Chakra Meditation Earth & Sun

After the nearly dying the other day, I have spent some time clearing my energy, and I discovered something, so I wanted to share it as a possible solution to we may be facing, an alien agenda, that is very possibly operating counter to humanity on the planet. It is up to you to look at it, feel it, understand it and try this solution. The solution is very natural and earth based for meditation and clearing. It is quite simply connecting your higher-self/consciousness from your 6th and 7th chakra to the sun, our sun, not some external realm or reality, that is externally created, that may be trap for you to fall into. To connect you use visualization and imagine a golden cord from the region in your body to whatever it is you want to connect to, and be careful with it, use Divine Intent. I found those words so useful when you feel it on any occasion to help me overcome an obstacle or achieve a goal or positive objective.

For possibly thousands of years, we have been programmed with false beliefs that quite possibly serve this alien agenda that is operating against humanity. Many people work with the chakra system of the body and attempt to connect to higher realms/realities including those who work the Kabbalah.

What I have discovered, is that those higher realms are managed potentially by off-worlders. Those off-worlders, when you connect to their points, have awareness of whatever it is that you are clearing which may be fine, if you are revoking agreements with that particular group. More information on revoking agreements, you can see this here. I was uncomfortable with some of the verbiage so I changed it, here is my version of revoking agreements, feel free to augment it as you feel it change for you. Then when I got through with the agreements, I started working with the Galactic Central Sun to clear some negative, old energy, I felt with Cobra’s group

After I completed that, the connection was no longer valid, so then I started connecting with my 6th and 7th chakra to the earth. I sent a lot of negative energy to the earth for transmutation until it seemed full energetically, so then I felt the earth direct me to the sun, our sun, not some false etheric level of God, etc. The real higher connection for humans seems to be the sun.

So, I went outside and connected to the earth with my feet and first chakra, this forms what looks like a tree with roots, then I connected to the sun with my 6th and 7th chakra. It became clear that this was our natural connection, and not the one that is handed to us for us to follow. It is also scientific in a way because we are localized physical energy, operating in a physical reality, which is what “spiritual people” tend to ignore. They are always looking for a connection to what is “out there” when in reality, the connection is right here in our physical world. It is natural, and we are part of nature. We can connect to nature. We do not need to disappear from the planet, become “spirit” – we are physical beings here to do physical work and “ascension” and all of this prophesy myth and legend is false. We should be working towards advancing ourselves physically towards and evolved world – sustainability, connection with nature and all that is around us, instead we are sending ourselves away into a false world – one filled with technology that is counter to nature and our natural abilities. Our natural connections will help us to be equal with any off-worlders and stand side by side with them, if they are friendly, rather than being controlled by any external agenda.

It is no surprise that we have been handed this myth and legend, false spirituality potentially based on an alien agenda to control humanity. When thinking about the “old religions,” the people were very connected to the sun. The sun gave the people power. The people gave the sun power through their connection. The sun is our life. In the past, the sun was humanity’s connection to each other that enabled everyone to be found and connected. By creating the myths and legends, the possible alien agenda, took away our sun’s power, our power and our power to connect to each other.

This something to consider and try for yourself. Have fun with it. We need to save ourselves, our planet and our sun.


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Bizarre Cat Abductions

Police are investigating a spate of mysterious cat disappearances around Newry, Belfast Ireland. The situation is extremely worrying, if it's one person responsible then they are covering quite extensive ground.

The bizarre abductions were initially believed to have been concentrated in the Newry area but disappearances have been reported as far away as Dublin, Enniskillen and Ballymena, with the most recent case reported in Holywood.

"They fit the same general pattern and owners are telling the same stories, there's something very strange going on and it's extremely worrying. One cat gave birth to a litter-of-six but the mother has since vanished. If a cat is hit by a car it might run off somewhere to die, which might be hard to find in the country but not in bigger towns - yet they have completely disappeared."
A database handed over to the PSNI who have confirmed they are investigating the peculiar incidents. Concern has been expressed that someone might be imitating the 'Croydon Cat Killer', who was later dubbed the 'M25 Cat Killer', who is believed to be behind the death and mutilation of more than 250 cats - as well as dozens of foxes and rabbits since 2015 - had to be given a new nickname after more animals were found dead as far north as Manchester. The map shows very clearly that this is happening in towns and cities situated along an extensive stretch of motorway, which is exactly what has been happening in England.
"Now cats are disappearing in the same way here and my fear that this could be something similar has only gotten worse."
Despite more than 1,000 hours of Metropolitan Police time dedicated to solving the chilling case since 'Operation Takahe' was officially launched in 2015, officers have turned up nothing.

Initially, foxes had been thought to be responsible but London charity Snarl revealed some 50 foxes had been found with identical injuries to the cats, and suggested five rabbit deaths and two swan decapitations could also be linked. Many cats have been dismembered, with the deaths described as "gruesome" by animal welfare workers.

Pet owners to have their cats neutered and to keep them indoors.

Forensic scientists have been hired in the hunt for the Croydon Cat Killer. The experts will re-examine corpses of some of the estimated 250 victims of the pet killer. The will carry out new tests for DNA evidence and try to identify a geographical pattern to the slaughter. It is hoped the CSI -style prob will shed new light on who is behind the ritualistic killings, first reported in Croydon, South London, in 2014. The killer was also dubbed the M25 Cat Killer as decapitated victims were found in towns around the motorway.

Post mortems have already been conducted on some cats and their remains frozen. These will now be examined by Surrey-based ArroGen Veterinary Forensics which has been launched to help the RSPCA bring prosecutions.

ArroGen boss Dr Alexander Stoll said of his new laboratory; "It will be a one-stop shop for investigations involving animals. People who harm animals are more likely to abuse humans". A £10.000 reward has been offered for information leading to an arrest.

Campaigners believe the killer bludgeons the cats, cuts off their heads and lays out the remains in a ritualistic way.

Gove`s law plan. 
“Michael Gove’s promise to bring sentences in line with Northern Ireland – which has a maximum of five years’ imprisonment – should help to deter people from abusing and neglecting animals, and will finally mean that the sentence fits the crime.”

Apparently the current term for animal cruelty is 6-months. I wonder why this is in the same paper same day, is it to show the people that are victims of cat mutilation to their pet (or kid them up) that something is being done. 250- victims and no one has seen anything, and killings are still probably still going on. Who's financing this anyway, forensics do not come cheap, I think some one is getting worried about the amount of killings. I cannot wait for the forensic results. If they release them.

They say when doing research 'Follow The Money', I wonder who finances ArroGen .


Image - Belfast Telegraph