What to do if your cat goes missing

A lot of this website is given to cats and the worldly matters surrounding them. It is a very sad time to discover that a beloved pet has gone missing. Here are some methods that you can  implement to help find them.

Cats are territorial and many will rarely leave their territory unless something has scared them. Therefore most cats that go missing are found within a five house radius from where they live. Make sure you check your back garden and those of your neighbours thoroughly. Is there anywhere your cat could be trapped or hiding? As you know cats can be curious and get trapped in all kinds of places they venture into. Cats don’t wander off down the street following exciting smells like dogs, but at times they can follow their owners without them being aware. This would result in a cat becoming skittish the further from home it became and eventually go into hiding. Have you walked anywhere recently?
If you think your cat is hiding nearby a good tip is to put out some strong smelling fish when it gets dark. Do it at the same time every night. Then try and keep watch from a distance to see if your cat will venture out to eat it. When he is hungry enough he will venture out when he feels safe which is normally under the cover of night. In fact night time is the best time to search for your cat. Walk about between the hours of 11pm – 2am and use your cat talk language that the cat knows best. Walk, talk and listen.  Cats are famous for getting into strife; a hidey sleeping hole can turn into a trap.
Also talk to your neighbours and ask them if they've seen your cat. Local children are also good to ask as they often notice animals and will often help you with your search.
Each cat is different and the scenario that has happened to them may depend on several factors such as their personality, whether they are an indoor or outdoor cat or whether something has scared them.
For example, research has shown that indoor cats that have escaped are very likely to be hiding near your house. They have panicked and gone into survival mode, so are probably hiding within a three house radius. They are too scared to move and will probably not respond to your calls. They are hiding in silence so as not to attract any predators, they are following their survival instinct.
In fact when any cat is hurt or scared they are very likely to go into hiding and not respond to your calls. You have to remember that the cat doesn't think like a human. Even though they may recognize your voice, they may not respond to it because their ancestor instincts tell them it’s safer to remain quiet so as not to attract any attention.
Could they have ventured into next door’s shed? Would they have jumped into a caravan? Have you recently moved? Could they have gone back to your old property?
Check the local pound as cats can be handed in without you knowing. Flyers can help. Do not stress yourself over what you think might have happened to your cat. After all it might just have gone on a big adventure. Sometimes cats can go great distances and return weeks later; appearing magically for food and comfort.
And don’t forget prayer; a definite help in serious times and if you do find your cat dont forget to give thanks..
Happy New Year

Shadow Being

Shadow beings exist. Read one persons account below.

..."just wanted to tell you what I saw one recent night. I was out in my backyard, sitting a little bit off my back porch. It was warm, but there was a really nice breeze that night. I had shut off our outside security light, and I was just sitting in a lawn chair, enjoying the breeze. It was around 11:30 at night. Our next door neighbors are on vacation, and I've been watching their house for them. They live on the corner, and there is a street light at the edge of their property that lights up their yard really well. The only part that is mostly dark is the side of their detached garage. The streetlight is so bright that even with my security light off, it lights up half of our property. (We have a double lot.)

I was looking at the sky, when I noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. I saw what I thought was a person squatting down, then getting up and moving around my neighbours trash cans that are on the dark side of the garage, towards my home. I watched for a few minutes as what I thought was a person kept moving around. I had my cell phone, and I pulled up the number of the local police department so I could call them if this person looked like they were out to rob my neighbours. The shadow began moving, and it went past the garage into the light I realized with horror that there was no person attached to the shadow, it was just a big black shadow. It was much larger than a real man would be, around 7-8 feet tall. (Our neighbour is 6'6, and I see how tall he is up against his garage, and whatever this was at least a foot taller than him, maybe a bit bigger.)

I gasped out loud, and it turned towards me. I was so scared that I couldn't even move. The shadow suddenly started lurching through the neighbour’s yard, like it was coming for me. I jumped up off the chair, got tangled in it and fell. I glanced over at this thing as I tried to get up. It seemed as if the noise stopped it for a second. I jumped up and ran right into the house. Our door has a window, and as I was shutting the door, this shadow thing appeared in the yard right next to the overturned chair. It stood there for a few moments, and I swear it was actually looking at me, even though it had no facial features. Then it suddenly took off, and vanished from the part of the yard I could see. My husband died 4 years ago, and I live with my 14 and 19 year old daughters. They were watching TV, so I snuck past them upstairs and looked out all the windows. I didn't see this thing anywhere in the yard. I stayed upstairs for a while because I knew by looking in the mirror that I looked like a crazy woman and I didn't want to scare my daughters. I didn't tell them what I saw, because I didn't want them to be scared too. I didn't sleep much that night or last night either! I don't know what this was, but it scared the heck out of me!"  Source

Large Numbers of Children Missing in Virginia

I read an article a few months back from a person who was abducted as a child. She had since made it her job to check the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and keeps tabs on missing children. Her investigation bought about the revelation of a very high number of children missing from Virginia.

Her theories and hypothesis also made me keep an eye on the national website. A recent search showed that between 25 Sept 2012 and 25 Oct 2012 the number of children missing from Virginia totalled 107 – and this is for a month! At this continuous rate of disappearances the vast numbers of missing children must be obvious to the public and have every parent very concerned. Why are there so many children missing from the state of Virginia when compared to other states?

Why haven’t we heard about it?

I realize that children do run away from home but I would think that other states would also have the high statistics too.

Listed below are children missing during the last 10 years on the left and missing in the last month is on the right:-

10 Y    STATE      1 MONTH
7     Mississippi       0
19   Missouri          1
51   New York        1
26   North Carolina  3
2     Delaware        0
59   Maryland        6
22   Pennsylvania   2
43   Washington     2
17   Wisconsin       0
280  Virginia         107 (in the last week alone 53 children are listed as missing)

Go and check for yourself http://www.missingkids.com/search. Search using 'Missing From..' Choose State only. The numbers will shock you.


Chris Holly has interviewed a woman abductee who has startling things to say about the world we live in.
This woman feels we are very backward in our knowledge of the universe and extremely dense when it comes to all things paranormal.

She says we are no match for any being who can take us against our will, wipe out our memory, experiment on us and throw us back into the human pool whenever they please. She feels we are no match for those who spend time here on earth with us.

She wondershow can we consider interacting with beings who travel around us when we are not even capable of seeing the forest for the trees because they are here right in front of our noses and we do not even detect or know it.
Read the full length enlightening interview here.

Cat Dissection at School

How upsetting, how dreadful. Our children are being taught cruelty and disrespect for life at school. What sort of learning is this? What future is this setting them up for?  And why when there is such a large quantity of animals being put down on purpose would you not take industry training from the animals freshly euthanized. Why are 'scientific' classroom actions done to impressionable school children with the blessing of the school and no doubt parents who condone the barbaric attitudes under the guise of education?
When children from Newport Harbor High School in Orange County, California posted photos on Facebook of cat dissection in anatomy class, they were not scientific photographs for learning you would expect in a classroom.

Karen Coyne, an English teacher at the high school and faculty adviser for the school’s animal rights club, contacted the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM).  PCRM sent a letter to the school district and kept up correspondence throughout the summer months. The staff at Newport-Mesa Schools consequently  decided to eliminate animal dissection and use electronic means in its lessons. However, it has now been discovered that the High School has ended cat dissection only; other animals will apparently still be used in vivisection activities in the classrooms.  Dr. Pippin from PCRM was disappointed to find only cats are being eliminated in dissection lessons. He had believed the decision would eliminate dissection of ALL animals in all classrooms within the district.

He said "There are more humane techniques for teaching anatomy to students in middle school, high school and college level classes, like.  Numerous medical schools have been changing their training to adopt computerized dissection modules to stop using live animals while others have not".
The newspaper article can be read here, Warning Graphic Content

VIVISECTION the word alone has the ability to send paralysing send chills of fear through the mind.
Definition -  (vivus, meaning "alive", and sectio, meaning "cutting") is defined as surgery conducted for experimental purposes on a living organism, typically animals with a central nervous system, to view living internal structure. The term is sometimes more broadly defined as any experimentation on live animals.

In other words the animal is alive, conscious and operated on.
3010 Kerner Blvd.
San Rafael, CA 94901
Email: idainfo@idausa.org
Website: http://www.vivisectioninfo.org/
For questions or comments regarding vivisectioninfo.org or IDA's anti-vivisection campaign, please email idainfo@idausa.org 

Their website is In Defense of Animals


It Takes People In a Flash

A very unsettling and odd vanishing happened to Christopher Thompkins from Ellerslie, Georgia. He was last seen by work mates standing on the shoulder of the road facing the woods at 1.30pm on 25th January 2002. He literally vanished within seconds leaving the survey crew very perplexed. They walked back to where they had seen him only to find his boot hanging on the barbed wire fence along with blue fabric from his pants. On the ground beneath were coins that had fallen from his pocket. The woods on the other side of the fence were inhospitable and swampy.

David Paulides, former lawman turned investigator, tells us that during his time working with traffic accidents he has seen shoes left behind by people who were literally “hit so fast that they were knocked right out of them”. He says that logistically it looks like Christopher was reefed out of his boots and dragged through the fence in such a position that all the coins fell out of his pocket.

When gravity drags coins to the ground it means that the opening for the coins was either facing the ground or the container holding the coins was removed at a great speed - very similar to the magician who removes the tablecloth without disturbing the cutlery. This means that Chris was either upside down or sideways.

Six months later the rancher who owned the land found the other missing boot 900 yards away next to the swamp. Christopher Tompkins is still missing.

A moment’s opportunity seems to play a big part in these disappearances.

A young boy disappeared from his camper where he was sleeping with his sister and the family cat while their parents walked about outside. Within seconds of the parents walking behind a tree they heard their son scream and ran back to the camper to find the door open and the boy missing. The girl and cat was still asleep. The child is still missing.

What is out there?

Further details on these articles can be found in
Part 5 of Missing People and High Strangeness. The section detailing Chris Thompkins is at approx 1.40.00min. Interview with Paulides direct link here
"After reading "It takes people in a flash" I get the impression whatever is doing the "taking" does not want to be seen. Is this its weakness?, if its seen would the spell be broken would we be able to combat this entity if we saw it. Just a thought.
I have also just been thinking about water, water to us is another dimension. I can put my hands into that dimension and take out a fish in a FLASH! (or use other means, a rod or a net). If I wish to enter that dimension I must make special preparations, such as a diving suit oxygen, flippers and mask. Now I can explore the water dimension at will but only for a certain amount of time. I can now take what ever I want from this watery dimension and nothing, save a big shark can stop me. I do not know where I`m going with this, there is something in my mind, I need to click the pieces together. I`m looking for the hands that reach in and take us, should we look at how we do things to get answers. Perhaps some of the greater minds that tune into ENIGMA EARTH can add to my thoughts and get us closer to understanding what is going on
 But, remember, we must think, theorize and explore every notion no matter how strange or stupid it seems to the people around us."
The Cognizant Englishman Dec 2012
I think many of us have the same thoughts...  we are the ones being picked on and used for advantage just like the helpless fish. Our world and everything in it being used by something larger than ourselves and beyond our control and understanding.

Comment - After reading "It takes people in a flash", I get the impression whatever is doing the "taking" does not want to be seen. Is this its weakness?, if its seen would the spell be broken would we be able to combat this entity if we saw it. Just a thought.

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Missing 411- Eastern United States: Unexplained disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved

Missing 411-Western United States & Canada: Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved

Mysterious Things in the Woods; Mysterious disappearances, Missing People; Sometimes Found... (Something in the Woods is Taking People Book 1)

There's Something in the Woods

Missing Persons: True Stories And Disappearances Of Missing People: The Cold Case Files Of What Happened To Some Of The Worlds Missing Persons (Unexplained ... Files, True Crime, Missing Persons Cases,)

The Missing Texas Forty

"There was a group of seven teens that have gone missing from Montgomery County since 2008 and six of them were on foot. I noted that most people missing were from the towns of Spring and Conroe. But the most interesting is that the majorities were walking when they disappeared."

This is the research findings according to an internet article about missing people in Texas. Intense investigation uncovered bizarre disappearances of people who lived in the same area.

What is it in the Counties of Montgomery and Liberty that have caused people to vanish without trace? Where do people go when they abandon their vehicles? Why is there such a complete and utter vanishing of people who are catching buses, driving cars, gone out on an errand and living their life peacefully and unobtrusively? Who or what intercepts them so completely with such terrible swiftness that witnesses don't exist or signs of a struggle apply.
A phone call is more than one can hope for but it can also add to the mystery as in No 7 from the List (scroll to the bottom). Lorraine Light, who, in 1989, left groceries unpacked and a message on the machine "which didn't sound like her" saying that she had met someone and was going to Mexico for a few days. Never to be heard from again.

"Extensive research in the two adjoining counties of Montgomery County (population 450,000) and Liberty County (75,000), came up with an astounding 40 people missing. With 40 people missing from two adjoining counties, is it something sinister or is it just a coincidence?"

In many of these strange disappearances police records and all the clues seem to vanished over the years and new evidence has to be sourced. Could the missing people and missing records be connected? What do you think? Leave your thoughts. Source

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Ultra Strange UFOs

 A group of witnesses tells of their experiences to Chris Holly under the title of Extremely Strange UFO's. Floating sky buildings!
“...I saw a tennis-court size building floating over North East Charlotte, North Carolina. It was broad daylight about 5pm during rush hour traffic…
“...the object looked like a three level parking garage, I could see sky light through horizontal slits in its structure...” 
 “...I watched it from the time it came to view in the front of the airplane window and continued to look at it until we went into a new cloud bank..”
"...just above the tree line, in the back area of his field, a large rectangle fully lit structure…”
 What are these structures? Could they be transporting hundreds if not thousands of alien life forms? Could they be a dimensional craft? Can this be top secret military experiments?

Very strange indeed. Read the details


Reptilian Abductions

Honoured Red Draconian
If what they are saying here is true then we are living in a very scary world.

In an interview recorded on 23 Oct 2012, Joe Montaldo discusses new information in regards to the 2005 Katrina reptilian abductions. He has now found at least 30 other abductees, who were taken during these events. For the first time, he also goes into precise detail on what transpired during these training exercises. Listen to the condensed audio version (click the red button)

Matt R is a former New Orleans police officer who has had several reptilian abductions. He has written of his experiences in a letter to
Evidence is supported from Ken Bakerman who is also an abductee.

Cover Ups

According to investigations by Gordon Duff and Ricardo Baretzky the myth of the UFO can now be clarified once and for all. An investigation discovered that a picture emerged from a NASA Satellite taken in 2012 during flight over the Australian territory, is in Australia without government approval. They don’t even know it is there.

It also come to light that some of Google earth maps might have been altered to deliberately block out the images and seems to have been deleted from another versions in public use. Source

Another cover up seems to be encircling the TruTV airing of Shadow Operations: The Mars Project. They are asking for public help to spread the news about the truth behind the Matrix, the black projects and secret space program that is stealing money and lives from YOU in order for it to survive. PROJECT CAMELOT is website we should be taking notice of.

Code of Secrecy

"Ridicule is the tool they use when feeling most threatened." A very good point to describe what is happening in prominent circles.
A reader brings this to our attention.
"Over, let’s say a month and half ago, there were in our tabloid newspaper The Sun two-half pages of written criticism about David Icke in a period of two weeks.
Now I do not know what others think of Mr Icke but he does make some good points. I did write a letter and ask the paper in so many words, why did they choose to do a write-up on David if they thought he was a fool? Why give him hundreds of pound of free advertisement? Then it struck me David must have upset someone, stepped on their toe`s so to speak.
Now ! last week another article appeared in The Sun this time it was telling us that UFO`s have had their day and there is no proof they are extraterrestrial, it says that so called experts agree there are no UFO`s from other worlds coming to earth. Then, this week yet another article by none other than Dr David Clarke expressing yet again UFO`s are a has-been. The conspiracy theorist in me thought "What’s going on?” There are respectable individuals worldwide in the ranks of army, navy, and air force whom testify to witnessing strange events around the world that do not find a place in what us earthlings refer to as normal. On top of all that there are thousands of hour of UFO video footage taken by people who "KNOW WHAT THEY SAW".  Then we have renown researchers Steven Basset, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Dr Richard Greer and many others fighting for disclosure of what the evidence revels to them.
So! What or whom prompted The Sun newspaper to print those articles? I smell a rat, something is not right, I know what I have seen, my family know what they have seen, and my friends know what they have seen. I have a pet hate of so called experts living 50 to a 100 miles away telling me what I saw land right in front of my eyes . My point is do not take any notice of those that say Ufology is dead, there are many strange events taking place in this world, so many times one has to wonder about the word Paranormal. Is Paranormal really Normal? Do we call it Paranormal because we do not understand? Has the strangeness that has accompanied human kind through the centuries always been there? Is it normal? Do we share this reality with other entities, animal mutilations, alien and ghosts? Is everything "NORMAL"? Is our reality bigger than we are taught?
I think so, so please carry on reporting to sites like ENIGMA EARTH anything unusual, alien, mutilations, fairies or goblins, let’s build a real picture of what this life and reality is really like."

Entity Bridges and Mutilations

Below is a comment worthy of its own post. If everyone shared their thoughts or experiences in this manner, no matter how strange, we may just touch on the truth and bring about a way to end earth's horrendous mutilations phenomena.

"A little while ago I expressed a theory that I believe mutilated animals were, for a period of time removed from this reality. This theory being supported by the lack of blood and no witnesses, no one ever see`s anything. Keeping that in mind I would like to relay a story to you concerning the reported UFO War in the Pacific. John Kettler has posted an update on the UFO war on his website, he refers to it as "Disturbing" and should not be read by the young, or people of a nervous disposition. It sounds crazy and pure science fiction, but there again so do animal mutilations to the less open minded. Some of you may laugh, but the war is given credibility by the comments of Gordon Duff, of the prestigious web site Veterans Today. Another gentleman who has taken up the war story is John Kettler of John Kettler Investigates, it is what Mr Kettler`s contacts told him that caught my attention. As you know in war there are casualties, well apparently where this war is taking place something unseen can appear next to a seaman on board ship, devour him, and leave unseen.

The only thing left to indicate that something had taken place was a trail of slime that contained the sailors DNA.

Now if all this is true and not dis-info, is there a relationship between land animal mutilations and the attacks on unfortunate seaman, these attackers appear to be inter-dimensional for both humans and animals. In the case of land mutilations is some entity trying to bridge the gap between dimensions, are the half cats failed attempts at transporting a creature across the dimensional divide, are horse and other animal attacks inter-dimensional experiments that have gone sadly wrong. Why not, we use animals in our research, only when our safety is assured do we use humans. Is that it, are the real targets us, once small animal experiments are successful, are we next?

Yes my comments are farfetched, animal mutilations have been taking place for a long time, but perhaps theorizing is the way forward, by exploring every outlandish thought we may hopefully get to the truth."
The Cognizant Englishman

Strange Disappearances in Indonesia

 "Indonesia reports that many people are disappearing in the jungle, apparently due to a very unusual form of abduction that takes place if they wear certain colors. Some are returned, but generally with no memory of what happened to them.

 Three years ago I went to a small village in the district of Sandu Batu in South Sulawesi. I was told not to bring any clothing with yellow in it or any other bright colors to wear in the jungle. Only Black or White. Black was the most preferred. I had to ask why. They said that people who wear these bright colors will disappear. The villagers verified that people do indeed disappear but this village would not say why.
A group of us walked into the jungle to view illegal logging. One man didn't listen or understand the warning and wore yellow socks. We did our tour and returned. He was strangely quiet. That night he became extremely ill. We nursed him and about a day later he returned to his healthy self. Then he told us what happened.

He said something had bitten him on his right legs calf and then his thigh. He showed us the marks. They were huge scratches. He said he could not see what was attacking him. He said he did not want to tell us what happened because he was embarrassed. The villagers stood around us with these knowing looks while we looked at the marks. I was told that many people have disappeared in the mountains because of the Jin. They wear only black because they believe this allows them to travel through the jungle undetectable by whatever it is that takes these people. There is something terrible and evil taking these people. The people of Sulawesi have come to terms with it and have tried to adapt themselves to deal with whatever it is.
We found a young man who survived an episode in the jungle when four of his group went missing and were never found. He said the people or creatures who do this have a small nose and their eyes are small and black, but their mouths are very broad and when they smile it is very large compared to the rest of their face. He could not remember the color of their skin. I asked for a picture to be drawn. He managed a crude happy face with a nose consisting of a single line and a huge grimace. The boy was the only one who could see them out of the five.He kept seeing a lot of them but when he would try to show the others one of the four who disappeared could see them.

He also saw a strange animal he could not recognize. These animals are the size of a horse with huge antlers. He said he saw herds of them. He could not understand where they came from or why there were so many. They not an animal indigenous to the area. There is no such known animal that big in Sulawesi." Read the full article

Interview with Paulides here.
From Unknowncountry.com reader, Alan Lamers


Missing People and High Strangeness

Missing 411 is the first comprehensive and detailed book about people who have disappeared in the wilds of North America. It is an investigative book about a series of weird and odd disappearances that no one can explain. Nobody has ever studied the archives for similarities, traits and geographical clusters of missing people, until now.

 The author, Paulides, identifies clusters of missing people across the U.S. and Canada, cataloging unusual disappearances which have been happening for centuries and are still happening. A tip from a national park ranger led to this three year, 7000+ hour investigative effort into understanding the stories behind people who have vanished. The book chronicles children, adults and the elderly who disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. Case after case across North America lists missing children which do not appear on any national database; he shows unusual (and often times disturbing) details about the cases which happen over and over again; the unusual behavior of bloodhounds/cadaver dogs involved in the search process; and details about how the surrounding environment also plays a role in the disappearances.
One person writes, "What was creepy about the book was not so much the stories about people who disappeared forever - after all, I read and write about missing people every day - but about people, mostly children, who disappeared and then were found in places where they should not, could not, be."

The implication here is that they were picked up and carried off by something.

The research depicts 28 clusters of missing people across the continent, something that has never been exposed and was a shocking find to researchers. Topography does play a part into the age of the victims and certain clusters have specific age and sex consistency that is baffling. This is not a phenomenon that has been occurring in just the last few decades, clusters of missing people have been identified as far back as the 1800’s.

In respect to the missing person's families, Paulides does not offer any theories as to what he thinks is behind all these bizarre and disturbing disappearances-he keeps that to himself-but the book's already created a sensation, and quite predictably, the web's buzzing with fringe theories of everything from Bigfoot to Aliens to a Supernatural Evil.

Of course we will never know for sure, but in a lot of cases, Paulides makes a compelling argument that there may be something elusive and predatory lurking in our forests and National Parks that's hunting people all over the United States and Canada.

The manuscript for the research was extremely large so the story was split between two books, (1) MISSING 411 WESTERN UNITED STATES & CANADA and (2) MISSING 411 EASTERN UNITED STATES. David has a follow up book called (3) MISSING 411 NORTH AMERICA AND BEYOND. The Eastern version will include a list of all missing people in the first two editions and a concluding chapter that draws both books together for conclusions.

Below are some of the issues that are discussed in each edition:

• The National Park Service attitude toward missing people

• How specific factors in certain cases replicate themselves in different clusters

Clusters of Missing People
note the bare centre
• Exposing cases involving missing children that aren’t on any national database

• Unusual behavior by bloodhounds/canines involved in the search process

• How storms, berries, swamps, briar patches, boulder fields and victim disabilities play a role in the disappearance
• The strategies of Search and Rescue personnel need to change under specific circumstances

 Major news organizations do a deplorable job of covering stories and issues which are deemed too unusual or too far outside the box. Chances are, they will find a way to trivialize or ignore the disturbing evidence accumulated by David Paulides who is a former lawman turned investigative journalist. The paper trail uncovered by Paulides through sheer doggedness is impressive, the evidence indisputable. People are vanishing without a trace from our national parks and forests, yet government agencies are saying nothing. At a minimum, this story deserves space on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a formal high level inquiry by the federal agencies whose files leave little doubt that something very strange is unfolding in our wilderness. If getting the crap scared out of you by Mr. Paulide's book saves a single life, than perhaps Missing 411 should be lauded. Source

George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM
"After reading this book, you will forever walk in the woods with a different awareness."
Missing 411- Western United States
Author-David Paulides

Part 1 (8 min) 3 March 2012 video deleted
Part 2 (7 min) 4 March 2012 video deleted
Part 3 (15 min) 4 March 2012 video deleted
Part 4 Followup (55 min) 14 April 2012 video current Dec'13
Part 5 Followup (150 min) 24 June 2012 video deleted
Part 6 Followup (150 min) 25 June 2012 video deleted

David Paulides website is CanAm Missing Project

Reading by Lynn from Psychic Focus

Q. Who are the beings behind these abductions and what are their motives?

A. I see two dominant races of ETs coming forward as being responsible. One is Reptilian based. I am also being told to remember that the term "Reptilian" is a very broad definition, and there are several branches of "Reptilian." 

The second group I see are these tall, white looking beings. They walk upright, two arms and two legs. I get the impression that you don't want to look right at them. It isn't because they are bright white, but rather there is some subconscious fear that starts to come over you and you naturally shutter away from them. Even as I try to get more details about their appearance, I see myself keep turning away from them. 

Both of these groups have various reasons for their abductions. The fundamental reason is that they are studying humans. The human race is a melting pot of many ET DNAs, and if specific desirable traits can be rooted to specific DNA, then the thought is that DNA can be bread into the abductors race as well. I get the two main areas of question are fertility and human's ability to express and feel emotions. Since all DNA is different, they require hundreds of subjects to really analyze how it works. 

Q. How can they snatch their victims within seconds and without being seen or found?
A. I get they can move fast. In some cases they have a ship that appears and the victim is extracted instantly (like a "beam me up" situation.) In other cases (like the Mystery Stairs) they encapsulate the victim into this energy "bubble" which creates a cloaking effect while the ETs work in the public (but under a disguise). 

Q. Witness reports indicate that the beings use seduction, fake voices, mind control and traps to get at their victims. Does that mean they cannot abduct anyone against their free will?
A. Yes, but this is difficult. These beings are good at tapping into the subconscious and make you feel you want to go. You may not (in a normal state of mind) feel they want to go or be led anywhere, but once the being taps into their subconscious (creating a hypnotic feeling), they willingly go. It isn't until it is too late that the person starts to realize (slightly, like coming out of anesthesia) what is happening. Even after the experience, I see many times they remember things like a dream (but it is very real to the subconscious). 

Q. Most importantly: How can we enjoy these wild natural areas and at the same time protect ourselves (mentally and physically) from getting taken? According to David carrying guns, GPS-trackers & mobile phones, or having dogs with you or being with a group of people will not prevent you from being snatched.
A. He is right... Once you are a target, it is difficult to escape. The thing to do is keep from being a target by keeping vibrations high. ETs are scared of the higher vibrations. I get they are worried that YOU will be able to analyze or control them on some kind of spiritual level. Crystals, mantras, drumming circles, etc are all way to drive these beings away from an area.

Source: http://psychicfocus.blogspot.com.au/2015/09/david-paulides-and-missing-411-research.html
Map: http://dcxposed.com/wp-content/uploads/missing-from-parks-map.jpg

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Mysterious Things in the Woods; Mysterious disappearances, Missing People; Sometimes Found... (Something in the Woods is Taking People Book 1)

There's Something in the Woods

Missing Persons: True Stories And Disappearances Of Missing People: The Cold Case Files Of What Happened To Some Of The Worlds Missing Persons (Unexplained ... Files, True Crime, Missing Persons Cases,)

The Angel and the Aliens

The experience of Todd J is resounding in its absolute and compelling faith in God when faced with alien encounters during childhood.

"....then it started to happen, at night I would always have a strange feeling of being watched while I slept. Sometimes the FEAR became so intense that I couldn't sleep, which would result in me sleeping-in the following morning and skipping school. Then the weird stuff started. I began to wake up at night and see balls of light floating around in the darkness and I couldn't move, so I just closed my eyes. Then one night I got up to go to the bathroom and for some reason I felt I needed to go look in my brother's room. When I looked in I saw that face in the window, the big black eyes, the round head and slanted chin. It freaked me out because we lived in a two story house. I ran to my room and hid under the blankets.

The following nights I would pray about it and asked God to protect me. Then as I laid in bed after everyone was asleep I started to hear buzzing from outside the window. An extreme fear came over me and I couldn't move and I couldn't yell for my parents. An eerie green light started to fill my bedroom from outside and then I would somehow just wake up the next morning not remembering anything after the green light. I would usually have a severe headache, a sore throat, or feel extremely tired and drained of all my energy.

After about three or four nights of this I knew it would probably happen again, and it did. This time I prepared myself... When the green light entered the room, my body was paralyzed. I tried to call upon Heavenly Father to cast it out of my room but I could not speak, my jaw was really tight. So I prayed in my head when all of a sudden I saw that the wood-grain on my bedroom door appeared to be forming into the face of man with a beard and long hair. I thought it was Jesus Christ. Then a bright white light came from above me and chased the green light away. As soon as this happened I had control of my body and I immediately pulled the covers over my head, I had no idea that God would actually do such a great thing. I then heard a voice which was so calm and loving saying to me 'You are safe now Todd, you may go back to sleep.' And I peeked through the blankets and saw a man in white clothes standing beside my bed. I was still a little frightened but I felt peace and that the terror was over...for now.

...it was the Thanksgiving of 1992, my grandmother and uncle had come up for Thanksgiving dinner and to spend the day with us. During the day my grandmother started talking to me about aliens for some reason and I started telling her of the things I had seen when I was little.

Then that night I remember being awaken by a noise, I first noticed that my computer monitor was reflecting a bright green light and then my whole room was filled with a bright green light. My first thought was, 'Oh no, they're back!' Then I again was paralyzed as it had happened to me when I was twelve. I was looking out my bedroom window and I stared face to face with a gray alien. There were two more behind him. I tried to yell but again my jaw was tight and my tongue was stiff. It just looked at me with those scary big black eyes liked it looked into my soul. I felt evil and fear, I am surprised I did not release my bowels! Then the light consumed me and I was drawn out of my bed into the light. While this was happening I was praying in my head and all of a sudden I was walking down the street in front of my house with an angel.

This angel was a magnificent looking man. He was about seven feet tall and the bright white light around him was as pure as freshly fallen snow and it radiated about the entire front yard like a morning sunrise. His face was gentle and happy and his eyes looked at me lovingly. His whole countenance was just amazing beyond description.

He placed his hand upon my shoulder and pointed toward the house. I looked over to my bedroom window and saw the three beings still at my window hovering above the ground in a bright green beam of light which seemed to be coming from nowhere. The angel stayed by my side and protected me. I tried to cast the small gray aliens away with my priesthood but they were still there. I was so angry, the things that had made my life miserable since I was a child now there within my view, and I saw how weak they were, how small. And I thought 'These beings are so small, yet their power is enough to stop me in my tracks.'

But this time I was FREE, this time I could harm them and I did. I ran to one and grabbed it by the neck and started to strangle it. I could feel its spine coming through the back of its neck as it let out a horrible screeching noise.

They were not very tall, only about four feet high -- but they hovered in this light up to my height until they were next to my face. Their skin was like a reptile's, cold and leathery. Their damn eyes got to me the most... big black liquid eyes, just two holes for a nose and barely a mouth, just a slit. Their bodies were not very proportional as ours are. Their arms hung down a little past their knees, and their heads seemed too large for their neck to support it.

The angel just stood by as I went into a rampage and killed all three of them. They were so fragile. The angel smiled as if I had done the right thing. And we then proceeded to lay the dead bodies on the lawn. I watched the green light fade away and saw no light except the brilliant radiance of the angel's. The angel knelt down at the bodies which seemed to be changing from gray into a sick yellowish color. I watched as the angel opened his robes and unsheathed a golden sword and began to cut away the tops of the beings' heads and their brains came out in an upper and lower section.

The angel arose and spoke, 'Behold, they are nothing to us. They are nothing but creatures of evil.' Then a blue light or conduit from the sky actually transported them into small balls of light and took them away. So I have no evidence that I actually killed them. We, the angel and I then entered the house, and in the kitchen were three more aliens. One came up to me with a long shiny metal rod that seemed to have a laser beam coming out it. The alien stuck it in the left side of my neck and it stung really bad and then I could not move, so the angel touched me and I could move again. I then immediately punched the alien square in the face breaking its neck and killing it instantly. The other two stood by looking at their fallen comrade -- their moves were very quick and their heads rotated almost as fast as a lizard. The angel held up his arms and spoke. 'In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to depart.' Then both the creatures immediately fell to the floor and these gray aliens were again taken up into a beam of light in the same manner as before.

Then the angel covered my eyes and then uncovered my eyes. I was all of a sudden on top of a large mountain looking down over a large valley FILLED with aliens and strange looking humans and their spacecraft. Then I saw hundreds of people dressed in white walking on the mountain with us as if they had come to watch. And then a voice from heaven said 'Behold, these evil ones have perverted the ways of the Lord and deceived many and fornicated with my children. They shall have no place in my kingdom nor in this world to come.' Then a FIRE came down from the sky and CONSUMED all the beings and all the strange human[oids] and all the UFOs and nothing was left. The angel then spoke saying I had seen enough and he again placed his hand over my eyes. I awoke from my bed and it was morning.

Later in that year even in the same month I noticed a scar in the shape of a circle that I never had before. I couldn't recall how it got there but one day when my mom asked me how it got there I had a flashback of when the alien stuck that silver rod in my neck. Now I had proof that I've seen them!

On this SAME NIGHT of November 22, 1992, there was a UFO crash on Long Island, New York which was supposedly shot down by the government with a plasma cannon. I have seen the pictures of the small gray alien captured at the crash site and it was exactly the same type that abducted me."

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