Code of Secrecy

"Ridicule is the tool they use when feeling most threatened." A very good point to describe what is happening in prominent circles.
A reader brings this to our attention.
"Over, let’s say a month and half ago, there were in our tabloid newspaper The Sun two-half pages of written criticism about David Icke in a period of two weeks.
Now I do not know what others think of Mr Icke but he does make some good points. I did write a letter and ask the paper in so many words, why did they choose to do a write-up on David if they thought he was a fool? Why give him hundreds of pound of free advertisement? Then it struck me David must have upset someone, stepped on their toe`s so to speak.
Now ! last week another article appeared in The Sun this time it was telling us that UFO`s have had their day and there is no proof they are extraterrestrial, it says that so called experts agree there are no UFO`s from other worlds coming to earth. Then, this week yet another article by none other than Dr David Clarke expressing yet again UFO`s are a has-been. The conspiracy theorist in me thought "What’s going on?” There are respectable individuals worldwide in the ranks of army, navy, and air force whom testify to witnessing strange events around the world that do not find a place in what us earthlings refer to as normal. On top of all that there are thousands of hour of UFO video footage taken by people who "KNOW WHAT THEY SAW".  Then we have renown researchers Steven Basset, Richard Dolan, Stanton Friedman, Dr Richard Greer and many others fighting for disclosure of what the evidence revels to them.
So! What or whom prompted The Sun newspaper to print those articles? I smell a rat, something is not right, I know what I have seen, my family know what they have seen, and my friends know what they have seen. I have a pet hate of so called experts living 50 to a 100 miles away telling me what I saw land right in front of my eyes . My point is do not take any notice of those that say Ufology is dead, there are many strange events taking place in this world, so many times one has to wonder about the word Paranormal. Is Paranormal really Normal? Do we call it Paranormal because we do not understand? Has the strangeness that has accompanied human kind through the centuries always been there? Is it normal? Do we share this reality with other entities, animal mutilations, alien and ghosts? Is everything "NORMAL"? Is our reality bigger than we are taught?
I think so, so please carry on reporting to sites like ENIGMA EARTH anything unusual, alien, mutilations, fairies or goblins, let’s build a real picture of what this life and reality is really like."

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