Prisoners of the Carousel

For the moment forget your God, just pretend you do not believe in anything religious or religion does not exist, then look at life. 

The more I look at life the more I wonder what the purpose is, some of us live rich lives others are comfortable and even more live wretched lives, again why? By living just what are we doing, is there a reason for countless humans to be born into life, to live a period of uncertainty then die, to become just a memory which eventually becomes lost in time? Millions of ordinary people have lived and died and apart from close family and friends I know not one of them, so why do we have this cycle of continuous birth and death? forget phrases like "To continue the human species," we know all that, ask yourself "Why must the human continue to live and die?" is it for a purpose? does it benefit us? 

Something is not right, do you ever get the feeling we are being kept good, sort of entertained while an agenda using us is fulfilled. Only when you get older can you see that life is littered with occasions Birth, Birthday, Easter, Pancake day, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Christmas, New Year’s Day and it’s all based on 7-days and this happens year after year, repeat, repeat, repeat, as the old die the newborn will again be subject to repeating life. Those that come after I have died will again live a life of occasions. I have said before everything is repeated, they do it with films they will do remakes of old films. It’s not for me they do remakes it for the next generation, one example is UK TV has put out a 3-part series ‘10 Rillington Place’ I know all about ‘10 Rillington Place’ the story is ages old and has been remade a few times, why do they bore me with this repeat? Simple! It is not for me. They have to bring the next generation onto the carousel where eventually they will die and fall off. This has nothing to do with a God planning everything, this is something else. 

It seems like we are worn out parts of a machine that are thrown away and new parts are bought in (the birth and death cycle), there are billions of us and we have not left this planet to colonize other worlds, why? Something seems to keep us here, no matter how much we talk of space travel we never seem to go anywhere. 

One thing for sure Fear is part of our everyday lives, look at it this way. You dare not try to enjoy life too much, only today in one clean stroke the UK TV has demoralized the nation by doing a full week on the extent of catching cancer due to our life style, even telling us every alcoholic drink we have we risk catching cancer, they also had a group of people interviewed who are living with cancer, if they looked into the cure of cancer and spent less time hitting us with who will catch cancer statistics . It would be more uplifting if we knew the progress being made with a cure, but wait, the following day the whole nation again was plunged into yet more misery as we were told Alzheimer holds the spot for the biggest killer, topping cancer. We were recently told most of our meat food was bad for us, the much-loved sausage had the thumbs down along with other red meats because there seems to be a link to cancer. Yet! sausages are still advertised on TV along with alcoholic drinks and everything else we are told is bad for us, not so long ago advertising cigarettes on TV was banned so why do they not do the same with cancer causing meats and alcohol. 

We are born into a life of uncertainty and flung into a sea of threats and fear, when the child is old enough and asks the question he/she will be told all humans eventually die, that is your first and foremost threat and fear firmly embedded in your mind you have from that point been programmed to die. Now you can get on with your life of fear and threat, but again why? what is the purpose of all life? it cannot be because some unseen God has a reason for doing so, a reason far beyond human understanding. This whole world seems to have a controlled existence, a plan, but not by a God, this controlled existence is serving something or someone. The theme that a God has all the answers is to stop us asking questions, it’s again one of the first things a child learns, ‘There is an invisible God’ who knows everything. It seems that we are educated at an early age with key triggers to stop us asking question or thinking for ourselves, or searching too far for the knowledge of why we exist. 

Everything biological on this world seems to have the purpose of feeding off one another, fish feed on other fish and sea creatures, birds feed on other birds, insects feed on other insects and many creatures feed on various fauna, and the human feeds on everything. Does the rest of the Universe function like that? if it does the possibility exists that the life cycle we go through is to feed some unseen entity, do our actions trauma and dilemmas generate a vibrant energy that this entity feeds on, perhaps this energy is what`s referred to as ‘Ambrosia’ the food of the Gods, but as we are not talking about God perhaps I should say the food of all creatures, are we just another commodity in a massive food chain even though we are supposed to have intelligence. Having intelligence does not make me any less tasty than chicken or less vulnerable, there may be an entity that feeds on our energy and another that feeds on our flesh. 

Are we overdue for a visit from this unknown entity that consumes our energy and at certain times like the chimpanzee seeks out flesh to eat, how long before humans start to disappear never to be seen again or perhaps cut into pieces drained of blood and body parts taken just like thousands of pets and other animals across the world. The thought brings panic to most people but as far as the universe goes it’s the norm, this is how it works, life hangs onto life by what it can kill and eat whether it’s your spiritual energy or your flesh Without doubt something out there feeds on human energy, we give of energy in living, our flesh also contains energy as it does all living creatures. You are not born into life, life is already there, you are part of a system that functions to kill itself over and over again in order to survive for as long as possible, as sort of Dog eat Dog, the survivor then it looks for another Dog to eat and so it goes on. We are without doubt, prisoners in a never-ending circle of life and death. 

I feel this world cannot go on much longer in the state it is, something has got to give, we have to break the bonds that keep us tied to this life and death system. In other words, we have to know the ultimate truth about our existence, why we live and die and who or what benefits from the lives we live, we have all asked questions like "where do I come from?" "Why am I here?" When you contemplate those questions your brain just remains blank nothing shows up in your mind, you think of a shop food shows up in your thoughts, you think of the sky birds and planes and clouds come to mind, but you think of where do I come from? and why am I here? Nothing shows up in your brain or your thoughts, someone or something does not want us to know. We are just required to ride the carousel of life. 

What would your thoughts be like if you did not know of a God, would you eventually invent one?
The English Cognizant Citizen
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Our Blueprint

Psychic Focus is one website with infinite answers to questions. Lynn is an amazing woman with a wonderful talent. Outlined below is her blueprint for life. 

"Your body is directly influenced by what is happening in the universe, we are part of, rather than alongside the bigger picture, so it only is right that what is happening in the larger affects us and who we are.

The moment we leave the womb, the alignment of the sun, moon and stars has a direct influence on who we are.  I see that for at that moment, in fact that exact brief second, the universe and our beings align and I get the image that the positioning of everything in the sky sort of ‘stamps’ an impression on that being.  I then get an image of someone holding a magic wand and they are taking the exact alignments of everything from the heavens and then making this motion as if they are blessing a baby at the exact moment of birth.

Numerology looks to be more accurate for those with a very detailed understanding.  If applied correctly I see it as a very effective tool. Specific events like dates or numbers that don't change, are extremely accurate.  Picking numbers that aren't tied to something, but rather have a random feel, are the ones that need the most caution when trying to interpret.

There is a complex link to your hands and your brain, I get an image of someone looking at their own hands, then they look to the sky, they then look back at their hands and shake their head yes.  It was as if they were able to look at their own palm and gain insight into something on their own.  For people that study and understand looking at the palm, they can ‘read’ other people along with their own palm.  I then get an image of someone holding out their hand, and a blueprint floats upward.  That blue print looks to be every line and fingerprint laid out like a map.  I get that no two are alike and this "blueprint" is a specific  outline for that person.  I see it as a tie between the soul and life plan of the person. It looks like the map or blue print is a map of the person’s life or life path / journey. 

In closing, I see that something else can also be read by looking at the sole of a person's foot.  There is some mapping or lines / sections of the foot that are also unique to that person. I get that no two foot prints are alike.  Then I hear there is a reason that sole and soul sound alike."


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