Is Earth a Beautiful Hades?

I have pondered this before, albeit just for a few moments, but the other day my interest was again piqued by a title on another web site which asked the question :- IS EARTH REALLY HELL? This time I stepped back and took a long hard look at that question, then I thought, and I thought, and the conclusion I came up with was that that title was frighteningly true to the point that the title should be :- 'EARTH IS HELL'. 

For untold centuries life on this world has been involved in wars and conflict, and the suffering of people, has been, in many cases unimaginable. Some may say that I`m wrong and that the Earth is beautiful and there are many good people striving to make this world a better place. But that is the 'Torment' I class myself as being good, not perfect, but good, but because of my knowledge of the political world I sit here not knowing if my comfy life will come to an abrupt halt when an atomic weapon is exploded signalling a third world war, and the possible destruction of humanity. 

It's not only wars that seem continuous like some eternal punishment, we also have the never ending threats of disease, chem-trails, pedophilia stalking our children, school massacres, earth quakes, asteroids crashing into our world, will I be murdered, will I have an accident, will my family be safe and much more. When one threat disappears another takes its place. 

Life for many is comfortable but there is always a hidden threat that things could go badly wrong, never knowing your future, not knowing what may happen next, can you see how this world is starting to look like 'HELL'. 

The Bible tells us we are all born sinners, if that is true then we are in the right place. Perhaps true 'Heaven' is to be in spirit form , and our bodies are prisons for the sinful spirits to be born into in order to live an uncertain life, to be in torment for as long as it takes. 

Are we spiritual criminals? have we committed some sort of crime and our punishment was for our spirits to be removed from our spiritual heaven and relocated into physical bodies in this dimension? And here we will live a life of constant fear; to me that would answer why I always feel that life on this world is controlled. It's just like a prison, the monotonous daily repetitive grind of fear and not knowing, nothing ever gets better, there are moments of light, but this is a cruel deceptive trick to make us suffer when we realize the darkness is still there, the fear never went away. We are led to believe that Utopia is within our grasp, but it's not and never will be as we are bombarded with fear on a daily basis. In our daily tabloid newspaper an 8-page pull out on health offers to tell us who is most at risk of developing dementia, as an example they test 4-readers knowing full well people will compare themselves with the results of those 4-readers. On an inner page of the pull-out in big black letters we have the title "DAD HAD DEMENTIA SO I WAS REALLY NERVOUS" the page also offers to tell you how to lower your chances of developing dementia (pointless because the fear has been implanted). The centre page double-spread gets even better, this title reads :- MENINGITIS, STIs, CANCER, STROKE .... THE BIGGEST HEALTH FEARS FOR EACH DECADE OF OUR LIFE (do we really want to know?) they then take us on a fear journey of health problems from pre-teens through to our 70's and beyond. 

Is the instinct to survive also part of the eternal damnation, many dying people cling on to life and in the process suffer terribly, my mother in-law who`s in her eighties is very ill, a few years back while in hospital her heart stopped, they resuscitated her but broke ribs in the process, and from that she was in agony for weeks. She still hung on to life, later she broke her hip, months later she fell again and broke the other hip, she is now bed ridden suffering with dementia and a severe water infection and coughing up rubbish, and she still struggles to hang on to life, one could only label her existence as 'Hell on Earth'. 

When we do manage to die are we immediately returned to a physical body (a baby) to continue our sentence on this Beautiful 'Hellish' Blue World. A sentence of eternal damnation. 

Is not knowing where we come from or are going to part of our punishment? 

It's a lovely bright sunny morning here everything seems wonderful. But do not be fooled it actually the smiling face of Hell.
The English Cognizant Citizen
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