Strangeness in the Night

Alberta Canada
Thank you to the reader who sent in their own personal encounter of cat mutilation in the dead of night.
"I live in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Six years ago at 4:30am, I was driving a friend home. He lives in Lacombe Park, an area about 5 minutes from mine. It was a beautiful morning. We turned the corner to his crescent and were startled to see two uniformed female RCMP bent over looking at something. As we drove by we were both shocked at what it was; absolutely shocked.  A pure white large cat that was cut in half. It looked completely normal, except there was two pieces. We passed slowly, I recall the one cop taking a photo. There was no blood or fur or struggle etc. My friend mentioned that he had read about this in our local paper, sure enough they had found two others in St Albert at this time; there was other ones to come in the following weeks. Edmonton I think had 8 reports with more to come. A couple of things seem odd when I look back at this. The home that the cat was in front of had no lights on or door open; there was no resident present outside. The officers were both females, small and had their hair pulled back in a bun. They never even glanced at us.  
I wonder, did they just stumble upon this travesty? Did they not wonder what we were doing at this odd hour? This was beyond strange and as I re-tell and think about it, it was beyond strange. At the time all that I could think of was the disturbing cat, an image that I will never forget, but now there are a few things that seemed odd. Also in the weeks to follow, I followed the reports and there was no mention of this particular cat on this particular street. One more thing odd was TWO female RCMP, one cruiser. I don't think that they send two females out together, I thought it was always a male and female; could be wrong. Thank you for the attention you are giving these tragic occurrences."

This cat had the obvious appearance of being unnaturally killed. Officers are typically trained to take in their surroundings, between the two of them, you would think that at least one person would have noticed your approach at a late hour, and, if they were focusing so intently at the cat, think that you might have been worth tossing a few questions to.



  1. Very strange, two women police officers, did they just see the cat from their vehicle or did someone report the mutilated animal. If so would they not be talking to the police about their find, and the lack of interest by the police of the passing vehicle late at night just does not add up. Some UFO sightings and reports suggest that helicopters seen at the time of an incident are actually UFO`s, could this not be the same with other modes of transport such as a police vehicle, remember how the MIB`s turn up in a black vehicle. Did the witnesses actually encounter 2-entities leaving the cats body for display then they disappear into the night. Its a pity the witnesses did not check with the local police force to see if they had 2-women on duty at the time of the mutilation.

  2. I was going to suggest that the witnesses could have gotten out of their vehicle and spoke with the police (basically being nosy). But this could have been to their detriment especially if the 2-police officers were something else, something akin to Black Eyed Entities, they may never have returned home.


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