The Missing Texas Forty

"There was a group of seven teens that have gone missing from Montgomery County since 2008 and six of them were on foot. I noted that most people missing were from the towns of Spring and Conroe. But the most interesting is that the majorities were walking when they disappeared."

This is the research findings according to an internet article about missing people in Texas. Intense investigation uncovered bizarre disappearances of people who lived in the same area.

What is it in the Counties of Montgomery and Liberty that have caused people to vanish without trace? Where do people go when they abandon their vehicles? Why is there such a complete and utter vanishing of people who are catching buses, driving cars, gone out on an errand and living their life peacefully and unobtrusively? Who or what intercepts them so completely with such terrible swiftness that witnesses don't exist or signs of a struggle apply.
A phone call is more than one can hope for but it can also add to the mystery as in No 7 from the List (scroll to the bottom). Lorraine Light, who, in 1989, left groceries unpacked and a message on the machine "which didn't sound like her" saying that she had met someone and was going to Mexico for a few days. Never to be heard from again.

"Extensive research in the two adjoining counties of Montgomery County (population 450,000) and Liberty County (75,000), came up with an astounding 40 people missing. With 40 people missing from two adjoining counties, is it something sinister or is it just a coincidence?"

In many of these strange disappearances police records and all the clues seem to vanished over the years and new evidence has to be sourced. Could the missing people and missing records be connected? What do you think? Leave your thoughts. Source

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