Doomsday Prophecies

When I look at the doom and gloom sites spouting Armageddon prophecies week after week, financial meltdown is imminent , something big is round the corner, the population of earth will be culled by millions, planet X is coming, world war 3 is about to happen! You've heard it all. 

But the thing is it’s been going on that long you just know deep down that the individuals whom supposedly produce this doomsday stuff, can never be right in their predictions. No matter what they say the days just keep rolling on by. The assumption that some unknown little person on the internet is going to be right about the demise of the human race is too ridiculous for words. That privilege belongs to a higher force and when or whatever happens it will take us totally by surprise, it will be unpredictable whether good or bad. For the humble human to piece every bit of game changing information together from around the world and come up with a prediction is impossible to say the least, because that information is changing second by second. You would have to have the brain of a super computer, where you could devour information from around the world at a fantastic rate process it and make a prediction before more information comes in, and that`s basically impossible unless you can freeze time even then that prediction would come to nothing as more information comes in could result in the super computer having to change its prediction or shelve it, so it seems that Predictions of the future are impossible even for a super computer let alone some obscure entity slobbering over his key board with delight because he thinks the information he has researched allows him to make a dooms day prediction of the future of humanity.. Remember, nanosecond by nanosecond we move from the Past through the Present and into the Future. It becomes a continuous flow into what we call the "Now". 

So next time you come across the Doomsday predictors do yourself a favour and turn the page. What the human race gets up to will without doubt keep changing the "Now" but to predict the future is not for the human. The reason I say turn the page on Doomsday sites, is that one in particular that I look at, is that 99% of what it puts out is Doom and Gloom, it’s as though someone or something is trying to keep the human race in a perpetual state of depression. Is there a hidden agenda behind it? I have no idea, but the best way to fight it if there is, is to ignore it, turn the page and get on with your life and do good things, because as I have said, any event that changes the direction of the human race, will come as a total surprise, and not through prediction.
The English Cognizant Citizen

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