Manipulation and Deceit

Final Events
Once again the forces being utilized by HNE`s (none human entities) to interact with us in a bizarre confusing manner, designed to divert us and draw our attention from the true purpose of their actions : manipulation and deceit.

I had read about D. Wilcock and `Loosh Energy` and then I watched `The House of EL` where towards the end of the video they indicated that the human was farmed for something that was found at the base of the spinal column. Now keeping this in mind, my son returned a book to me I had forgotten about titled `FINAL EVENT` sub title `AND THE SECRET GOVERNMENT GROUP ON DEMONIC UFO`s AND AFTERLIFE` by Nick Redfern. The book revolves around a secret group (USA) called the `Collins Elite`, to cut a long story short this group thought that what everyone believed to be UFO`s were in actual fact Demonic in nature, masters of deception. The secret experiments had opened a door to these entities but did not realize their mistake till it was to late, they referred to them as `NHE` Hone Human Entities. They `Collins Elite` were hoping to control the `NHE`s` and use their power in military weapons applications.

This book is compelling reading, it looks to history and what was known long ago and how we could all be deceived and what is really talked about in the secret corridors of power. When you read the book things that are happening today start to make sense, we have no answers for any of the mysteries that befall us, or why we are so occupied with war, we are as we have always suspected being manipulated by unseen hands.

Extract- "THE PENULTIMATE DIVERSION IN THIS WHOLE AREA IS THE MUTILATIONS OF THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. The NHE`s with the ability to work unseen (read invisibly), and to create incisions and excise tissue in manners which seem humanly impossible (because they are) and to remain totally undetected, or to create the illusion of extraterrestrial beings (the apparent UFO/ phantom helicopter sightings, and concomitant occupant sightings often associated with these events), provide an extremely effective smoke screen. People are now busy chasing secret government projects, satanic cults, and UFO`s, while the actual perpetrating agents go unsuspected."

(The following is from the book) In 1972 Sybil Leek a Sorceress of the UK conducted meeting where she went into a trance and reportedly channeled a demonic entity called `CAXUULIKOM` an evil spiteful entity whose origins could be traced back to Babylon. Caxuulikom informed those present that the Earth was a farm and nothing else, that the energy derived from the souls of the Human Race and indeed every living creature on the planet was harvested to feed the minions of Satan. It says, as a new decade got underway, some members of the Collins Elite were forced to take their conclusions to horrifying, new levels, namely that we the Human Race, are cattle and the terrible entities of the underworld posing as extraterrestrials are the farmers - demonic farmers, no less. And the awful feeding frenzy that has been going on since humankind has existed is focused upon the digestion of that most significant-yet-mysterious element of our very being: the human soul. ( Quote finished)

Readers Review 
1. "Myself being a Bible believing Christian, it was refreshing to see Nick report on the position that aliens are nothing more than Biblical demons in different clothes, and I kept hoping he would report on the fact that calling out to Jesus Christ is the only way to stop alien/ demonic visits, and he did! I was thrilled. This is no surprise to Christians, but to unbelievers it might never occur to them to call on the only Name in the universe known to save your soul, and of course that is what you are up against when being visited by aliens/ demons. They are not just there to mess with you/ harvest your DNA or go after your reproductive parts. I was also very pleased to see that Nick reported on how if these are not demons or fallen angels, why do they always seem to slander Jesus Christ, Christianity, etc if they are just other life forms from millions of miles away? Who cares what the puny humans worship? They don't seem to care about any other deity worshipped other than Jesus. So for all the scoffers out there who may laugh at the idea of aliens being demons, that in itself should solve it for you. Demons can only tolerate the worship of anything else other than Jesus because anything else is ultimately giving praise to their father Satan. So thank you Nick, for touching on this too. The only thing I was left wondering, as this was my first work by this author, was if Nick believes all of this too, or was just reporting on it. Either way I thank you, and I will read more of your works." 

2. "I loved this book! I could not stop reading it and was disappointed when I came to the end. ( I wanted it to go on and on). The author, Nick Redfern, is one of my favorite for all things paranormal. I get to see him almost every week on Ancient Aliens. He is a devoted detective to the paranormal and has spent most of his life exploring it. This book takes on a whole other look at the UFO happenings and causes world wide. Without spoiling the book I will just have to say that if you are interested in the UFO topic, then this book is a must have! Nick takes you on a journey inside a secret group with in our government that has a take on UFO's that will astound you! It was a real eye opener for me as I always thought that the government stopped investigating ufo's. That is so far from the truth, as you will find out when you read this very well researched book. Does Nick actually believe all that he writes about here? That is something that you will have to find out for yourself. Personally, I believe he is closer to the truth than most other "authorities" on the subject."

Read Testimonies of others who have been saved from entities through Jesus Christ.

After reading Nick RedFern`s `Final Events` that outlines the Demonic battle for our Souls and how the mutilation of thousands of animals is one of the deceptions this Demonic Entity uses to lead us to assume that Aliens from a far of world are responsible for the demise of our animals when the real culprits are sitting right under our noses, an idea came to my mind. I read that many people had thwarted abduction by these Demonic Entities that were posing as off world Aliens , by shouting out prayers to `Jesus` or `God Almighty`. Now to take it a step further ( to some of you this may sound ridicules but if you are of a religious nature it will make sense) Why along with the name and address tag you have on your cats collar do we not include a `Crucifix` better still a blessed one by your local vicar, or even a locket containing a prayer to ward off `Demons`. This may or may not work, but I would be willing to try anything to stop our animals being mutilated, this idea if it works could be extended to our farm animals, along with the bell around Daisy the cows neck you might want to add that `Crucifix`. Obviously if a cat turns up dead and mutilated then it does not work for animals, on the other hand if mutilations started to die out then maybe the `Crucifix` and `Prayers` are the way to go. There is no doubt in this world religion is being slowly killed off, world wide events are getting worse each day, we are no closer to solving any of the paranormal events than we were a 100-years ago we have to ask why ? what commands such secrecy ? To me it could only be something from another dimension that reaches in , implements events, returns to its place of origin, then shuts the door. When it happens like that we have no chance of ever knowing what`s going on other than being witness to the aftermath of a Demonic intrusion. 

Its time we started to fight back, perhaps the answer lies within the `BIBLE`.

Step Back & Take a Good Look

I sit here at the age of 65-years wondering where life on this world is going, the turmoil that washes over our planet increases by the day, but chance what your concern is, there is one thing that stands out, to me at least, and that is something is steering us in a particular direction . 

We are being pushed and dragged on a path that takes no prisoners, it looks to me that there is a Force that only wants the best people to exist, an hierarchy of elite business people and workers/manual, and the rest, the uneducated, the jobless, and the low intelligent will slowly be edged off the dinner plate like unwanted food. We do it all the time, we choose the best and dump the rest and this is happening across the world, this to me is the slow eradication of unwanted humans. Whatever this driving Force is it seeks a Utopian society a New World Order. 

Look at most of our TV advertisements, cars, kitchens, holidays are quite obviously aimed at those whom have money or good jobs, and they talk about the price of a vehicle as " Only £10.000", the word `Only` is used a lot in adverts. Who are these adverts directed to? its certainly not to Alan at the end of the street with a wife and 2-children who`s just got a job with zero hours, an as and when job. If you watch a TV program where couples look for property to buy in a new location, you will without doubt notice these people have thousands to spend and the properties range in price from £250,000 upward. They never show you a program where they help a struggling young couples to look for a decent terraced house or flat to rent or buy to suit their budget. People who appear on quiz shows to win money seem to have, most of the time, good jobs, having people on these shows who could really do with the money does not seem to happen. The health service is no better, I get this feeling we are all being experimented on, what they find out by giving the masses different medicines, they will use to make better medicines for the special few in this Utopian society this Force is driving us towards. I believe a cure for many diseases are avaiIable but they are suppressed because its not good business. I cannot believe after all these years of technological advancement we are still struggling to find a cure for cancer to the point its been suggested that the Large Hadron Collider at Cern may hold the answer. As you get older you are offered various tests to monitor your health, I believe a lot of people in the health are sincere about their work and want to help the sick, but does the health system driven by the Force really care about our well being or could all the statistics they acquire about our health be telling a certain group how well the Chem-trails are doing , or other orchestrated human health problems . 

Why do we not all eat the same quality of food, our supermarkets have on the top shelf good quality expensive food for those in good jobs, on the bottom shelf we have the cheaper stuff for the poor and jobless and those not so well off, they are the bottom feeders . I would have thought in this day and age society would have had everyone eating healthy chance what their position in life, our politician are always saying we want respect and equality for everyone. Think about this, if you have a good job and are financially secure you hold your head up high and can see your good food, if you are jobless miserable and on benefits you hold your head down, and that`s where you will find your food . This Force does not want surplus humans, that`s why everything that is presented to us is aimed at a certain group of humans, those with a good upbringing, good education resulting in good jobs, this Force in its quest for Utopia knows it will have a large amount of dirt to get rid of, the unwanted human, but it will do this gradually over many many years, it has patience, it knows its target , and it intends to succeed under the guise of progress. 

Most of us are expendable, we are a means to an end we play the game of `Struggling to live`, our want for food and other stuff keeps money circulating, business people and governments make vast amount of money out of our struggle and this money goes to advancement for the few. We are part of a very clever Merry Go Round, we are the horses they ride, this Merry Go Round gives the Force its power eventually there will be no poor, no jobless, we will probably be replaced with robots that do not need food. But when this Force acquires its Utopian Society, what next, yes indeed `What next`? 


The Real Killers

'Intelligence' is not a get-out card when someone wants you as `FOOD` 

How would you feel if you were told there is a race of Aliens and they did not recognize our intelligence, we were strange smooth skinned humanoids and they were Reptilians, and they enjoyed us humans as a source of food, and this was told to you by your President, King, Queen or PM? You would be absolutely sickened and terrified especially when you were told this is what happens to thousands of missing people each year, your fear would mount; you would think are you next, dare you go outside? What about your family? What is the government doing? You just could not understand why anyone would want to do such a thing to us intelligent friendly humans. 

Now if the Reptilians exist, and all we are told is true, then its right to assume there must be in number of huge space craft somewhere in space that are full of human prisoners ready to be shipped off to a distant planet where they will be prepared and cured to suit the pallet of the Reptilians. 

Are you sickened yet? no! then I will carry on. 

On this far distant planet you will be taken alive (in other words fresh meat), herded with a few others into a room you will be trussed up, and while hanging upside down some creature will cut your throat your blood will be drained (they may use technology to drain your blood) and used as a delicacy and then before your eyes flicker shut your still warm body will be cut and chopped up into various portions of meat to be fed on by these creatures. Let me put it this way, this week we had a Christmas food magazine from a well-known chain of stores, they had a meat section, I will give you three examples of what was shown for you to purchase then I will change the wording slightly. 

Item 1. Deluxe Cured Ham topped with Orange and Rosemary.
Item 2. Dluxe Luxury Liver Pate.
Item 3. Deluxe Cured Beef with Olive Oil and Cheese.

I have no idea what herbs may be used on another world so I will not change that part of the examples. Now what would you think if it read like this. 

Item 1. Freshly Killed on the day, Deluxe Cured Homo-Sapien Leg Meat topped with Orange and Rosemary.
Item 2. Deluxe Luxury Homo-Sapien Liver Pate.
Item 3. Deluxe Cured Human Heart with Olive Oil and Cheese.

I know what you're thinking, "How stupid is this, it's pure sick fantasy", but look at it this way, on this planet we call home, thousands upon thousands of tons of meat are consumed each year, most of us could not give a damn as long as that meat is on our plate. 

We do not care how we get it and we switch off to the killing bit and the suffering that may be inflicted on the animals that we breed for their meat. We do not recognize that these animals have a degree of intelligence, most would say they are just dumb animals, but when you see Cows that were locked up for an unreasonable time set free in a meadow prancing around and rubbing their faces on the grassy ground overcome with joy at their freedom, suddenly they are no longer dumb animals. Even Fish will shun a sick fish, the healthy ones will move to the other side of the fish tank. All around us we have examples of intelligence's in the animal world, no not human intelligence but an intelligence in the animals own right, an intelligence unique to them. But like our Reptilian does not recognize our intelligence we also do not respect that the animals we kill also have a degree of intelligence. My point is, is it so strange to think that we are used as a source of food by an Alien race, next time you go to a butchers shop watch how indifferent he is as he cuts up a dead animal and jokes with the customer, the customer looks on with anticipated relish of evening dinner as the butchers knife slices through the animal meat. The customer switches off from how that meat got into the butchers shop, the stunning, the throat cutting, the slowly bleeding to death. 

It does not matter how advanced we are with our technology it does not stop an Alien race seeing us as food, even with our technology certain humans will kill and eat other humans, there was a news account of human flesh being served up in eating establishment somewhere in Africa. If we can do this why should we be offended if some off world entities turn up periodically to collect and take humans for food just like in the film `SIGNS`. 

We are so arrogant that we separate ourselves from the animal world its `us` and `them` our arrogance knows no bounds, take the Bigfoot of the USA, its sighted all over the world but under different names depending on the country its sighted in. The magnificent elusive creature is being hunted by people willing to shoot and kill it just to prove it exists, these hunters are the biggest knuckle draggers that ever existed, there mentality is 'Me' 'Gun' 'Kill'. It matters not to the hunter that this creature has intelligence and reasoning. 

So again, why should we be shocked if we humans are taken and used as food, having intelligence does not come into it, we show our indifference to intelligence on our world over and over again. We really do think nothing can touch us, is that the ultimate mistake of our arrogance, like the lady in the shop who refuses to recognize or even think how the meat got to the butcher, do we also refuse to think that we could have an off world predator. 

Thousands of people go missing every year, think about that.
The English Cognizant Citizen



We humans do not respect intelligence in anything but ourselves so why should we be shocked if some of world entity does not respect human intelligence. Please watch the one with the chimps, its beautiful yet sad that we treat intelligent creatures like this.


Meat-Eating and Human Evolution (Human Evolution Series)

Human Harvest: Alien Abduction

Big Horn & Yellowstone Activity

It looks like a shadow. But it is not a shadow. "Given the ongoing public fear that the volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park is about to erupt, people might be forgiven for being a little nervous when the landscape nearby splits in half.

The crack in the earth in the shot up above is no new Grand Canyon, but it's still a big one, at almost 2,297 feet long and 148 feet wide. It appears to have opened earlier in October, in the foothills of Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains. Wyoming is home to the lion's share of Yellowstone National Park."

An unstable earth is a dangerous place to be.

“These enormous depressions, which often form extremely rapidly and without any prior warning, appear when the surface layer of soil collapses down into a cavity created by one of several processes. The dissolving of carbonate rocks by acidic rain or subsurface water is one possible mechanism; variations in the flow of water underground may also serve to undermine the sediments supporting the surface layer. It is possible that this chasm was created in much the same way, “ IFL Science reports.

According to a spokesperson for the Wyoming Geological Survey the phenomenon isn’t too uncommon, and pointed to an early, wet spring and summer as potential factors.

So what does Lynn from Psychic Focus see behind this?

Psychic Focus
"When I focus on this area I see a small cave system that is deep into this rock. The cave has some underground streams, and I see water actively moving through these vein-like caves. The caves are very narrow, but in one area (that is close or even directly beneath this area) there is a larger pooling of water underground, like an underground lake where many of this narrow caves lead to and connect. The reference I am showing is that the caves are like veins in the human body, and the "lake" is like the heart of this system.

As the underground "lake" starts to grown, it erodes the land around it and creates an even larger pocket of space beneath the mountain. It eventually reached the point where there was not enough support to hold up the mountain in the area, and the motion I see is similar to how a building would collapse during an implosion except the bottom "floors" or earth look to fall first, and then the upper levels follow the collapse. I am not sure if this is technically how a landslide works (the bottom layers fall first taking the upper layers with it) or if this is a geologic slump action.

I also get this mountain isn't done moving. As the underground "lake" grows, the earth above will continue to fall. I see some time in between the "falling," but when it happens, it will happen fast. The growth of the underground lake looks to happen very slow, but the movement above ground is fast and drastic."

While hunting this past weekend in the Bighorns, we came across an awesome example of how our earth is not as stable as you might think. Awesome forces at work here to move this much dirt!!
Posted by Randy Becker on Monday, 26 October 2015

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Taken and never returned

This article has been copied entirely from The Christian County Headliner News and talks about the possibility that people are being abducted by aliens and never returned. It is based on the fact that abductees speak the truth regarding their own experiences and asks the most obvious question - what if not all abductees get the chance to speak.

This week we will broach a delicate topic that I have only heard discussed among fellow researchers in hushed tones and private conversations. It actually involves combining two mysteries — one covered by the mainstream news media and the other “on the fringe” — into one tentatively proposed suggestion.

At this point, there is not enough evidence or support for the concept to justify referring to it as a theory, at least as the term is used in the scientific community.

The concept is deceptively simple to state as a question, but the ramifications and emotional impact are disturbing. Each year a great number of people across the country and around the world disappear without a trace, as if into thin air.
At the same time, there are a significant number of reports taken by UFO investigators in which experiencers claim to have been abducted by, apparently, alien entities. The troubling question, as you have undoubtedly already figured out, is this: Are there occasions when people are abducted and not brought back?

For those with closed minds who consider UFO believers as candidates for a mental institution, with alleged abductees being confined to padded rooms, there is no question to be answered. But if you are aware of the unexplained disappearances and are open minded about the abduction accounts, the concept of an occasional victim not being returned must be at the very least considered with an open mind. But once that point is reached an even more complicated and potentially frightening question comes into play — why?

One suggested scenario goes like this: An individual is abducted and in the course of the oft-reported physical exam something goes wrong and the abductee expires. Perhaps they have a weak heart and literally die of fright. Faced with a dilemma, the abductors decide that the best solution to their dilemma is for the body to disappear without a trace.

As an alternative, there are those who maintain that the abduction scenario is a testing procedure of some sort, and those who pass are either invited to become an ambassador to another world or taken there whether they agree to the “honor” or not.

There have been cases in which abductees recovered memories, either spontaneously or under hypnosis, of being told they were “not suitable” or “did not pass.” This communication is usually said to have taken place silently, by way of telepathic messages.

The truth — if indeed such a scenario actually exists to be explained — may lie in a combination of these extremes, and depend upon who is doing the abducting. Most of the reports involve a description of the familiar small beings commonly referred to as “gray aliens” or simply “grays.” They are generally rather benign and somewhat emotionless, simply going about their task of gathering samples and conducting tests without either inflicting unnecessary trauma or being particularly comforting.

The so called “reptilians,” on the other hand, seem to be more malevolent and either uncaring about the pain and terror they are inflicting or actually enjoying it. Fortunately for those who have such experiences, the gentler “grays” are the most frequently reported.

My personal opinion on the question at hand is a cautious acceptance that the overall concept of people disappearing by way of alien abduction is indeed plausible, but is still a long way from being proven to my satisfaction. As far as the various scenarios proposed to explain why “permanent abductions” may occur, that debate is a classic case of getting the cart before the horse until the connection between disappearances and abductions is either proven to the majority of researchers’ satisfaction or at least becomes more widely accepted. Perhaps some eager young ufologist needs to research the possible correlations in time and place between UFO sightings and mysterious disappearances. Their findings would go a long way toward solving this enigma within a mystery.

If you have had an encounter with any type of paranormal or unexplained phenomenon that occurred in Missouri or an adjoining state, I would like to add it to my ever-growing files. Send me a complete account, with as many details as you can. Include your name and a telephone number or email address I can reach you at if I need more information. Complete anonymity, if requested, will be observed if your experience is used for publication. Send accounts and comments to samuptegrove@gmail.com and I will respond.

Source:  http://m.ccheadliner.com/opinion/uptegrove-taken-and-never-returned-a-scary-possibility-of-alien/article_272dfb56-71ce-11e5-b8f9-9bec2c0658e2.html?mode=jqm

Lets take a look at one of the biggest fear based cons going but let me say before I go into this that I believe that this planet is subject to Alien and Demonic interference and has been throughout the ages and this planet and solar system are strewn with artifacts showing the existence a long time ago of a superior intelligence. It was a subject I was slowly drawn into many years ago, The `Alien` that off world creature that is set to torment and crush humankind, to use us and abuse us with the threat of invasion and dominance. This menace has grown from strange UFO sightings and even stranger humanoids in the 1950`s to today`s terrifying Reptilians the Grey's and a whole host of off world entities most of which it is said do not have our well being at heart. 

If we take the `Reptilian`for instance we keep being told they are out there plotting to take us over and use us for food and they are manipulating our politics through the `Reptilian` bloodlines established long ago on planet Earth. Yet I have not seen one `Reptilian` no spaceships, nothing that says to me the `Reptilian` is here or coming to invade. There is, plenty of rubbish on YouTube concerning our demise at the hands of these creatures, there are equally some excellent documentaries by good researchers, yet I, after all these years have not seen one `Reptilian`. The only `Reptilians I know of are already here and it appears to be us humans because we are engaged in everything we associate with the `Reptilian` we murder and torture, we create wars and eat flesh whether human or animal. Next time you go to a butchers shop you will see the butchers in a matter of almost merriment cutting up the body of a killed animal while he jokes and engages in conversation with the customers. The fact that those chunks of meat the knife slides through was once a living breathing creature flies over their heads. All over the world the consumption of flesh of one kind or another takes place every day, thousands of tons of flesh are devoured daily by us so called humans.

Even though I want to be abducted taken to a spacecraft and probed by `Alien Gray`s` it has never happened, neither have I had any encounters with the rest of the `Alien` gang, I want to, but it just aint happening. The big question is are humans being taken for food, if we are it should not upset us to much, just give a thought to the butchers shop, how possibly could we complain when we indulge in the same activity. But looking at it from another angle the `Reptilian` may not exist but its a great `Fear` to use, a type of false flag to get people to follow an agenda like putting weapons in space to combat a fictitious invasion by these `Reptilians`. 

Remember agenda`s are set years in advance, will they one day tell us (when they put their plan into action) that this `Reptilian` group have been responsible for all animal mutilations around the world and they have been taking humans for food. Imagine the horror that would sweep over this world, would'nt you just do anything to be protected form such unimaginable horror.
I know in my heart that there are Alien civilizations out there, some may be friendly and some may not, but are the Aliens we are being continuously sold a total fake, a need to scare us for some future agenda.

Missing People: Shocking True Stories Of Bizarre Disappearances (Missing People, Missing Persons, Strange Disappearances, True Crime)

The Strange Disappearance And Equally Strange Reappearance Of David Gerrold

Missing People: The Chilling True Stories Of Strange And Unusual Disappearances, Unexplained Missing People And Missing Persons Cases (Missing People Series) ... Missing People, Unexplained Disap Book 1)

Hiding Phenomena with Theories

The UK Sun NewspaperWhat they are saying is people are being cruel to animals and posting it on social media, its called 'Psycho poaching'.

It sees gangs torturing pets and wild life for fun, then they are supposed to share the clips of the act, there is supposed to be secret screenings set up in the back rooms of some pubs pubs. 

There is another 3-titles down page 16 :- `CATS POISONED` `CAT DISMEMBERED` `DOGS POISONED`. Each one of these is linked to human involvement, with one vet saying he `THINKS` the poison was slug pellets hidden in meat. It also said 141 cats have been killed through poisoning this year, the Sun even shows us 5- serial killers from the UK whom were responsible for animal cruelty before they went on to kill humans. 

But here is the thing that puzzles me, take the vet for instance, he `THINKS` it was slug pellets, surely today there are ways to prove slug pellets were used, in all of this report they just talk of poison without any medical chemical proof. Secondly they say social media/internet has fueled these crimes, now will someone please tell me if they can catch and trace various offending people using the internet for illegal monetary gain, or the sexual grooming of children or hacking computer systems, why can they not trace these people whom torture animals and post them on social media? 

And lastly why has there been no arrests reported in the article, they know so much how things are done, yet no arrests, surely some investigative reporter could infiltrate one of these gang (if the gang exists). 

To me they are hiding a phenomena they cannot or do not want to explain by enveloping it in a collection of theories such as `I THINK ITS POISON` OR `THEY MUST HAVE USED A MACHETE` or ` WE THINK IT WAS POISON IN MEAT` or `PEOPLE WHO DO THIS COULD GO ON TO BE SERIAL KILLERS`. 

There is more to this article published in the Sun today than the reporter could imagine or most other people come to that, they just refuse to look deeper and in a different direction to what they are being told. And so the killing will go on.
The English Cognizant Citizen


Brain Zap

I`m going to present you with a gem of an article I spotted in the Sun newspaper on page 17, to me this is an astounding revelation, read it first it is word for word from the Sun paper:- 

Scientists have been able to change people's attitudes by zapping them with magnetic energy. This bizarre brain experiment weakened religious perceptions and prejudices by around a third. Boffins say it sheds light on the way we solve ideological problems. They were able to shut down part of the brain for an hour using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). The 30 American subjects were then asked to rate their belief in God, angels, the Devil and Hell. They were also quizzed on a negative essay written by a newly arrived immigrant. Scientists found the TMS reduced the belief in God by 32.8 percent and made subjects more positive about immigrants. But they said TMS has no lasting effect. Dr Colin Holbrook , of the University of California described the findings as " Very striking", but said more research is needed
Well to me they are trying to make out this is new, we and many others know it is not, mind control experiments are years old, on Enigma Earth there was an article recently titled Alzheimer and Mind Control, also researchers have been shouting out their evidence for years concerning mind control experiments, and now they blatantly admit it. Are they about to try a large experiment, because remember when they tell you of something they have got or appear to be trying, then it's because they have something `Better`. Also why did they use the God, Devil, Hell and Angles in their experiment? could they not just as easily weakened the subjects perceptions of Beer, Chocolate or even Drugs. No! It had to be religion. 

Do you remember I quoted something I heard a few years back when a writer said "They are out to destroy religion". This Sun article to me seems like an open admission as to their intent, you know, like it's been said "The rules of the game are they must tell you what they are going to do". We all know mind control experiments were started way back. So what is going on?

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Stunning Dream Revelation

This article appeared on Before it's News. Please follow the link at the end to read the FULL ARTICLE as the detailed descriptions are definitely out of this world.

I was raised an atheist. Utterly godless. Not even agnostic. No gods.. fairies.. Santa’s or bunnies…Believed nothing at all. I saw all the trouble and confusion it caused and wanted nothing to do with it. I see Christians always fighting and debating and being hypocrites all the time. I see new agers not really having a clue what it is they actually believe in, and going in circles. I see all the other religions all banging their head on a wall but achieving nothing but headaches. I wanted no part in it and still don’t. 

But I had a dream / vision when I was 15 that changed my life, but it was not until about a year ago it took effect, and according to the dream it will not be until after tomorrow (28 December 2012), when I turn 44, that it finds fulfilment. 

I was 15…still a kid.. but wondering what it was all about, seeing as everything was so totally pointless and without a reason or a goal. 

Being an atheist is the most pointless life one can live.. so empty of purpose or meaning. 

And like all kids I needed purpose and meaning. So the dream./ vision… 

It was September the 28th 1984….a day I will never forget, because its the day my life was taken right OUT of my hands, and I realised that none of us really have a choice…only a will directed by the one who makes the choices. 

I remember so clearly.. sitting on my bed that night…looking out the window at the stars. Wondering why they were there.. what purpose they served.. if any at all. I remember asking the same thing of myself.. what was my purpose.. did I have a purpose…or was it all pointless.. an illusion.. meaningless and dead? 

That night I lay down on my bed.. still wondering what it was all about… and I had a dream….or a vision.. not sure which but it was incredibly vivid.. I was there.. could feel.. hear.. smell…. 

Where was I? 

(Keep in mind up UNTIL that point I had never even looked into a bible or any religious book.. so what I saw was not previously planted in there) 

One moment I was on my bed.. in a half awake half sleep state.. a trance you might call it. That zone you are in where you are still aware but also.. not aware. I found myself about 200 meters in the air…an air that was NOT air as we know it. I looked around in shock…I was there.. this was no dream.. I panicked at first cause I thought I was dead.. and for all I know.. I was. 

After adjusting to this “Shock” I was able to look around me.. where I was…and what I saw….Spreading around me in every direction to a horizon that just was not there.. was THE most incredible landscape I have ever seen. No majestic scene on earth comes close to this.. awesome.. the SCOPE of it… endless.. and solid and real. 

ALL was alive.. in a life that was LIFE.. not just living things.. but LIVING beings.. they were not just alive.. they WERE life in its essence…each leaf.. blade of grass.. creature and fish.. bird and reptile.. were not JUST alive.. its like they WERE EMANATING life… 

I could go on and on about the details.. but I am going to stick with the main part…and that is.. WHO was standing “Or floating” there beside me.. who until that moment I had not noticed.. 

I turned to my right…and…wow…there was this bloke…who I Immediately KNEW was The creator of all I saw. I didn’t know his name.. I just KNEW HE was responsible for it all.. 

He was about 6 foot…medium build.. strong.. yet supple.. he had an air of authority about him.. like a mighty fighter who could whip anyone but with ease.. and KNEW it.. but was humble and gentle and didn’t brag about it. 

His hair was white…but not from age.. more of a symbol of purity kind of white. Like a judge would wear a white wig as a symbol. But this hair was no wig. It was his own. 

He wore a sort of robe.. not ancient.. yet not modern. Like a royal robe of state. Across his chest from right shoulder to left hip was a red/purple sash about 6 inches wide, interwoven with gold threads. 

The robe went to just above his ankles. He had sandals on. But not ancient looking. More of a modern look. But in looking there.. at his feet…I saw holes in them…Then with a shock.. I saw his hands.. they too had holes in them.. just at the ends of his wrists.. each hole about half an inch wide. There was no blood and the wounds were not festy or horrible. They.. were worn like a status symbol.. a mark.. more than an annoying wound. I had the urge to kneel.. but realised I didn’t have a body to kneel with. 

So I just looked at him.. KNOWING he could read every thought…and knew my intent was to kneel if only I could have. 

He knew. 

He just smiled at me.. joy glittering in his eyes.. eyes.. so.. blue.. gold.. green…all colours.. fire.. eyes of fire.. like an opal of magnificent brilliance. 

He seemed to radiate a real.. friendliness.. happiness.. total peace.. yet utter and mighty authority. 

You felt at ease with him.. yet so humbled as well. 

I finally said to him (Well.. I thought it)….”You are God?” 

He said simply…”(I AM)” 

I thought to myself “This cant be real.. there IS no “God”… I am imagining all this.. I MUST be…”He smiled even broader.. if that were possible.. like he was amused at my simple yet certain belief in nothing. It was not a snide enjoyment he was feeling.. it was more like you would smile at a toddler who said something cute. 

He said, knowing my turmoil and thoughts, “Come.. let me show you your destiny” as we started moving through this “Air” that was not air…gliding off at about 60 k an hour it seemed. I was able to measure the speed we were moving, because we floated over a sort of highway with trees planted at regular intervals along it. 

I looked out beyond.. to what was ahead of us. I saw fields. Stretching on and on and on.. I saw lights dotted here and there over these fields. 

I asked “Jesus” “What are those lights? “He said.. “They are cities.. or towns. Dwellings and hubs of commerce.” “Commerce” I thought? Of what USE is commerce in this place? 

He just looked at me and smiled.. and said “you will know in time.. 

I looked.. way way ahead…seemed like thousands of k’s.. into the far distance…there was a bright light.. like a brilliant sunrise.. multi hued.. radiating colours beyond description…and the music…you could FEEL the music coming from it. It was everywhere.. yet I was not actually conscious of it till I concentrated on it. Harmony.. pure harmony.. rising from one stanza to the next.. to reach a crescendo.. only to fade out into the next phase.. ever building to a climax.. but never reaching it.. music without beat.. without end.. timeless.. eternal.. pure.. 

I was STUNNED…nothing on earth was anything like this music of colour blended with sound…had I had a body I would have exploded in sheer joy at just five seconds of exposure to this eternal symphony…I was surrounded by it from the moment I arrived.. but not until THIS moment had I actually put my focus on it.. 

I was hooked… 

I said (Or thought) in stunned amazement…”WHAT is THAT?” 

HE smiled and said simply.. “THAT..is the capital.. where my father dwells.. and where we are now going” 

So on we went. He was talking to me the whole time.. but I was not really paying attention. I was utterly wrapped up with where we were heading.. trying to lose myself in the eternal song…I wanted to BE the song.. to join with it. 

But try as I might I could not quite grasp the flow of it. It changed from one moment to the next.. always ascending into a new and unique stanza.. and just when I thought I “Had” it, and was about to hum along with it.. it would blend and change into something new.. and no two stanzas EVER repeated.. each was unique.. each a masterpiece.. each never to be heard again.. as ever new stanzas were created and blended into the whole.. always building.. always growing.. always new.. always.. utterly without description. 

He kept speaking to me.. telling me of events to come in my life.. main points and turnings in my life ahead. I was half aware of what he was saying.. but he knew I was lost in the song. 

And this was why he waited until I was lost in the song to tell me. Because everything he told me about my life ahead was forgotten on my conscious level.. like a half remembered dream. But as each event actually took place in my life, the memory would surface.. like a vivid Deja Vu.. and it would all be clear…and I would KNOW this event.. good or bad.. was ALL part of the plan. 

We travelled for what seemed like days…or hours.. or minutes.. its hard to tell time in a place that has no time. He laid out my entire life before me.. from conception to birth, to the present (That moment when I was 15) to the very end.. which is only a few years away now ..going by the events and their sequence. 

Tomorrow I turn 44.. (28 December 2012) THAT year is PIVOTAL for me (AND.. for the world as a whole). 

As to why??.. well.. its something he said when we reached the capital. There.. in the distance.. rising above the houses.. was a building unlike all the others in size. But.. it was also.. easily recognised AS a throne. Hard to explain unless you actually see it. We travelled on and on…following the river…towards the centre.. where the light and sound had its source.. 

We settled down right in front of it. I reached out to touch it.. and then realised I had no body.. as such. But I DID feel something…like a purity.. awesome power of utter authority.. like the place where ALL decisions are made and all cases ended. 

This is where it got serious for me…There I “Stood”.. at the base of the throne.. KNOWING I had been there before.. like a massive.. MASSIVE Deja Vu hit me all at once. I RECOGNISED this sea of fire.. of golden glass.. I KNEW this throne.. I KNEW this entire field.. but WHERE..WHEN??….. 

My creator looked at me.. like he was waiting for the realisation to hit me fully…he was not smiling at this moment.. he was rather serious.. like he WANTED me to remember.. the moment…of WHEN I had been there before…and was just patiently waiting for the memory to take shape… 

Having realised I HAD been there before I said 

“Lord creator. (I didn’t know how else to address him at that time). I know.. I know YOU..I KNOW you now.. I’ve seen you.. this place.. this throne.. this sea of fire/glass.. I HAVE been here.. with you.. but.. when?.. It does not seem like long ago.. and yet.. HOW?..” 

He looked at me with a slight grin.. he kinda looked proud of me in a way and said “ 

“15 years ago earth time you sat with me on my lap, up there on that throne. You were an infant.. full of life and questions and curiosity. You were fresh from my mind.. created almost an instant before, brought into being on earth direct from my very spirit itself. You were born very premature. You did not want to stay at first so I brought you here to explain a few things and give you a choice. But first I sent you back telling you your time was not yet.. you had a destiny to fulfil and if you had stayed you would never see it take place. being an infant you did not understand, so back you came, rather stubbornly I might add. “ 

He continued.. despite my looks of.. confusion ???… 

“So I explained patiently.. while bouncing you on my knee…the joy that awaited you.. and millions of others.. IF you went back and lived out your planned destiny. I told you that the reward for going back would be well worth it, and beyond imagination. You looked at me with baby blue eyes asking why.. eyes I fashioned to look similar to mine. I like blue.. its my favourite colour.. as it is yours” (Yes.. I love blue.. always have.. and there I found out why). 

He went on to say… 

“15 years ago earth time you didn’t want any part in that destiny.. you kept trying to leave your body.. small and frail as it was.. you wanted to be here with me.. your “Daddy” as you called me from the depths of your innocent infant spirit. How I loved it.. to hear you call me that. I am your “daddy”… I am everyone’s “Daddy” if only they would realise it.. and through your final decision to return and live your life… many millions WILL.” 

I asked him.. rather dumbfounded “So.. I died as an infant.. willingly.. died.. JUST so I could be here with you?” 

He said “Yes.. twice you actually succeeded.. and you tried many other times as well.. before you managed to stop your own heart by an act of your will. The first time I sent you right back after a brief explanation. The second time.. I KNEW you would come back because I was the one who created IN you the curiosity and pure stubbornness to GET a full explanation of the facts. You have an inquiring mind.. one I created FOR the purpose of your destiny.. you will find it very useful in the days ahead.. but also.. it will also be a hindrance at times.. but that’s why I gave you a mind like this.. to BE an “Overcomer”. 

An “overcomer” I said?…WHAT is that? 

He smiled broadly and motioned his hand out over the sea stretching out before us to the “horizon”…”See this field.. this sea of glass??.. in a few decades you, and millions of others will be here.. and yes.. your sister and daughters as well (Daughters.. I will have DAUGHTERS??) will all be here.. jumping and leaping for joy.. as the climax of all creation is made known to all. 

I asked him… 

“So I’ve been here.. and chose to go back once you explained WHY I had to go back. “?He said “Yes.. I was very proud of you.. you are a fighter.. you never give up.. although you do tend to be discouraged easily.. but you also get up again and again.. you never quit.. THAT is why I am proud of you. You fall and fail.. yet you try and try again. Its not how many time you fail I take note of.. its how many times you get up again and keep going. 

THAT is character.. and character is all important and vital for what comes after your life on earth is complete.” 

I looked at him and said “Huh”?..(rather stupidly I might add) 

He just grinned and said “There is coming a time soon.. a few decades from now earth time…when all you have learnt.. and all you will learn will find its meaning. You think you will sit around being all happy here in this place doing nothing forever? NO.. you will have work to do.. places to oversee.. administration.. government.. all very busy.. and decisions will be needed.. from people with character.. people who have gone through the fires and beat them.. and.. people who are wise.. strong.. resilient.. steadfast.. in a word.. overcomers” 

He went on to say “Now you know why you never knew me except as an infant. You know why…because in all the things you have gone through these last 15 years.. you grew character.. without the “Crutch” of religion….you fought on and on.. you overcame your weak frail body.. it grew strong.. you overcame the sicknesses that resulted from your premature birth… you overcame the anger and grief of your mother…you overcame the incessant teasing at school.. the bullying and the physical beatings.. just because you were “Different”…you saw through the lies on TV.. you never bought into the rubbish…the deceptions.. you kept on and on.. always asking.. looking.. reading and searching.. for deep down you KNEW there was more to this life than met the eye.. and deep down.. was the seed I had planted there when you and I had our little chat.. and now here you are today…and I am answering your question in full.. for know.. that all was not in vain.. life DOES have a purpose.. far greater than you can ever imagine.” 

I stood there.. taking it all in.. it suddenly all made sense…all the trouble I had been in.. the hurt.. the pain.. the despair.. the victories.. again and again.. a cycle of defeats.. followed by victories.. and followed again by defeats.. and followed again by victories. 

I was always alone.. never a friend…but I kept going.. I KNEW.. even though I actually “Believed” in nothing.. that I was WRONG somehow in that “belief”.. which.. after all.. was NOT a belief but an assumption. 

He stood there…letting it all soak in.. it all fit together.. and explained a lot of what had happened in my childhood.. the early formative years of the basic character I would need in the next three decades.. as he was just about to warn me about… He said “Come with me.. up there..” 

We both rose up to the throne.. and we sat on it together.. looking out over the sea of citrine yellow fire.. glowing in awesome majesty.. vacant.. for now… 

(I was not actually “Sitting” as I was in spirit.. no body as such.. but you get the idea). 

He pointed down to a spot near the front of the throne.. slightly to the right of it and said. “Know this for a fact…in less than 4 decades from now earth time.. YOU.. and your two daughters.. will be standing right there.. on that very spot.. you will be leaping and shouting victory.. joy.. gladness.. your arms around your young ones, who I will bless you with at the right time.. and there you will finally understand all that you are to go through in the next 35 years. Behind you.. surrounding you.. will be many many people.. who will only be there because of your words.. what you say.. and because of the moment you said them. No one will know you.. you will not be on a stage.. or on a movie or in a book. Just your words.. will spread out and impact many lives. 

There.. standing there where I am pointing 

(He raised his hand and pointed to the exact spot I will be standing in three decades or so from then) 

I will acknowledge you to the others.. the ones who are there because you CHOSE to stay on and fight through.. I will let them all know your name.. and then you can spend the rest of the 1000 years meeting them all.. and sharing your testimony in person.. and hearing theirs. It will be an amazing time for you.. you will be utterly astounded at just who you reached with your words.. and their effects. 

Nothing happens for nothing. 

Your words.. born in the fires of agony and trials.. will touch many lives.. and also save many lives.. and the reason I tell you this now..” 

( He suddenly got all serious.. His smile of joy at the future memory of this event faded.. and the present came rushing back in.. and with.. a tear?…in his eye.. and a sadness I could only see the edge of..) 

He continued… 

“In the years ahead.. you will try to find me.. here.. there…you will look and search…you will try churches.. drugs.. alcohol.. parties.. friends.. all looking for me…trying to find WHERE I can be found on earth. You will forget most of what I have told you today UNTIL the day BEFORE it all comes to pass.. and your true destiny begins.. which will be in your 44th year ….” 

( THAT is tomorrow.. I turn 44..and YES.. its only NOW.. the DAY BEFORE.. that I remember EVERY WORD he said to me that day so long ago.. until TODAY…I could only remember bits.. and the place itself.. NOT the warnings or the details) 

He continued… 

“…in the years ahead.. you will long to die.. you will experience such deep despair.. such grief.. so much pain. The fires will forge you.. stronger and stronger you will become with each forging. There will be three times you will attempt to take your life.. which I will prevent.. three times you will survive.. and get up and keep going.. again.. each step.. closer to the final product.” 

“You will die to yourself.. you will die to this world.. you will eventually die out to the “Need” of human love.. finding it to be untrustworthy and fickle .You will know in the end.. only MY love is certain.. and only I can be counted upon. 

And on that day.. you will walk as a lion.. fearless.. dead to the world.. trusting only in me.. and THAT.. is the reason I will let you wander.. to find out once and for all as Solomon once did.. that ALL.. apart FROM me.. is vanity. 

And there.. lies real strength…and courage.. and wisdom…and with those three attributes forged INTO you by the fires of life itself.. you will march forth in your 44th year.. and devastate so many lies…so many half truths.. you will clear a pathway.. just with your words.. to truth.. to life.. and many will follow.. but NOT YOU…they will follow the TRUTH you have learnt so hard. 

No one will EVER know who you are.. until that day.. the day I tell all, in front of the vast crowd.. your accomplishments. Both yours.. and many other warriors who will have done similar to you. 

You will receive your reward then.. no sooner. 

So.. go now.. back to earth…and I will be with you every step.. I will guide your every step.. and I will not let a single hair on your head be harmed. 

There will be many attempts on your life by the evil one.. I will guard you.. see there? 

( He pointed out across the field.. and there.. hovering above the field were two angels.. BIG ones..stern..strong..6 feet across at the shoulders.. at least 16 feet high…each dressed like a warrior.. with a ten foot long broadsword in a jewelled scabbard.. ready for anything) 

These two have been with you since birth.. they are your protectors.. in the days of your destiny you will get to know them personally.. but until then they will remain hidden.. from you.. and from others.. but NOT from the forces of darkness…who will flee left and right at their very look.. thus no harm will ever come to you.. you must be kept alive at all costs.. even against your own attempts to end your life.. you cant even harm yourself.. much as you are going to want to. 

(As it turns out.. I DID try to kill myself three times.. and each time.. it failed…overdose.. nothing.. just woke up a week later feeling great…drink myself to death?.. nup… I always passed out or vomited it all up..CAR accident?.. Head on crash at over 130 kph into a concrete pole which left the car a burning wreck?.. same.. was flung from the car as it burst into flame.. not a hair singed.. and not a scratch…that was my last attempt.. I gave up trying to kill myself after that.. no point.) 

He then looked me right in the eye.. with his amazing eyes of multi hued blue fire and said.. 

“(My name)…in the years immediately following this conversation.. you will remember only parts of what I have said. Here and there I will allow a brief flash of remembrance. During dark times.. when you need it the most. 

But for the most part your decisions.. and mistakes.. and outright rebellions, will be your own. But they too are a part of what you must learn. You will even get very angry at me in several years time.. when you fail to find me in any churches or doctrines or drugs or books or seminars. You will even curse the day you were born.. and your anger and grief will lead to some dreadful mistakes.. but those same mistakes will be the making of you.. your anger and your grief at not “Finding me” will in fact be what allows you to find me in the end. 

A week before you turn 44 the final test will come.. your family will disown you and turn against you… and in that moment you will make a final decision (WHICH I did) which will enable the memory of all I have told you to re-surface one day before you turn 44..and when you do.. begin…for your 44th year is when everything you have ever learnt will come into play. The world will grow very dark.. people will be dying and losing hope.. BE that hope for them.. and tell them.. they DO have a “Daddy”.. that I am here FOR them.. and that nothing in their lives has happened for nothing either.. as I hold all events.. and every life.. well and truly in the palms of my hand. Now go.. and I will see you again here…in just under 4 decades your time, from now. 

Then.. BANG… just like that.. I opened my eyes…and looked at the clock next to my bed…I was there for what seemed like hours.. or days.. but only about five minutes had passed. 

And true to his word…I forgot almost everything he said…until today.. 

After I wrote it more came back to my memory of the event. 

The last year for me has been hard. Very, very hard. I wont go into details but the events of my life just in the last 12 months leading up to today.. the last day of my 43rd year.. were the final stage. I am dead to this world now. And going by what I can remember now of that event 28 years ago…I can see why. 

There is a vast and terrifying abyss just ahead. Many millions dying.. war.. death.. loss of hope. Our whole way of life.. our entire civilisation.. will soon be in ruin.. 

That is when lights shine the brightest.. when darkness falls. 

The darkness falls very soon. Before the middle of next year… I cant see clearly WHAT it is.. I only know its devastating.. and permanent.. as in.. it ends western civilisation.. forever. 

One other thing I know about what’s coming.. 

THERE WILL BE NO WARNING…NO one will predict it.. NO prophet will warn of it.. NO one will KNOW.. until the final few seconds. 

Its going to be FAST and SUDDEN and WORLD SHAKING..NO warning.. not even from the Lord. 

The ONLY clue I have been given regarding the beginning of the end is…it will happen on an ordinary day. A day just like any other. No change.. no “feeling” of impending doom…just a sudden and shocking CHANGE.. and nothing will ever be the same again. 

Our epoch ends.. just.. like.. that.(Snap of fingers) 

Then following this change.. this devastating world rocking event.. comes the harvest. 

Then before the year 2020,,,the final end. 

I was told I would see it.. the return. Its right at the end. I was also told I would not see the age of 50 in my current body. 

I am 44 tomorrow. That is the year I was told my destiny and all these years of hardships.. stupid mistakes.. lessons learnt.. and character building would all find the uses. 

We have.. I feel.. but a few weeks of “Normal” left. 

When the change comes.. it will catch everyone totally off guard. 

They are already off guard because of the December 21st campaign.. designed BY the media.. to achieve just that. 

Now they have an entire world population not caring one bit about any predictions or prophecies or forebodings. 

Everyone is asleep.. as planned..” and the flood came on a day they knew not.. and took them all away”…as in the days of Noah.. so shall it be again…and so it actually IS…NOW. 

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