Entity Bridges and Mutilations

Below is a comment worthy of its own post. If everyone shared their thoughts or experiences in this manner, no matter how strange, we may just touch on the truth and bring about a way to end earth's horrendous mutilations phenomena.

"A little while ago I expressed a theory that I believe mutilated animals were, for a period of time removed from this reality. This theory being supported by the lack of blood and no witnesses, no one ever see`s anything. Keeping that in mind I would like to relay a story to you concerning the reported UFO War in the Pacific. John Kettler has posted an update on the UFO war on his website, he refers to it as "Disturbing" and should not be read by the young, or people of a nervous disposition. It sounds crazy and pure science fiction, but there again so do animal mutilations to the less open minded. Some of you may laugh, but the war is given credibility by the comments of Gordon Duff, of the prestigious web site Veterans Today. Another gentleman who has taken up the war story is John Kettler of John Kettler Investigates, it is what Mr Kettler`s contacts told him that caught my attention. As you know in war there are casualties, well apparently where this war is taking place something unseen can appear next to a seaman on board ship, devour him, and leave unseen.

The only thing left to indicate that something had taken place was a trail of slime that contained the sailors DNA.

Now if all this is true and not dis-info, is there a relationship between land animal mutilations and the attacks on unfortunate seaman, these attackers appear to be inter-dimensional for both humans and animals. In the case of land mutilations is some entity trying to bridge the gap between dimensions, are the half cats failed attempts at transporting a creature across the dimensional divide, are horse and other animal attacks inter-dimensional experiments that have gone sadly wrong. Why not, we use animals in our research, only when our safety is assured do we use humans. Is that it, are the real targets us, once small animal experiments are successful, are we next?

Yes my comments are farfetched, animal mutilations have been taking place for a long time, but perhaps theorizing is the way forward, by exploring every outlandish thought we may hopefully get to the truth."
The Cognizant Englishman

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