Bermuda Triangle of Port William

Another missing cat cluster that has made the newspapers this time in Port William UK where the strange disappearance has been likened to the Bermuda Triangle of Port William.
"A total of six cats have now disappeared from this small village and nobody knows what's happened to them."  The owners are saying if their cat had been run over by a car they could accept it and move on. But it's the fact that they doesn't know what's happened to them that is the hardest thing to take. 
Everyone in Port William has been left puzzled by this mystery, and many strangers have offered a helping hand with the search to see if they can find any depth into the mystery because "obviously it's not just the one cat that's gone missing over the space of time."

As one searcher said "Talking to these people because of the trauma they've gone through because they've lost a member of their family. You know because that how they view it. And they keep hunting, they just keep hunting, and of course I'll do the same."

And as Enigma Earth has always said:
"What is the real number of cats that have simply disappeared? The ones mentioned above are just the few beloved members of a few families."

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  1. Out of curiosity I went online to the UK NATIONAL PET REGISTER, I then clicked on missing cats. It revealed this year alone that 1000 cats had been reported missing, there were 50-pages with approximately 20-cats per page.Not only that if you clicked on the county where a cat was reported missing it would reveal many more cats missing in that county. I know some may have become victims of car accidents and other problems and some may have been found, but there is still a hell of a lot that are never accounted for, so what happened to them?


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