A Paranormal Equation

The other day I had a brain wave of an idea, I love to look at mathematical equations they fascinate me immensely but that is as far as it goes, I`m absolutely hopeless beyond, add subtraction divide and multiply. But my inability to understand equations does not stop me from thinking, so here is my idea...

I asked a question online and that was, "If Drakes equation can give us the probability of habitual planets in the known universe, would it not be possible to construct an equation that would give us the probability that we share this planet with a paranormal life force that was here before human kind. I pointed out that a group of learned men a few thousand years age came to such a conclusion. I also said that paranormal evidence and events were overwhelming and there would be no shortage of statistic to work from to construct an equation."

Unfortunately the online site I asked, at first said free answers by experts, but after being led along with a few more clicks it turned out someone could answer my question if I agreed to pay £33, of course I vacated the sight immediately. 

So it looks like I need to find a mathematician that has a deep interest in the paranormal or likes a challenge even if he has no interest. If you look at Drakes Equation and read the explanations to the algebraic symbols to me to me it would not be too difficult to construct an equation for the paranormal. 

I will keep looking and try to find a helpful mathematician, I wonder why no one has attempted to do this before. I wonder would there be a result that someone does not want us to know?

The English Cognizant Citizen

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