I never thought that a person could actually worship the Bible, or that there was even an actual term for this. Bibliolatry can be taken by some to mean “taking following the Bible to an extreme”, but the truth of Bibliolatry is that it means “to worship the Bible in the place of God”. 

Using the Bible as a crutch and oracle in order to help understand what is happening in your life. There are so many situations and circumstances that don’t seem to be answered by Scripture alone.
The Bible is not our God, and cannot be treated as such. The Bible is the revelation of the love of God through Jesus Christ, and its sole purpose is to point us to Him.
How does a person turn their worship of God into worshiping the Bible instead? And what does that look like? It is so easy to take things that we can see and touch and turn them into an idol. Because we worship an unseen God, it sometimes causes a great struggle between our minds and our hearts. To have the Bible in our hands as a manifest representation of our God makes it so easy to use it as a tool of worship.

Jesus Christ is the revelation of God the Father. Jesus is the Truth and the Way. The purpose of the Bible was always to reveal the truth of who Jesus Christ is. The Bible shows us our inherent need for Jesus: we cannot do this life without Him. Jesus Christ is indeed the Almighty Creator and our Life Source. It is only through Jesus Christ we find the answers to life and the guidance for our specific circumstances and questions.

Only Jesus Christ was meant to be our everything. Everybody can have a rich and intimate relationship with Jesus. We cannot let the Bible replace a relationship with God. God gave us Jesus Christ so we could have a relationship with the Father through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the exact representation of the Father and the image of the invisible God. To see and know Jesus Christ is to see and know the Father who sits in the heavens.

Therefore you must strive to achieve deeper and greater levels of intimacy with God through Jesus Christ. We must read the Bible, but then we must set it down and sit with Jesus Himself. We must talk to Him, but then we must be silent and with patience listen for His reply. He will guide and direct us to the specific advice for our current situations. He will answer questions and give us divine revelation and wisdom for the deep soul-searching questions we have in these modern times.

First and foremost God wants to strengthen us in our identity in Him and the knowledge of His great love. Without those things, we will continue to struggle and our relationship will continue to go back to the Bible instead of using the Bible as a bridge to the Word Himself. The Bible is a wonderful tool, but it is not the Way; Jesus Christ is.
Let Jesus Christ be your guide and your everything. He loves you. He wants you. He sees you. And He says ‘You are good. Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. Do not be faint-hearted but come my children, come to me and let me love you.’
Some people have made the Bible their world. Their church Priests having answers to all individual problems, directing the lives of others in the way they see fit. These people use a tangible Bible to prove their faith. They carry it, worship it, fill personal correspondence with Bible phrases – ‘spreading the word’. They live in a segregated world and see everything in black and white. Anyone with a different perspective, such as ‘new age’, is working against God and bordering on the demonic. It is hard to be a true friend to people who are so narrow minded, because you must hide those parts of yourself that doesn't meet their rigid beliefs..

Source http://www.theothersideofdarkness.com/bibliolatry-worship-bible/
Image https://pastordaveonline.org/2012/07/05/the-charge-of-bibliolatry/

Montauk Project Experiments


In an interview (read the full interview below) with Eve Frances Lorgen, Andy Pero shared his experience with trauma-based control of the mind and the Montauk explorations in consciousness. He recalled sessions where he was tortured and put through shock treatments. This is done to have the ability to reprogram participants to do things they were not able to previous to the programming. 

Andy said that many people die in the process while undergoing mind control, but there are survivors. One survivor is Duncan Cameron. Another survivor is Kathy O’ Brien, who was also interviewed by Eve Lorgen. Kathy recalled bein picked up by an F-16 fighter plane at the Rochester Airport and taken to a southwester desert for more training, including military training, assassination missions, and obstacle courses. Andy said that the mind control projects aim to create the perfect "Manchurian Candidate." The Greenbaum Speech by D.C. Hammond gives details about what a "Manchurian Candidate" is. The title is "Hypnosis in MPD: Ritual Abuse." Hammond says, "The way you create Manchurian Candidates is you divide the mind." He says, "If you’re going to get an assassin, you’re going to get somebody to go do something, you divide the mind." 

EL: Andy, where are you from originally and when did your training begin? 

AP: I was born in Fallon, Nevada in November of 1969. My father was a Lieutenant Commander at the Fallon Naval Air Station in Nevada at the time. I believe my first experiences began by the time I was two and a half years old. At five years old my family lived in Munich, Germany and I remember attending two distinct Kindergarten classes, on in German that was located on or near McGraw Army Troop Army Base, and another Kindergarten in English. I have flashback memories of torture sessions as early as age two where I was subjected to shock treatments with needles inserted in my ears and genitalia. What they (the controllers/handlers) do is use extreme trauma to separate the mind from the body. They do this to split the mind into several parts that can later be programmed to do things-like superhuman feats. Basically, they disconnect all of the normal human brain impulses, emotions and whatever is normally present, then reprogram in new ones. They do this to remove all fear, so that when they program in new abilities, you will not have the instinctual, “but I can’t, I’m afraid…” response. They program you to do, not think. In essence, they treat and program your mind as if it was a computer. 

EL: Who are the people running these secret programs like the Monarch and Montauk Projects, and where do they conduct their activities? 

AP: Our own government. One of my handlers-who tried to brainwash me into believing that he was my father–was basically a Nazi. I nicknamed him Adolph because he is very Aryan looking. After WW2 many Nazi scientists were brought over to the US through our own Intelligence community who formerly worked in mind control research in the concentration camps. I believe they are a remnant of the Nazi party working in conjunction with different branches of the US government and the military. Much of my training and torture sessions were done right at the University of Rochester, NY. They used to take me to a private room in the attic or top floor of the library. The big lab where I had most of the programming done to me was at the Rome National Air Base in Rome, NY. I have also been used in the Montauk chair while at Camp Hero, Montauk, L.I. and also in a chair in Atlanta, GA at Dobbins Air Force Base. The Montauk facility located in Camp Hero, L.I. was reopened by the Department of the Navy and is active to this day. Basically there are underground bases located across the country. Each one has a different function and specialty. There is a facility in Rochester, NY, Paramus, NJ, Dobbins Air Force Base in Atlanta, GA, Camp Hero in Montauk, L.I. and many others. In the Paramus, NJ facility is where they do the sex programming for many of the female agents. For the most part, 99% of them are involuntary sex agents and couriers who were raised in various mind control projects. 

EL: What were some of the things the mind control programmers made you do? 

AP: I remember my mother enrolling me in a Silva Mind Control course when I was ten. It is a type of self-hypnosis where you learn to go to different levels of your mind to do self-healing, relaxation, visualization, bending spoons with the power of your mind, things like that. This is also the time when I saw two peculiar military men, who would periodically visit me throughout my childhood, especially sporting events. I did exceptionally well at Silva Mind Control (and sports), so much so that the two military men approached me and said, “I hear you have some very special abilities. Someday you will work for us.” At the time I didn’t understand, but later the two men figured prominently in all the training I had up all the way through my college years. Of course I didn’t realize this until my memories came back. I did very well at sports and demonstrated a genius IQ, but I stuttered so badly until I was in my twenties, that everyone just thought I was a dumb jock. The stuttering was due to all the electroshock treatments. I recall being subjected to electroshock numerous times, being placed in an enclosed water tank and told to breathe underwater. Consequently, I drowned several times and would revive because of my self-created healing pool in my mind. I learned to create my own mental laboratory through Silva Mind Control, replete with a super powerful healing pool that could heal any injury. I was forced to endure suffering beyond belief to accomplish superhuman feats of strength and survival. 

EL: Tell me more about the various superhuman abilities you discovered you had. 

AP: The trainers would put me into a trance whereby I’d be told I could jump off a ladder of minimal height. In my mind, I believed that I was only jumping off a footstool or a short ledge. In actuality, I was progressively led to jump higher and higher heights to the point of successfully jumping off buildings and even out of planes without a parachute. When under mind control, I could do whatever I was instructed to do as long as I believed them. I would do 200 or more push ups in perfect form, sometimes as long as a half hour straight, or until I was told to stop. I weight lifted 545 lbs.on a barbell and squats while attending college and much more (500-1500 lb.) while I was under the mind control in the training laboratory not far from Rochester, NY. In my jumps, it was as if I was falling like a cat, calm and cool with no fear, focusing like a laser only on the landing. 

EL: Are there others like yourself who have had similar training and experiences? 

AP: I think there are thousands of other children and people who are used and many end up missing. Many die in the process. They are considered expendable. The ones who can survive the most rigorous programming live on to become what are known as the Montauk boys. Duncan Cameron is such a person. In general, the boys and young men are trained to be couriers, assassins and super soldiers and even psychic killers. The women are mostly used as sex agents. Cathy O’ Brien’s story is an example. 

EL: What kinds of special missions or time travel experiments do you remember taking part in? 

AP: There were times I remember being at the small Rochester airport, being picked up in an F-16 fighter plane and ending up in some southwestern desert terrain either for special military training and obstacle courses or assassination missions. I remember seeing other men in black t-shirts and pants on the same training course at one time. Other times I found myself on some aircraft carrier out at sea. After the mission they would take me back and I would return to college after a couple of days or even hours not remembering what even happened. All of these missions were done between the time I was 15 years old and until 1988-1992 under deep hypnotic programming with the memories erased, until of some of my memories started to return. I was also taught to handle various types of guns, loading, cleaning, special characteristics of each model and firing at exact targets repeatedly and perfectly without thinking, just doing. 

EL: Tell me more about your involvement in the Montauk Project. 

AP: I was involved in an off shoot of the Montauk Project called the Montauk chair. Basically the Montauk chair was developed to give the human and spirit a zero point of reference to facilitate time travel. What the chair essentially does is separate the mind from the body. The chair operator’s thoughts and vibrational energy is picked up by umbrella looking antennas above the chair, sent to a computer, over to a processor, then amplified several hundred times. The information is sent to a network of free energy crystals arranged in a circle. Then whatever thoughts were amplified, i.e., a time period, a wormhole would open up in the room. The wormhole was as large as 16-18 feet across and even large enough for a truck to go through. In Camp Hero, Montauk, the location is the cross hairs of the earth’s biorhythms and is the point on earth where time travel is most easily accomplished when earth is the point of origin. My part of the Montauk chair project was to use my focused visualization skills to think of specific time points in history that were assigned to me. The chair is connected to a sophisticated computer system and thought amplifier, such that when a thought or time period is visualized, the computer simulates a time portal based on that point in time. A series of time portals are done until a library of time periods and portals are accumulated. 

EL: Have you ever encountered any extraterrestrials or seen any aliens in any of your underground base memories?

AP: From what I understand the Department of the Navy made an agreement
with the alien Greys to exchange technologies for human women and children to conduct horrific breeding experiments. This is what is going on right now in an underground base not far from Miami, Florida. One of my most disturbing memories is being escorted down a hallway in this underground lab and seeing cages of chickenwire fencing with women and children screaming for help. I have seen Grey aliens (the 4-foot tall ones with large black eyes) and also 7-foot tall reptilian beings in some of my experiences. I have been told that I have many children from alien breeding experiments. I have had abductions with the Greys also. On one occasion I was introduced to a Reptilian being while in an underground base sometime in 1989-90. At first I saw a 7-foot tall human Ayran looking man. He walks towards me and I notice that his image phases out as if something interfered with an energy field. He does something to a device on his belt and tells me, “OK, I’ll show you.” He then pushes some button and then I see his image change into a 7-foot tall lizard like creature who looked like he weighed over 400 lb. I was introduced to a group of beings that claimed to be a sub group of the Illuminati. They were made up of a group of about 40-50 men, all 6′ 2″ or taller, white, and of an indeterminate older age, averaging 70, but I suspect much older considering the technology they have access to. They convened in a boardroom that I believe was in an underground base, perhaps Camp Hero, Montauk. They sat around a large football shaped table made of wood. Each high backed chair had a light at the tip and each sitting had a TV type of screen and control panel that came out from the table. There was a huge screen located in the front of the room as well. I have reason to believe that not all of the Illuminati are human, but in actuality are alien beings that appear to look human. EL: Who or what groups do you think are running the show here in the US or even on Earth? How do the aliens fit into all of this? AP: It is very complicated, but basically there are four main versions or groups of the New World Order, all with slightly varying agendas. The first group comprises the US and Western Europe (i.e., England, Germany, France and the US). The second group is Eastern Europe fused with Western Europe and the US. The third group is the countries of the Orient, and the fourth is the Middle Eastern-Saudia Arabian elements and all the oil money. There are also off world groups (aliens and future human Nazi’s types called Zardanians, Reptilians, Greys and Dracos) who also have a hand in the NWO plans. For the time being, the old money groups of Europe and England have teamed up with die hard Nazi factions, Jews and Americans forming the group that has been always been known as the Illuminati and affiliated secret societies. This large international group controls the media, police force, military, etc. The Illuminati is also part of the NWO plan, which includes members such as George Bush, Prince Charles and other high ranking people. As for the aliens, I think most of the alien Greys are either under the authority of or in collaboration with the Reptilians, Dracos and the Illuminati, based on some of my experiences and memories that are still returning to me. Some Grey groups are in conflict with the Reptilian/Draco agenda and are doing their own thing (human/grey hybridization programs) so to speak. Their agenda gets into heavy spiritual matters having to do with acquiring an emotional body and an ability to ascend to higher dimensions. They are using humans to accomplish this via the human/alien hybrids. Humans have the key in terms of having a threefold essence or unity of being, physical, emotional and spiritual. Other aliens have lost this unity of being (because of the fall from grace), thus inhibiting them from ascending to higher dimensions, or evolving to higher levels. This gets back to the original Luciferic rebellion, fallen angels and the various conflicts between species. 

EL: When did you start remembering your memories? How did or can you break the programming they install? 

AP: Some of my first memories surfaced while I was living with a roommate in Atlanta, GA back in 1996. We went to the bowling alley and I saw a large sign in the shape of a man dressed like a Rhino advertising, “Bowl with Rhino balls.” This triggered me into remembering that “Rhino” is the name my Nazi handlers called me. My roommate overheard me say outloud, “I’m Rhino-they called me Rhino.” He got excited and immediately asked me, “Where did you hear that?” He had a grave look of concern on his face and kept questioning me. By his reaction, I realized later that all along he was one of my hired programmers and handlers. The initial triggered memory that surfaced was a flashback of me being electrocuted and shocked and screaming in pain in one of my numerous torture sessions. Then after that first memory, other memories started leaking through. It was like my mind was dammed up and the subconscious memories were starting to leak through. My mind controller programmers deliberately built a wall around my memories so that I wouldn’t remember. When I started recalling bits and pieces, I’d write notes to myself and hide them. Then I’d find my notes, after I had forgotten everything because my roommate was catching on that I was remembering. So he would repeatedly put me in trances, erase my memories and I’d forget what I had just remembered. But then everything came crashing down, because I deliberately hid notes and pretended that I didn’t know to my roommate. I had thought he was a friend and it turned out he was just hired to be another controller and handler to keep me in the program. I recall that in the past I did not even remember my dreams for ten years. But now things are coming back. I am working on purifying the body to help clear my mind and get my abilities back. 

EL: How do they keep control overall these people who have been and are still in mind control projects? 

AP: The essence of their control tactics is of splitting the mind at a young age. This entails a process of trauma, torture, degradation and humiliation of the subject. The process is different for each individual, but in essence they go to your subconscious mind and find out what the most personal parts of you are. Then they essentially use this against you to break you down and rip your mind apart. What happens is this: An individual who possesses special mental abilities is selected at a very young age. (Very often they are from military families or from multigenerational Satanic ritual abuse families-EL) Then they are subjected to various stages of terror and horror to begin to separate them from their own minds. It is a process of progressive dissociation and compartmentalization of the mind and personality. They control your mind through various complicated hypnosis techniques and commands until they create the perfect Manchurian Candidate. (See The Greenbaum Speech by D.C. Hammond) They program you to do something, then erase the memory. Basically they program your mind as if it were a computer. Once they install the magic word, all they have to do is say it and you’re under their control. This happens from an early age so it is easier to control them if they are conditioned and dissociated into several personalities. Another method of control is that they send in special people in your lives, handlers and controllers who pose as friends, teachers, “deprogrammers”, roommates, lovers, etc. who are actually operatives for the mind control projects. Some are sleeper operatives who don’t even know they are being used to a certain extent. It makes it hard to trust anyone at this point. 

EL: Is there anything else you can say about these projects or advice to others who have gone through similar experiences, like how they can be set free from its influence? 

AP: For those who want to get out of the influence of the programs of mind control , you must have a strong fighting instinct to do what is right regardless of what others are doing. Your only cage is the one you build for yourself. You must connect with your highest self to break the evil that is all around us, and not succumb to doing evil just because everyone else is doing it. Retain your fundamental sense of right and wrong. It all goes back to the basic conflict basic good and evil. It is like the dark forces in power of the planet at this time are trying to cheat their way into heaven or higher dimensions. THE HISTORY OF THE MONTAUK PROJECT Operated on Montauk, Long Island, The Montauk Project is a supposed group of operations that were had by the United States Government. Operated at Camp Hero or the 'Montauk Air Force Station', the point of these operations were to strengthen the United States information about psychological warfare. On the side, they also wanted to research time travel. There have been books on the Montauk Project by Preston Nichols; some people believe that is the origin of the stories about Montauk, Long Island. These stories go decades back, however. Originally started in the early 1980s, book writer Preston Nichols claimed that he had suddenly remembered things in his memory that were repressed. Originally from New York, Nichols claims that he had degrees in psychology, electrical engineering and parapsychology. Those who believe in The Montauk Project say that it is a continuation from the Philadelphia Experiment, an infamous experiment which happened circa 1943. They were studying around electromagnetics, and were curious about how to make things invisible and how to use them in the field of war. However, when a report was prepared for Congress, it was rejected. They claimed that this founded far too dangerous. However, it was funded secretly by the Department of Defense with $10 Billion from the Nazi gold train. Work began in Long Island, New York but initially upgrades were needed. They moved the base to Montauk in the late 1960s. They made a bunker underneath the base and then to mask it they had the area closed off due to 'environmental contamination'. Rumors began to begin about what happened. People said that the facility had twelve levels. There were hundreds of workers. There were rumors that the buildings underground were so big that they had gone far past the limits of Montauk. Desperate for people to test on, it is believed that they took homeless people and orphans. Some of them were never seen again, and 'few survived'. One of these survivors, Stewart Swerdlow claims to have been involved. He says that he had his psychic abilities enhanced to the point where he could materalize objects out of thin air. He also says his mind and "psionic" faculties were boosted, but there was a loss - emotional instability came more of a problem. He also experienced post-traumatic stress order, and other issues. Along with that, teleportation experiments were also conducted apparently. You might think that's it - but there's more. A portal was made underground which made them able to do time travel and communicate with other types of life. They had a time tunnel which allowed them to contact the aliens. Using time travel, they went back to 1943 and flying saucers from aliens were sucked into the lab. The aliens demanded a special type of quarts to get their engine fixed for the flying saucer. However, they simply used the time machine to get another flying saucer from another planet. The Montauk Project has more than some people will ever be able to explain. 

Who's Throwing Stones?

The urge for answers to all paranormal events is getting stronger by the day, from the Secret Space Program and Aliens to Animal Mutilations there are many unanswered questions, hundreds of theories but no positive answers. I have read many books, watched many videos and listened to the top researchers on all manner of paranormal subjects, but still, no answers are forthcoming, all that I`m left with is my own theoretical thinking.

All the strange goings on I have ever researched seem just as far away as they were 30-years ago, my daily tabloid The Sun Newspaper has just done a UFO week in print, for about 4-days they told us of strange UFO events, did they tell us of up to date UFO reports like NASA cutting the live stream from the International Space Station because it showed 2-unknown objects approaching the ISS, did they report the link between UFO`s and Animal Mutilations, did they report some of the findings of top researchers, the answer is a resounding No ! They in their infinite wisdom reported mostly on old cases, why will they not report on the modern UFO phenomena, why do they not interview people like Richard C Hoagland, Kerry Cassidy, Richard Dolan and Preston James and Gordon Duff, all excellent researchers, why? These researchers and many more would open up people's minds and make them view our reality the way it should be viewed, to have no secrets, to know our true history.

I just get the feeling that the pressure is building up on a door that hides the cause and reasons for paranormal events, the wood is cracking and the door bulging , the guardians of that door have had us running in circles for many years, I`m fed up with research I want answers, in fact 1-answer would answer everything, because just to know something like the cause of animal mutilations, just to know that would open up the door, and the solutions to many paranormal events would be revealed. But who or what is sitting on and keeping a greater knowledge from us? they must know they cannot keep it from us much longer. They know if we knew one answer to one event the game, for them, would be up and that`s why we never get an answer to paranormal events.

I have always said perhaps the solutions to the paranormal events that blight our lives are so simple they fly over our heads, mainly because like finding the answer to a crossword question we try too hard, it nearly always turns out you knew the answer all along. , we can view paranormal events but that`s all, it stops there, the only thing an event does is produce fear or inquisitiveness or both. Are we indeed under the influence of an Alien race, are we part of some on going experiment that can only be completed step by methodical step. I`m starting to get the feeling these paranormal events are being piped in from outside, someone or something is in control of their distribution, it's like someone throwing a stone over a wall into a crowd of people, one person will get hit by the stone throwing event, injured and blooded they ask who did that? They are left with a mystery, they immediately start to look around in the crowd of people strangely hoping to spot the culprit, who is long gone by now. The only thing the stone throwing did was to cause panic and fear amongst the people, there would be unrest, everyone would be looking at everyone else in the hopes of spotting the stone thrower instead of thinking out of the box and looking over the wall. Paranormal events, no matter what form they take hit us in the same way, they happen right out of the blue, they leave us shocked and emotionally blooded . Have you noticed that no brave soul has ever caught and captured any of the fearsome entities that are reported to have been seen, catching an entity cannot and never will happen, that is not the way it works, I get the feeling we are meant, metaphorically speaking to find the wall and look over and find the stone thrower. But what is that wall? well if you think about it it has to be a dimensional wall, that is the only place paranormal events could come from, to materialize for a few moments, to scare the living daylights out of us.

But why, what`s the purpose, is it just to produce `FEAR`? or are we being teased along to find the perpetrators and thus when we find them enlightenment on a grand scale will be our reward. 
The English Cognizant Citizen


The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil

Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World

Bizarre Death of Scooter the Cat

What happened to Scooter? 
Perhaps the strangest of all the pet deaths would be the cat Scooter whose body was found intact at 1.00am on the street in a very quiet neighbourhood. A neighbour had apparently recognised Scooter  and went to get a blanket to cover her body but when he returned she had disappeared. Scooter was then found by another neighbour four hours later mutilated in a typical bloodless Croydon Cat killer fashion. 

Scooter's death has been officially connected to the UK Animal Killer who is operating a gruesome regime of death in south London and can be read here.. 

We are left with questions. What originally killed Scooter when she was found on the street? What collected Scooter in the few moments it took to get a blanket? Where was Scooter when she was being dissected? Who took Scooter to the neighbour's yard in the early hours of the morning and laid her body out as if she was stretching, except her tail had been removed with a clean cut and she had been sliced open from head to abdomen, her entrails pulled out and laid beside her on the grass? SNARL says that all cats relating to the UK Animal Killer are killed by blunt force trauma, followed by a 30 minute leeway to stop the blood circulating after which they are mutilated.  Was Scooter in the 30 minute leeway when she was found? If there is never blood found at the crime scenes where does the dissecting take place? What happens to all that blood?

Evil is a supernatural crime too horrible to contemplate and authorities will always refuse to admit to anything that doesn't fit logic. 
The 'Problem' as some so rightly call it, has accesses to anywhere in the world, but it does not need a jet airliner a boat, train or car. It can move as and when it wants, anytime any place and even multiple places at the same time. But how do you explain this to a public that can see no further than immigrants and some idiot with a knife as to being the cause behind the mutilation of our pets. We have no chance of fighting this until people start to waken up and face the fact that there is something very sinister behind these animal deaths and disappearances 'and it is not human'.
A nameless authority has spoken about the bloodless mutilated animal phenomena :- 
"Having worked on this case for a year now I have an increased interest in animal abuse/mutilations anywhere. I do agree that there are a number of cases that defy explanation and as I said before I have an open mind on the issue of alien lifeforms."
  1. Are all the poor little victims claimed by owners? Is the killer actually killing local cats to that area or is he/she/them placing unknown cats? seems strange if he/she/them takes cat away to murder then remembers where he/she/them the poor puss was from to place it back there. 
  2. It does seem strange. Also how no one can see someone wearing a headlamp or carrying a torch hanging around someone's property at night, is also a mystery. You'd have thought in three years that someone would have seen something by now. 
  3. No noise, no blood, knows all CCTV locations, extremely strange 
  4. Oh yes and he breaks into people’s gardens to wait for cats? How the hell does he know where to find them and when exactly They will turn up? what happens if he’s in someone’s garden and he doesn’t see one? How has he got to enter and leave a property with a flashing light and make no sound and leave no DNA from his clothes, without being seen or heard most nights of the week over the past three years? It’s impossible. It can’t be done. The torch would give him away with the moving light. Visibility at night is very poor, especially when the weathers bad. I can’t believe he’s been entering all these strange gardens over the last three years and not fallen over something or left some fibres or scent from himself behind. Especially in poor light and weather conditions. Also how the hell has he managed to catch a deer, birds and squirrels? One movement from a human and cats are gone. So how does he manage to do this? You know how fast squirrels are they are impossible to catch. 
  5. I totally forgot about your winter weather and still the murders are occurring three animals a day with no let up. Too strange. What about that last death in the newspaper about Scooter. Neighbor went to get blanket for intact body at 1am and it was gone when he got back only to be found by another at 530am mutilated elsewhere. Snarl says the murders have been going on since as far back as 2010.
  6. I've been following this page sadly for a couple of years now and like you find the whole thing odd in the extreme. My understanding is that on one occasion he placed the heads of fox cubs just out of sight of CCTV in a Tesco's car park and that has indeed, as you say, climbed a fence, apparently opened a rabbit hutch, killed the bunny and closed the hutch again all without being seen or heard. Rabbits scream. How come this one didn't? Unless he chloroforms them but then apparently there's no sign of any drug being used. 
  7. That’s the strangest thing. How would he know which houses have CCTV? Not all of them are in full view. There’s over four million CCTV cameras in this country and he’s eluded every single one of them. How is that possible? Thing is, it’s not. Somethings not right. The elusive cat killer that no one’s ever seen or heard. Weird xx 
  8. Exactly.This is really weird. No sightings, no sounds. He obviously hangs around in one place for a while wearing his headlamp or carrying his torch alight. Why hasn’t any one ever seen his lights in any of these areas he’s struck? Somethings fishy here xx 


Strange and Evil Cat Mysteries

Snarl, which has been examining cat deaths thought to be linked to the infamous serial feline killer since 2015, said it had found a total of 500 animals, including foxes and rabbits, which had been mutilated in a similar way. However they now believe the murders were likely going on as far back as 2010.

"The majority of them are decapitations of heads, tails and paws - a few of them have been cut in half," Tony Jenkins, from the rescue centre said. "Typically there is no blood on the scene, so they are either killed somewhere else and then brought to the scene, or they are killed quickly with blunt force trauma and mutilated afterwards, which we have seen in many cases." 

There had been previous cat mutilations in Hampshire, including Southampton and Fareham. Other areas include London - where the killings are suspected to have started - Manchester, Surrey, Berkshire, Birmingham, Brighton and Northamptonshire. The grisly spree originated in the South-East, incidents now seem to be nationwide. Mutilated bodies have been found as far north as Sheffield and Manchester. Others have been found in Portsmouth, Dover and Luton, Kent, The Isle of Wright, Wirral and Sheffield. The person behind the mutilations was originally dubbed the Croydon Cat Killer after striking within the Croydon and M25 area. They have been renamed the UK Animal Killer after spreading across the country and mutilating rabbits, guinea pigs and foxes as well as cats. South Norwood Animal Rescue Liberty (Snarl) says there are now around five murders a week. 
"I read stories about a cat killer operating around the M25, a motorway that forms an outer ring road around London. I didn't think her own cats would be in danger in her home in St Leonards-on-Sea, 70 miles away on Britain's south coast... a neighbour came over to say he had found Scooter at 1am. She had been lying dead on the pavement outside his house. He thought she could have been hit by a car, even though there was never much traffic in their residential street. He had gone inside to find a blanket to cover the body. WHEN HE RETURNED IT HAD DISAPPEARED. He assumed foxes had taken it. But later that day another neighbour had also found my cat. This time the dead cat had been seen at 5.30am on the neighbour's front lawn. The pet had been laid out as if she was stretching, except her tail had been removed with a clean cut and she had been sliced open from head to abdomen. I've never been jittery in my entire life, and now he's messed up the tranquility we had."
The deaths are not limited to the UK and an influx of missing pets is usually in a cluster.
“When I began posting on Facebook Cats of Durban about my cat, several people began messaging me and telling me their stories - about how they had also lost their cats and how their cats also never used to wander around the neighbourhood much, this time last year there were similar incidents of cats going missing in the Durban North and Glenwood areas. We are at a loss to explain this phenomenon, almost daily there was a report of a cat missing, we do not know the reason behind these disappearances
A woman in the Uptown area of New Orleans found a decapitated cat in her neighborhood. The director of the Humane Society of Louisiana said this is a COMMON PRACTICE AROUND THE WORLD. On Friday morning, the woman was walking through her neighborhood and saw the head of a black and white cat on the sidewalk near Eleonre and Coliseum. She walked around the vicinity, trying to find any other remains of the cat, but she could not. There were only a few drops of blood under the cat's head, but no torso or tufts of hair near the cat that would indicate a struggle. It appeared that the cat's head had been deliberately severed with a sharp instrument and placed where others could see it.
"We have investigated and received multiple reports of domestic cats found SURGICALLY CUT IN HALF, and it is a crime that has been documented ACROSS THE COUNTRY.”
SNARL Facebook Comments
  1. I had no idea of this until I had lost my own cat and started using Facebook lost and found pages. Weird thing is though, there have been many pet abductions and so many cats have gone missing all at once lately so I was starting to think there was more to it before reading about this particular one. I can't believe how many cats are strangely disappearing. Four just from my street in fact. So many others in surrounding areas too. I live in Barry, vale of Glamorgan. There has been reports in my area of a man, I think alone, in a white van going around door to door posing as selling mattresses just to note if the home has a dog inside and then later going back and throwing food to them when they are out in their gardens. The food is preloaded with a sedative which aids this man to steal the dog and get it into his van. Another horrific incident in Swansea, a man, also alone, broke into someone's house and stole multiple dogs, one was due to give birth, another dog and also a full litter of puppies but left the mum behind. Sadly, there was a poor pregnant dog of the same breed as the stolen one found somewhere in a bin inside a child's play area. The newest one I've seen was in Port Talbot where two young lads had broken in to a cat rehoming centre and all the elderly cats they had in that particular section were missing along with one large cage. Unfortunately one of the cats was found dead in a nearby lane. I'm not 100% sure if any of this stuff is connected in any way but I was thinking, are all these body parts etc all from cats that resided in the places they were all found? Or could it be that they are taken from anywhere and scattered at random places as well as targeted ones? My cat disappeared at around 1am and I heard her screams outside. She was gone by the time I opened my door. 
  2. I thought that my beloved cat that I had had for 18 years had been attacked & half eaten by foxes.But my son recognised that he may have been a victim of the cat killer! His head, front paws & tail were missing and nowhere to be found! He was missing for four days, then suddenly his remains where left on the lawn, in full view from the house! This sick evil bastard needs to be stopped, he has now killed over 200 !!!!!!!
  3. On 23 July 2015 I came home from work at 2pm and as I walked up my garden path I saw a dead kitten (approximately 3-4 months old black/tortoiseshell). It had been beheaded, it was very traumatic for me and I had to get my neighbour to remove it as I just couldn't have done it myself. It was the way it had been positioned like it was sleeping which I found very suspicious and there was no signs of blood anywhere. When I told other people about it they said it was more than likely that a dog or fox had killed it so I convinced myself that was how the poor creature had perished, even though I still had a sneaking position this was done by someone (not an animal) as there was no other signs of injury. Whoever killed the kitten obviously though it lived at my house as I had seen it in my garden before, it must have belonged to someone local.
  4. It’s more than likely these cats that are being targeted are of a friendly nature as they are the ones that will want you to stroke or pet them (making it easy for the person to snatch them). I have now noticed that other cats I used to see before have disappeared and I hope they have not fallen prey to this persons sick and twisted fantasies.
  5. I have read that the sicko is luring the victims by feeding chicken, but I still don't see how they are catching them!
  6. We have also had cases of that down here in Eastbourne going back 5 yrs , and as far as I know nobody has been caught for it. even now cats are going missing but, we cant say there being taken or wandering off but the numbers are getting higher.. and to go with it. we don't know who or why! 
  7. Still feel guilty because she was in garden at 9.30 let her stay out a little longer cos she had a mouse..10.30 didnt return. Found a week later head and tail missing in another road.
  8. I know someone that found a cats leg in their Garden- Guildford she didnt find the rest of it, but I dont think it would have lived through that.
  9. Some of the feral cats that Ive been feeding for three years have disappeared.
  10. I've just looked back on posts over the last few days & bloody hell he's getting about. Seems more than one a day in all areas not local to each other! How on earth is he doing it at this rate I'm not even convinced he has a job anymore.
  11. How do they know which house the cat actually lives at if its someone who travels?, it could be a cat killing network of people who are in contact with each other. The mind boggles
  12. I hate to sound like the "crazy guy" on this thread, but I feel obliged to inform your community that the pattern of bloodless, severed animal mutilations is part of a wide spread global phenomenon that dates back decades, if not hundreds of years, and is well documented by investigator Linda Moulton Howe. Regardless of whether or not you agree with her conclusions, the research she has done on this is top notch, and she has been extremely helpful to local law enforcement. Meanwhile, the town of Denton Texas in the US is also currently experiencing the EXACT same phenomena.
  13. Two of my cats have come home with massive clean cuts on their legs needing deep stitches.When he came back he was limping, he was covered in faeces and he was absolutely terrified, his whiskers had been burned, there was a large chunk of fur that seemed to have been ripped out and when I took him to the vets they said it looked like he had been kicked around like a football. Other group members had been forced to put their cat down after returning with serious injuries. One owner lost all three of his pets in a single week."
Operation Takahe now boasts a dedicated team of Scotland Yard detectives and there is a £10,000 reward on offer for the killer’s arrest and conviction. We encourage owners to try and keep their cats inside overnight. The Operation Takahe team can be contacted on (UK) 020 8649 0216 or Snarl on 07961 030064. 

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IT Lives

Resident Evil
If the cause of cat/animal mutilation is human by nature, as the authorities keep telling us, then we have to ask some questions such as, "How does this person/persons get around the UK or The World in the blink of an eye?"

They cannot, it’s utterly impossible for anyone to move that quickly around a country or the world and achieve so many mutilations, and, or be in two places at once.

If humans are responsible they must be a world-wide organisation dotted through-out the UK and the world. When they commit mutilations, let’s say in London UK and killed or abducted 10-cats he/she/they will phone further up the country and in coded words would tell other members of their group to start abducting and killing cats or any other animals they can get their hands on in their area. Can the phone companies help, can they look for key words in conversations like they do when they are looking for terrorists, but they will not bother its only cats, and there is as yet no proof its humans doing the nasty deeds so why go to that expense.

 Why?, and what for what?, do these mutilations achieve other than `Sadistic Terrorism` to strike fear into local communities. In historical conflicts around the world the bodies of fallen dead soldiers would be purposely mutilated to put fear into the enemy, is this what the killer/killers are doing, again, why? why go to all that trouble and the ever increasing risk you might get caught and locked up for a long time. If this is humans then the organisation and the secrecy it’s run by, you would associate it with something like MI5 or the CIA, really deep stuff, but these mutilations have been going on for years, long before MI5 or the CIA  existed.

The authorities are baffled, but why? if it’s human they should have, by now, been caught but no one has. Humans make mistakes and blab especially a group of humans, humans have a need to boast even if it’s a whisper about what they have done, and in  today`s  world we just have to film everything, if someone is getting beat up, out comes the phone so you can show your friends the gruesome details of the beating. So you cannot tell me that if it’s humans killing cats that they have not filmed their vile activities. So where are the films, someone somewhere must have seen cat’s being cut up, there are films I have been told that you can down load to your phone where you can watch a person being beheaded. Yes its sick but if that`s available why have no cat mutilation videos turned up, this would really upset the cat owners.

The Final Fact, is that humans are not the perpetrator of the mutilation attacks, no films will turn up, no arrests will be made, there is no world-wide cat/animal killing organisation, and without doubt the killings will continue. There is only one entity involved, I will refer to it as `IT` I do not know what `IT` is or the reasons this entity has for what it does, what I do know from the evidence is that this `IT` will turn up in your neighborhood some time or other, that you can be sure of, it’s all a matter of time.

Has anyone read the Ipswich Missing Cats?  Two years ago the focus was on Ipswich. Has the problem moved on to a new area? HERE!  How do these person/persons get around the UK World in the blink of an eye? It's utterly impossible for anyone to move that quickly around a country and achieve so many mutilations, and, or be in two places at once.  If humans are responsible they must be a country wide organisation dotted through-out the UK and the world. The authorities are baffled, but why? if it’s human they should have, by now, been caught but no one has. Humans make mistakes and blab especially a group of humans, humans have a need to boast even if its a whisper about what they have done, and in  today`s  world we just have to film everything. I think whatever is taking our cats is called "IT".

Something has turned up on RT UK which I find a little strange. They have done a report on animal cruelty, two teenage girls posted videos of themselves killing and torturing a range of animals, blanked out pictures were shown with a girl holding a large knife, and many people are in uproar demanding the girls be jailed. They then proceeded to tell us about people who in the USA  who had received sever sentences for animal cruelty. My fear is that this will reinforce with the majority of the sleeping public that humans are also responsible for the mysterious cat/animal mutilations, but what they will not notice is that most if not all of these convicted people filmed themselves committing these despicable acts, a modern human trait.  The very fact which I wrote of. 

I find it strange, and I sometimes wonder about the internet and how much it watches us and what we write about, animal abductions are increasing and perhaps much is said unknowing to me about these attacks, and perhaps people are showing their concern. Then all of a sudden this news topic appears which emphasizes the cruelty of humans and even announces how people are jailed for their cruelty (when I have wrote no one has been jailed, but I was talking of the mysterious attacks). The perpetuity of evil is carried on through the anger and fear created each time the news is shared.

Yes this could just be coincidence, but I`m forced to wonder sometimes if there is a greater force at play. Do we control the internet or does it control us? 

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The Antichrist

Excerpt taken from the book Prophecy with Sylvia Browne 2004.

"There's been a lot of talk about the coming Antichrist, including in this book, especially in the Nostradamus pages Some believe the prophecy of the Antichrist has been fulfilled in the persona of Saddam Hussein. Others believe the Antichrist's name on this earth is Osama bin Laden.

I have my own prophecy about the Antichrist, and I guess this chapter is as appropriate a place as any to discuss it.

I do believe we need to brace ourselves for an Antichrist, but I don’t believe he's arrived yet. He'll be born in 2005 or 2006, in the area of Syria. It will be in about 2030 that he makes his proclamation that he is the resurrected Christ, back for the Rapture, and that all those who follow him will be saved.

He will have long, jet black hair to his shoulders, and huge brown eyes. Unlike Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, his seduction will begin with great pretense of compassion, nonviolence and a desire for world peace and unity. He’ll have a charismatic gift and a feigned humility that sends him at the beginning of his "ministry" to gather his first followers from among the poor, who are easily and cheaply bribed for the smallest amount of food and sense of hope.

He himself will live in caves and tents while his reputation takes hold, gathering donations for his followers, none of which he appears to be spending on himself but all of which it will be revealed later he’s hoarding and investing to amass a fortune. He will have a genius for manipulation and be a master mentalist, psychologist and self-promoter.

His soft-spoken “pacifism,” "humanitarianism" and undeniable charisma will attract a celebrity following, first in Europe and then in the United States, generating still more "donations." By the time his rhetoric begins to turn slowly and shrewdly genocidal and his vast holdings include black market nuclear weapons, he'll have a slavish, indebted and systematically indoctrinated flock of converts numbering in the hundreds of thousands, ready to kill for him and die for him in the tragic belief that he's their only path to eternal salvation.

If you can block their respective physical images from your mind, a vague parallel from recent history would be the discovery that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, say, the soft-spoken, pacifistic celebrity guru of the 19605—who never claimed to be the reincarnated Christ, I hasten to add—was, in reality, the real brains and money behind al Quaida. It seems ludicrous to even write that or say it out loud, but when this other man “goes public" in around 2030 and then reveals himself to be genuinely and completely evil a few years later, the shock and sense of betrayal will be that jarring and that seemingly impossible. 

It's no coincidence that his rise to power will be preceded by Healing Centers and other major and minor collaborative efforts among world religions. It takes great concentrations of Light to eliminate that much insidious, cancerous darkness, whether the Antichrist or just another horrifying terrorist with a different angle, and when bright Light gathers together, no amount of darkness can overcome it. 

That’s not a prophecy, it's a fact. It will be a fact in 2030. It’s a fact today. 

It's not always as easy to believe as we'd like in these rough, uneasy times, when it looks as if darkness is having its high old despicable way. 

But it's still a fact. We just have to keep our own Lights on 'high beam,' seek out other Lights around us, pray for even more Light than ever from the Father and Mother God and ride this out together."

Evil President
Two or three presidents away. The new leader will be a demagogue, preaching the radical, a fear monger. The leader will become the first truly evil leader of the US, he will stain the name of the US for a good time.
There are consequences to the US breeding hate. Hate and vitriol on both sides. Hate that dictates the tone of a nation; where verbal vitriol is.. acceptable. Where attacking children of a horrible shooting tragedy is.. acceptable. Where tearing children from families is.. acceptable. If you abandon the basic moral foundation of a nation don’t be surprised when the most evil come to lead you and you become the worlds villain. We desperately need to change course with both of these messages. 

We held out on sharing this message, the implication that the future evil is our own was just too depressing to share even for me, but Spirit wanted me to post it as their word, no more delays. There is an ounce of hope we can change course.

Prophecy: What the future holds for you By Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison

mage: http://fav.me/d3dpcua

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