More True & Bizarre

More true stories of the bizarre and unnatural:-

10. Not sure if I believe I was abducted, but I don't know how to explain what actually happened. I was out at night in the outer-city, having a few drinks at a bar, watching my friend's band play. It was their first live show, and I went along by myself to give a bit of support. After the set, and after a while of post-set drinking, I decided that I'd head out and catch a train home, as the station was about a 5 minute walk away. I remember stepping out of the pub holding my jacket. The street was reasonably busy, but not crowded, and it was a nice night. But I was feeling a little cold, so I stopped and pulled my jacket on. The instant I looked up after pulling up my zip everything just changed. I was suddenly standing in the middle of an open grass park, in the absolute pouring rain, about 25 miles (40km) from where I was outside that pub. I'm not sure how much time had passed because my phone was completely dead, and I didn't manage to get home for a long time. I ended up having to walk for a while to find the nearest main road and wave down an empty taxi - which was a bit of a miracle luck-wise. I still had all my possessions, no money used or taken, felt completely fine. Still don't know what happened. This happened around 5 years ago.

11. One time I had to sleep in my parent's bedroom because they were the only ones with heat in their room for a few days. On one particular night I remember my dad's alarm going off at 4:30 am. I got up and sat in the kitchen for a while until he left and then I went to my own room to sleep because I was tired of sleeping in the floor. I remember lying on my bed and looking at my dresser that has a mirror. My room was very dark, but I saw a reflection in the mirror at the edge of my bed of a tall shadow figure. I watched it for a minute wondering what it is in my room that could make that figure. My heart sank when I saw it move. I was so fixated on the reflection in the mirror too afraid to look down the bed at what was really there. I couldn't move a muscle as I saw it climb in the bed with me, but I remember having such a terrified/dreadful feeling. I felt my bed dip as someone climbed in and heard the squeaks. Next thing I know I open my eyes and it's morning time. I looked everywhere in my room and didn't see anything. I tried telling my mom what happened, but I just started crying. I felt so...dirty? So invaded. So empty. I couldn't figure it out. I've joked with my SO before that maybe I was abducted and probed by aliens or maybe I was raped by a demon. Call me crazy and maybe there was a logical explanation, but I've never felt so gross and terrified at the same time like that before.

12. One night as a little kid, however, I remember it was late at night, everyone was asleep and I was awake (in my parent's room because I always scared to sleep by myself). I was in a sort of "hazy" state of mind and oddly unafraid, so to be honest I'm not 100% certain I wasn't just dreaming, but I remember that it really did not feel like a dream. I had looked out the window of my parent's bedroom, and a figure was holding onto the windowsill from the outside... floating in the air. If there was any archetypal alien that this thing could be classified as, it was definitely a "gray." It was a little humanoid figure that stood about 4-5 feet tall or so. It did not have a "giant" head like you often see grays depicted as, but instead was much more proportional. I can't remember what its face looked like, but I believe it was sort of like it had no face, until it opened its eyes. The figure looked like it was wearing some sort of glowing white shroud all over. It was... strange. It looked like there were little holes all over its "skin" or whatever, it was almost "holographic" looking, while its tail end (not legs) floated upward into the air and sort of flapped around in the wind, either like it was a shroud/cloak or like a flame-like thing or something. Maybe that was covering its legs? It was like it was wearing some sort of glowing, holographic cloak thing as it floated in the air. I can't remember what happened after. This figure appeared in my dreams for a few months afterward, as a sort of whimsical, wise yet childlike teacher. It did not speak out loud. In my dreams, it would speak telepathically. Not like I heard some sort of distinctive voice in my head that sounded a certain way, but like my mind's own voice was speaking what it was saying. I can't really remember all the details, but it definitely did not seem like some sort of cold, emotionless being. At least, in my dreams it didn't. It had a sense of humor. It knew I was fascinated by magic and wore a magician's top hat in one of my dreams. Anyways, seriously, take this story with a grain of salt. Maybe I was just dreaming and I had an overactive imagination, but when I look back and think about it, it's really weird to me. Especially considering that I did not have a concept of "aliens" at the time (let alone grays)— I remember thinking this thing was like Casper the Friendly Ghost—and that this was in the early 90s in South Florida where there was a surge of UFO sightings at the time. The other incident was in adulthood. I was with friends driving back towards Southeast Florida from the West Coast of Florida (St. Petersburg) from a concert. It was late at night, pitch dark, and we're on a stretch of road that is surrounded by vast fields on either side. To my left, I see two bright orbs in the distance, about 10-20 feet off the ground. One was orange, and the other was a spinning blue. At first, I thought they were towers, but then as we drove past it I realized how strange that would be. Maybe they were? They were just out there in the middle of nowhere, bright as all Hell, right next to each other, one a stationary amber/orange and the other a spinning blue.

13. So, I'm going to sound like I'm a fucking lunatic. My sister and I have similar experiences. We'd never discussed it until about a month ago when I was like "Yo, pretty sure we were abducted" and I guess we went through the same stuff. When I was around 6, I'd always tell my dad how I couldn't wait to go back to bed and see the aliens. I remember being really young and wishing they would come take me away. I could have just been a fucked up kid though. I don't remember being taken or anything. I don't think it was one of those situations where they physically take you away, but just enter your mind when you're asleep. I'm positive it had something to do with my grandmother’s house. I guess my sister had her worst night terrors there? It was there that I had my first dream about this "ghost" boy. I dreamt of him nearly every night for about a decade. He was my "boyfriend" and he told me about Japanese and German people coming over on boats to do experiments on us in space. It's a really long story, but I'm convinced it was my "relationship" and the shit we did together that's fucked up my ovaries and reproductive system so much. Apparently my sister had similar dreams. She had horrible night terrors of the same man every night. It really fucked with our family because we'd always be jolted awake by her screams and my parents lost so much sleep. I personally was just pissed that her freak outs were interrupting my dates with ghost-kid. Both of us have a lot of unexplained health problems. We're kind of psychic. We always joke that she's "electric" because things will stop working around her for no reason, or she'll touch something, like a radio that's been broken for 20 years, and it will come back to life. We'll dream the same dreams. I wake up with nosebleeds all the time. We both hear ringing in our ears when no one else does...again, we just joke that we're having stigmata-seizures. We still have the scariest dreams about my grandmother’s house. I don't know if it was a hot bed for paranormal activity or what. And it's possible that our experiences have more to do with ghostly spirit stuff than aliens. Whatever. I know this doesn't sound relevant to some people, but apparently we have most of the "signs" of being former abductees. Or we could just be insane sisters with health issues.

14. Late to the party as usual but I've seen a UFO. I was with my then boyfriend we were 20. It was Nov 11th 2011 in rural Louisiana. We were at his parent's house and they had a big field we were in. We used to make fun of the stupid people who lived in our town quite a bit and especially when it came to UFOs. We would point at the moon and in stupid accents would say "aw yeah look at dat derr, dat's the mothership there!" and giggle and shit. We were doing just that when something came out from the right of our peripheral. It was a HUGE super bright light. I mean, it was really, really big and really, really bright. (We guessed about the size of at LEAST a couple 18 wheelers) It was so bright that we couldn't make out the shape of it at all. We fell completely silent. The light had made its way to in front of us about 200 yards away were the field had ended and forest started. We started sort of jogging to it for some reason, to get a closer look I guess, and the light suddenly went from side to side, in a weird motion I'd never seen before so we stopped and watched it move. Then it went down, still kind of moving from side to side and its light completely lit the ground and it disappeared behind the trees. I'll never forget the way the light made those trees look and it was gone. The whole ordeal lasted probably 30 seconds and whatever it was didn't make a sound. It was completely silent. We felt so crazy. We both had extreme adrenaline and I started freaking out. Jumping up and down and talking a lot and very fast, "like, REALLY?! That was real right?! We BOTH saw that, is this real? What happened? Seriously?!?!" We replayed what had happened over and over again. One of my best girlfriends totally believes in aliens and I called her but she didn't answer but I left a voicemail saying something like, "Kelly! They're fucking real Kelly! They're fucking real!" Which we listened to later and laughed a LOT. The next day I called all the airports in the area and spoke with the people in their towers to see if they had anything flying in that area of the sky at that time of night. I called the police and all the news agencies to give them my information if anything else happened like it in the near future. (I did not file a report.) We were so utterly perplexed by the whole thing we didn't even think to get a video.

15. This freaked me out for a couple of weeks, it was so real that I found myself googling ‘alien abductions’ for days after. I struggled to get to sleep and had to take a little Nyquil just to settle myself. Anyway here is the best I can remember from 5 years ago. I was sitting in something like a small movie theatre with the lights on. There were a few other people in there with me (maybe about 10 of us). I was strapped into my chair, strap across my waist and one across my chest. All of a sudden my chair lifted up to the roof and tilted so I was facing the floor. The strap across my waist was tight and lifted my top slightly revealing my belly. Ii felt self-conscience that my belly fat was on show and moved my arm to adjust my top. Then the chair moved to my left at speed into a dark space. Next thing I know I am in my bed at home lying on my front (which I never do) and on top of the blankets. I remained still as I woke up and was trying to figure out what the hell just happened. I lay there listening for a while and could hear some scuffling. After a few mins I moved my foot a few inches to feel for my cat, he didn’t wake up which was not like him. I then heard a clear quiet voice say “she is waking up”. I froze, with my heart beating at a crazy rate. I lay there for 3 hours, scared, too scared to move or switch the light on. My husband and cat peacefully slept while I was traumatized by the whole experience. Even when daylight came and I was up and about, I was still in fear. I told my husband and he just laughed. I had never had a ‘dream’ like that before or one since.

16. I've had many encounters, though it may all just be in my mind. They started when I was a young boy living on a lake in northern Michigan, I remember so clearly looking over the lake at night and seeing lights zipping around in the distance faster than any airplane could (flights seldom passed by us anyway, we were in the middle of nowhere.) It always made me uneasy just looking at them, and then one winter night it happened. I went to bed and suddenly I found myself in an unlit coat room getting dressed to go outside. I wandered down the 100 yard hill to the shoreline, lit only by pale blue moonlight reflecting on the snow. I remember the cold piercing though my pyjama bottoms as I walked. I stood at the base of our dock, everything still and quiet like it gets when everything is covered in deep snow. The monochrome woodline lined the snowy blue expanse of the lake. I wondered why I was standing there, when I looked up to see a black shape passing against the clouds in the distance. It hovered silently straight to the centre of the lake and stopped dead. I could tell it had seen me, at least it knew I was there, I just sort of felt as if it was looking at me. Panicked, but before I could turn and run, a violet pulse of light lit up every visible surface for what seemed like miles. I slammed my eyes shut and scrambled blindly up the icy hill as fast as I could manage. I made it about 60% of the way before I stumbled face first into my footprints from earlier, and as if falling through the snow, I shot up out of bed drenched in sweat and fearing to look outside. It was a typical grey winter morning, but it just felt off. Like I was being watched constantly, and I didn't dare go to the dock. There were indeed footprints leading up and down the hill, but that wasn't necessarily proof of anything since we often used each other’s footprints when walking down to ice fish or walking up from sledding. After that night, springtime and summer were the only seasons I felt comfortable outside there. Something about the leaves obscuring overhead view sort of too my mind off of that "being alone but not alone" feeling.

17. So aside from the paranoia, not much happened again until one day, both my parents weren't making it home due to inclement weather. All alone, again it's winter, and our house was a poorly lit maze of wood paneling. I'm sitting in front of the TV, watching Star trek TNG and playing with my GI Joes, to my right - several large bay windows overlooking the lake/dock. The thing about those windows is, when it was night but the house was lit, you'd see more of your reflection than you would of anything outside. However, if you were to look in from outside, it'd look clear as day and 100% candid. TNG goes on commercial, and I hear a something like a pebble or maybe ice hit the window. Weird, but old houses always sound weird. I continue to play for a bit when a wave of paranoia hits me hard, so I naturally strain to see if there's anything outside. I couldn't make out anything but for some reason I suddenly got an eye shaking rush of adrenaline. Fighting was never even an option, so leaving everything on, I immediately beat cheeks back to the relative seclusion of my room and locked the door. I had two windows in that room, with minimal lace curtains, so it wasn't much more sheltered than the big windows in the front room. I left the lights out in my room and crawled across the ground along the wall beneath the windows ledge. I snagged my sleeping bag from the foot of the bed, crawled underneath the bed, and barricaded myself in with plastic tubs of Lego and toys. There was an immense hum that shook the house, like a semi-truck idling outside then it and the lights in the hallway disappeared with a pop. That sudden lack of electric hum like when you lose power left it so silent you could hear the air. Probably just ice downing a power line somewhere. Then, what looked like red and blue police lights strobed through the windows and through the Tupperware in complete silence. Those windows faced the lake, with no roads, driveways, or transformers in sight. I nope'd so hard with another adrenaline rush, I pulled the zipper entirely over my head and curled up in a foetal position, and stayed as quiet is I could, scared out of my mind for the rest of the night. My mom found me under the bed sometime the next morning, and called me weird for sleeping like that. But really, the weirdest thing was all the alarm clocks in the house were still perfectly set. Specifically my alarm clock that didn't have a battery backup and had been set to go off at 6:02am earlier that evening. (I accidentally overshot 6:00 but figured it was close enough.) I'm certain it never went off, it played the radio at full blast and never failed to wake everyone. At 11am it was still set to 6:02 and ready to go off. So I either lost some time somewhere or I experienced some crazy rare electrical phenomenon. Just a really weird experience in general, this was about 4 years after my first post.



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