Holy Scriptures Meant to be taken Symbolically

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 As someone who has attended church since before I could walk, in a family comprised entirely of devout Christians, and having read the Bible cover to cover it has become increasingly clear to me that these holy scriptures were meant to be taken symbolically, not literally or historically. Things like talking snakes and bushes, virgins giving birth, eating the body of Christ, staffs turning into serpents, and many other biblical “miracles” are all actually ancient spiritual symbolism's, found in many cultures/traditions around the world, thousands of years older than the Bible, referring to psychological phenomena, not historical events. Of course snakes and bushes cannot talk, of course virgins cannot give birth, Christ isn’t a cannibal, wooden staffs cannot turn into living serpents, water cannot magically turn into wine, breads/fish cannot magically manifest from the ether, and humans cannot survive for days inside whale’s bellies.
 2 Corinthians 3:6 clearly says the scriptures should NOT be read literally. Matthew 13:34 says Jesus never spoke unless it was in parables. He said people who took the word literally were like those who looked but could not see! Modern fundamentalist Christians who read the Bible literally with their over-active left-brains are missing the whole point. The reason Jesus cast nets to the right side, sits on the right side of God, and builds the door to the temple on the right side, is because he is leading us out of our lower left brains and into our holistic, symbolic, higher brain on the right.

Psychic Impressions 
In listening to this MUCH of this resonated as true. I have always felt there was a truth within the Bible, but the stories (in taking them from a more literal approach) felt very wrong. I couldn't quite understand why parts of it felt to be very enlightening and create a sense of peace, while at the same time rejecting it. After watching the video, I gained such a clarity that I had to share it with you. This is more of a confirming type of post rather than a read, but I hope you enjoy.

When trying to understand the base language of the Bible, I do resonate with it being written in ways we can remember. It tells a truth, but in a way that it paints a visual story to reinforce the image. To further support this, the Bible itself within Proverbs discusses a "Perceived Understanding." We talk in allegories all the time. Even Matthew 13:34 discusses how Jesus spoke in parables. We uses phrases in language all the time and say things such as: shooting the bull, if looks could kill and spilling the beans, just to name a few. I see the Bible and it's lessons working the same way and that is why across various religions, concepts are very similar. 

Allegories and the concept of parables are discussed several times in the story of Abraham. 2 Corinthians further describes that the letter kills (or taken literally causes harm) and the spirit gives life. The versus are meant to teach great knowledge, and more importantly how to access and speak to your inner God directly.

It is suspected that many people in the Bible didn't exist. I have always seen that they did, but I didn't connect to the extreme miracles like parting the red sea, or finding two of EVERY animal to put on an ark. I do see a great flood, and I see the parting of the red see as a symbol for something else. A great point was given within the video as the existence and magnitude of their abilities have been questioned. How is it possible to prove Jesus or Moses existed as it is near impossible to prove a non existent being? It would be like saying "prove a flamingo-pelican doesn't exist" when the real challenge should be to prove it does indeed exist (people go about the proving in the wrong direction). 

The Bible is a story of dark and light or the (D)evil versus Go(o)d. Getting right with God or finding the Kingdom to God is accessed via the right side of the brain. The Bible refers to getting within (going inside) to find God and the mystery of the kingdom. The reference of going "right" and "within" is repeated several times. You go without (to the external) to hide from God, but go inside to find him. The carnal/ego is the left and Christ is on the right. Luke 17:21 God is within you.

The Bible further goes into meditation and the importance of it to find God. In Matthew 6:22 if your eye be single your body will fill you with light. The third eye or the pineal is the gateway to finding God. Going to the mountain or higher place in all religions refer to the higher part of consciousness. God lives in a temple not built with human hands (within the temples of your head). The temple can only be built in silence.

References to regarding the chakras  is also discussed. You have to climb the chakras via the kundalini energy and the climbing leads to the opening to the right side of the brain, and finally the enlightenment in the pineal. The pineal is the seed of the soul. Even the Vatican has the pine cone symbology relating to the pineal. Jacob also describes meeting God in a place called Piniel. Revelation 5:1 states "and I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside sealed with seven seals." This refers to gaining knowledge from within and it was gained by traveling the backside and passing through the seven chakras. 

This rising kundalini energy (which originates in the root chakra at the base of the spine) is many times illustrated as the golden serpent climbing the spine. The kundalini is also referred to as the coiled one in many religions as that is the motion it makes as it travels upwards. This can also be represented as Jacob's Ladder or in the description of King Solomon Temple and the winding staircase. Not only does this spiral motion lead you to the Kingdom of God, but the shape is also the basis of life (half of the double helix of DNA). 

I feel this just taps into the knowledge that we have always had in our hands. True enlightenment (inward lighting of the mind) comes from within. We have the key, we just need to unlock it. 


Mothman Beast

There's a report from a woman who said she'd seen a seven-foot-tall, red-eyed creature after leaving work at the United States Postal Service (USPS) sorting facility in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport at around 11 pm on 24th September 2020.
I had just left work at the USPS Sorting Facility at O’Hare Airport at about 11:00 pm on Thursday the 24th of September and was walking out to my car when I saw something standing at the far end of the parking lot where I usually park . At first I thought it was a very tall person with a long coat. As I got closer to my car, I unlocked my car, which caused my headlights to come on. My headlights hit the person standing about 20 to 25 feet from my car causing it to turn and look right at me. I saw that this was not some person but some red-eyed creature, and what appeared to be a coat were actually wings which it spread out as it turned to look at me. At first I thought it was some kind of very, very large bird, but I’ve never seen any bird that stood almost seven feet tall. I’m 5’4" and this thing looked taller than me by at least two feet. This thing then started making some type of chirping sound, almost a half chirp and half click like someone was clicking their tongue but much much faster. It then made some type of screeching sound and took off running toward me, it got to within 10 feet of me and took off into the air and flew above me. I was screaming hysterically as I crouched down behind cars open door and I dived into my car head first. I was in a near panic as I tried to start the car, close and lock the doors and turn on my interior lights. I started my car and took off out of the parking lot and flew down the road till I hit the main road. I got home and told my husband who also works at the same facility and he was the one who told me about the sightings of this thing. I was scared shitless and hope I never see this thing again. This thing is roaming around the area, scaring people half to death. I hope the airport people decide to do something about this thing someday. 
 Navarette was able to meet with the witness to discuss her sighting, although she was at first reluctant to discuss the issues after the initial report.
According to Navarette, "The witness is a 17-year veteran of the USPS and has worked at the O’Hare sorting facility for the last 15 years. She advised that on the night in question, she was walking toward her car after her shift had ended and was checking her text messages on her phone as she made the familiar walk to her vehicle. I asked her if there were other people around, to which she answered no, as most of the other employees leave right at shift change and she usually sticks around to take care of the transition." 
"As the witness walked to the car, she noticed what looked like a very tall man at the very far end of the parking lot that she reasonably thought was one of her fellow co-workers," he continued. "As she walked toward the car, she deactivated the car alarm which automatically turned on the car headlights. The headlights illuminated the person at the other end of the parking lot and it turned toward her revealing a pair of bright red eyes and it spread what looked like a giant pair of wings. When asked how big the wings were, she could not give me a definitive answer but guesstimated that they must have been between 10 to 12 feet across. The being then began making a series of clicking noises which she described as a cross between a click and a chirping sound. The being then let out a loud metallic screech that she described to [me as sounding] like the brakes on a large truck or train."

Then, said Navarette, 

The witness described how it began running toward her in these very long strides, at which point it took off into the air. When I asked her to describe the being and how it looked or flew, she said she did not look up at it as she was too busy flinging the car door open and diving into her car while screaming. The witness stated that she started her car and turned on the interior lights all while trying to keep her wits about her. When I asked her if she saw which way the creature flew away, she advised that she,
Didn’t care where it flew off to and she was not gonna stick around to find out.
 The witness advised that she left the area in a hurry and did not slow down till she had left the area and had joined the main road and traffic.
The sound described by the witness is similar to that reported by witnesses in Rockford, near Hedgewisch Park and on the southern end of Northerly Island in Chicago, and in another encounter near O’Hare. The witnesses in those incidents said they heard a sound like screeching brakes during or prior to their sightings.
O’Hare International Airport has been the epicenter of recent winged humanoid sightings in the Lake Michigan Mothman investigation, with at least 10 sightings coming from the airport itself since August of 2019, and many more reported in the surrounding communities. 
This report constitutes the latest news in a string of ‘Mothman’ sightings from within a few hundred mile radius surrounding Lake Michigan, including every state bordering the great lake. These sightings ostensibly began in the spring of 2017, but more historical accounts are being reported as more people become aware of the phenomenon. They generally take place in the evening or at night, often in or near a park or natural area, and around water. Witnesses consistently describe a large, gray or black, bat or bird-like creature—although in a small number of cases the creature was described as insect-like—sometimes with glowing or reflective red, yellow, green, or orange eyes, and humanoid features such as arms and legs are often reported. Some witnesses have reported feeling intense fear and an aura of evil emanating from the creature they encountered. Many of the sightings are also of something seen only briefly or are described only as a flying creature with few details, which leaves open the possibility that a misidentified large bird—such as a heron or crane—or some type of anomalous avian species could explain some, although certainly not all, of the encounters. A number of associated high strangeness incidents have also occurred alongside the creature sightings; including reports of UFOs, other anomalous flying creatures and mysterious humanoids, parapsychological phenomena, and bizarre events experienced by those investigating the sightings. 

 Psychic Insight

When I focus on this story (I did read about her sighting) I immediately get this was a Mothman. It was brought here through some kind of dark ritual. Mothmen usually come here through portals and they are lower energetic beings. They typically leave the same way they came because their vibration does not jive with the vibrations here in the 3D. 

In this scenario I get that this Mothman was brought here through some kind of sinister ritualistic dark magik behavior. It feels forced versus accidental, and the forced nature has this beast angry because it wants to leave. It is uncomfortable here, but because it was manifested, it feels somewhat trapped (like a spirit does when it wants to move on but cannot seem to be released). 

When I try to figure out what it is doing, or why it is being held here, I see that it is in some way a mascot for a darker occult group. Somehow this group (that hides behind black robes with red paint on their face) calls upon it when holding their rituals and it makes them feel powerful. 

Somehow or someway if enough people can get together and help to energetically escort this thing out of here to where it is better served, not only would it be happier, it would be in the greater good of all.