visitors, what concept of "Time" do they use if any, or do they operate outside the boundaries set by a concept, have they tapped into the secret of travelling from galaxy to galaxy without the hindrance of "Time", to just be there in the "Now". 



The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself

Shocking Mental Health Stories

Read the horrifying encounters of people caught between the worlds; trapped against their will in mental institutions and classed as 'unlivable'. The shocking truth is revealed through the lives of those involved.

A twelve year old boy, one of the youngest people on whom was performed the barbaric trans-orbital, ice pick, lobotomy. This book is a powerful, moving story of his rise from the depths of enforced mental illness to his redemption late in life. 

Nellie Bly worked feigned mental illness so she could enter the world of the Women's Lunatic Asylum Blackwell's Island. What she found there prompted a grand jury to begin an investigation into conditions so horrific that she almost became a forgotten victim herself. 

Four hundred abandoned suitcases found in the attic of an abandoned mental asylum tells the story of ordinary people with ordinary lives caught up in the nightmare of voluntary mental health...and became trapped for the rest of their lives. 

Horrifying real and the absolute truth.


My Lobotomy

Ten Days in a Mad-House: Nellie Bly's Experience on Blackwell's Island. Feigning Insanity in Order to Reveal Asylum Horrors

The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic

Gracefully Insane: Life and Death Inside America's Premier Mental Hospital

Great and Desperate Cures: The Rise and Decline of Psychosurgery and Other Radical Treatments for Mental Illness

I took a peek into the book `The lives they left behind` on the Amazon site. I read the part where the Quakers did not know what caused `madness` but still treated afflicted people as brethren. For those so stricken they built country retreats where these people were given shelter, food and companionship, and through this caring attitude many recovered. When I read those words in the book preview I was instantly reminded of my mother-in-laws situation. She had been in hospital for 3-months due to a bad fall which damaged her hip, the second fall in a matter of months the first need a hip replacement. While these hospital periods were being lived through it became clear she was developing dementia, her eating of substantial food to maintain good health deteriorated, she would refuse medicine and forget what had happened a minute before. The future for her did not look good, the hospital suggested she went into a care home but her son and daughter wanted her home, after a long period of `ifs` and `buts` and assurances she would be cared for she was aloud to return to her home where she lived with her son, her daughter visited her daily. After 2-weeks at home her eating has improved dramatically, even though she has other health issues she gets about and is more talkative, Yes the dementia is still there but her overall feel for life has been illuminated by being in surroundings she knew, close to her son and daughter whom she knows care and love her. Its seems as though the `Quakers` were right in their approach of compassion and caring love. She is in her 80`s now and we know things will not get any better but for the moment she is contented, and like her family have said if and when she dies she will be where she has always wanted to be the place she calls home.

May I just add the hospitals care of my mother-in-law was outstanding, we could not fault anything.