Breeding Fear

Long ago was some agenda set in motion that placed life upon this world and ensured its survival by endowing it with an instinct to fight tooth and nail to make sure the species survives. 

But why would you want to do that unless it benefited the creator of that life. Our existence deepens on our well organised production of food, among other things. We are very good at what we do, but! Do we really have free will or are we controlled by our creator, step back and take a look at this world. You are sitting on the Moon your head resting in your hands looking out towards the distant Earth, you know that if it was left to humanity Earth would no longer exist so there must be a control in place. So it appears there are just enough wars and conflicts to keep things ticking over, not too many and not too little, our whole life is controlled from birth to grave, and then possibly back again to rebirth. It seems a key ingredient of life on Earth is 'conflict' and its never far away, whether is an argument with your neighbor or a war in a far off country, conflict rules the day. Simple things like getting to work on time are a form of conflict, earning enough money to pay your mortgage is another, the whole of life vibrates conflict in some way or other. 

Is conflict a natural state of living or is it forced onto us by an unknown entity, something that needs to control us for its own ends. 

Take the words 'Fear of Death', these human words has been used for thousands of years to 'Control' everyone and everything, it has to be the most subconsciously ever present word used in the human life of this world. Just simple words like the recent news article expressing that 'Global Warming this year could see many pensioners die from the cold or heat stroke', those words would strike 'Fear' into many elderly people. You do not have to use the word 'Fear', just other words that conjure up the feeling of 'Fear'. 'The Fear of Death' is like an umbrella over society, most of us do not realize it but we go to the doctors because we subconsciously fear death, every day we are showered with fear inducing adverts graphically stating what illness we might come down with during our life. 

Doctors and hospitals do a lot of good, but there is an aspect of it I do not like, it's something like The Spider and the Fly, I`m the 'Fly' and the 'Spider' is the medical establishment or the big pharmaceuticals. As I stand I feel reasonably well, but I bet if I went to my doctor with a small problem he would say I need a thorough check up (you might think, 'Dear me what will they find' this would be a trigger for 'Fear'). I will guarantee he will find something to send me to the hospital with, (more 'Fear') they now have you and will not let you go easily, your life is no longer your own, the Spider has got you. But not in my case I have taken control of my own life, I feel well, I eat well, I do like a drink with my meals, I do not smoke and I keep fit, what more can I do? I have taken charge of my own life and if that life has to end suddenly along the way then so be it. Yes I could collapse tomorrow but we are all walking time bombs, that`s how life used to be before the 'Fear' thing, you got on with your life until nature decided to remove you, and it will happen one day no matter how much medicine or vitamin pills you take, it's out of our control and big pharma knows this, so they need us to think they have control over all medical problems hence the reign of 'Fear' inducing adverts about our health. Without illness or the 'Fear' of illness big pharma would be nothing. 

If a machine keeps producing an item then it's because that item is required for some purpose.

As we will discuss in a minute, the unexpected success of The Ascension Mysteries is an excellent move towards Full Disclosure. The Cabal, New World Order, or whatever you want to call it, is freaking out about full disclosure -- because it will mean a complete loss of control for them. 
"The number one most profitable industry on earth is pharmaceuticals, with at least 11 main categories. Second to that is oil. Third is telecommunications."
The Cabal has thoroughly locked up the pharmaceuticals and energy industries. Full disclosure will quickly remove the profitability of both. Technology will be released that eliminates the need for "fossil fuels" and almost all forms of traditional medicine.

There will still be plenty of thriving industries, but there will also be an opportunity for many newcomers to get involved and have a fair shake. Ultimately, full disclosure also means the lack of need for a money supply altogether -- since we can "print" anything we desire with materializers - David Wilcock.

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