Revoking Spiritual Agreements

Use this process to clear out agreementsOnce a person starts revoking agreements, it becomes easier over time to dig deeper to find more of them. Be aware that agreements often are splintered off into various fragments in order to make them harder to find. For example, there may be agreements to have difficult romantic relationships, difficult relationships with parents, with siblings, with friends, etc. These are all different "agreement clusters" that need to be specified and removed in separate processes.

So don't worry about getting rid of every agreement all at once. Take your time, and work through them on a daily basis as you sense them affecting you.

State, “I Stand in the power of my Divine Inner Self's Sovereignty. I expand the light of your Divine Inner / Higher Self from your heart, surrounding your body in a Heart Sphere of Sovereign energy.”

State, “I connect to Earth's Core, Galactic Core, I connect to Infinite Source and the Forces of Divine Source Light.” State, “I ask for a Galactic Vacuum to be ready to remove everything into the Galactic Core. (This is a funnel cloud of galactic core energy that vacuums up everything needing to be removed and transmuted.) 

State, “I call up all agreements related to "feeling like a victim" (or anything else) on this timeline and all other timelines in the past, present and future, and within all dimensions, densities, levels, realms and realities.” 

State, “I call forth all reinstatement clauses, copies, back-ups, mirrors, counter-party copies, etc of these agreements.” 

State, "From the Inner Authority of my Sovereign Self, I declare ALL of these agreements null and void. I revoke ALL of these agreements as well as all counterparty copies, reinstatement clauses, duplicates, back-ups, mirrors, etc of everything previously named." 

Proclaim, "I reclaim ALL of my energy that has gone into these agreements." As your energies, essences, soul fragments, etc come back to you, reintegrate them through your heart center. 

Command, "I send all of these agreements and all facets previously named into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted in the Galactic Core." 

State, “ I call forward all "counter party copies" and send them into the Galactic Vacuum to be transmuted in the Galactic Core.” ( of these agreements and send them into the galactic vacuum for transmutation. These are copies of the agreements held by parasitic beings who drain small amounts of your energy via those agreements. Some of those beings might claim to be "lords" of karma in order to exert authority over you. Don't believe any of their lies.) 

Tell those demiurge beings : "I am Sovereign. All of you parasitic 'counterparty' beings are hereby notified that you are FORBIDDEN from EVER affecting my energy again. If you do attempt to violate my sovereign energy sphere, I will FORCEFULLY send you to the Galactic core to be transmuted. While transmuting will be the best thing that has ever happened to you, it's possible that you will not emerge if there is nothing left within you to salvage and transmute. You have been warned." 

(Tell those demiurgic counterparty beings an opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.) 

State, “I offer you (demiurgic counterparty beings) the opportunity to step into the Galactic Vacuum to be taken to the Galactic core and transmuted.” 

(Some of them will take this opportunity so that they can be free from the Demiurge's control and hierarchical enslavement.) 

Declare, "I remove ALL imprinting, implants, overlays, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, identities, frozen emotions, etc related to these agreements. I ask my Divine Inner Self to direct a Galactic Vacuum throughout your unconscious mind, subconscious mind, and all throughout your sphere of consciousness to remove all of these components, and anything else related to these agreements.” (Usually seems to take about 2-3 days.-Ann) 

State, “I expand the light of your True Sovereign Inner Self to fill in all the areas that I have cleared.” (This allows the Truth of who you really are to replace the false constructs that have been removed.) 

State, “I call forward and restore the original agreement that you made with Infinite Source to Carry source light onto this planet and into the universe, let the loving power contained within that original agreement dissolve any remaining constructs related to those old, artificially imposed agreements.” 

(The most important part of all of this is your WILL to make this happen. Get a little angry if you need to, harness any righteous indignation you have and use the FORCE of your WILL.) 

Affirm often: "I am sovereign and no one is allowed to take my energy." "I am sovereign and no being or non-being is allowed to infringe on my sovereign space." 


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