Night Terrors and Jet Aircraft

This particular story starts in the dead of night, the day previous day had been a normal working day and we had more work to follow so we did not stay up too late. Our son occupied one of the rooms upstairs and my wife and I had the downstairs bedroom, and lastly, our cross border collie slept in the kitchen. Now about 2.45 am we were literally dragged from our deep sleep by a sudden commotion within our house. I awoke with my wife to hear our dog in the kitchen virtually choking with terror or excitement. Suspecting burglars I whispered to my wife not to put any lights on, if they were trying to gain entry to any part of our property I wanted the advantage. I peeked through the curtains of the front window. It was clear. I checked the living room, nothing. Now I opened the kitchen door to where our dog was still frantically pacing up and down, ignoring her I checked out the back garden by turning on the security light, the coast was clear. Now I turned on the kitchen light. I looked down at our dog, she is normally a strong willed dog and not much for people she does not know. What I had in front of me was a terrified animal, her eyes were glazed and she was completely agitated, I stooped down to comfort her.

By now my son and wife appeared, my wife wondering what had happened, but it was my son that had a story to tell. He said that he had been in a deep sleep but was awakened by a disturbance emanating, as it seemed, from the darkness of his room, the noise got louder and louder and more high pitched, he was convinced it was in his room but then realized it was moving. He jumped out of bed and snatched open the Velux Window near to him. He could hear the terrifying noise moving across the country side and dying out in the distance, he saw no lights to indicate aircraft or the glow of jet engines, there was nothing to observe only this spine tingling noise.

Our son is an excellent observer he can recall and give spot-on descriptions without hesitation. If it was a jet what was it doing out at night flying at roof top level over a built up area? Why did our neighbors not hear the commotion? Someone should have heard something! Outside our door is the large populated area of Weston Coyney UK.  Nothing was heard and nothing was reported. However, someone knew something because seconds after this event 3- armed heavy duty military jets appeared at tree-top level, they took the same course as the object. Because of the jets’ cruise speed I presumed they had been told to follow and observe. For those jets to get here so soon from the nearest base, they must have had knowledge it was coming. So you will understand my scepticism of people saying that the only noise my son heard that night was a jet aircraft. There`s more to this area than meets the eye.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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Feeding on Fear

"The Black Eyed Children phenomena has always fascinated me and, according to Mr Weatherly, is on the increase. An interesting point he made was that when these entities had instilled enough fear into their victim they would then disappear in the blink of an eye. It is as though, he says, that they feed on our fear.
Ninety nine percent of our life is ruled by fear. In everything we do there is always fear, if not for yourself it could well be a family member. Businesses, banks, and advertising have the capacity to actually scare money out of you! 
Examples of Fear Based Sales 
  • “before you buy our burglar alarm system I just need to tell you there is a burglary every 60 seconds in the UK!” 
  •   “you need our bank to look after your money so we can invest it for you, and it is safer, you might get robbed at home!” 
  • “your dog needs these new Dental Chewy Sticks, because four out of five dogs have gum disease!”
This type of thing happens every day, year after year, in all walks of life, we lock our doors at night because of fear. We live a life of paranoia. We may not realise that we are actually doing ourselves harm. Over the centuries this world has been witness to some of the vilest atrocities mankind could ever commit, year after year in many parts of the world the out pouring of fear from human activity must be at an all-time high. Could our fear flooded world have created these black eyed entities? Have our collective fears mutated? Are these entities travellers of dimensions, looking for worlds like ours, a world bathed in fear, ripe for feeding on?
Given enough time do these entities start to create their own environment in order to create even more fear for us humans? Take, for example, an environment such as animal mutilations. Could this be designed as a fear producing exercise? They feed us with a cause, and we produce for them fear – a bit like the Ants farming the Greenfly for its milk.
When there is no answer for paranormal experiences it makes you wonder if we are entirely to blame. Are we the creators of our own fear? Are the Black Eyed Entities our children of the damned, and we humans are the damned?"
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Shadow being jumped off the wall

The Wikipedia describes a shadow being as an alleged paranormal entity while paranormal researcher, Heidi Hollis, has expressed the belief that shadow people are malevolent supernatural entities and described them as dark silhouettes with human shapes and profiles that flicker in and out of peripheral vision. Some people reported the figures attempting to jump on their chest and choke them.

The following is a true account. "Only recently I was told of a group of friends driving to a night out at Walsall in the UK, somewhere on their journey they saw crouched by a tree a large figure covered in spots, they estimated it would be quiet tall if it stood up, they did not stick around to get a better description; they were very un-nerved by their encounter and sped off into the night.

I have never forgotten a story a close friend of ours told us. Some years back before she was married she and her sister had gone to their local Pub, just a short walk away from where they lived with their parents. It was the journey home where things took a strange turn. They had to walk by a long wall which flanked the pavement, at some point on this walk our friend looked behind her, and what she saw caused her to freeze with fright. From atop of the wall not too far away a totally black figure dropped to the ground in a crouching position with its fingers splayed claw like, she saw no facial features as the figure was a complete silhouette. She turned to her sister and said ‘Do not look just run’, and they did; all the way home."
Heidi Hollis believes that shadow beings can be repelled by using "the name of Jesus".
The English Cognizant Citizen

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What is the Purpose Behind Entities?

The theories below definitely need to be considered when pondering entities.

"I originally set out to find a scavenging entity, something separate from the human race, something that feeds on our life`s energy`s, the energy`s we shed as we struggle through our complicated lives’. After much thought I have come to the conclusion no such entity exists, instead I became aware of the fact that the entity I sought was ‘Humanity’ itself.
Think of this, if you make yourself the king of a great empire without people to adore you, you will sit on your throne in misery, you would become lifeless. It is only when you add the worshiping energies of many people to your empire that you as king become alive, they have given you ‘Purpose’. If you lock someone up in a dungeon you in fact deprive them of ‘Purpose’, they become withdrawn and grow weak. It is only when he is free do you give him his ‘Purpose’ back, and he gets this from the interaction with other humans.
So now I ask the question, is ‘purpose’ the name of the energy food that drives ‘Humanity’? Do I give my wife and family ‘Purpose’ do they in turn give me ‘Purpose’? When I talk to someone in the street do I give them ‘Purpose’? In fact is the whole of humanity is linked from person to person because we feed on each other`s ‘Purpose’; the ‘Purpose’ generated from our interaction. Humanity drives and feeds on itself, all the ups and downs in my life were the products of feeding on ‘Purpose’.
Now this brings me to the topic of Black Eyed Children, but first let me tell you of a statement John Keel made in his fascinating book The Mothman Prophecies. I do not remember where in the book it was, but he stated that a few thousand years ago a group of learned men came to the conclusion that we share this world with other entities, entities that were probably here from the beginning of time. Now over the centuries these entities were slowly eradicated from our thoughts and observations, with the help of some bad religion and well-meaning teachers the bogey man was relegated to a fertile imagination, and we had to stop being silly, we were not to pay them any attention, in other words do not give them ‘Purpose’, or a cause to exist.

Now I do not know how old the Black Eyed Children phenomena is, but to me it is fairly new, only the other day I read an account of a young girl’s near contact with a Black Eyed Child. The young girl was playing on her swing, she suddenly became aware of a child standing behind her, at first she thought it will be someone to play with but then became apprehensive and ran into the house to her parents, she did not give the strange child any attention. The following day there pet rabbit was found dead, in the words of the writer, someone had opened the cage and shredded the rabbit, its believed that the Black Eyed Child was responsible. Now if that is the case was the Black Eyed Child upset at being ignored, was it saying, ‘I am here pay me attention, if you do not I will do something to capture your attention, I will kill your pets in strange ways, I will torment you with all manner of strange activity, and when you see what I have done you will talk about me and try to find me, when you look for me I will grow in strength and power, you will give me ‘Purpose’.
 Are these the entities that those learned men spoke of? Demons that were banished from our observation, and who are now trying to regain some sort of existence, but in order to do that they have to be observed, and with our struggle to understand them, we give them life, we give them ‘Purpose’. 

 Just like Humanity craves attention in order to have ‘Purpose’ and a reason to exist, like-wise it appears these entities also crave attention; and the strange thing is, they seem to require that attention from US. So! Do these entities require us to observe them to give them solidity, a ‘Purpose’ to exist in our dimension? Is that a good thing?, or could we end up regretting the day we set our eyes up on these Entities . A quote in a book I read many years ago always comes to mind when I hear or read of strange happenings,-------’WHEN DARKNESS COMES DOORS OPEN’"
The English Cognizant Citizen
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