Dirty Technology

Its a fascinating write-up by Preston James and endorses some of my speculation about our "technology trap". I like his comment about the world being "dirtied up". When you put yourself outside and look in, you can see a society getting grubbier by the day, and the entertainment industry is just beyond belief. Last night for example I went to get a DVD from the video shop and took a chance with a film that did not indicate strong language, and as per usual the sound quality was atrocious so you could not follow the story properly, the only word that always came across clearly was the "F word" that littered the film from beginning to end, said by men and women alike.

Who says this is what we want to hear? Every film I picked up in that shop gave descriptions like strong bloody violence and language, or gore violence and language. I picked about seven films to read about. I`m willing to bet 95% of the films in the shop were of similar content. Talk about corrupting society! I have never been able to put my finger on how they determine what we require in films.


Your latest publication on Dirty Technology prompted my memory, a couple of month back I did write to the British Board of Film Censors.

The Letter

I`m writing an article for an online website and your help or advice would be most appreciated.

Over the years I and many other people have noticed that the content of the vast majority of films have declined into a state that makes one wonder if there is a deliberate plan to `Dirty up society`. Over the past year I have chosen only 3- films where there was no Sex, Drugs, or Gory Violence, on a recent visit to the video shop I viewed 10-films all I deemed unsuitable for a nights entertainment. After further exploration I came to the conclusion 95% of the films on display contained unnecessary and potentially corrupting content for young people. I know the law says young people should not view films of inappropriate content, but as you may well know so called adult films are watched by children on a regular basis. I personally know of children aged 10 and 11 years old watching adult films. It’s not only films that seem to be getting worse in content but also TV, Magazines, and celebrities that give explicit interviews of their sex life, drug taking with some foul words thrown in for good measure, and it’s all there for young people to read (and they do). The amazing thing is that it’s considered fashionable to be like those obnoxious people, I thought society was supposed to get better.

Anyway my question is, who determines the content of films, is it the film maker? if so why such vile content?, I know it’s said people require to see this sort of viewing, if that is the case where do the film makers get there information from, that this is the way to go. Or does the final say on the content of films lie with the Board of Censors? If it does could you please explain why so much explicit and unsuitable content is allowed through for public viewing?

I will leave you with this, a few weeks ago I was flicking TV stations when I came across a scene from a murder drama, I could not believe what I was watching. A serial killer had just pushed a knife into a young woman`s stomach, as she slumped into a sitting position the killer, without withdrawing the knife completely, slowly kept pushing the knife repeatedly back into her stomach, while calmly saying "It will be alright soon".

We all know bad thing happen in this world, I`m not that naïve, but is this type of viewing necessary, how can the world get better if we are continually dragged back into the realms of depravity by what appears at the moment to be some hidden hand.


I was informed that the content of films did not come under their remit and that I should try Ofcom. Ofcom in turn told me that they could not look into film content unless there was a public complaint. So next I sent the same letter to the Producers Guild of America, here I drew a total blank, I`m still waiting for a reply ( I will not hold my breath). Previous to all this I did read on an American film producers site that the main thing to think about when producing a film was "DOLLARS", no talk of regulating content, nothing said about

What effect this film may have on certain people in society . Take the now common F-word, its thrown around in films like confetti and the results are now deeply embedded in society everywhere. The most vile being parents who F... and Blind in front of their young children. I have seen children subjected to this abuse at the age of 3-years, in the street in public and in shops. These children will in turn grow up thinking that it is the norm to swear, the other day we heard a young girl of 10-year say to her friend or sister, "Get of my F......g back, leave me a F.....g alone". She did not say this quietly, she was not bothered who heard hear. I do not like the way society is going, and the people who influence the public by what they produce could not give a damn.

In all forms of media what drives this unseen hand in its relentless pursuit for something shatteringly new , something that stretches the previous boundaries of imagination, something that lacks decency, is it money? Money on its own is a defenceless piece of paper, it cannot move , it has no legs, no voice to shout with, but! put that money into the hands of a human and there is a sudden transformation it suddenly acquires value and power, the power to persuade many people to do things whether good or bad. The strange thing is, this paper money has now become numbers on a computer, most of the time we do not see money in its paper form, it is now just a number on a computer, a digit, and these digits are sent from one computer to another when payment is required. Is it not strange that years ago you had money in your pocket, you had control of your copper, silver and paper money, you could judge easily what to spend and what not to spend, but now the control of your finances has been taken over by the Machine. I believe years ago when we were all told that we must have our wages paid into a bank and use a card to get our money that this was the first step to controlling the populace, and know no matter what you are involved in, whether shopping, looking for a job or anything associated with everyday life, ID is required, put your code numbers here, use your pass card to unlock a door, set your burglar alarm by entering your code number. As I have said before we have truly become prisoners of the Machine, yes some technology has been for the good an example would be that which is used in hospitals, but at the end of the day it is all about control.

So! back to the subject at hand, why do all forms of media seem hell bent on flooding society with the distasteful side of life, the more controversial the more shocking the better, the more curiosity will be aroused, the more money will be paid so people can be shocked and disgusted, and someone behind the scenes gets rich on numbers, and something else gains more control. Let me explain, the other day it was told to me that when a new weapon is invented it is sold and used in action, when that weapon has proved itself on the battle field to a satisfied customer, the manufacturers in order to generate more sales must now come up with a new weapon, or an improve weapon. Killing is big business as we all know, is it the same for all forms of media ?, do they make a killing on the mental state of society, and like on the battle field they do not care about the casualties so long as the weapon has proved itself . Now they can get rich and powerful while society is milked of its remaining decency, just how far can this hidden hand that manipulates the media take us before we become less than human, again is this hidden hand the super intelligent "Beast" the controller of the "Machine" which in turn controls or uses Humanity. Does our shock and awe generate energy that is required by the creators of the " Beast" , violence is purposely kept as the selling point in 90% of games and films, as I have said before, games that require a degree of intelligence, something to exercise the brain seem none existent, but I can pick up a violent game with my eyes shut. From an early age we are taught to be proud of our countries achievements throughout history , great battles fought for honor, great leaders whom put the "Great" in Great Britain In reality the truth is we invaded, we slaughtered countries into submission, all opposition was killed, and when this was done we drained that country of its resources, and paid a pittance in wages while the invaders got rich and powerful, that is what our history consists of. In that respect we have nothing to be proud of, while at school many years ago not once did our history teacher tell us that what we achieved throughout history was wrong, it was put into our heads that the violence was ok, it was necessary , it was right. The most amazing aspect of all battles fought are that they are all fought in the name of an all forgiving "God", “Please God protect us while we murder and butcher for possession". It makes one wonder just how long have the controllers of the "Beast” been around. Eons ago did some cataclysmic event plunge the people of this world into a dark age, all technology destroyed, we are not an evolving race, we are a recovering race, and we were in turmoil. Did the Controllers spot our dilemma? While we were at our weakest did they move in, gradually steering us back to an age of technology, but this time with a difference, the Controllers would be in control thus leading us to the "Machine" driven society of today. Have we in a sense been grown, grown like a plant, grown to produce life giving energy for the Controllers.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, judging by the events of today`s world, people are starting to wake up, they are realizing that they have been used and abused by the few, the rich the powerful, the politicians that persuade to think that we voted them in Government, we are not falling for it anymore. Hopefully we may soon be free of the evil that controls us and keep us confined to this world for its own ends, and then and only then will we be able to travel to the stars in peace.

The Cognizant English Citizen

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