Time to Wake up and THINK

Just how are we, according to the church, all sinner's? how can a new born baby be a sinner? some may say their sins were in a previous life, but how can there be any previous life? Right! You're thinking 'Reincarnation', but how do we know that reincarnation exists? 

All that we have are ages-old historical theories, there is no definitive proof of reincarnation, and do not forget all those theories and supposed accounts of reincarnation are of human origin - in other words, we do not know for sure. 

Human's and God 
The same can be said for 'God' we are told he is the creator of everything, and what tells us he was the creator - the Bible, and who wrote the Bible? Other humans of course, right from Genesis to Revelations. I do not only mean the Christian religion, the same can be said for all religions, the root of them all lies within other humans. 

We try to make sense of our mysterious lives with theories, I say mysterious because we have no idea where we come from or how life was even started on this world of ours, so how can we say God did 'this' or God did 'that', even religious words like 'God' rides with you into battle, or 'God' watches over you, and the reason being because he was an invention by male dominant humans. 

Also think about this, God is always referred to as a 'Man/He' never a 'Woman/She' , is not the fact that 'God is known as a 'He' more in-tune with eastern cultures where women are considered second best to man. Can you not now see the type of people who would write the books within the Bible would be those of a male dominated society and that's why God is referred to as a 'Man'. 

There is a universal force that creates life and keeps everything ticking over, a universal force that's neither 'Man' nor 'Woman' it is a force that is beyond the human invented 'God'. 
"It has no feeling yet it does have feeling, it is right yet it is wrong, it creates and it destroys". 
Only this force knows why this universe exists, something we as yet are not privy to. If the God of the Bible created everything can anyone tell me why? what was his reason? I'm sure there are many human theories as to why the Biblical God created everything, but none of them will be the truth. 

Biblical Fear and Human Agenda 
We all theorize about life, it brings us comfort, we surround ourselves with thoughts that make us feel good about our lives, the Bible, by contrast, does not, the Bible is a book of fear, I say that for one reason, have you noticed there is no humor written within the Bible, all of it is serious stuff. Are we to believe everyone during the Biblical period walked around with straight faces, I doubt it. In most churches the congregation are all sporting solemn faces, if they are there to celebrate God and their gift of life should they not be more joyful, even the hymns are of a solemn tone, as also are the so called uplifting hymns. 

All this seriousness over religion has an air of control about it, something like:- 
"Do not smile when you step into the place of God :- Listen to every word that is preached:- Question nothing :- When told to sing you will do so :- You must put money into the collection dish, your friends are watching". 
So, to me, if something smells of 'control' then you can bet your bottom dollar there is human involvement behind it and that's how it has been since the creation of the Bible, there was no God involved just humans, humans with an agenda and that's how it's been all through history. 

Me, Myself and I 
Am I everyone else? is everyone else me? is there just me or am I also 7-billion people? when I look at the lady across the road am I looking at myself ? when I argue with a man in a car park am I arguing with myself? is the vagrant begging outside of the town hall also me. When people die is it really part of me that dies? is this world my creation? am I the universal force that controls everything? am I the universal force that 'is' everything. Is the individuality that we all have something I have created to give my existence purpose, to fool myself that I exist in a thriving civilization, when in fact there is only 'me', 'The Universal Force'. 

You Are an Infinite, Eternal Being 
What is universal consciousness? It is the unified field of intelligent energy that is everything. It is intelligent, loving, all knowing, all powerful, creative and omnipresent across all dimensions of space and time. And so:-
"it is also present in you – or more accurately, it IS you". 
There is no separation between your mind and the Universal Mind, or the Unified Field, God, Source, Creator, the One, Universal Consciousness or the many names that humans give to things we are trying to understand.
The English Cognizant Citizen



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Mysterious Cosmetics Craze

This article to me comes under the same heading as Cat Shaving and Fox`s chewing brake cables, it also has the same feel to it as peoples mutilated pets being left on their gardens or doorsteps, mysteries no one can get to the bottom of. Perhaps they are 'Apports' left behind from Poltergeist activity or gifts from an inter-dimensional Alien Race who is studying and trying to understand us, Another strange point about it all is the fact this area is close to where I live, about a mile as the crow fly`s, and its also the same area where some years back sheep were found with their back legs missing and no one heard anything.

Bamboozled villagers are desperate to solve the mystery of who is leaving make-up in their gardens. Neighbors in Werrington are waking up to to find lipstick eye shadow and mascara abandoned outside their homes- and its been going on for months.The cosmetic craze seems to be centered on Chatsworth Drive, and Meigh Road.

Pensioner June Morgan, from Chatsworth Drive, was stunned when she found a comb and mirror in her front garden last summer.

This was followed by lipstick in September, three more lipsticks with a mascara and a tub of Vaseline in November, and an eye shadow in January. The 77-year old said 
"I was shocked when I saw what the items were. I thought it was a coincidence. But they kept appearing, it was most peculiar . They seemed to be picking on me . And none of the items had been used.Why would they do that, who is wasting it ? Who has got the money to do it? Make-up can be expensive.  I got my rubber gloves and put them straight into the bin. I feel like Miss Marple investigating a mystery, I vigilant and like to know what`s going on."
Anne Swindail, of Meigh Road, was also bewildered to find make-up on her lawn in January for the third time. The 62-year old said 
"The first time there were 2-lipsticks and a tub of Vaseline. Its very strange, so I did not know what to think."
Neighbour Phil Harrison aged 58, added: 
"I`ve spotted this make-up about three or four times over the last 12-months, I put it down to kids. We`ve had all sorts of stuff thrust into the garden and I just put them into the bin. We need somebody with CCTV so we can find out what`s going on".
The craze has been the talk of Werrington`s online community forums. Bobbie Hodgetts, age 34 from Meigh Road, said: 
"Walking around the estate, and on the Werrington forums on Facebook, you can see this is going on. It seems like there`s a lot of items to". 
Sharon Harrison aged 50 from Moorside Road, added:

"There have been lots of comments on Facebook about make-up being left on driveways or peoples front door steps. Hopefully it won`t travel to my estate . The cost of all these items must be extortionate. Nobody can find out what`s going on."

Murdered by your own body

My brother in-law yesterday climbed into his car to make a small journey, he slowly pulled off and started to move up the street at about 5-miles per hour.

He noticed a young man standing on the kerb ready to cross the road, everything was OK until my brother in-law got almost to the point where the young man was standing, when the young man suddenly stepped of the kerb right in front of my brother in-laws vehicle. The car hit the young man but did not knock him down as my brother in-law was still traveling about 5-miles per hour. My brother in-law got out of his car to make sure the man was OK and asked him in amazement what happened as the young man obviously saw the car coming.
"The young man said, "Mate, I have no idea what happened, I saw you coming and as you got to me my legs just started to move and I stepped out in front of you."

There could be one or two reasons for the actions of the young man, but from a paranormal view point it makes you wonder just how responsible we are for some of our actions. Like the young woman who, after a lovely day shopping with her baby and parents, suddenly climbs onto a foot bridge and jumps to her death, there are many unexplained tragic stories of people with no mental problems suddenly taking their own lives. 

What if this young man was trying to cross a busy main road and got killed because his legs moved, it would have been put down as a tragic accident, and no one would have been any wiser to the real cause. The young man in this story for obvious reasons survived the impact of the car and as a result was able to tell that his legs appeared to move on their own. Just how in control of our lives are we.

Maree Shamanic Psychopoop (conductor or guide of souls) - "I couldn't say what happened in these two cases but spirits can influence our well-being in negative & positive ways, there is no doubt there. It could be as simple as a woman finding it impossible to lose weight, who has her dead obese mother hanging off her back yelling at her to eat more cake. Ancestors with unresolved issues can affect the ones still living on earth, not only through the blood & genetically, but spiritually/energetically as well. This goes for any one who has died & wants to stay close to the earth. If they need forgiveness or something resolved, they will try their hardest to resolve, but some don't want resolvement, some are still angry, confused and refuse to move on. Awareness is the key. Listen to dreams, look for signs, watch the animal kingdoms, they all carry stories, insights & answers. This is what it means to be living a fully conscious life. If we know a little bit about the multidimensional realities, it gives us back our power. We begin to see why we are the way we are. Its not just us honey, it is parts our past that lingers on, looking for healing & closure. This could carry back to many generations. And if not resolved the energy is born through the future generations.

The other thing to note is that any spirits who 'choose' to stay, who you feel you don't want to be around, may be assisted to move on. You do that by asking them nicely, to move out of your space & ask the spirit helpers, (guides, angels etc) to assist in the process. Always smudge & cleanse yourself after a visit that you would prefer not to have. This will clear any negative energy left over from the unwelcome visitor. If they stay, there is more for you to learn. There could still be unresolved issues or you need to look at why you are attracting unhelpful beings into your energy field.

A little bit on psychic attacks. Yes they are real & do occur not only during your awake life but also during your dreaming life. People, entities/energy can suck your vital life force right out of you. You can overcome this easy enough though. First to become astutely aware of where you lose your energy. What people are in your life that you allow to upset you? What are you doing to upset others? Dysfunction in your everyday living continues into your dreamtime. There are no separations between the worlds because everything is energy. I can guarantee that if you have arguments in your waking life you will attract beings in the spirit world who come to you to feed off your negativity. These visits will drain your life force. You will wake up tired & drained....literally. 

Spirit beings who reside in the middle & lower worlds can make you ill if you do not realise what you are doing in your waking life. They can also use you for sex. There is nothing wrong with having astral sex, you just have to give consent, the same as you would normally. There can be tricksters & manipulators on other dimensions just like in this waking life.

The best defense against psychic attack is to clean up your own space mentally & emotionally. Prayer is also a powerful Allie as is affirmations. Say them before sleeping & on waking so your day & nights are covered. An example is
"May all gates, doors & paths be open between the worlds & may all gates doors & paths be closed to those who wish to do me or anyone i love any harm. May it be so". 
You don't want to stop all guidance, you only want to stop the ones who's intention is to bring you harm. Be diligent. Do it daily. Make it a habit to protect yourself because your vital energy is just that....vital. As above so below. As below so above. It all comes back to each and every one of us and our thoughts and actions. We all have the power to transform ourselves to live a life of joy and happiness. But it won't happen until each person takes responsibility for what is going on in their mind."

A psychic attack is used to harm another person by manipulating and controlling them, by sending negative energy toward them. This mental manipulation is done without your knowledge and it can cause physical symptoms similar to an illness as well as depressed mood, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. A psychic attack is a factor that should be considered as a potential cause of poor health in patients.

Dion Fortune, renowned psychic and author of Psychic Self-Defense says that she was attacked by a woman who used the power of thought manipulation to plant false ideas in her mind and convince her give false testimony against a former coworker.

Negative thoughts that did not come from yourself can make you question your sanity following a psychic attack. Knowing yourself well enough to recognize a foreign or intrusive thought that is unusual is key to recognizing this sign of a psychic attack.

A violent nightmare may be a sign of a psychic attack. Examples of these types of frightening dreams are a feeling of heaviness on your chest, trouble breathing, or an intense fear of being held down or choked. 

Psychic suggestion is one method of manipulation that is similar to hypnosis and it is a sign of a psychic attack. When you feel as though you are in a trace state that was not brought on by your own meditation, it may be a sign of a forced hypnosis or psychic attack on you. 

Although psychic attack is not rooted in a specific spirituality, followers of occult magic have been known to use psychic attacks as black magic so wearing a cross or blessed religious item on your person can help you defend yourself from these attacks. 

A rational explanation may not be evident to you when you feel frozen by fear. This is a similar feeling to a panic attack, but it can last much longer. Rapid breathing, fast heartbeat, sweating, and nervousness are all symptoms of anxiety, but not being able to leave your home for days due to intense fear is a sign of a psychic attack. 

One of the ways that Dion Fortune suggests protecting yourself against a psychic attack is to cross a source of moving water like a stream, for example. A shower is also a source of moving water, so this will help to cleanse negative energy as well. 

To add to the psychic protection, use a salt scrub in the shower or to bathe in a saltwater bath. Salt also has a cleaning and purifying effect and will help wash away any lingering negativity. While you shower or bathe, say a prayer or blessing that is directed at cleansing away the negativity and purifying your psychic energy. 

Dion Fortune describes herself as not being in control of the placement of her feet after one potent psychic attack. Burning white sage can be used to cleanse the space around you of negative energies. Wave the smoking bundle of sage around your home as you invoke positive energy and tell the negativity of the psychic attack to leave.

New Zealand Horrors

NZ cats are strangely turning up with half their head flattened in driveways in the same spot as previous dead cats.

A Feilding woman believes finding her two cats dead in the same place, both with horrific head injuries, is no coincidence. Tylah Conaghan is warning other residents of a potential feline killer on the loose in Feilding after the untimely deaths of her two cats, Twilight and Puma. Feilding is a town in the Manawatu District of the North Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 54, 20 kilometres north of Palmerston North.

About a month ago, Conaghan woke to find 10-year-old Twilight lying in the middle of her driveway. Twilight had suffered severe head injuries but no damage to her body. 
"One side of her head was absolutely flattened," Conaghan said.
"I wanted to check it out to see if it was a car but there was nothing unusual with the body, just the head. I was obviously sad, but I didn't think too much of it at the time."

However, on Monday morning she woke to find Puma laying in the same spot with identical injuries. 
"Everything was exactly the same - where it was, the injury to the head. Puma was stiff so it had to have been done at night time," she said.
After posting about the grisly discoveries on Facebook, Conaghan said she was shocked to receive messages from four other people who experienced similar incidents. 
"It's happening to other people. One person said the same thing had been done to her cat on Makino Rd, which is just round from where I am."
Conaghan said she was worried for the person who might be responsible for killing the cats. 
"The thing that scared me the most is our cats aren't friendly so they wouldn't just come up to anyone. They even ran away from us sometimes. They must have spent some time or fed them to build a bond with them."
Manawatu SPCA general manager Danny Auger said he had not been made aware of any suspicious cat deaths in Feilding. 
"This is not okay," he said. "You're taking someone's beloved pet and you've got to ask yourselves what's going on in this person's head. If the cats were killed humanely then there's not an animal welfare issue. There's certainly a moral issue and criminal charges can follow. People would be really affected by this - their cats are like family members."
Acting Senior Sergeant Jeff Veale said he was unaware of the allegations but said police would make inquiries. 

The real question is how are these cats being caught?


Abduction Experience

Take what you wish from my story. I am only here to share my past and the events took place in my life while growing up in Los Alamos, NM. For the first time I'm letting it all out and I hope you all keep an open mind. Here we go.... 

My story starts off in Pajarito acres which borders White Rock, a small quiet town just about 10 minutes off the main hill which is Los Alamos. As you all know, Los Alamos is the home of the atomic bomb and the Los Alamos National Laboratories which has been one of the most secretive towns in our nation. 

My grandparents had a very nice house out in the "cut" away from the rest of the town. Actually, it's the closest that anyone could actually live next to Tech Area-33 but We'll go into that in a bit. One evening, for one reason or another, I was spending the night at their house and at the time I was only 6 or 7 and had no knowledge or introductions on what I was about to be a part of. 

Grandma went to bed and left myself and gramps in the TV room. I remember this so vividly it feels like it was last week, but in all reality, it's been over 20yrs. We watched sports centre and all the sports highlights and then a few episodes of mash and I doze off. I don't know how long I was asleep until I heard this voice in my head. Literally, while completely asleep, I am hearing someone talking to me like they're in my ears. The voice says "it's time to go", but with a calm warmness that you only hear from your grandma when she wants you to go to bed. So I open my eyes and sit up on the couch but no one is around! All of the lights are off in the house except the lamp at my back next to the couch. First thought was I was dreaming, then I heard it again but this time way more pronounced as if it wanted clarification of some sort. At the end of the couch were my feet point i's an opening into another living room but it was so dark you couldn't see past the doorway. When I look up at the doorway once again, standing there was about a 4ft being just staring at me which now I've come to learn was an Alien Grey. 

Unable to process my thoughts or have any idea what thus creature is I panic and attempt to let out the biggest scream but nothing came out! It was like someone put me on mute, I couldn't even breath after that. In no way was this sleep paralysis because I sat straight up when I heard the voice! I remeber sitting there face to face with this thing feeling as if I'm about to suffocate and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in my bed on the other side of the house! 

Little did I know that my life changed at that moment for the rest of my life. Since my experience, it has been one of my life's obsessions, what the hell happened?!?! A few years later x-files comes out and sparks this fire to research everything about everything that has to do with Los Alamos and aliens which I'm still doing to this day. 

So I start at square one with my research, Roswell. I learned that the crashed ufo and aliens were brought to Los Alamos's Tech Area-33. On the side of the Mesa on the canyon cliff face it has a HUGE hanger door about 40feet wide and a bunch of hallowed out space way below the surface. Enough room for research labs, to house the ufo, a tunnel going from one side of the Mesa to the other (same tunnel they used to move the dead aliens), underground bunkers, etc. Mind you, this is the closest and most secure facility to the Roswell crash where it would actually fit without being detected. Tech Area-33 used to be a dumping field for radioactive waste some say, which is true, but an insider solidified the existence of extraterrestrial activities at the sight which I'll explain now. 

My source in which these claims come from was a high ranked officer of sorts with PTLA (Protection Technology force of Los Alamos), in other words, LANL's security. One night he was making his rounds going from posts to posts doing security checks when he gets a call saying that an alarm is going off in one of the highly sensitive buildings located in Tech Area - 33. He arrives at the building but something just feels off. He had this weird feeling as if he were being watched. Shrugging of the feeling and entering the building he flips on the lights and there's nothing there. There was absolutely nothing in the building it was completely empty. Feeling even more concerned at this point he realizes he's actually never been in this building, there was never any need to go in it. He takes care of the alarm and returns to headquarters looking for some answers to what might have happened. He goes into one of the higher-ups office and reports his findings with an eagerness to get the opportunity to ask a few questions. First, he asked why the alarm might be going off in an abandoned building? Higher-up had no idea. Then he asked what used to be in that building? and that's when the things got weird. The higher-up started to ask my source if he really wanted to know? And are you sure? My source replies with, "of course" "but first, what does D.A.R.F. mean? The higher-up took in a deep breath in and asked in a calm demeanour "you don't know?". "No", my source replies. the higher up says to him, "that's the dead alien research facility". "That's where they took the alien they found at the Roswell crash and experimented on it, then they took it through the tunnel to the other side of the mountain and the ufo was stored right below it". "What happened with the alarm tonight has been going on there ever since". 

Now that's just crazy. I wouldn't believe it if it weren't for the fact I'd trust my life in the person's hands. 

The connection to Tech Area-33 and the close proximity to my grandparents’ house creeps me out to be honest. Everyone has heard of the underground military bases and such but when you grow up in a town like Los Alamos you hear little bits and pieces of things that the normal researchers will never hear. The bases are real! They have a laser that's over a mile long underground up there and did I fail to mention that Los Alamos sits on an old volcano? Which means the rock there is so dense that in order to tunnel through that stuff or blow it away it would take years! Makes you wonder about Phil Schneider, doesn't it? Well if you do enough research you'll find that Los Alamos did in fact engineer a thermal boring machine that melted the rock instead of cutting it. It's all true! One topic that is fairly obvious as well, anyone notice how big the leap in technology has been since the crash? It all started at Los Alamos and still continues to this day. 

Fast forward to last year, I just moved back to Los Alamos temporarily after living on the east coast for ten years. I'm asleep in bed at my mother home in Los Alamos and at about 4 in the morning I had that very same voice cone to me in my sleep again. But this time it said, "we're here, but it's okay". I wake up but this time I am totally paralysed from the neck down. I open my eyes and raise my head but nothing else would move. I look down at the end of my bed and my dog was already awake and staring into the corner of the room. Panic once again sets in but I can't do anything. Can't breathe, talk, but I could move my head? It isn't adding up when you think of sleep paralysis. This went on for about 30 seconds and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in the other bed on the other side of This went on for about 30 seconds and the next thing I know I wake up the next morning in the other bed on the other side of the room on top of the covers. 

Ever since I've had a strong feeling as if there's some sort of confection between Los Alamos, aliens and myself. When I was out east (for the 10 years) I always felt as if I should stay close to home but ever since my first encounter I've felt like i should be up in the stars. There's some information I probably forgot to add but it just makes you wonder about what "life" really is. 

I plan on going back to Los Alamos in a few months and I'm planning on trying to find out more. Something is telling me we're all connected in some weird way and that we need to start looking out for our planets best interest. Whether or not this is all related who knows, but the feeling that something bigger is upon had never been more clear.

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Fukushima Shine

The Fukushima authorities and media have grossly under-reported the extent of the nuclear damage. 

Imagine 270 million cardboard book boxes (9,000,000 cubic metres), end-to-end, encircling the world of radioactive waste. This amount has been stored in black bags as a result of the disaster. However, according to estimates, there is another 13,000,000 cubic metres of radioactive soil yet to be accounted for.

And, there’s still more, the cleanup operations only go 50-100 feet beyond roadways. Plus, a 100-mile mountain range along the coast and hillsides around Fukushima are contaminated but not cleansed at all. As a consequence, the decontaminated land will likely be re-contaminated by radioactive runoff from the hills and mountains. Indubitably, how and where to store millions of cubic metres of one-tonne black bags filled with radioactive waste is no small problem. It is a super-colossal problem. What if bags deteriorate? What if a tsunami hits? The “what-ifs” are endless, endless, and beyond.
“The black bags of radioactive soil, now scattered at 115,000 locations in Fukushima, are eventually to be moved to yet-to-be built interim facilities, encompassing 16 square kilometers, in two towns close to the crippled nuclear power plant,” Ibid.
By itself, 115,000 locations each containing many, many, mucho one-tonne bags of radioactive waste is a logistical nightmare, just the trucking alone is forever a humongous task, decades to come. According to Japanese government and industry sources, cleaning up everything and decommissioning the broken down reactors will take at least 40 years at a cost of $250 billion, assuming nothing goes wrong. But dismally, everything that can possibly go wrong for Tokyo Electric Power Company (“TEPCO”) over the past 5 years has gone wrong, not a good record.

The 2020 Olympics
Yet, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant remains totally out of control with no end in sight. As far as that goes, Olympic events alongside an out of control nuclear meltdown seem unfathomable. As recently as October 30, 2015, The Japan Times reported: “Extremely high radiation levels and the inability to grasp the details about melted nuclear fuel make it impossible for the utility to chart the course of its planned decommissioning of the reactors at the plant.”

On the other hand, according to TEPCO, preparation is underway for removal of the melted nuclear fuel, scheduled to begin in 2021. “But it is difficult to know what is happening inside the reactors, and there are no established methods for doing so… It is not difficult to get a camera inside the reactor. The problem is the camera breaks down due to high levels of radiation,” according to Toru Ogawa, director of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency’s Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science (Kiyoshi Ando, senior staff writer, Long Road Ahead for Fukushima Cleanup, Nikkei Asian Review, Feb. 19, 2016).

Beyond the remote possibility they find the melted nuclear core aka: corium, engineers have not yet figured out how to cart the molten core away, assuming it can ever be located, and somehow handled. Meantime, if molten core burrows through the steel-reinforced concrete containment vessels into Earth, then what? It is likely a disaster for the ages! But, what about the Olympics? If perchance melted nuclear core penetrates its steel-reinforced concrete containment vessel and burrows into the ground, it likely results in deadly isotopes uncontrollably spreading erratically, ubiquitously into surrounding underground soil and water. It is difficult to imagine Olympic events where melted nuclear core is still at large.
“Sporting events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are to be held in the Japanese region of Fukushima… Spectators and athletes in the Olympic village will be served with food from the region as part of an effort to restore the reputation of Fukushima, formerly one of Japan’s richest agricultural regions,” Fukushima to Host Olympic 2020 Events, The Times, Feb. 25, 2015.
Unprecedented Disaster
Japan has declared a state of emergency due to recent events at the Fukushima nuclear reactor.

Officials have said that the damages at the reactor are "far worse than previously thought". They have found that melted fuel has contaminated underground water and melted core appears to have spread out over an "extensive area". Furthermore, a gaping 2-meter wide hole has been found under the containment vessel.

A camera probe was sent in to survey the damage and it revealed that part of the grating is missing as well. Three days later a plant operator announced that the radiation levels at the reactor have soared to levels never before seen. Readings taken inside the containment vessel at the number 2 reactor of the disabled nuclear facility stood at 530 sieverts per hour, the highest recorded since the disaster. Before these recent readings, the highest reading ever recorded was 73 sieverts per hour. 

These recent developments have been described by many as "unprecedented" and "unimaginable". Many in the field state that they have never considered the possibility of working with levels as high as these. Another disturbing disclosure came as a boss revealed that 600 tons of fuel had melted and cannot be found. "Nobody really knows where it is he stated". There had been hopes of decommissioning the reactors in the past, but these recent developments show that it will be impossible to do so. With the cores missing, decommissioning or containment becomes impossible. Uncontrolled fissioning continues under the site. 

This is by far the worst nuclear disaster to ever occur on earth. With no end in sight. Uncontrollable fissioning will continue for years to come.

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Hell on Earth

The above title has never been more appropriate to this world of ours than it stands today; this world is not beautiful, the beauty is an utter con on the intelligence of human race. 

We are led to believe that things will always get better, how can things get better if our constant every day threat is Fear, it's always lurking around ready to give you a sharp reminder should you think you can relax and enjoy life. If you take notice Fear has kept us company throughout the years, and has increased in its bombardment of our 'Brain' to keep us subdued . What was a few basic 'Fears' of survival years ago, such as keeping a job and paying your bills and buying food has now turned into a 'Tsunami' of it in your face 'Fear' every way we turn we are faced with some form of 'Fear', even when the Sun is shining! 

It's quite apparent this world of ours has a very contagious disease and its spreading rapidly and everyone is susceptible to catching it. Look at all the 'Fear' that surrounded 'Brexit' (Britain voting to leave the EU) this has caused massive controversy and of course untold 'Fear' for the millions that voted to stay with the EU, Britain is now, we are told, a country divided. That is excellent news to the perpetrators of 'Fear' that is just the news they wanted, but saying that, it does not matter whether the stay campaign won and Brexit failed the result would have been the same , a divided Britain, and with division comes 'Fear', not only in Britain but across Europe also. 

Is 'Fear' linked to self-preservation? I would say yes ! and to a very large degree, but here lies the strength for the 'Fear' mongers, they know self-preservation is strong in every human and by using the concept of self-preservation heavily soaked with 'Fear' it is possible to control a whole country if not the world, the perpetrators of Fear are in essence feeding off humanities existence , the more 'Fear' they can cause the greater their control, and if you apply 'Fear' in the right area you can change the outcome of any situation as the stay in the EU gang tried to do but failed with the Brexit situation. You could say 'Fear' and 'Doubt' also go hand in hand, give someone even if it's a lie, cause to have 'Doubt' about a situation and 'Fear' is instantly injected into their thoughts. A good example of the power of 'Fear' is the comments on media news, it's obvious the scare stories about Brexit delivered by our politicians worked well on many people but not quite enough to have stopped Brexit. 

'Fear' is a strange concept, we can be the victim of 'Fear' just through being left alone with our own thoughts, there does not have to be a direct threat to us. On the other hand we can use threat to instil 'Fear', to gain the upper hand in a situation. Just look at how we are subject to the 'Fear' of illness, why do they in TV adverts continually show distressing adverts concerning being ill, or what might befall you in the form of health issues, magazines are also plastered with medical adverts as are bill boards at roadside bus stops. It's as though there is a constant effort to get us to always look on the downside of life, why? have they discovered that when people think 'down' they eventually become ill, and when your ill you run off to the doctor whom in his infinite wisdom prescribes you some medicine which is produced by the multi-million dollar pharmaceuticals, can you see where I`m coming from? The biggest majority of over the counter medicine do you know good what so ever, but you think they do, and that`s all that matters. You are reacting to 'Fear' induced by an entity that knows how to manipulate the human mind through the instinct of self-preservation. Below you will read an example of the power of the mind. 

Mind Power 
The power of the mind is real, it can be manipulated for the good or for the bad as indicated in a recent article I read written by Mark Baker in Nexus magazine 2016 Vol 23 page 49. titled CHANGE YOUR MIND CHANGE YOUR BODY. In the article we are told about people with multiple personalities, one person in particular needed several different sets of spectacles , one for each of personality because their vision changed with each persona. Another woman had diabetes in one persona but not in another, the article also looks at pain and discomfort, these examples and others demonstrate the power of the `Mind` I was amazed and pleased to read what I have always believed about having a positive attitude when struck with illness. When I had my hip replacement I recovered and was back walking quite quickly, the surgeon said I was doing well, I then told him how I thought, and that was " Even though it was a major operation the fact remains that I`m injured, and firstly I have to except that fact and once you do that you can start getting better ". When you reject the pain and discomfort you suffer. The surgeon replied, "I like that, I never thought of looking at it that way". The article is most interesting and informative and is worth the purchase of the magazine. However back to this world of 'Fear', who or what is calling the cards, what is pushing this agenda of 'Fear' in order to control, to direct us in a certain way, just like the pharmaceuticals saturate our lives with the threat of illness in the form of advertising in order for us to seek medical advice if we think we have the symptoms they have shown us. 

I`m a great believer that the human race has become a victim of a parasite, a parasite that that feeds on our 'Fear', this parasite has taken control of our halls of power and every aspect of our lives, they are everywhere, manipulating, not wanting to kill us off completely but just manipulating us to live in 'Fear' so it can feed of our energies. Some call the Grays a parasite, a demonic entity, it's also said when the Gray tries to abduct someone the victim should recite the Lord's Prayer in order to ward off the abduction. Is it the prayer that does it, or is it the fact that you have taken a positive stance, have you, like the Nexus article said 'Changed your mind' have you steeled your mind against abduction. Would words like "Leave me alone" or " I demand you go away" said in a forceful commanding manner work just as well. 

Fear Mongers 
This world of ours has become a dirty grubby place, and I do not mean through pollution, I mean because of the greedy self-centred parasitically controlled humans who have taken on the job of serving the demonic Grays, the farmers of Fear. 

I sit here with food on the table and money to pay bills and run a car, I`m not rich, I`m comfortable, but I have a constant companion it's called 'Fear', 'Fear' that I might lose everything , get into debt, end up in an old folks home, become ill in hospital, have a stroke, develop an incurable disease, will I be murdered, will I suffer at the hands of terrorists, and it goes on and on...

The Grays have done their job well, we are being taken over and most people will never know it.

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