Mt Shasta Disappearances

If people can be taken in broad daylight in a forest how much longer before people start to disappear in our cities? Maybe they already are....

Last year a three year old child was lost in the Shasta Forest for 5 hours. He was “gone within a second” Other campers were thought responsible but later that day the boy told a story not of this world.

He said to his grandmother that he didn’t like his other grandma who grabbed him and took him to a creepy place. He said the other grandmother had the same hair, feet and face. He said that she was really a robot. He talked about the light sparkling on her when she climbed a ladder. He presented a mental image of a hologram to the real grandmother who then asked her grandson if he knew what a robot was. The boy said “made out of metal with a remote control” Asked what was creepy about it and why did he think she was a robot the boy said he was taken to a cave with spiders, purses, guns and other robots who didn’t move. He was very afraid and didn’t touch anything.

When asked what the other grandmother did to him he replied “She made me lay down to look at my tummy, then she tried to get me to poop on a sticky paper, but I couldn’t go. She told me that I am from outer space, and they put me in my mom’s tummy. Then she took me back to the river and said to wait under the bush until someone found me.

A year before this happened the grandmother had been camping in the same area and woke up one morning face down in the dirt, out of her sleeping bag and tent with a puncture wound in the back of her head. She was violently ill and unable to go home. She was left feeling a lack of creativity and emotions. A friend who was sleeping in a camper woke up with a mark on the back of his neck and was also violently ill.

Before they went to bed that previous evening they had seen the reflection of red eyes through the trees; which they thought was odd because apart from two crows who watched from a tree there were no butterflies, birds, squirrels or bees.

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Another strange Mt Shasta story is that of a woman who had an incredible experience over a number of months. She changed her mind about camping in an area where the “energy didn’t feel right” and later met a strangely familiar person who encouraged her to follow him into the mountain where he gradually unfolded many secrets about the earth and her previous lives.

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