The Half Cat Phenomenon Returns

Croydon Cat Killer
Boudicca Rising Flyer
The phenomenon of mutilated and displayed bodies of as many as 170 animals in south London and across the UK has returned in a hot spot known as the Croydon Cat Killer. 

A YEAR into the investigation the 170 mutilated animal bodies are being stored in freezers, all thought to have been slain at the hands of the same killer, the bodies or body parts all have the same recognisable injuries – a clean wound made by a bladed object.

Boudicca Rising, co-founder of SNARL, added: "We are not learning anything new from the post-mortems so it's essentially a waste of money. But it's still important that we retrieve and store those bodies for later. They all share similar injuries, whether they're a dead cat, or a cat that's come back home," said Boudicca. "It's neck slashes, amputated tails, decapitation, or slits from the neck down to the tummy, straight down, we have found these are knife wounds, not rips and tears. She said owners and vets had told her of around half a dozen similarly wounded animals, as well as disappearances."

She then said a vet with a background in forensics got in touch who could carry out post-mortems, so SNARL set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to fund them. After assessing the evidence SNARL had gathered the serious crime squad got involved in December 2015, officially launching the investigation as Operation Takahe, and started to work closely with the charity and the RSPCA to collect bodies and record evidence.

"We know they're done by the same person because the cuts are from the same sort of hand. If a different person did them they would make the cuts in different places. He has a few signature mutilations – he always cuts off the heads, paws or tails of the cats – or cuts them in half. There are a couple of other signatures we haven't released to the media to ensure we don't get copycat killings. Sometimes he decapitates, sometimes removes tails, sometimes both. Sometimes he cuts the cat in half, sometimes he removes the tail and one back leg, sometimes he takes the head and front paws. All of these combinations have been post mortemed and linked."

Most of the bodies SNARL has collected are cats, but some are foxes and there is also a rabbit which appears to be linked. People still think it’s only happening in Croydon and it’s not. ‘We’ve had attacks from Luton all the way down to Frimley in Surrey and across to Farnborough in Hampshire. The attacks are happening anywhere within the M25 and outside of it. Most of the attacks are occurring across a wide area in greater London, we have collected bodies from St Albans, Brackley in Northamptonshire Brighton, Maidstone, Manchester, Birmingham and the Isle of Wight with identical wounds. If you live in Greater London you are currently living in a high risk area for these killings. However, we also now want to know about any cats, foxes or birds found with the following combination of injuries from Manchester down to the South Coast: Decapitations/ removal of tail/ removal of paws/ any combination of these. 

They all seem to have met the same grisly end – being hit with a blunt object or thrown against a wall. Some still have undigested chicken in their bodies, suggesting they’re being lured (or eaten a fox lure), while others have been bled out.

X-files: Mysterious half cat deaths in Vancouver
During 2010 Throughout North America, pet cats have been found sliced clean in half, and to date no one knows why. The latest are in the Vancouver area the cats have been surgically cut and very little blood was present.“ 

Cat mutilations are similar to those of cattle, in that there is little blood present, and internal organs have been removed. These strange mutilations have been reported globally for at least a decade, including the UK and Australia. In Denver, a case examined by Dr John Altshuler revealed the cat slicing was done in the matter of a cautery, BUT WITH NO CARBON RESIDUE FOUND. Altshuler confirmed that the excision had been made with high heat, cauterizing and preventing blood flow.

Cow mutilations still continue to this day with no answers. In the last year, in Flowery Branch, Georgia, cattle farmers John and Kathy Cooper, have lost 20 cow and bulls in strange incidents.

There are those who believe this mystery may have an extraterrestrial connection. Whether it is true or not, one woman has made it her life’s mission to interview and document unsolved mysteries since 1979. Her name is Linda Moulton Howe. Contact her for any further incidents of this HALF CAT PHENOMENON.

L. M. Howe claims that US Army Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso who worked for military intelligence, told her that he “had seen with his own eyes, during his work for the Eisenhower and Kennedy Administrations, highly classified documents about unusual and bloodless animal deaths around the world dated as early as 1951." 
Corso claimed the “perpetrators of the worldwide animal deaths are extraterrestrial biological entities.”
This information can be found in his 1997 book, The Day After Roswell, published eight months before he died.


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  1. One day these cat/animal mutilation attacks are going to really blow up in the face of the authorities investigating them. They will be left with egg on their faces when they have to admit that they have no idea what`s happening to our animals/pets. Under current thinking they do not, and never will understand this phenomena, they are looking in all the wrong places. Its only a matter of time and they will be forced to think out of the box, in fact I believe some authorities are secretly doing just that.


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