Darkness and Beams of Light

A recent report from Florida has indications that a UFO was ‘searching’ for something. 
“I was in my car headed west on I-10 and I was just looking around and I saw some lights in a triangle formation and one beam of light that appeared to scan the area, as it got closer it appeared to be a solid triangular craft about 50 feet across...”
 Beams if light directed towards earth presents us with a typical UFO image. Because we see our aircrafts using beams of light on the ground we tend to assume that a UFO is doing a similar type of operation. But according to witness these beams of light are actually harvesting from earth for their own purposes.
 A group of watchers staked in a UK pasture observed UFO lights searching the ground only to reveal grizzly and ghastly scenes of dead livestock the next morning. Another observer in Canada saw beams of light focussing on the ground to be followed the next morning by a neighbourhood of missing cats. The number of incidences is countless.
Mutilations and abductions have been happening for many years. Some people in the human abduction syndrome say the animal mutilations are in two categories: nourishment and a genetic harvest. If this is correct then how do we stop the abductions and know how to fight back at the beings that are doing this to our earthly inhabitants. 
Why do these beings always work after dark? Do they follow the darkness around the world to pursue their deadly activities? Could these beings actually belong to ‘the dark side’ and therefore the only way to fight them is to stay in the light? Can prayer be the answer to give us strength and deliverance?
Many ideas present themselves. What do you think? Join us in the Forum.

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