Missing Cat Cluster, Surrey

More reports of missing cat clusters with Caterham, Surrey, in the news. Cat owners are worried after seven pets vanish in 300-yard area. Pet owners fear an animal hater is behind a string of "sinister" cat disappearances who all vanished in the last few months, were from homes in a small stretch of Croydon Road, Beechwood Road and Elgin Crescent.

A woman who lost her cat said "This many cats going missing is bizarre. I've had cats all my life and I've never known anything like this"

Former Caterham district councillor Peter Longhurst said: "It all sounds very sinister with so many animals going missing so quickly over such a small area. It makes you wonder if someone is stealing them, poisoning them or even shooting them."

Jacky Eyres, co-ordinator of Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey Cats Protection, said: "Clearly this is very worrying. I'd heard about this, but didn't realise the scale of incidents." Source

If the known numbers of missing cats is unusually high then the unknown number must be far greater. A cat hater or something more sinister?

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