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Psychic Focus is one website with infinite answers to questions. Lynn is an amazing woman with a wonderful talent. Outlined below is her blueprint for life. 

"Your body is directly influenced by what is happening in the universe, we are part of, rather than alongside the bigger picture, so it only is right that what is happening in the larger affects us and who we are.

The moment we leave the womb, the alignment of the sun, moon and stars has a direct influence on who we are.  I see that for at that moment, in fact that exact brief second, the universe and our beings align and I get the image that the positioning of everything in the sky sort of ‘stamps’ an impression on that being.  I then get an image of someone holding a magic wand and they are taking the exact alignments of everything from the heavens and then making this motion as if they are blessing a baby at the exact moment of birth.

Numerology looks to be more accurate for those with a very detailed understanding.  If applied correctly I see it as a very effective tool. Specific events like dates or numbers that don't change, are extremely accurate.  Picking numbers that aren't tied to something, but rather have a random feel, are the ones that need the most caution when trying to interpret.

There is a complex link to your hands and your brain, I get an image of someone looking at their own hands, then they look to the sky, they then look back at their hands and shake their head yes.  It was as if they were able to look at their own palm and gain insight into something on their own.  For people that study and understand looking at the palm, they can ‘read’ other people along with their own palm.  I then get an image of someone holding out their hand, and a blueprint floats upward.  That blue print looks to be every line and fingerprint laid out like a map.  I get that no two are alike and this "blueprint" is a specific  outline for that person.  I see it as a tie between the soul and life plan of the person. It looks like the map or blue print is a map of the person’s life or life path / journey. 

In closing, I see that something else can also be read by looking at the sole of a person's foot.  There is some mapping or lines / sections of the foot that are also unique to that person. I get that no two foot prints are alike.  Then I hear there is a reason that sole and soul sound alike."


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