Alarming Leap in Vanishing Cats

Shetland Islands UK
The UK Shetland Islands have become desperate to find out what is happening to their missing cats. 

Staff member for the local Cats Protection team, Carol Ritchie, said there had been a definite increase in the amount of disappearing cats. So concerning has the situation become that the organisation has created a Google map pinpointing where each missing cat came from, revealing a focus on Lerwick and Scalloway.

There’s far too many cats missing in Lerwick and Scalloway, and they're just never turning up again,” Ritchie said, “It’s very strange. I don’t know what’s happening.

Typical of other strange reports of missing cats, there are no fur, collars or bodies to be found.

Clusters of missing cats is a phenomenon that has been appearing in various places around the world. Some believe that UFO's are taking cats to use in their alien nefarious hybrid agenda's. While this cannot be proven it sits in the same category as strange animal mutilations.

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Aliens On The Internet

Is something else awake when we are asleep?

If you have ever been up all night you will see where this person is coming from.To be in a house when everyone else sleeps and it is just you and total silence, is a total different feeling than the noise distracting day. Only last night I awoke about 2-30am, hot and disturbed, I went to the bathroom then had a cold tonic water from the fridge, I went back to bed, my wife was fast asleep. After settling down I was kept awake for the next 30-minutes or more by a variety of little fidgety noises, a couple of which made me raise my head off the pillow to look around our dark bedroom. It could just be house movements, but you cannot get away from the fact that the night feels different especially the silence, I have often wondered what happens to the real world when we are in deep sleep. My wife too has heard strange noises at night seemingly coming from outside our bedroom window, I said to her perhaps animals she said no they were different. Next time I get up early hours I might just stay up for a couple of hours and just sit in silence, that`s the key, silence.

"Recently I have been staying up late, and in fact all night till morning on some days, for no reason other than wanting to maximize my time doing things I like. Researching the paranormal, surfing the web. It is during these late night sessions I began to notice something..I had some sort of encounter...cant really describe it but will try my best.

It seems to me that in the late AM hours, mainly between 2am and 5am there is an increase of 'unseen activity' and 'commotion' inside of my house.. This was not a one time occurrence but happens whenever I remain awake when I should be asleep.. 

Let me try to elaborate...during one of these late night sessions of surfing around on the net I began to notice 'unseen movement' out of the corner of my eye...a kind of feeling of being in a busy street, with multiple people walking by, busily, yet being unable to see any of it...I just felt it.. creepy to say the least...almost felt the small wisps of air moving around when these 'entities' went by. 

As soon as sunrise hit the activity, and the feeling of someone or someones being present simply disappeared.  Got me thinking about a theory I've had about these 'in between' times, the time between our waking and sleeping states. 

I had the strong feeling that something was 'swarming' around me, and whatever it was, it was upset that I wasn't asleep at such a late hour...it was almost angry that I was not giving it access to me sleeping state.  It is now my opinion that there are unseen beings that feed off of our emotional energy which is generated during our dreams. 
  1. Could our dreams be virtual reality constructs that force us to produce our emotional chi or prana energy in order to allow these beings to feed off of us? 
  2. Does there exist a race of beings that wake up when we go to sleep, and hibernate as soon as we wake up? 
  3. Is there something that is parasitic in nature that depends on us being asleep so as not to protest their nightly 'feeding'? 
  4. Could it be that these unseen 'presences' were upset with me that I was awake when I should have been asleep? 
  5. Does sleep deprivation allow us to access a layer of reality, an ever present dimension that is usually hidden from our 5 senses? 
Would love to hear some thoughts on this, especially if anyone has had similar encounters.

This article first appeared on ATS


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