Human Robot on the Phone

It looks like businesses are employing robots to drum up new customers. The implications are immense, we really cannot trust who we are talking to, all sorts of law breaking scams come to mind. I think I will use the reporters method from now on, they use it on-line when sending a comment.

The English Cognizant Citizen

Alien Hybrid Programs

The following article on Veterans Today talks about Aliens and their pre-occupation with Earth.

"The specific goal of these aliens for creating these alien-human hybridizations is claimed to be the extraction, distillation, and replication of the human spirit within the developed hybrids. As the narrative goes, the top aliens at the Dulce Base are Reptoids who are the controllers. These Reptoids allegedly have previously developed biological androids with functional brains and bodies and consciousness, with the characteristic of being “hived-type” group-mind based creatures. Thus this is their basic issue and one which seems to be forever elusive.
In practical terms this means that they cannot create and instil the “spirit” that only God Almighty creates no matter how hard they strive and toil.
So far the aliens and human technicians and scientists who work together at Dulce have not been able to create and instil the human spirit in these Reptoid hybrids.

Allegedly these androids do not have the ability to love and are missing the human spirit which is not only a curiosity to these alien controllers but something they intend to overcome with systematic, step-wise incremental hybridization working in both directions, human genes spliced into full alien chromosomes, and also vice-versa with partial alien genes spliced into full human chromosomes.

Some credible Intel folks have leaked reports that these Reptilians have a taste for raw meat, especially human and have been responsible for abducting and butchering significant numbers of humans “disappeared” from Federal Parks and country roads. This of course is a complete violation of prior treaties but is allegedly tolerated because the alien technology shared in exchange has been so great.
Others have claimed that there are certain alien groups which have a distinct human appearance such as the Nordics who are now fully hybridized in small but growing numbers and want to help humans resist an alleged planned invasion by subterranean Reptoids who are luciferians, evil to the core and allegedly working very hard to set up a Globalist NWO system using the “mystery Babylon religion” which involves the use of Babylonian money-magick, pernicious usury war, starvation and pestilence to reduce the human population of earth and prepare the way for a complete Reptoid takeover characterized by a New Roman Caesar of the ages seated in Jerusalem in a specially built NOW temple based on the design of Solomon.
A kinder gentler Reptoid hybrid?

It is allegedly the belief and absolute obsession of the Reptoid leaders that the capture and holding of Jerusalem and mount Zion is their ticket to rule the earth and to be able to establish a complete worldwide luciferian kingdom with them holding absolute Caesarean power, using a small remnant of humans captives as worker bees until the technology of trans-humanism become well enough developed to permit a whole new race of subservient serfs that are alien hybrid being with spirits."
Below are video links
  • Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has acknowledged that aliens have visited earth and there is a top secret file that accompanies the nuclear launch codes at all time.
  • Esteemed UFO and break-away-society researcher Richard Dolan believes there is substantial evidence that alien technology has been shared with the USG DOD contractors and also believes that there is an underground base at Dulce, New Mexic
  • Other respected individuals including Timothy Good and John Lear believe that there is an underground alien base at Dulce, and Philip Schneider who worked there during construction went public and was allegedly murdered for telling his story about an alien human shootout in which he was seriously injured.


My son had a UFO experience last night; in short he could not get home the way he wanted due to excess traffic. He knows all the short cuts and back roads so he bailed out from the line of traffic and off he went. As he entered a dark lane there was a sudden flash across his wind screen, he looked, and what he saw was a bright blue white shimmering light about the size of a small car, it was travelling very fast.

He arrived home, parked the car and went inside to get a fire ready for when he picked his wife up from work. As he was going about the household he became aware of the approaching rumble of a low flying jet. He knew it was low because it made the house vibrate as it went over.  'With no more ado' he dashed outside to look, but due to the weather it was not possible to see anything, although he knew it was heavy and low and it was travelling across the country he came through.

My son later told me something he did not think too important at the time. After he ran outside to try to view the passing jet he went into his garage where he kept wood for the fire. As he was busying himself he became aware of someone walking down his drive, it was a gentleman who turned out to be a Jehovah’s Witness. The Jehovah’s Witness asked my son if he could leave him with the usual magazines. My son didn't see a vehicle so took the magazines and asked the gentleman if he walking along the road as there was no footpath in existence and the traffic was too fast and deadly to be shared with a walker.  A dangerous occupation just to deliver magazines to a few houses. The Jehovah's Witness said no he was not walking and that he was driving. Well that might have satisfied an ordinary person and we all know that Jehovah Witnesses are tidy in appearance, but this man, with his briefcase, was immaculate for someone who has been out all day and sitting in a car. Something about his arrival and appearance didn't seem plausible.

It was the following day that my son started to think about the sequence of events the night before; the UFO, Jet and a visit from an immaculately dressed Jehovah’s Witness, all in a short space of time. I remembered the biblical warnings about “keeping watch” because we do not know when the time will come (Mark 13:37) and suddenly a few things seemed to make sense. 
There is probably nothing in these events, they could all be coincidence, but the latest interview with Richard C Hoagland on Red Ice radio  said he refers to comet ELENIN as "JOHN THE BAPTIST". He said John was the one who went forward proclaiming that "He was coming" and that ELENIN in 2011 was telling us the big one is on the way.
Will ISON be the trigger for a global event of Disclosure? Carol Rosin said there would be fear of ASTEROID’S/COMETS and we are well into that event, and as you know, events do not start and finish with the closing of a door, they overlap each other. So will ISON be the last, because the Alien event is moving up quite quickly, remember those in the "know" work to symbolism, ISON itself will do nothing, but it may be a trigger to start the next "Act", or does some higher force control all, even sending Jehovah’s Witnesses to deliver messages of hope. 

Again, time will tell.
The English Cognizant Citizen

Commentaries on Mark 13:37

What's behind the Bristol Alien hoax?

By chance I saw Eammon Holmes on Sky News. They did a topic on the Bristol Alien creature where the creators of the hoax were 2-young men complete in suits and all smiles. They constructed the hoax to promote a new mysteries show called "Happenings".

The idea from what I have seen is to trick people into believing they are witnessing something strange, they aired an example where a crop circle appeared instantly in a field after UFO light effects. By the response of the witnesses some were un-nerved by the event, the young men concerned wanted to give people a feeling of what it would be like to be part of a scene from a film and feel as though it was real, only to dash their feelings of wonder and fear when it is revealed as a hoax.

Where have these young men come from? They do not look old enough to have worked and saved money for such a project so must they have sponsors, unless they came into money. This show has been in the planning for a while, why would they want to produce a show that makes people look fools? Is it to test peoples reaction to possible Alien contact by staging various paranormal events, or is it to tell everyone they would be stupid to believe in Aliens or anything else paranormal?

The 2-young men were all smiles, I had the feeling they were "front men" for someone else`s plans? Why do they not put money into filming real paranormal events… I suppose making fools of people is easier. We also had a classic remark off Eammon Holmes "So people see what they want to see". Eammon Holmes also said one night he thought he saw UFO`s, it was 2-hours later before he discovered they were Chinese lanterns.

To me now, it’s all a part of the "LAST CARD", so they can play their games and fool and trick people; it will all come out as planned, either by the Powers That Be or Some higher Intelligence manipulating event`s for the better. On the other hand the show could make people take more interest in the Paranormal, or is it part of a last ditch attempt to direct people away from UFO`s and the like, to muddy the waters.
The English Cognizant Citizen


The Last Card

Carol Rosin
Have you noticed how the UFO situation has grown over the past decade? There are untold amounts of UFO video clips, UFO blogs, UFO lecturers, good researchers, bad researchers and numerous hoaxes, yet we still are no closer to shaking hands with an extra-terrestrial, nothing seems to happen.

So why? Well let’s take a look at Carol Rosin, as most of you know she was spokesperson for Wernher Von Braun whom was known as the Father of Rocket Science, he also led the development of the Saturn V rocket booster. Leaving all that aside Von Braun was a troubled man, and he was also a man in the "Know", in the last years of his life he told Carol Rosin of what the dark powers of this world had in-store for us and how the future years would pan out. First he said there would be a Russian problem (the cold war), then terrorists, then third world countries, then asteroids, then the final card would be the Alien card, the problem is this, Von Braun said this in the 70`s and was right on every account so who were these forces that could plan so far ahead?

Now some of you may say "Hold your horses we have not had the Alien Card yet" but that`s just it, we have, and we have been living it for the past decade! All your UFO recording, your lectures, your books, your good and bad researchers and all your hoaxes are part and parcel of the Alien Card, it’s been so in your face we could not see it. We have all been waiting for some great Alien event to happen, it will, but first we have to "Live it," and that`s what we have been doing, (living the Last Card.)

Von Braun also stated that there were off world cultures (Alien Races) and they would be identified as enemies when they are "NOT" enemies, this is so we can wage a false war and put weapons into outer space. Now think about this, there are millions of UFO stories, video clips etc on the internet and most, whether real or hoax, seed our minds with all manner of terror from the stars, unknown to us we are being convinced there are bad things in Outer Space and when the time is right they will place the Alien Card on the table. As I have said we have being living the Alien Card for the last decade and I think it will soon be "Dealt" and that`s why Carol Rosin is promoting Peace in Outerspace.

If these dark powers can plan from that far back I'am convinced they will stick to the Alien Card, but we will have to wait a little longer to see if I`m right.

The English Cognizant Citizen



In the Game

 The Sun today has a double page titled "2013 THE YEAR OF THE UFO" Nick Pope has written the page highlighting his 10-best cases. The best bit is that the Sun has opened up its own "UFO BUREAU" with the words: 
"If you spot anything odd in Britain`s skies, get in touch immediately via our e-mail hotline below with pictures video`s and eyewitness report`s".
They point out the new service will be headed by Nick Pope, at the end the Sun says,
"Please provide as much information as you can and we will do our best to get to the bottom of the mystery". 
 All this seems a bit rich coming from The Sun, they were upfront when it came to discrediting UFO sightings and the people involved, with little "Green Men" comments and making the point that a UFO observer had just left the local Public House, over the years they have known no bounds to their ridiculing comments.

Their emphasis at the end is for us to "KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES" again the mind boggles, the Sun wants us to watch the skies and report to them???

I suppose we need to ask some questions:
(1) Has this got something to do with Comet Ison.
(2) Are we VERY close to Disclosure, perhaps this year.
(3) Why has the Sun suddenly changed tack to the sensible after years of stupidity.
(4) Or have they discovered the peoples interest in the subject and thought this will be a good way to sell papers.

They will, it says, try to get to the bottom of the mystery. So how can The Sun hope to achieve such a daunting task, unless they know something we do not know. Amazing, good researchers have tried for years to do just that and are still no further to solving the UFO mystery .

Whatever the reason I find it very strange, almost as though it’s all being directed. (The-Powers-That- Be come to mind).
The English Cognizant Citizen


Comment by Kerry - Project Camelot
Suffice to say, that the think tanks have been hard at work (Tavistock, Rand etc) and this is another market survey enterprise aimed no doubt at gaging the public's state of mind currently with regard to the UFO issue and an intel gathering exercise that will further monitor the thoughts of the British masses giving the powers-that-be-but are being threatened from all sides, more evidence to gear them up for managing perceptions as the inevitable DISCLOSURE that has already been a fact of the matter in all media TV, movies not to mention Camelot and other diligent researchers (we are disclosure and are not waiting for any government acknowledgement because even if and when government EVER acknowledges even a partial truth about the UFO-ET visitation and presence on and off Planet Earth they will lie, deceive and obfuscate as ALWAYS...).

And serving up Nick Pope of all people, a tried and true dedicated British government employee (heading up the UFO desk for the British Ministry of Defence from 1991 to 1994 and possibly even longer as he was even recently involved in their so-called release of documents to the public (a smoke screen manoeuvre designed to misdirect and give the false impression they were releasing anything of value when they were not)... is a clear indication that the secret British rulers (aka Illuminati) have their hands all over this "effort".