Animal Testing

Whats going on out there? More experiments!!!
Documents that PCRM obtained through the Virginia Public Records Act reveal a history of cruelty to animals at the university. PCRM’s complaint, which was filed with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Eastern Region Animal Care Office, states, “The University of Virginia is violating the Animal Welfare Act because superior training methods exist that could replace the university’s use of live animals and alleviate this severe pain.” Source 
Bob Barker, former Price is Right host, supports PCRM “I’m very concerned about the pain and suffering these animals experience—and I’m also worried that paediatrics residents are being short-changed on their education. Practicing on cats is not the best way to learn how to perform this critical procedure on newborn babies. That’s why 94 percent of paediatrics residency programs have replaced animal use with more effective non animal methods.” If you want to take action along with Bob Barker, reach out to UVA and ask them to save the lives of cats. Source

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